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he/him. Ham. we came to work & to live & we got a lot in common

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When your 10 year old who almost died this year, has waited since he was 6 years old to see Hamilton, the play and…
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@McMahel I...Disney presents: Hamilton. With The Original Broadway Cast. Filmed onstage at The Richard Rodgers Theatre. In… for it.
The one on the bottom is 40 now and the one on top is 2. Happy Saturday.
Or here: if you can spare more, please see below. were in Puerto Rico when the earthquakes began last week. Woke up in New York to texts from family all over the…
Grateful for the MANY MANY for-real friends I have made on here. Grateful for the distractions and the q&a’s and th… New Years’ resolution for 2020 is Tweet Less, Create More. Not quitting the app. Just taking several steps back.… the top of December I stopped doing the gmorning/gnights. see what would happen. I breathed easier. I… you for watching #HisDarkMaterials. Wait til you see what we cooked up for season 2... & Roger 4eva ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #hisdarkmaterialsHBO“You used to want to change the world...come with me and we can change them all...” #hisdarkmaterialsHBO! ❤️❤️❤️ @elizaskinner your SWEATER 😍 dip here’s my soundcloud's time for you to venture north. #HisDarkMaterials
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel MirandaFour minutes, thank you four Person who is about to send an email with a professional request on Dec 23. Stop typing. Back away from the co…
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel Miranda#NewProfilePic, “Yo, it’s dude from Hamilton” is my father, call me Lin
@Lin_Manuel Watching the @intheheights trailer like
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel MirandaWhen your filmmaker friends say they need to test something just SAY YES. 🤣“It’s a new design for a basketball court.” can’t control your legacy; it is determined by who survives. All you can control is the work. Make the best thi…
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel MirandaI hope whoever texted me this in 2017 is having a great day. trails @NikkyWalks! @Maria_Giesela @Maria_Giesela I didn’t know if I’d make the cut!No one: Not a soul: @Lin_Manuel : “I only visited the Star Wars set, I’m probably not in it.” Everyone:
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel MirandaHere’s the deepest Star Wars trivia: SHAG is @jjabrams and my kids’ initials, KAVA the 1st syllables of our wives’… @RachelLeishman Fucked me up too.Happy Anagram Day to all who obverse.
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel MirandaLAST EPISODE OF #HisDarkMaterials TONIGHT on @HBO! Thank you for watching with us! gotchoo had a BLAST. said MY BOYFRIEND’S BACK
Yeah I think it might be impossible to avoid the Star Wars spoilers on this app. See y’all Monday!This week’s group is class of ‘98 like me so their audition song is K-Ci & Jojo and I am LIVING has been an Encore! appreciation thread. Thank you @KristenBell. Thank you world.’ll let this clip speak for itself, except to say, “JIM, STOP.” has become the new family catchphrase in the Miran… week they did Oklahoma! and in this clip, this lady recounts how the director, her MOTHER (!) told her to prac…[me, in the street, with a clipboard] Hi, can I interest you in a tv show where folks our age and OLDER reunite to… @tammyampersand @billypuntove Kids were great. It was mic feedback! @mirandaburgin You said it perfect. ❤️❤️❤️Sending love & support to fellow twittericans who are also navigating their first holiday season after the loss of…
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel MirandaAbuela really thought she was done w holiday concerts 🤣🤣🤣 our kid’s holiday concert to yours’s the double A in Aaron Burr, Sir that gets your car... soundtrack to the complete series of His Dark Materials is now released .
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel MirandaStay warm“Jack, I’ll never let go.” “You are literally letting me go.” “I mean in my heart. It’s a metaphor. There’s no room… extra good for my niece, home from college for Xmas extra good for @gregorydiaziv tonight. #Sonny #InTheHeightsMovie“I got a horrible Christmas Sweater of @billyeichner.” Elena, TONIGHT at!!!! Luthor wif the Sex Loofah tonight #overheardatFLS
Welp. That was on my day off from #HisDarkMaterials so that’s Lee Scoresby’s mustache amidst the rebels, inadverten… doesn’t matter how scared you are; everyone is scared. Work. Work is the only thing that takes the curse of fear…
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel MirandaWord, see y'all later Partners announces Anthony Ramos (IN THE HEIGHTS) as the lead of its coming comedic sci-fi film DISTANT. Wil…
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel MirandaMove out of the way, I have to pee so bad it’s SHAKING MY BONES. -my son this morningIt is so easy to think that the best is behind you, but what if the best is ahead? Trust that you’ll feel at home i…
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel MirandaTrump Impeached for Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress for warmth when it’s cold & grateful for you the missus to @DerrenBrownBway tonight. Even knowing Derren a little bit...I was not ready. You are not ready…
Ghost of Hamilton looking at me like ❤️❤️❤️ @BenMakesTV @MarkHarrisNYC AND giggles, we have fun here @MarkHarrisNYC They should have this backstage at Freestyle Love Supreme. @MatthewACherry Can’t clear it 🤣Poems. I forgot how useful they would be today. Here are a bunch, and they were super useful.
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel Miranda"imagine if I danced like this"🤣"He is funny like me"🥺🥺🥺 @AM1DALA HI LISA!!!Hamilton (2017) @Lin_Manuel Miranda's sweeping epic about Founding Father Alexander Hamilton set to an eclectic r…
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel Miranda👀👀👀 #FirstDayAtMyOffice, Lisa, no me preocupo por ella...🥺 ❤ (thank YOU)[My son sits at his mother's desk] Son: I guess I'm the principal of our house now. @VAMNit#ImpeachmentDay @anildash @hodgman @anildash @hodgman it's HOMEOPATHIC ANIL, it's preTEND SLEEP JUICEHIM: Do you know what horses are? MEDIEVAL ARTIST: Ha ha! Of course I know horkses! HIM: Horses. MEDIEVAL ARTIST:…H…
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel Miranda @hodgman John, can you pick me up a bottle of Simply Sleep?“#InTheHeightsMovie already has a breakout star- and her curls are everything!” ❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel MirandaMy son: we’re learning Christmas words in French. Me: Oh, I don’t know any. Will you teach me one? My son (in a… BEHIND THE SCENES My dingdang ship all wrecked on a mountain... is frightful is how tied to a crazy person is an entire political party
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel Miranda"We Wish You A Good Impeachment" Raleigh, North Carolina #DemCast #DemCastNC #NobodyIsAboveTheLaw #ImpeachmentEve
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel MirandaEveryone needs a friend like Serafina Pekkala: -Makes good on past debts -Cold doesn’t bother her anyway -Helps you…
Retweeted by Lin-Manuel Miranda#HisDarkMaterials BEHIND THE SCENES We have FUN HERE @KimmyMonte’m hoping @Lin_Manuel would approve of my sign from tonight’s #ImpeachmentEve rally ☺️
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@EddiePasa You’re good!NOW IT CAN BE TOLD?? @jjabrams & I wrote a lil music for a planet in #TheRiseOfSkywalker It’s got a nice beat & yo…