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Just a weeb here to spread as much positivity as possible and talk about anime. My dms are always open for anyone who wants to talk or just needs a friend. 😊

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@spicputater Ah gotcha @spicputater Ty! I got it @spicputater Y not? Also, do you know how to get rid of this? I never signed up for this it just happens.24 people followed me and 8 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by
I woke up early today, I feel accomplished 😊 ( I usually wake up at 2pm lol)
@kad1139 Pink and light blue ^^
@post_lronic Lol Dw I looked it up beforehand @spicputater Lol I mean other than that @koffeekenma Ooh a ghibli movie is good!! Ty!!! @spicputater Well, what got you into anime? @spicputater Lol ty @post_lronic Ty! @apennyprice Tysm!! @lainsupremacy I mean she might not be a normie anymore after this @koffeekenma Maybe @Glitched_huh Lol food wars might scare her off 😂 but ty @Aeshir2 Ooh those are good, ty! @kamaboku_420 😊 @DioWOH That’s a good idea, it may be emotional and stuff but she might enjoy it. Ty :) @DioWOH She is not, she just has regular teenage girl taste. I’m just an anomaly @DioWOH No, I’m just a considerate friend ^^ @deceit_draws 😂 @gleaming_nova Ooh saiki might be good, tysm! @ok_xander All good anime but I think they’re a bit intense for her specifically, ty tho! @DioWOH Im not showing her that, it’s too much action for her taste @caoimhedesi I haven’t seen the first one but Kaguya sama is a good bet, ty! @SanityofZuzu I haven’t watched any of those so I guess I know what I’m doing this week lol @M1KASAS Ty! @twelvefreckles 💖 @sispicey That’s a good one, ty! @CEOofIsekai I’ve never heard of that one but it looks cute! @deceit_draws Haha one piece is a good option, I just can’t tell her how many episodes it has lol @trash_loves_kyo I would love to! @trash_loves_kyo I’ll let you know! @trash_loves_kyo Well, at least I know what I’m binging tonight lol @trash_loves_kyo Yeah! I didn’t wanna start off too weird bc it might scare her off lol so those are pretty good ideas! @OnichansMilk Those are good, Ty for the suggestions ^^ @chikuzika Yeah I was thinking shoujo but I totally forgot those, tyvm!! @trash_loves_kyo I haven’t seen it but I’ll definitely look into it, tysm!! @chikuzika Idk if she likes action but maybe. Ty ^^ @tazwrites1 Aw sounds cute, tysm! @neo_whistle Tysm! @scoutswantyou Haikyuu might be good, ty! @The_Mega_Nut Ooh good idea! @neo_whistle I was thinking ouran but it might be a little weird to her lol, kimi no todoke is a good one tho @renoohaas Ty! @tazwrites1 Omg Nozaki kun is super cutee that might be a good one, what’s barakamon about? @renoohaas Lol I think that might be a bit of a strong intro, maybe thoI NEED HELP! A non weeb friend of mine has agreed to watch two episodes of an anime of my choosing if I watched two… @PlainOutBoke 🥰Weekly reminder that ily and stay positive! If your going through something you have the power to get through it ^^
@mordykun But what topping? @erumari_ Literally tho
@eggnoodler Do itttt!!! i'm sure its amazing!!!! @neo_whistle <3 @spicputater Whatever u say @spicputater I’m good, I’ll stick with Mario kart thanks @spicputater @spicputater Fnaf is creepy I have reasons @spicputater It will, but, as your best friend, I get to ridicule you for having terrible taste @tazwrites1 Every time we talk I just afsgsfshsj Ilysm 😭 @tazwrites1 Lol we were, u made my day 🥰I keep seeing these tweets that are like “comment if I can talk to you like we’re best friends” um if we’re moots,…
@kad1139 10/10 punStop! You are required to say Happy birthday to Shinso before you go beyond this point. Ty ^^
@DioWOH I’m already half way through season 2 dw @Gotmyselfagun Yeah, it’s sad but the plot is good @tazwrites1 I’m still on FMA bc that comes first and I wanted to go in order (even tho I heard that FMAB is 10x bet… @gleaming_nova FMA, that comes first right? I heard FMAB was better but I wanted to go in orderI’m watching full metal alchemist and wth is this, I’m only 7 episodes in and multiple people have already died pai… I have finally gained my freedom! My legs feel dead tho. 😅 @neo_whistle Lol it’s fine. He’s too cute, I can’t be mad @neo_whistle It is! I still can’t get up though, my legs are starting to hurt.Just finished episode two of Fullmetal alchemistI’ve been taking care of my neighbors cats this week, and one of them just sat down on my lap and hasn’t gotten up… you watch Yuri On Ice soon? — I think I know who this is. yeah I’ll finish it eventually. I’m in the middle of… @spicputater @OfficialTravlad @tayclairee @haribo475 @notbbbaa I’m so glad that I was able to help! That’s literall… @spicputater @OfficialTravlad @tayclairee @haribo475 @notbbbaa I’m so glad! Lmk if u need any more recs!!!What is your best piece of advice? — If you are ever stressed about something that you have to do and it’s taking o… @spicputater @OfficialTravlad @tayclairee @haribo475 @notbbbaa Aww tysm 😊
@spicputater 😂 time I see one of these it literally makes my day 🥰
@gleaming_nova Lol because I wouldn’t yell and stuff? @spicputater Rip uwu @spicputater Did u have to do that, low key jumped a bit @spicputater Heyy that stuffs built to be scary ok more sad. *takes away your sad license*
Retweeted by Lily 🌸 @neo_whistle No clue lol @kurakkuu Lol I should’ve made a joke or somethingI was biking through the park today and someone asked me if I was in the military (I was in normal clothes). Um....…
@spicputater Nah I get it @spicputater Yeah @spicputater Lol @reysofsoleil @Lily_Phoenix_ @DioWOH Yup @DioWOH We all make mistakes ok @FAISMOICRIER Give me the place, I’ll be there @heavenlytsukki Same tho @mystycalchemy Thank you! Will do lolI’m a pacifist, but I low key want to high five illumi’s face with a brick rn. He’s manipulating and crushing kill…