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I tweet about films and politics and sometimes film politics #repealedthe8th #EndDP

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The anti-Traveller racist in charge of schools inclusion
Retweeted by Liam H12 years in a nursing home, without nursing needs. She is one of over 1300 disabled people under 65 living in nursi…
Retweeted by Liam H @welfaregoblin Spot on. Every store gives off a ‘you’re beneath us’ energyNo it doesn’t, Gráinne is the same name in English and her non-Irish speaking enemies and contemporaries at least t…
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Retweeted by Liam HStats show Irish lads don't talk about their emotions enough. 50808 has just launched in Ireland. It's a 24/7 text…
Retweeted by Liam H @justkelslike @Amylouioc Amy’s typing up the new pilot as we speak! @baddestmamajama @grrainne @hazuhll If this is how you handle critique I’d start writing a different show because t…’m enjoying this writer making the entire nation hate her show before it even gets made.
I look forward to the centenary celebrations where the new galactic FG government try to erect a memorial in honor… am throughly enjoying the new war between Stan Twitter and Irish Twitter. A battle of titans has begun. A historic day for the TL. @mizzzelle Oh same! That Parasite moment had me audibly swearing hahaFor me it’s got to be the Gone Girl twist. Saw it in a packed cinema in Dublin, whole room gasped 😵 the stans losing their minds over that Niall Horan comic relief skit is not the pick-me up I needed today.
are ya winning, son?
Retweeted by Liam H76% of greens in favour of PfG. That's a lot of people happy to continue the status quo. Without upsetting the syst…
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Mine was Little Women and it’s the only thing I’m proud of @dyldonot
@justkelslike This vid gives me old blockia video vibesReposting this because I hear people are acting up at home. Wearing a mask the best thing you can do for both yours…
Retweeted by Liam HMine was the fan forum on the official Wallace and Gromit website.
Retweeted by Liam HAnother old doodle, this time of Hilda because soft axe girls are the best kind of chara #fe3h
Retweeted by Liam H @Amylouioc You coming back to Ireland like DISPARITY DATA REPORT ON IRISH RADIO: Link to download full report is here Link to…
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This is so frustrating --but not at all surprising-- to see. Especially since Ireland is a country that is chock fu…
Retweeted by Liam HI’ve been wanting to do a bit more YouTube stuff so here’s a speed paint of my two BOTW redraws! Please check it ou…
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Retweeted by Liam HMANIAC (2018) Cinematography by Darren Lew Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga Explore more shots in our database:…
Retweeted by Liam HThey should have made masks on public transport mandatory here in Ireland and I'm not interested in anyone elses co…
Retweeted by Liam H''In that regard, I do believe that Suspiria is really a queer horror movie.'' Luca Guadagnino
Retweeted by Liam H‘Chronic’ RTÉ funding meant Normal People taken to BBC, says Lenny Abrahamson (via @IrishTimesCultr)
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Redrew some Breath of the Wild screencaps because urgh, what a game 🌿🌿 #BOTWredraw #BOTW
Retweeted by Liam HHappy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!
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Those who speak out about their abuse in order to protect others and make perpetrators accountable, at great risk t…
Retweeted by Liam HA little wake up call for all of you not wearing masks: My cousin checked into the hospital Tuesday morning for bo…
Retweeted by Liam Hit costs $0 to believe survivers. it’s absolutely free. putting famous people who hurt others on a pedestal won’t g…
Retweeted by Liam Hthe timeline at the moment can be triggering and upsetting for many. here are some resources that may help you or s…
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This is the kind of thing I mentioned earlier this week. This does nothing for the film industry at home. Nothing f… OUT!! Go watch the video for ‘Dreams’ here @SAFEIreland txt SAFE to 50300 to donate 4e…
Retweeted by Liam Hruby bridges. 6 years old, the first african american kid to attend an all white elementary school in the south. sh…
Retweeted by Liam H“Dreams” cover by @irewomeninharm is officially OUT NOW! Link to video here . Please stream…
Retweeted by Liam Hloving music in a language i don't speak is great because no high really compares to finding out a bts song is actually lowkey horny
Retweeted by Liam HIf Pixar did a live action film or Cartoon Saloon did a stop motion, they’re still films belonging to those studios.’ve seen enough ignorant tweets about this already. Animation fans need to understand that they don’t dictate what… Oscar contender for Best Short film incoming!!!
Ireland being a neutral, peaceful country is a complete myth while we let Shannon Airport be a pit stop for US forc…
Retweeted by Liam HI’ll never forget what they did to this man.
Retweeted by Liam Hif u saw me post this earlier.. 4get about that #Shera
Retweeted by Liam HIs it any surprise that the Michael Collins who said that DP centers were purposefully removing religious artifacts… fact that Jack Chambers - whose main achievements to date are campaigning against women’s rights and shouting a…
Retweeted by Liam HCANDYMAN, at the intersection of white violence and black pain, is about unwilling martyrs. The people they were, t…
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@dyldonot Absolutely! Most of the work is Dublin based too so you’re selling a kidney just to get a gaff up there to begin with.These issues need to be addressed. If not, the cycle of artists leaving Ireland will only continue. It’s creating a… lack of resources can also be seen in things such as the closure of Filmbase, the shutdown of Film in Cork, th… industry is creating a skill gap between graduates and newcomers and those currently working. This has been com… prime example of this is the fact that while the cast of the Young Offenders is Irish, behind the camera is a cre… Irish production is entirely funded with Irish money. 3 of Irish TVs biggest exports in the last year were all c… to the need for experience and the unsupervised practice of unpaid internships in Ireland, it’s becoming an ina…’ve seen the unpaid internship be advertised and practiced in film festivals, magazines, production companies and… standard application for these internships is like a normal job application. An individual applies, has an inte…’s worth noting that any internship that makes an individual do any work outside of shadowing someone is illegal in Ireland. (8)These internships are devised as a means of exploiting young people into working for free on the provision they mig… this cycle prevents the chance get the experience necessary to qualify for the advertised positions. Furthe… these are often starter jobs they are mainly avoided by any long-standing individual in the industry (those who… employers now look for experience in entry level jobs which has created a vicious cycle. They seek those with… of all it’s practically impossible to get a job in the industry without some sort of degree or experience. Ex…’m speaking primarily about the film industry here (though this applies to all major sections of media and arts in… need to have a huge discussion in Ireland at the current state of the Arts industry. Currently Leo and his prede…’re in government with the party that made hundreds of our incredible artists have to leave cos they couldn’t af…
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We explored Tama today which is where Whisper of the Heart was set and it was so chilllll
Retweeted by Liam Hhow a lot of you sound today
Retweeted by Liam HHard to ignore the ignorance here when the 1936 Olympics happened
never fucking forget how many FF TDS opposed repeal. never fucking forget.
Retweeted by Liam H🎉Today marks the 35th Anniversary since the founding of Studio Ghibli 🎉 Ghibli have gone on to become one of the m…
Retweeted by Liam HHappy birthday to Studio Ghibli, founded on this day 35 years ago.
Retweeted by Liam HHappy 35th birthday to Studio Ghibli, founded on this day in 1985 🥳
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Today I learned... The white man in this photo was Peter Norman from Australia who finished 2nd the 1968 200m fina…
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Rehearsing for the protest
Retweeted by Liam HIf you’re going into a shop this weekend, wear a facemask. This isn’t over yet and we’ve still months before gigs e…
Retweeted by Liam HYou love to see it 🤛🏽 The cork teens at @headhandheart1 have had enough
Retweeted by Liam HI’ve been read by the inspobot and I might never recover. alone won’t stop the spread but combined with following the other measures reduce infection considerably. It’… you were told there’s an infectious disease spreading around and here are a number of steps to prevent it, why w… the West, mask wearing isn’t a tradition we have. How many people go out with colds during winter without coveri… isn’t something which has suddenly been made obligatory in Japan and other Asian countries, it always been a t… in Tokyo mask wearing is a given. It’s viewed as a community effort to stop the spread. It’s mandatory in most… state of the replies to this give a general sense of anxiety and ignorance in regards to mask wearing. I’m very…
Coming soon...
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A statue of a slave owner gets pushed into a river - The country starts an investigation to find the suspects and s…
Retweeted by Liam HScenes from the powerful Black Lives Matter protest, Cork City
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For the past six years I have been trying to get a plaque erected in Limerick City to commemorate the visit of thre…
Retweeted by Liam Hthere is one good statue in the UK and that is the vimto monument in manchester
Retweeted by Liam HThis is not it at all.
@scratchcarddust Yeah it was pretty blockheaded of her. @scratchcarddust I’ll never forget the letter she wrote about the 8th and Savita Halappanavar after it had been rep…