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@_rone @jacobsartorius Breathtaking. Truly a beautiful plant. Strain?This is fucking huge @jacobsartorius @goodbeanaltalt yup @BryceHall @anusI’m in the process of developing an app called FiTePaul where dudes who want to fight Jake Paul can meet up and fight each other.
Retweeted by Lil Sasquatch @jakefromkfc @lilsamsquanch66 gas
Uno Twitter is crazy!!! 😭😭😂😂 @bocxtop Congrats boss
Speechless. Fuck. Thank you guys you have no idea how much this means to me ❤️
I’m lost
Retweeted by Lil Sasquatchone of the better dms i've ever gotten @Billyhottakes Thanks man already got one fired up @DanaB_Number3 Huge, thank you boss @Billyhottakes I'm already at the hotel but thanks @Billyhottakes I can't tonight got locked out of my apartment and I'm in a hotel for the night, tomorrow I can tho…
2020 @bigsasquatch66 you're getting blocked goodbye
Retweeted by Lil Sasquatch @icedoutomnitrix you were shaking ass and swinging cock on a daily basis @icedoutomnitrix you were shaking ass on the timeline back then @htafc_Brett Exactly @Austin_Maguire You're probably gonna die tbh @sweatyhairy @callmeshitto you're a sexy ass case @notchaselyons @icedoutomnitrix Reminds me of myself @notchaselyons @icedoutomnitrix And also jacked as fuck @notchaselyons @icedoutomnitrix I think you’re funny bro 💯 @Nick_Wolf14 LMAO
@revkev47 LMAOYup, Lululemon just saved my fucking life my dawg tweeting like Nate fighting for his life in the hospital
Retweeted by Lil Sasquatchdo not be a stupid ass in my life. do not clownstyle me
Retweeted by Lil Sasquatch
@icedoutomnitrix don't worry bro I won't tell 🤫🤫😂 @icedoutomnitrix You blasting a fat J huh? 😂🤫 @eddyburback Happy birthday eddy @icedoutomnitrix LMAO @OG_rodgers @Joe_Simon4 Oh damn I didn’t think you actually bought them LOL thanks man @OG_rodgers @Joe_Simon4 Where’s that receipt at brother? @d00gs Holy shittttt
@b0bbyc0sta *daps you up*Marketing genius mentality @lloveeatinggood All from one shirt, this is insane !!! @louis2sala #gigglecity @twatter77783455 Yup @nflcommenter10 I feel sorry for you man but honestly, who can blame her? @jndrury Only real ones will get this 😂🤫😂Holy shit guys, 1 million shirts sold. Wow that's insane. Lets see if we can hit 2 million by midnight!!! @xavieribanez13 Thanks man @BarstoolDepaul Lots of people are saying this shirt saved their life. Coincidence? No. @anus Just copped, can’t wait to see the look on my step dads face when I pull up to Christmas dinner in this 😂 oh… @goodbeanaltalt Yup, a ton of people have been saying this @BobFongool Thank you Bob Fongool! @dxnniedurango No you get 1 @albert12798 Lots of people are saying this#RealShit of New York tee out now! People are calling this the hottest drop of 2020!!! What the F!!! 😂… @Harry_Styles Hey man sorry I’m late, just seeing this now. Hope you had a great day, happy thanksgiving. - LS @stoolsalesguy Somethings missing @djcallen321 Thank you ! @Nick_Wolf14 Lets GOOOO Nick Wolf thank you man @mockler_michael That would be crazy, you should do it as a bit @charlottem_20 WHEW @BaileyCarlin People are calling this the hottest drop of 2020
@CaucasianJames Only stoners will get this one (🤫🤫😂😭)😂😂😂Swallow me 👅 Gobble me 🦃 Jk 😂 Fr tho I’m thankful AF 🙏🙏🙏 @LordChop5 “There’s our little bitch boy”’s our little “Tik Toker” shake a little ass for us! hate this dude, mid labor and he playing warzone 🥴
Retweeted by Lil Sasquatch @stoolsalesguy @stoolpresidente @DaMidgetZimbo #GazGuy
@teddy_talks1 #Busted 😳😂Only stoners will get this btwThis tweet alone saved my life think it's safe to say Jacob Sartorius saved my fucking life @Nick_Wolf14 Thanks nick Wolf, one Lil Sas shirt wasn’t enough for youRealistically nothing changes but it just felt like a solid captionBlack Friday...everything changes ✍️😩 @DustyCapone 11 🤣🤣🤣
@GoviMontero yupppp @kuuzzzze yesWould be kinda cool if Biden never actually did anything but instead just tweeted shit like "We are the people. Thi… @TyroneW52720263 like 5% of people who smoke weed smoke weed because it helps them lmao, it's a joke relax @OwenRoeder This would kinda bang @Billyhottakes You're a warrior @bigsasquatch66 yup @sweatyhairy You will pay for this @youngfishgod Bro, you know i'm never giving up the dirty for no one 😂
2020 you should be able to piss anywhere it’s not that bad
Retweeted by Lil SasquatchGod this is so fucking cool. Smoking weed is actually so fucking sick. @bigracks just googled "AOTY" because I thought it was some sort of mental illness LMAO @beatsbytav 😂😂😂 @hollywoodnut He's truly a mad man.Classic Patrick. Always flashing cock. @TweetElonsMusk Needed this. Thank you.Great. Just great. this fails miserably I think I just gotta log off forever