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@CaucasianJames Paul Rudd hair 🔥🔥🔥
@ChrisStanAcc Thank you sir
@stoolsalesguy 😼👍 @carlita_express @brittany_broski @MichaelaOkla @goodbeanaltalt @matchu_chutrain @bIondiewasabi @BRANDONWARDELL @HentaiFreecss’all be like “Alexa is it true that the Tik Tok app is farming data?”Talking to a Tyler, the Creator fan @lilsasquatch66
Retweeted by Lil Sasquatch @zoomerhippie I don’t pay to use the barstool logo Chris was joking about that LMAO @bigracks Sorry boss hope it gets better
Tyler the Creator fans @RATT3NVANG3R lmfao @goofyjuicejames Thank you goofy juiceProgress 😤 @alistephenson_ I don’t follow a ton of people on Tik Tok but @yourmomsnameisjeff is the funniest account on Tik To… @postedinthecrib Go hubie GO GO GO!Yooo cutepicsofliluzi in a lil sas article im happy for him
Retweeted by Lil Sasquatch @APVLLO17 progress @bong_gargler yeah he's greatSpelt Shawn Mendes wrong, my bad.Some thoughts I have on Tik Tok, feel free to read @lilsasreporter Vine is gone. Books are forever.It’s been like 4 years now you guys gotta move on if Tik Tok gets banned in the US and I can no longer spend 8 hours a day on it
Jason Derulo is fucking shaking right now @adda_boi Sorry you have to deal with this“Arent you Lil Sasquatch’s handsome, more lowkey, and also super intelligent friend who I heard got a 35 on the act…
Retweeted by Lil SasquatchDebatably the most beautiful song of all time
Just sold Patrick Mahomes a gram for $100,000You think it’s too late to pick up football? @icedoutomnitrix Yeah I kinda choked with negotiating but I make it work lolMy barstool contract is $450 mill for a year lolGuy like me would’ve got $451 million, good for him tho
Retweeted by Lil Sasquatch @The_Brammys @kbnoswag Yeah he’s my father
Retweeted by Lil SasquatchI had no idea this sport existed but this might be the greatest play in sports history
Retweeted by Lil Sasquatch @MCMarioKart @adda_boi I am Adda Boi @baematerial66 Bro that’s the second sentence LMAO 😭 @staringatcarpet Yeah they don’t like me @JhbTeam JHB leave a nice comment for me pleaseGood read. Critics are saying possible the best of reads. @Dadudewit No @IHateYouNiggas She missed every single shot @stoolsalesguy 🔥🔥🔥 @callmeshitto @callmeshitto A plague upon your bloodlinewhite allies (and the war on yeezus 2020)
Retweeted by Lil Sasquatch @revkev47 Prepare for a storm. @revkev47 I would definitely bet on this
@adderalluser69 Think I’ve already reached that point too @revkev47 A lot of people do tend to forget this down
Retweeted by Lil Sasquatch @wedoreally it's the nose
@bbonecapone I’m only human.“Don’t go Lil sas!! We need you!” They chant as Lil Sas logs off one last time for the day. “I never had a choice”… team no posts today, I’ll see you all tomorrow
In light of recent events, my wife and I will be spending the holiday weekend trying to steal the Declaration of Independence
Retweeted by Lil SasquatchI have never "known a spot" I know nothing I do not existthe clintons and trumps entering ghislaine’s jail cell just before she “commits suicide”
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Retweeted by Lil Sasquatch @treyisforsale Idk how to explain this but if you watched Disney as a kid you’re bipolar afff now 😂 morning @JoeyMulinaro Needed this
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Damn I wish nothing but the absolute worst for her ❤️ @katebarstool you're good until It goes brown @chaselyons happy birthday brotherLil Sasquatch got a 34 on his ACT... Honestly kinda impressed
Retweeted by Lil Sasquatch @TocksteinZ @cam_da_man__ Well it’s not going anywhere now that you guys want it gone @cam_da_man__ I have never deleted a tweet before.Me? I’m a slut for a good page turner. The Catcher in the Rye? Brother I’m getting horny just thinking about it 😂
Just smoked meth with kelly clarkson 😤 good shit
Retweeted by Lil Sasquatchdoing some reflecting
Retweeted by Lil Sasquatch @adda_boi flappy bird is dead. @callmeshitto Sas Juice @icedoutomnitrix I’ve already been looking at that bro 😂
@JackKennedy Definitely went through a money clip phase myself. Not a fan. 0/10. @chrishope50 LMAORemember to love extra today ❤️This is how I’m gonna start tweeting, expect a lot of this from me in the future signed my first lease in NYC!! $1650/monthly (not including utilities) How lucky am I 😅🤭😄?? @thechosebrose @babyxann2 Exactly what I’m tryna say @icedoutomnitrix #lilsasisoverparty my skull against the steering wheel while screaming in my car for an hour; then coming on here pretending to be a Mental Health Guru
Retweeted by Lil Sasquatch @icedoutomnitrix A plague upon your bloodline @icedoutomnitrix The vitamin and supplement selection goes crazymade butter chicken w my sister
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@ChrisStanAcc LMAO I won’t lie I thought about it for a secondEasily my favorite mini series this point, wearing a Mask in public is more of an IQ test..
Retweeted by Lil Sasquatchso there's this guy named dr disrespect and he got banned but nobody knows why
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