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yung pumpkin @liltiddygothgf3 North east England

black lives matter, always ✨she/her✨ Avi by @watercolourwine

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millennials always owning people online cause everything else in their life is rented @DrakeGatsby my password: at least one number, capital letter, special character, the blood of my firstborn server host password: "admin"hewwo dawkness my owd fwiend (◕ᴗ◕✿)religious studies majors be like i got some thoughts and prayers due on monday
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the line between a christian and someone who’s high as fuck is so thin
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@_Andreas_Hudson @desukidesu no I just suction to the wall like a snail @desukidesu got into rock climbing recently which means that rock climbing is now the only thing I talk about rock climbingamong us really be out here teaching us to never hold a grudge
@abernothing Ellen I'm in love with you
@desukidesu no need for DM, boo @desukidesu omg I can do :3 with my tonguedreams > the chain > go your own way
i used to be a balloon salesman but I got tired of being let downmedusa and king midas go to the wrestling top of the bill? it's stone gold steve austin! @PaigeMetzy @KylePlantEmoji why was my first thought also microwave
@desukidesu thanks its just the brain wormsbout to get an MRI hope nobody at the hospital notices that my jeans are actually extra thick leggings
@AhmniB actually it was a jokewhy they call it reducing the sauce when really you're de-juicing it?
I hope that one day I'll one day be a slightly left of centre mother, disagreeing with her extremely leftist child…
@desukidesu i wish he would pop in @desukidesu I just got punk'd by my own uterus, sukiI was stressed over buying a test until i was 12 days late on my period and as soon as I got home from the pharmacy my period came.
@abernothing @desukidesu Ellen I wish you were here 😭😭 @lincnotfound @desukidesu come over babe 💗💗out on the town with @desukidesu with @liltiddygothgf3
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@desukidesu I would die for juno @desukidesu I'm KIDDING @desukidesu lmao rude
they call me the cat unburglar i break into your home and leave behind cats you weren't sure you could commit to y…
@KylePlantEmoji Yep! I probably would have stayed in further education when I was 18 if I'd actually been diagnosed…
@chipnanimus 60+15
you: i think crispy is my least favourite food texture me: [stuffing nachos into my Crunchwrap Supreme™ for extra crunch] uhsitting alone in a hotel room with 2012 ke$ha on blast is a whole vibe
@lincnotfound it took a whole day for this to appear on my alt but linc, I would never ghost you on picnic day.
@DrakeGatsby congrats!'sup
@memetazaa let's not get into it on the TL
@scriptederror I've said it once and I'll say it again. I'm Mikey sun and Raph moon. Donny a completely unrelated poll, which is your least favourite pizza topping? @rikhawkins58 @LeonInNewJersey the straight from the go turtles? @yonatanlupu false. April is not a turtle. @kidnapped_jesus I agree strongly. I'm pleased Mikey is winning, but Raph deserves love.u ever sit and think about how if landlords didn't exist, there'd be a lot more affordable housing? @Luke_McShane I'm sad I couldn't vote @Luke_McShane Michaelangelo and Raph are the real ones for sureWho is the best ninja turtle?
@cody_price_1 this would be a $$$$ick burn bruh but I am a millennial
I don't care if y'all want to see it that's mine for the photo album 乁༼☯‿☯✿༽ㄏ wish I had even a f r a c t i o n of the self confidence of a reply guy
Retweeted by yung pumpkinam I an alcoholic or am I just 24
will never forget the time my EX bf photoshopped me when I modelled for him and he did THIS to my face @lincnotfound @mostlysharks @queenjoheen @FeelingEuphoric @2Saddington @andlikelaura @CapriCornyCait @girlfr0g'm a bionic bitch @desukidesu guilty as chargedwondering how many British women are currently sending their boyfriends thirst traps captioned "eat out to help out"
@desukidesu @smoltittynerdgf @plebianemile @perfectsweeties ? @smoltittynerdgf @desukidesu @plebianemile @perfectsweeties hehe hi
🟠’m playing portal look mom i🔵
Retweeted by yung pumpkin @LittleMissAngr1 I responded "not young at all please leave me alone" and he's gone but god, that gave me the creeps @LittleMissAngr1 I'm horrifiednightmare DMs 1: hey you from here? pig 2: yeah my grandma lived here all her life pig 1: really? pig 2: boar nan raised
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sat playing never have I ever with my honest to god boss and I've never been so nervous
me: wanna come to church with me? friend: i’m atheist now me: ok what about when the heist is over
Retweeted by yung pumpkincarly rae jepsen was really like. “i am giving you my phone number, although we only became acquainted recently. ca…
Retweeted by yung pumpkinme: you are what you eat *eats nothing for 40 days and dies* *decomposes several more years* the last particle o…
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I reserve Sunday nights for my best panic attacks.
Retweeted by yung pumpkinMe: I have to ask you something *pulls out ring* Girlfriend: OMG! Me: Can you throw this grenade?
Retweeted by yung pumpkinHer: so, are you seeing anyone? Me: nope, it’s just the voices.
Retweeted by yung pumpkinIf you can't handle the enjoyment get out of the enjoyarium
Retweeted by yung pumpkin @ShamusDotCA @all_tweet_calls British summer time! it's UTC+1[james bond with recurring amnesia] james bond: the name's...oh dangit not again
Retweeted by yung pumpkin @LittleMissAngr1 @desukidesu @FireBeets @ellewasamistake @DrakeGatsby @lincnotfound @stankysausages @heybuddy_comic love uMy favourite actor was Marlon Brando. He was often consumed by roles onscreen, and he often consumed rolls offscreen.
Retweeted by yung pumpkingirl: do you have change for a five? guy: don't sell yourself short, you are beautiful girl: lol okay do you have…
Retweeted by yung pumpkinDogs when they get to Heaven:
Retweeted by yung pumpkin @SommerofMandi yikes @lincnotfound @desukidesu @FireBeets @ellewasamistake @DrakeGatsby @LittleMissAngr1 @stankysausages @heybuddy_comic LETS GOOOOOOOAnt: Hey dude it’s like 100 degrees outside can I hang out in here? Me: Fine just don’t be a dick about it [20…
Retweeted by yung pumpkinBarlic gread is better after a few drinks.
Retweeted by yung pumpkin @Lady_Lillith_R @ByrdMan0914 thanks I snort laughedTeacher: I have a green ball in one hand and a green ball in the other. What do I have? Student: Kermit the frog b…
Retweeted by yung pumpkin*at a pub trying to pick up women* Me: Hey beautiful, I don't know if you know this but I'm quite the rugged man,…
Retweeted by yung pumpkinMe: Omigod. This person’s so cool! I really want them to like me. Also me: Why does this person like me? What’s wrong with them?
Retweeted by yung pumpkinMe: One day you will inherit all of these priceless heirlooms My dumbass kid: These are vape pens Me: They’re the family juuls
Retweeted by yung pumpkincomedian: new york how we doing tonight? crowd: yeah wooo comedian: hey shut up i didn't ask you the entire phys…
Retweeted by yung pumpkin @DrakeGatsby @desukidesu @FireBeets @ellewasamistake @LittleMissAngr1 @lincnotfound @stankysausages @heybuddy_comic @pilau Thanks Tom! @desukidesu @FireBeets @ellewasamistake @DrakeGatsby @LittleMissAngr1 @lincnotfound @stankysausages @heybuddy_comic hehe yes 🥺🥺❤️ @desukidesu @FireBeets @ellewasamistake @DrakeGatsby @LittleMissAngr1 @lincnotfound @stankysausages @heybuddy_comic I would never have made it here without these amazing people @desukidesu @FireBeets @ellewasamistake hit 1k yesterday so I am hosting a totally themeless tweet call!!! 🍊 up to two tweets! 🍊 one from a friend! 🍊 I'… @abernothing so cute!!! @FireBeets @desukidesu @thombodytolove @MNateShyamalan @ellewasamistake @retweetruby hello thank you! you little cutie!