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It has been 0 days since someone asked about Scott Pilgrim. #ForeverPhysical

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@Castro51317024 @Lbabinz Check your dossier Agent 47, patience will pay off in this mission! - J @TheSuperSebi After the preorder stage, it's time for production! That can take anywhere from an estimated 4 to 5 months to complete! - J @ambiguously_yt This one's special! It isn't even part of the food court! - J @ghandibob77 @ThatKevinSmith Just keep it off the escalator, and enjoy! - J @jakobie__ Our games are manufactured to demand and can not start production until all orders have been collected.… @InSamsara
@Shawn_on_Games In the process of shipping right now! -KJoin us for a celebratory Hitman 3 launch day stream and to check out the beginning levels of the game! We're live… @odysseyofgrace @LrgSupport They are in the process of shipping! -K @Xandra_Darkwood They are in the process of shipping! Keep an eye on your email for tracking info! -K @Neah117 Not planned, that I know of! -K @mcy_mole @sie1984 @LimitedRunDoug @LimitedRunJosh The reversible cover with the Mega Drive branding is on the Classic Edition case. @DomTigzAJ It’ll go in to production after the preorder window closes! Production is estimated to be 3-5 months. -K @Treymok @JayMewes @ThatKevinSmith Grab an Egga Mooby Muffin, and get to brawlin'! - J @futurexhope Preorders close on 2.28.21! After that, we'll need an ESTIMATED 4 to 5 months of production before they'll ship! - J @Beh0lder99 - J @welding_skunk @ThatKevinSmith @JayMewes Even Holden Mcneil would appreciate this! - J @OneMoreLevel_1 - J @Methusalen @ThatKevinSmith @JayMewes Just like Winnie the Pooh! - J @Amsosickk We're sorry you feel this way! What games are you expecting so we can shed some light on their production status? - J @RYDERMC2011 Hi! Doom 64 is currently in production. Once it's finished and ready to ship, notifications will be inbound! - J @Emptydollzuki That's quite alright. Having choices when playing makes it a unique experience! - J @EvaPatsch Stormtroopers have the same problem! - J @KORO_EGG Gotta stay silent but deadly! - J @matt59382622 As soon as production is complete! - J @mrjavascript - J @Jesse69767947 If you ordered more than one game in the same order, that order will ship in a box. Single game orde… @MarshallArtBand @BraveWaveMusic Please open a support ticket at and we will help correct the issue.
@Omnitriix Production will begin after the 6 week preorder window closes. It is estimated to take 3-5 months to produce. -K literally going to stream the Scott Pilgrim game for a bit
Retweeted by Limited Run Games @EricRissler We just got those in the warehouse and will ship them as soon as we can! -K @ModernVintageG Enjoy!! -K @DudesInCapes @DeadlyGambit -K @LCKraken Same tho.. -K @vs_evil 3 got us thinking... are you a "pew pew" or a "sneaky sneak" type of gamer? @pettycommajared @Proteus4ever @ChrisBruce1985 @Dotemu @lizardcube @yuzokoshiro Please submit a ticket with @LrgSupport and they can… @Tchitchihiro They are indeed -K @romel2k81 -K @MSUHitman @fleshribbon @Darknight16 The Best Buy edition does not come with our exclusive physical item, however. -C @fleshribbon @Darknight16 It is a physical item -K @Darknight16 We have an exclusive physical item — Agent 47's passport! -C💡 Mission Story Revealing... Don't miss this opportunity to get in on the action with a physical HITMAN 3 Deluxe E… @Mike_Campbell31 They are in the process of shipping! Keep an eye on your email for tracking information. -K @pluslunar @LimitedRunDoug Enjoy!! -K @UglyAndrogyne We’re waiting on one more thing to come in! Should hopefully be shipping them out soon -K
@OhShitMoreCake -K watch our mega unboxing stream. We’re opening a whopping 11 collector's editions live, right now! Which are yo… you know where you can get physical pre-orders... 😉 @harvey_redfield Hello! For order information, please submit a ticket with @LrgSupport -K @Celosbeats @JPSWITCHMANIA @IntiCreatesEN No, this is not a title that Best Buy will be receiving. @OVERALLxRAMPAGE @Ubisoft @UniversalPics Payment is taken at the time of order -K @MK_Helsenki You should receive an email! -K @NotFrankTurner Shipments to the UK are sent duties paid with no additional fees, taxes, or customs required for delivery. @DavidCharpen55 - J @GoldGamestar Sweet! - J @exzaktlyy Samurai Jack is still undergoing its production stage! As soon as it finishes, we're gonna send it! - J @SimonGBrooks We're excited too! - J @potty_boy Right at the buzzer! - J @NeelBell - J @chitchatgaming After it completes the production stage! - J @Krycek7o2 @LimitedRunDoug That's an excellent combo! - JIt's the final hours for Panzer Dragoon and Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics pre-orders on…
Today is the LAST DAY to pre-order physical editions of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics, available in S…
Pre-orders for Standard & Classic Editions of Panzer Dragoon for the PS4 end TOMORROW at 11:59pm ET! Head on over… @SUPERFOX5 Excellent choice! - J @wittyRodger !!- J @Givemethathoney By the sound of it, you need ALL of it! - J @_niiro_ No, THANK YOU! 🥰 - J @theraincityboi @bryanleeomalley WLY! 😍 - J @ialohcin1 @Ubisoft @UniversalPics We ship worldwide! After creating an account, enter the address where you need… @Wintereuer91 Wonderful! - J @toejamandearl That tastes like a good idea! - J @KaiserPudu Please open a support ticket at @chipx86 Please open a support ticket at
The physical Limited Run pre-orders for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game - Complete Edition are now available…
Retweeted by Limited Run Games @mazzerax It will go in to production after the preorder window closes on Feb 28th! Production is estimated to take 3-5 months. -K @Jabokchoy We ship worldwide, that includes Australia! 😁 -K @SLXSTUDIO @Skelunkafunk Our production is estimated to take 3-5 months after the pre-order window closes. -K @GreenEyedZeke YUP!We're not done yet. Get ready for the cult classic FMV title Night Trap coming to you on Sega CD and Sega CD 32X! P… @AyeeItzAphex @screamingvill @flashfilmworks Sure does! @werezompire @screamingvill @flashfilmworks That is correct, new and playable Sega CD discs!Pick up the Ground Zero: Texas Collector's Edition for Sega CD, open for pre-order January 22 on… ready for some alien blastin' action with Ground Zero: Texas on PlayStation®4 and Sega CD! Pre-orders open Janu… @GrandpaxNathan @bryanleeomalley We approve of this! @LimitedRunDoug @arcade_1up Yes please @JoshEazie 🙌🏻 @AlexGalaxy14 @bryanleeomalley 👀👀 @MitsuShow @TheKatfysh Kara will fight you. @medic_wheat @JPSWITCHMANIA @bryanleeomalley You can convert HDMI to analog through a cheap conversion box on Amazo… @bryanleeomalley We couldn't have done any of this without you! Can't wait to tune in to your killer streams!! @lowesman2656 You are charged at the time of the pre-order purchase! -K @russianreversal Same tho @bryanleeomalley @anamanaguchi @Ubisoft @ichigogoooooooo @DrooliaSnott @kinucakes @personasama @artist_black @TattooEvilution It's a reversible cover so you automatically get both! -K