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I have really good conversations with my friends. Inclined to do a podcast.
The orders over $100 really do something for me. Lol.Thinking about growing my hair back, but i’ma need to be able to wear a head wrap to work cuz I can’t do the ush bush.Is it my birthday yet?I need to make some matching keychain, phone case, and purse sets.
@Mirah_Kay Girlllllllllllllllll reasons I have an assistant.Also. I’m noticing that I stress eat. Really glad I decided to take a vacation soon.I legit have a sugar addiction. I’m glad i decided to chill this week. The cravings are wild.I made some mini goals for this month. One of those goals was one indulgent snack a week. Whyyyyyy are there choc…
Also! She’s not licensed in my state & typically pretty pricey for out of pocket clients, but she adjusted her fees… I LOVE my new therapist. I’m crying. God really came through.Since most of us use Sunday to prepare for the week ahead, Saturday is really the only weekend day we have, which m…
Retweeted by basic&budgeting.Find Your Way Back is gospel.
Retweeted by basic&budgeting.On the phone talking to my mom about wearing lingerie for fun. Times have changed. LolI start therapy again in the AM. @BraunsyBrooks Lol im crying
@MsLanishaJ It looks bomb @BraunsyBrooks I just saw the trailer. It looks wildHave ya’ll seen “I Care A Lot” on Netlfix?YA!! OPRAH WINFREY is on the panel that I am DJn for today 😳😳
Retweeted by basic&budgeting.Someone just asked me what HSA and FSA are.. I really wish we would look more into the “benefits” these jobs offer us.Bills really be coming every single month... in my name. That’s wild.Thankful.
Retweeted by basic&budgeting. @cydnyenichole Soooo is you coming here or? @Sherita_ByClark Yeah scooter doesnt shed either but hes just turning a year old and his texture is changing so i t…
I feel like slapping a hoe today. #respectfullyU hurt my feelings it turned me off . Simple .
Retweeted by basic&budgeting. @Sherita_ByClark Mine goes in 2 weeks. He’s gonna be a naked mole rat when they get done. So matted. I think hes shedding his puppy coat. @Sherita_ByClark You’re so right. I almost cried today.. I been in turbo since I got promoted. I need a real break.… always feel bad when I take my days off from work 😩
72 in CLT today.. i love it here. @laniccca Concubinesssssss @laniccca Okay! Thank you. Going now @laniccca I just went searching IG. This is nuts @laniccca Girl, what?
Woke up black again! Glory be! ✨ #blackownedbusiness #blackwomen #Blackhistorymonth #HerStory #womeninbusiness @svedey_ Bomb. @svedey_ Oh pew. @svedey_ From where?! cuz we out!I be calling Scooter doo doo. I know he be sicka me.
Going to get a haircut on my lunch break because i’m playing myself terribly.
I’m most productive & creative in the middle of the night.Nah. That pot of greens I made is bombbbbbb @ShadoSolo 😅😂 idk him so I think that’s okay @ShadoSolo What’s the verdict on close friends? Do we add ya’ll or not?Being in and out of sleep on a weekend during winter is my lane 100%
Retweeted by basic&budgeting. @ShadoSolo 😂🤣Just saw a replay of when that pastor was gripping on Ariana Grande for dear life at Aretha’s funeral and got sick all over again.
@_KydSyd Ma’am!!! You look bomb & These boots!!! 😍If I gained NOTHING by dealing with you, what can I lose by leaving you alone?
Retweeted by basic&budgeting. @theeashcamille Nooooooooooooooooo*peopleI hate when peoole press me out about saying good morning or good afternoon before addressing them. Especially if you know me & we close! @theeashcamille
@theeashcamille I feel that. I could prob use some myself but i’m so busy buying art supplies 🙃These niggas don’t be talking about NOTHING.Weekend mood 💤😴🧴💆‍♂️🧖‍♀️
Retweeted by basic&budgeting.New concept: a fake ID but one that says that I’m under 26 so I can keep my health insurance
Retweeted by basic&budgeting. @theeashcamille Somethings in the water.. you’re the 4th person I know that just bought new paint!I really love these charcuterie boards. I need to make myself one.I want a vanilla cone with sprinkles. @Effortlesstylze Oh chile!!!!! He makes my stomach sourWho is this man on IG these ladies keep going to for ”advice” about why they don’t have a man?
I really used to think $1,000 was a lot of money.
Retweeted by basic&budgeting.Yin & Yang Charcuterie Board AVAILABLE NOW on the site! Visit Custom orders also availab… price for those amazon leggings went up.
@mary__jeann Period ma’am! @theeashcamille I like the lap thought better 😅Your bag comin..just trust the process
Retweeted by basic&budgeting. @theeashcamille So they don’t hold it in their laps? @theeashcamille He can go to hell. 🙂 @laniccca I see it.Boffuhdem City Girls pretty azell.MBJ put the pressure on. It’s a beautiful thing to witness.I wanna ask Beyonce what did that $12000 bottle of wine taste like 🙃Nothing like going out of town & coming home to a clean house.
My baby found her wedding dress today.
I need a crafting tutu. I’d love to craft in a really fluffy tutu & my Basic & Budgeting t-shirt.
I’m prob gon be single forever because Scooter is allowed on my furniture and that’s not changing 🤷🏽‍♀️
Scooter has started this new thing where he walks me to bed. Makes sure i’m good then goes to sleep in the living r… anyone know of any evening remote job opportunities?
@muvaAF mama do your girls do lash tint and lash lifts? @Luckyyy1 Girl I loved it! It was a bit triggering. Minus the drugs, it reminded me a lot of one of my most painful…
$100 is basically $20.
Retweeted by basic&budgeting. @brittjoelle know who Black girls love lowkey? Britney Jean Spears.
Retweeted by basic&budgeting. @MsLanishaJ Exhausting is right. I agree. I really enjoy movies that don’t change the setting. The acting has to be…, So I found out you can send free virtual Valentines Days cards to kids at St. Judes Children Hospital. Y’all k…
Retweeted by basic&budgeting.This scene from Malcolm and Marie was just 😗🤌🏾 #MalcolmAndMarie
Retweeted by basic&budgeting.Zendaya and John David Washington when Sam Levinson yells “Action!!” #MalcolmAndMarie
Retweeted by basic&budgeting.#MalcolmAndMarie really did it for me. @MsLanishaJ Minus the drugs, reminds me a lot of a previous relationship of mine with a musician. I’m floored & my stomach hurts.Ok. The movie is lowkey triggering. @Luckyyy1 I just started it!Have ya’ll watched #MalcolmAndMarie ?I need to watch Zendaya’s movie. @CEOHaize gEneTiCs.... 😜😜😜 must be the new surgical clinic #kartrashians #jennots #KimKardashian #KylieJenner
Retweeted by basic&budgeting.Is covid over? Cuz Cardi kissing people in the mouth like germs don’t exist.
@BreFree about Li*zo doesnt sit right with me anymore.