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@NevrAskMod lucifer do be the finest angel thoWHAT I GOTTA GO @omfgiddy the fact that tHEY ARE STILL STANDING AND BEING USED AS CHRUCHES IS AMAZING TO ME AND i WANT TO SEE IT IN… know, I might not like Christianity that much BUT I would like to go to Europe and visit all of the cathedrals a… the FBI discovered that police officers are purposely not investigating hate crimes so they can say hate…
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@littlelatinaegg Okokok deal @littlelatinaegg That gives me anxiety i dont wanna go @Seize901_ No thats a random account who said that to me @Pikaclicks LITERALLY LIKE ????? HUHWhy are you following me and why was this necessary?????????? Jesus MADE THIS dont understand why i got hired here if they are gonna want me to dye my hair, hide my piercings and cover my tattoos????Im so bored @arhourigan nono you spelled it wrong it's nnNAO @bye_ology this is a very you tweet @arhourigan this makes me very uncomfortable if someone ever told me to cum like that I'd have to kick him off of m… @Ahadify Do it and say fuck it because YOU know you're not a clout chaser and anyone who supports you won't call you one :)im in my ethics class thats online and he fr said "i don't need to tell you about the campus open carry policies si… any artist friends wanna let me buy ur art too cuz im tryina support you wanna buy a few big canvasses and paint some art to put around the house because I'm going crazy having blank walls rncan we go back to 2014 when obama was president and I'd come home from school and play minecraft for 10 hourshi if any of u happen to be american and over 18,,, do NOT vote for kanye idc if it would be funny or kim k would b…
Retweeted by Merms - 1312 @bryguy5117 Voting for Kanye splits the democratic vote and gives trump a free win. She can continue to help people…💙𝗔𝗖𝗡𝗛 𝗦𝗨𝗠𝗠𝗘𝗥 𝗚𝗜𝗩𝗘𝗔𝗪𝗔𝗬💚 Prize: 👑80 ROYAL CROWNS (24 MILLION BELLS) 🎫400 NMT 🐟400 FISH BAIT ⚓️PIRATE SET 🧜‍♀️MERMAID…
Retweeted by Merms - 1312 @meltoosilly bro this shit is WILD lmaooo home girl needs a psychologist @sadisjaz I only remember that date specifically because of trauma but I remember our middle school end of year tri… have been bothering the kittens so much just so that i can carry them around and pick them up and have them not give a fuck.A̴̱̒͌͂M̵̡̯̰͉̣͕̄̄̍̉̽͌̽̑͜Ê̶̬͎̻͘̚N̸̦̟̪̳̲͓͓̐O̶̫̼̲̼̎͛̏͆͗͊͠ @sadisjaz i only have horrible memories of any lined up dates. ESPECIALLY 11/11/11how bout me 😏
Retweeted by Merms - 1312 @SharkDaddi are you okay @yellowspoongirl yesWhy am i not married yet I just wanna be able to cook for someone other than myself this isn't fair @Froste bro stop my girls on twitterI think imma try to make some bacalao this week @meltoosilly Im bouta just fucking show up to your house @meltoosilly I just realized this is the first time I heard your voice and 🥺🥺 please beat my ass with a spoon maamgood vibes: bad vibes: whales hyenas capybaras dolphins aardvarks…
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Hi here’s a cute vid
Retweeted by Merms - 1312this tweet is brought to you by me seeing Markiplier with a button up shirt in a videowhen guys wear button ups and keep the top few buttons undone @notchaselyons very nice chase @ashleyxgcf where the fuck you gonna live? not with me @ashleyxgcf where the fuck are you goingWhen I get my new car I'm doing a roadtrip back to Boston to pick up the rest of my stuff from my parents house @SavinTheBees Lemme make you mad rq do I can see this first handMarijuana has been legalized in Ba Sing Se
Retweeted by Merms - 1312Someone give me and @trippyelf $200 each and we’ll do it eat ur ass i am a foot away here’s a cute vid get to @trippyelf house and the first thing they do is light the biggest firework they have that they saved for when i got here True love
Me: has a headache Me: eats Me: head ache is going away Me: @TheBestGinger13 Well jake i want to go today @batpixkie Once it gets safer lets go!! I can drive down to you!!!!!Does anyone wanna go to barnes and noble with me and go book shopping 🥺👉🏽👈🏽don’t forget to add a carrd from around the world to your #AllCountriesMatter & #FvckTheFourth tweets!:
Retweeted by Merms - 1312Went on a walk Had another dog lunge at koda Koda fr just looked at him and kept walking 💅🏽💅🏽 he said he’s too good for that
noone talk to me I'm swimming around in animal crossing until I get like 5 vampire squidsthe way nobody has admited their undying love for me over quarantine feels pretty targeted idk
Retweeted by Merms - 1312LETS GOOO BABY WE BREAKING RECORDS!! USA USA USA USA - Sent via Ford Raptor F-150
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Retweeted by Merms - 1312 @Braxishtzz12 SAJFHSDFJSD HF @LilSpaceMermaid I wouldn’t even LOOK at my girlfriend before marriage! I just wear a blindfold on every date. That…
Retweeted by Merms - 1312 @TPeretiatko @Errrcahhh wow thats crazy I live in your moms basement too @TPeretiatko @Errrcahhh I'm tryina be all over your placepremarital hand holding is disgusting @TPeretiatko @Errrcahhh what is sex that is disgusting I am a child of the lord @TPeretiatko Wait I lied can you make a "are you lost baby girl" tiktok please I need it for science purposes @TPeretiatko Give me her @ I'm tryina be your step mom @TPeretiatko Perfect, is she single?Jus paid my rent again in the middle of a pandemic
Retweeted by Merms - 1312 @TPeretiatko Why im tryina see how hot ur mom is since she gave birth to a man that looks like you😍😍 @TPeretiatko your mom can join it's okay.not all the mods in a call together having a blast rn @TPeretiatko Keep arguing with me daddy I get wet from you thinking you're winning arguments @TPeretiatko @bixxiebutton When he teases you 😍😍 Keep going @TPeretiatko @bixxiebutton Whats your name on there lemme see I'm tryina give you some views @TPeretiatko @bixxiebutton Can I see your headshots then daddy 😍😍😍 I'm tryina see more wassap @TPeretiatko @bixxiebutton You tell yourself that sweetie @TPeretiatko @bixxiebutton @hawkhatesyou1 also I will listen to you when you get receipts on whatever the fuck you'… @TPeretiatko @bixxiebutton @hawkhatesyou1 Bro put a shirt on @hawkhatesyou1 imma fight every single one idc
deplatform peaches.
Retweeted by Merms - 1312 @trippyelf Yes yes yes michael can deal with itputting people you don’t know personally on a high pedistal is unhealthy. criticizing someone’s every move publicly…
Retweeted by Merms - 1312I told my mom and she really said "No you're gonna look bad with black hair again you have to quit"I got a job but they said in a few months I'm gonna have to dye my hair a natural color So I'm buying a wig fuck that LMAOy’all would eat my ass but won’t rt my selfies make it make sense
Retweeted by Merms - 1312 @Errrcahhh I love you @JOSSI4H Thank u @bixxiebutton I LOVE YOU SMYeah I just need COFFEE Caffeine to make up for the lack of dopamine in my brain O F F E E
Retweeted by Merms - 1312YUH GET INTO IT new photoset / video should have gone live on OF just now :)The best part about having a poodle is that whenever im doing my hair I can put all my extra hair oil into his top… @astrocalypso @_mars_baby99 I CLAIM THISCan anyone recommend a Black artist who does animated backgrounds? Preferably painterly? Retweets appreciated. 💚🌿
Retweeted by Merms - 1312 @ExploreTheVoid literally also why do you hAVE ANOTHER TWITTER WHAT KEEPS HAPPENING TO YOUI WASHED MY HAIR 5 HOURS AGO ITS STILL WET ARE YOU K I D D I N G ME Now I gotta wake up early to straighten my hair this fucking sucksThis makes me so horny please throw an axe at me