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Lin-Manuel Miranda @Lin_Manuel Washington Heights, Manhattan

he/him. Current gigs: In The Heights Movie, Little Mermaid, FLSBroadway, Vivo, His Dark Materials, Tick, Tick...Boom! DuckTales, Rita Moreno doc, Drama Bookshop

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Gnight...😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴 @travismcelroy Life ain’t short, it’s long.
@K_bowes Yeah, he's better, thanks!Just tagging @TomFelton because I know he's new here...❤️❤️❤️ year ago today, I wrote a "lost" Hamilton song with John Kander. THAT John Kander, composer of New York, New York… are in the Hamilton Mixtape: Some are in the Hamildrop series: our special @Snapchat code? @Lin_Manuel has. #HisDarkMaterials
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel Miranda👀“Sondland also testified that in one of his many conversations with Trump he tried to get clarity on what quids thi… is #LatinaEqualPay day — the day Latina wages catch up to what white, non-Hispanic men made in 2018. On aver…
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel Miranda @Tish326 @jmartin224 @summermedsker Yeah, I like that one too, and I remember going down a Wiki wormhole to see if… lil song cuz i’m excited. 🧡 my new single Can’t Explain It drops tomorrow night!!! 🥳
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel Miranda“Looks like we’re not the only ones heading to Trollesund.” Who’s ready to meet a certain swashbuckling aeronaut?…
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel Miranda @greggrunberg Aw, helping hands convenience store/deli in my neighborhood joined seamless and someone had fun making the menu
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel MirandaWe are thrilled to announce... JOHN MULANEY & THE SACK LUNCH BUNCH A Musical Children’s Special From a Man with Nei…
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel Miranda'm deleting this in five minutes, but enjoy @Casey_Mink @ditzkoff “Not a notes guy, never have been...”Whew @maureenjohnson 😏 is emptying our bookshelf, but the one book he handed me is Aristotle’s Poetics...why testimony goes down so much better with magnatiles HEY. HEY YOU. YOU'RE A GOOD EGG. AND LIKE A GOOD EGG, SOON YOU MAY HATCH INTO A BEAUTIFUL BIRD WITH GLOR…
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel Miranda @Lin_Manuel Here’s a good primer to get folks up to speed on the first week of hearings, if they missed it…
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel MirandaI think the lord just did.
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel MirandaThis is the best picture. Congratulations, husband. ✌🏽
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel MirandaWord. watching now. the runner first is such a stroke of genius.’ve just spent 3 songs with Alex. We Know, Hurricane, Pamphlet. I know how he feels. I believe Eliza deserves th…❤️❤️❤️ you want to hear how Eliza feels after The Reynolds Pamphlet. She’s the most important person in that momen… @WongKarWax The pretend lunchbox is free of charge. I hope you have a good day. @ChadwikoRCC’s your thermos, ChadChuck: I warned him, “NO! YOURE TOO YOUNG!” But he will not be deterred from reading your dystopias @WongKarWax It...doesn’t have to be a sandwich, it’s whatever you like. Good morning.Gmorning In your mind I’m placing a corrugated metal lunchbox With your favorite cartoon on the front Which you ca… you from Alabama? Because you’re the only ala I bama.
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel MirandaGnig37: C’mon eyelids 10 more seconns Nope closed for biznesszzzzzzCaption this and call me in the morning’s the full interview with @Lin_Manuel:
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel Miranda🐰🐼@Trevornoah’re going to be very happy on Monday.’re going to be very happy tonight. proves nothing except you took a picture of me with my fly down, @Vegalteno 🙄
Let’s clear this up once and for all vs 2019😏 week... @gwatsky @MrJasonRBrown IF YOU CARE TO FIND ME LOOK TO HOLLYWOOD AND VINE... @TheRachaelE My Acela recording studio dig your crazy vibe too @RomaTorreNYC are four reasons why you shouldn't worry about President Trump's visit to Walter Reed hospital:
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel MirandaVictor Hugo describing the Paris sewer system
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel Miranda @tvoti Congrats! @on_cloud_9 I dunno, the set list?Let’s be clear—if I knew it’d look like that I wouldn’t have suggested it.
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel MirandaYou were right to tag me season ticket holder Francisco concerts have begun @agordonreed Congrats!!!It’s an old photo of me, don’t worry I’m old guy @TheRock does a GREAT Maui ❤️❤️❤️ @lovingherwasgay @cptainmrveI Wrong. We put him back in the show and filmed him in front of a paying audience.I love talking to @MarcSnetiker, he ALWAYS asks the questions no one has asked yet. But a weird thing happened whe… back from Reddit like, see you on your #HisDarkMaterials AMA questions for @Lin_Manuel:
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel MirandaHAAAAA I told you #SMASHSEASONTHREE #Readmylips minutes until we get going with @Lin_Manuel’s AMA. ✨
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel MirandaI’m kidding, I start in 15...(but I love that you’re watching 99 in the other tab on your browser dunno did I start is this it, 23 minutes til I hop off of here to do a reddit AMA for you, go here for this“I’m looking very cool but actually very terrified.” @Lin_Manuel talks about his portrait that’s now hanging in the…
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel MirandaDid you see me mouth “Smash season three” into the camera during the promo tease #rewindit🙄🤷🏽‍♂️❤️’ll be on the @TODAYshow in the next hour, my eye maletas well moisturized but never gone @HaileeSteinfeld Hiiiiiiii EYELIDS. Can’t do shh til y’all act right Get up and stay up guys I can’t see what oom typoongGnight Get your shoulders down from your neck, roll em around, put that head on your best pillow, you earned that sh**Next week on #HisDarkMaterials: It’s Scoresby Time. #HisDarkMaterials glossary for this ep: Daemon: your soul’s animal counterpart, which changes shape until pubert… @adorasthighs Mick Jagger is that you first day visiting set, Mrs. Coulter was...uh, how do I say this spoiler-free...going full Daemon in this scene. 👀 #HisDarkMaterialsWhew, that reveal at the half hour mark... #HisDarkMaterials Hot Priest Watch #HisDarkMaterials, sailors sometimes do! Dinner In 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 w the Gyptians, pt 2—Ma Costa, Farder Coram, and that blonde super hunk is Joe Tandberg,…, ice on the knee, encore presentation of #HisDarkMaterials episode 3, wife is lawyering, let’s watch🤣 aged 33, watching #HisDarkMaterials - ‘I want to live in a penthouse, with a monkey, and be feared by those who…
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel MirandaJumped off the stage during tonight’s Freestyle Love Supreme show, and my 39 and three quarters year old knee is NO… do we want? HIS MATERIALS how do we want em DARK I GUESS
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel Miranda