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i see people actively trying to have babies at 17/18/19 and it weirds me out- and then i remember that at 18/19 my…
mild enchilada sauce is too spicy for me because i am v vs my art 🖤 @anahatasol @_etherealsouls this lil guy as an opal double, wow✨ giveaway ✨ TWO winners will receive a custom pendant in ANY of my styles (opal doubles included)! 💗 RT & follow…
Retweeted by twig @cyanickoi i need to know what this is in gauges 😂 @SumiiSmith16 she*, she definitely did not see me eat multiple times because she hardly leaves her office - let alo… @asiameoww this is such an incredible photo of both of you. truly breath taking!! wow! @acupofrain @astitchingwitch find unfollow! @acupofrain @astitchingwitch i do this and have for years, i’ve never had an issue.
@uncensoredmama_ all i’m saying is that not -all- your debt needs to be paid off immediately 👀😂 @uncensoredmama_ everyone’s like “i’d deal with my debt” and my ass is like “fix my godDAMN NOSE AND THEN WE WILL TALK OK”immediate fucking nose job. @secobble the only thing that makes me mad is knowing that a lot of that look up percentage was probably people try… keep replaying my boss saying “this is probably your third or fourth breakfast” to me yesterday at 9am. i don’t… @kgt_stitchwitch if you kept me in mind, that would be incredible! i can always send you examples too! you’re so da… @Heatherskiesss i would literally die to have your art work filling my room, sooo you’re lucky as hell. @lilveggieangel fuckin jerks. i’d call usps immediately and tell them that you witnessed it happen. that’s so frustrating.outfit inspo ✨ all items available on my @depop jlane_21
Retweeted by twig @lunarlana_ brownie recipes > sleep 🤪 @Kailexoxo So loving yet so aggressive, 😂 @_etherealsouls LOL I STAYED UP AND FOUND BROWNIE RECIPES INSTEAD.👀👀👀 worked 3 hours at a restaurant. i hadn’t worked in a kitchen in 6 years, they threw me in with no one to show me… SunMoon:
Retweeted by twigi sent erik a photo of me at pole class and he just- WE MUST PROTECT THIS MAN BECAUSE HE IS THE SWEETEST, MOST SUPP… tell me to go the fuck to bed @_etherealsouls i think it’s kind of funny that a lot of art twitter preaches about how people shouldn’t set unreal… @_etherealsouls that’s what i can’t stand about so many groups, everyone expects you to scroll back the entire day…
Garden of the Goddesses prints are here!
Retweeted by twigfuckin louder for the bitches in the back, pls. everyone who spends more time complaining about not making sales than they do promoting their own work: ...did…
Retweeted by twigam i about to spend 50$ on a planner? maybe.ok, i’m curious, what is everyone’s favourite yearly planner? i need a new one that i can include my goals i going to mute literally everyone on the TL except my favourite artists/people? heehee, maybe. @_etherealsouls i want you to make more aliens, damn.I want to make more aliens 🥺👽💕✨🌻
Retweeted by twig @druzyjay i sent it in the GC! 😂so turns out that my boss thinKS THAT IM A FAT PIECE OF SHIT.festive fruitcake 🎄🍰 ocean jasper wrapped in bronze wire • available 12/13 at 1 pm est
Retweeted by twig @Kailexoxo love that for you! i wish i had the patience to make my own planner! i’m probably going to buy one thoug… down this morning and chose 3 goals for 2020, then i wrote 3 things i will do monthly, weekly, and daily to ach… i got 3 messages from people who ordered christmas customs and i’m fucking EMOTIONAL. nothing fills my heart… @_kayyliee_ i’m so fricken glad it made it to you safe and sound!!!I’m in love 😍 Thank you for the custom! @lilveggiebean
Retweeted by twig @wrapgoddesss ily sm 🥺💕 @girlwiththebees you’re an angel 🥺🖤 did you piece show up!!!i’m fuckin PUMPED for some of the pieces i’ve made lately. i can’t wait to start showing you guys my work again.
hopped on a trend 🤪 @PhatHonyPot because you’re not a trash bag 😂Garden of the Goddesses poster prints will drop tomorrow at 10am Central time Thank you so much to the amazing sou…
Retweeted by twig @PhatHonyPot this... is not a loc... this is rats nests and tangles. locs aren’t meant for goddamn white people, it… @Ohellalison which i totally get, however, disney is known for suing over IP infringement and they have more than e… *forces children to eat meat despite their children crying and begging not too, tells them if they want to b… like, yeah it’s cute as heck, but y’all should be careful.friendly reminder that baby yoda isn’t your art and that you cannot legally make or sell any products with them on… heart 🥺✨✨✨🦋
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So an artist in Paris has made a sculpture that is supposed to be a modern rendition of a Christmas tree... Butt is…
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okay people @BugGirlOfficial and i are releasing 4 MORE COLLAB TOPS 🦋⚡️🖤🌿 they will all feature her heart pendants…
Retweeted by twig @PhatHonyPot u better pull that extra 600-800$ out of ur ass rn. >:( @_etherealsouls you spelled canada wrong but ok @NaryasCrystals ding ding ding!! fuck. theres such a lack of knowledge when it comes to finances. yeah, in theory 1… @anahatasol for real tho, and then someone is going to be like “omg it has to be a homicide” and a bunch of taxes a… @nrherzog LOL sometimes i push so fucking hard just to get my neck to crack and like, fuck, some day i’m gonna slip… don’t see anything for transportation in the budget. also, apparently wherever they’re from taxes don’t get tak… of these days when i go to crack my neck i’m going to literally break it and die by accident. how fucking embarrassing. @saucyllama25 for sure! except i feel like i might share once or twice but if they keep sending post after post jus… @CrystalHoarder @CoreyAllTimeLow @_etherealsouls i’m fuckin droolingy’all don’t find it cringy when you individually message a big artist your post to rt??? like, they worked their as… @harmmms @baileymkbeads if i... were to find round opals, would you ever take a custom request for these in which y… painted cabochons available!! Multiple sizes! Dm me if you’re interested 💚
Retweeted by twigexactly 14 days until erik is done school and i get my mans back :)this might just be my town, but i am so sick of everything vegan being curried. THERE ARE OTHER FUCKIN FLAVOURS.… @uncensoredmama_ you absofuckinglutely could.59 days until vegas 🥴 @_etherealsouls ilu 💕💕💕💕 @castleofgems ilu, i hope u had a good night 💕 @_andrealizc 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 @ghoulwraps omg 🥺🥺🥺🥺 @grooviestbaby thank you! i hope your sleep was wonderful! 💕 @ScorpJen1121 i hope you had a good sleep too!good night, sweet dreams. say it back. @treasuresbytifa it’s beans birthday today so i made a thread of some of her best photos since she was born! @frygal @_etherealsouls WE STAN THE TRUE QUEEN. THE UNPROBLEMATIC QUEEN. 🤪💕 @frygal @_etherealsouls HAHAHAHAHAHAMy dear art Twitter, we need to have a talk Sit down with me. Grab some tea or coffee. Or just a nice cup of ice w…
Retweeted by twig @VelociCraftor_ love you so much, and i’m so incredibly sorry for the loss of your grandma, no matter how old or fr… @_etherealsouls so. fucking. proud. of. you. @_etherealsouls shut the fuck up, this is goddamn incredible, holy shit.A very unique custom ! The request was for someone “ Very Woodsy, Very Witchy “ & Wood Chips / Marijauana Leaf wa…
Retweeted by twig @lilveggieangel everyone thinks they know your pets better than you. i used to have people express concern that i w… @cydbirtell this shouldn’t even be a question, this outfit is fucking FIRE and you look smokin!!! 🥵🥵🥵
the one of a kind @BugGirlOfficial x Knottygirlthreads top is done 🌿✨ this is a lime and fern resin heart pendant m…
Retweeted by twigmy artistic goal is to some day have one of my starbursts on a collab with this incredible artist 🥺