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@marmarpits ? @abotofu_ I very much still want u ma’am.Guess my favorite color
Retweeted by linaboy @rikalw_0321 The cutest girl idc @ejscouter Really proud of u ej :), chick fil a tho
Why do I get so submissive n breedable when I find out theres a female in my lobby @suhniiee So pretty !! @jessicahkim @jazzy_yazzy22 Love u!! @jazzy_yazzy22 <3Diamond grind :D
Retweeted by linaboy @cupkatez I want to kith u
@urgfkass Yes
@MamaKittea Frick him @JimmyJamTV @aspenqt Very poggers @Invaderfrog1347 Sigh. @GanjiMayne had to nerf me somehow and made me an overthinker. @jessicahkim True @wahoooopunch Goated siblings @daiseehue Do u need another dog @daiseehue Both cuties !!!!!!
this is my fav angle don’t @ me
Retweeted by linaboy @yurasweb I love this angle !!! @itsfreylise So proud of u @Rosie_BT DUDEEEEEE U JUST UNLOCKED A MEMORY I FORGOTI’ve always seen people do these for happy birthday wishes, but since I’ve been in the hospital for a couple of day…
Retweeted by linaboy @omgasnia LUL @imboopie ?
@puppiwii I have the biggest crush on u omg. @kazufIwr Pretty gorl muah muah @puppiwii Beautiful !!!!!!!i eat gamer boys
Retweeted by linaboy @lolmochiii Me next thanks mamasstepbrooo i’m stuck:<<
Retweeted by linaboy @a1es5andra I CAN HELP Udear twitch viewers, i promise your favorite streamers don’t care if you’re not subbed to their channel. i promise…
Retweeted by linaboyHappy Friday the 13th 😵‍💫👻
Retweeted by linaboy @cupkatez I’m looking respectfully ur honour 😮‍💨 @cupkatez HELLOOO UR SOO PRETTYY ARRFFF ARRFF @hvnniez Ur glowing mamas >^<
@pointjakee Bointbake!! @kaytea_xp GoatedPLAT GRIND CONTINUES @SamKaii Both @katashilol Sorry!! @emmyuh Do u need a gf… I can bark.
HAD A FUN STREAM TONIGHT :D heres some GOATED shots i did in comp hehhehehehe @givemeurdog I wuv u >< @minhtamowo NO U HEHEH @moonstonegf I’m alrdy urs <3Still on plat grind helloooo @kuhrenaval Aight hit my line @kuhrenaval Hey wyd shawty @abotofu_ Hey bbg wydI want luv n affection @sasukefancIub AH UR SO PRETTYanother one
Retweeted by linaboy @xshiae Soooo cute !! @sscrawls So pretty !!!
Wholesome n respectful interactions mmMMmmmMmm 😮‍💨 @kaytea_xp Ur so pretty maamI just wanna go to sleep and stay asleep. This waking up frequently and constant bad dreams r not it 😭i be like “idc” then my chest start hurtin
Retweeted by linaboyme and who
Retweeted by linaboy @yumiruuuuu Hehehehehe omg ty @LilGrizzly_Val @JimmyJamTV Nice @a1es5andra So cute >^< @AQ49054148 Pomeranian husky, no they do not @pIasify Hope everything goes well and u have a speedy recovery, we’ll miss u king <3 @kikieria OMG drooling
@ItsKaeyea REMMM omg so cute @cjadams123 Hehe!! @watermhelenn R we bout to kiss @taffyanju Ur alrdy mine wym @_aesxo 😳😳<3 Omggg @jazetama THENK U BB @urgfkass Yes pls <3 @elviabluup TY BB >^<sup gamers
Retweeted by linaboy @omgasnia @JimmyJamTV Diff guy mb @omgasnia @JimmyJamTV Can u? Thanks @omgasnia Felt @Diablo24k_ Happy birthday !! @Saulsrevenge wanna be yours <3 @Apeachy77 The cutest study buddy ong
Retweeted by linaboy @rikalw_0321 Ur so pretty 🥺 @wahoooopunch SHEEEESH @ishxoxo Very sweg!!!
hi um i made more art if raze was a valorant trading card
Retweeted by linaboy @hvnniez OMG SO CUTEEEEEanime & chill?
Retweeted by linaboy @nekogir11 OMG OMG dream girl. @ashiibun Yes ma’am yes u can 🥺 @cupkatez Hi I love u so much !!! @wahoooopunch Delicious ma’am @scuffedchu my brain is on zoomies rn