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i love april bro
@_Od26 :O FIRST TIME? @_Od26 i see u jay won. @_Od26 did u enjoy sova and astra. @vinvalorant real @_Od26 so real you are RNG master prodigy. support main.if that was the last game we got to watch of tom brady’s legendary career, what a career. truly the greatest to ever touch a football @AthensBtw fumblemy happiness is destroying kids with silver 3 act ranks @LaJose785 no way u think the niners beat the ramsi’m so fucking tiredhahahahahwhatever @7lilay met a dev @misochii sorry.just got riot buddy on an alt y'already know the vibes
@kieyarose ur sorry ass packers team has one super bowl with washed ass rodgersbucs defense just let tom brady down one last time.brady. it's time @kieyarose LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BRO HAS 7 SUPER BOWL RINGS @kieyarose even if they lose this game he still has 7 times arod’s rings 🤣tom brady was down 28-3 in the super bowl. don’t count him out just yet.THATS A FUMBLE @kieyarose bucs offensive line playing for LA @vinvalorant brady getting robbedrefs want the rams to win @kieyarose @TomBrady pray for my bfyo @TomBrady wake the fuck up @laylabtw ofc @laylabtw whatever. @laylabtw only thing u crushing is the elo of my smurfs. @laylabtw ur shorteverything is fucking draining @censorablee dude... @censorablee @SakraValorant LMFAO @SakraValorant THIS IS PEAK OF OUR FRIENDSHIP
@ellieminate__ that's my main. just smurfed in diamond for copium. @Morgausse_anyone tryna get carried rn holy fuck im feeling it
@jellyfish_val hi @LaJose785 @_Od26 dude ur pfp is so cute LOL
tsm is looking disgusting holy fuck they are gonna be cold @Kodahu1 long story. ;-; @Kodahu1 fuck a valorant skin can you venmo me some of that dinero to help me outta debt. @Benzival @SakraValorant ong bro @TiffneyVal 13-3 victory @CAthCSGO :((nauseous meowranked at these hours sounds a lot better than cryingthese nights hit harder than they used to. fuck
How the lakers are trying to fix the team 😭
Retweeted by star @kxtieoh i <3 crosbycsall y’all talking mad shit on the lakers rn damn well don’t wanna play them in the first round. you rlly gonna coun… @daimyoFPS @venusluvvr i'll degrade u any day @daimyoFPS @venusluvvr bro what @eeeriomirg LMFAO @Lear_VAL @andbox_official WWWW @xxclaiire1 LMFAOOso many words to speak but none spokenlife always ends in a race either u last or u first remember thatLet’s help LeBron surpass Curry as captain! RT to vote! #LeBronJames #NBAAllStar 👑
Retweeted by star @kuzonami @SakraValorant <3
@diceyzx QUAN @SakraValorant @AeroValorant sorry. gm. @SakraValorant @AeroValorant ur short @SakraValorant @AeroValorant oh em gee sakra valorant 🥺🥺🥺🥺 @Currixz @minnieism1n1 @n4taulie @mintiikae even if you have there’s no point in bringing it up here @Currixz @minnieism1n1 @n4taulie @mintiikae no bro ur a fucking drone talking about “what about men” 😭 bro we don’t… @Currixz @minnieism1n1 @n4taulie @mintiikae my boy u are a sova drone @mintiikae i’ve singlehandedly watched girls i’ve played with experience sexism and even when i speak up for them i… @mintiikae neither is saying “mute them” a fix to the harassment women get playing this game. shit like this makes… @mintiikae you a simp for defending someone for getting constantly harassed about their gender, just makes you a ha… @mintiikae it embarrasses me being a man playing this game sometime and boys if you’re queued with girls and they’r… @mintiikae peak is 45 RR immortal in episode 2 act 3 LMFAO. kid is a literal shitter, had 5 more kills than u in a… @mintiikae actually fucking wild that there are kids like this in the valorant community who will go out of their w… @k2miko im jokingvalorant superdash guy plays valorant in valorant on valorant
Retweeted by star @k2miko get match mvp not team
@Slastt sorry for your loss brother, condolences to you and your family ❤️i fall apart. down to my core.toss my pain with my wishes in a wishing well @AthensBtw sad @AthensBtw :( @Nighty10k heyRT This tweet or your career will look like this in valorant
Retweeted by star @chlofps @brattywinni my timeline LMAO @hk4ri cold <3
i think i'm cursed @censorablee im sorry for your loss <3, praying for your grandma @misticJK seekers @whosmichela phantom >>>>> @Naturres love u dude wtf place my immortal alt it needs 3 placements! @1kotaaa me @hannahhngyn drake @Naturres pisslow immortal or not ur still insane what the fuckcincinnati and new england victory today. don’t count out belichick.she telling you good night and going to sleep you can get some rest brodie she likes you <3 @AthensBtw check disc then🙄 @AthensBtw when. @AthensBtw no cap