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@wwwiiilllssoon ope lolwhen will they learn @cassthevirgin thank you, you too cass :)Ghost That Haunts My House: BOO! Me: Oh thank God I’ve been so lonely
Retweeted by lincwoman in 1693: hello townspeople: witch! woman after over 320 years of advancement and progress from those dark a…
Retweeted by lincBatman: I'm Batman everyone: hi Batman group leader: why don't you tell us why you're here
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Retweeted by linc[first day as uber driver] me: any song requests? passenger: no thanks me: *tuning guitar* you sure?
Retweeted by linci guess rt to help find my mutuals 😔
Retweeted by linc @DennisFDonovan maybe @coolauntV all it takes is two seconds to create a shit storm @Roy_oh_Roy far from it please help @notfunnyidiot more of a compliment i would sayhow can i be sure my cat understands me when i communicate with him. when i say "i love u" what if he thinks i'm sa…
Retweeted by linc @RenMan00 @suecorvette boy was maddhonorable mentions @PleaseBeGneiss they were NOT helpfulwreaking havoc in the facebook groups again @WhatsAGreenhorn *slowly reaching for holster* so what if i am @parallelbark i am good how r u @parallelbark helloi figured late night twitter would be all over this @Home_Halfway my pants @ashhhhhhole the night was @andlikelaura @dinoman_j laura you are amazing thank you :) @PleaseBeGneiss aliens
Retweeted by lincme: lord grant me the power to leave this god forsaken hellhole starbucks barista: dont you want your coffee first me: thank you lorddunkin on facebook boomers is now my favorite pass timecashier: what do u want to be for halloween? me: happy cashier: i was talking to the kid behind you me: ok
Retweeted by linc[carefully crafted joke with layers and nuance] 0 💬 1🔁 32❤️ it’s sad o’clock somewhere 😔🤙…
Retweeted by linclmao the earth IS NOT healingthe hotdog are finally returning to the pastures. the earth is healing. we are the virus
Retweeted by linc @ig_herns @PatsATweetin and you made mine :)did it work
Retweeted by linc @TheHyyyype i know duderemy: i'm sick of people getting my name wrong, it's not fuckin ratatouille link: i know dude frankenstein's monster: tell me about it
Retweeted by linc @ashhhhhhole is it worth can you even hear me
im not in a good place mentally but on the plus side im not in a good place emotionally
Retweeted by linc @ok_girlfriend one pot of gold i wouldnt be afraid to take @Skoog thank you buddy :)Yes... that’s how stores work
Retweeted by linc[Juliet looking down from balcony] "It’s over Romeo, I have the high ground"
Retweeted by linc @Kiwi67_ dass a potato @CrockettForReal @FredTaming @climaxximus @Shenanigans_luv @dadthatwrites @PleaseBeGneiss @BigJDubz @girlfr0g i am not sure why i cropped this into four different pictures but its here for you to enjoy @nerdylord_13 @LittleMissAngr1 @lezzimomof2 @hoodlumrangler @Kristen_Arnett @arisinlife @bexley_lucy @BryceOakleyy @SparkyLanders bigfoots house is bigi am not sure why i cropped this into four different pictures but alas you shall like itbigfoots house milk diamond voice) hello, my friends, hello @jman28john @ADDiane meow @thec0conuthead loch ness monster sighting @femaleredhead @alexsoupertramp it is NOT embarrassing @femaleredhead @alexsoupertramp EXCUSE ME @sophsa i hope you make dino shapes toothis tweet didnt even get a chance to breathe before yall jumped on itthings you don't have to worry about when you wear a mask: - bad breath - teeth - makeup - fucking killing people
Retweeted by lincdid it work do you know why i have an irrational fear of wedding ceremonies therapist: i do me: *screams in absolute horror*
Retweeted by linci am always alonei would go for a run more often but my heart already beats just as fast when im left alone with my thoughts @tytang24 where do i sign upthinking of becoming a hot girl twitter account since joke twitter account hasnt been working out for mesomeone fucks up: no worries, this is a teachable moment, power thru, y'all i fuck up: this is just me and how i a…
Retweeted by lincwell here i thought i would gave a fun time playing games but i guess notmy adhd reduces my capacity for delayed gratification so i would really appreciate it if you could like and retweet my content IMMEDIATELY
Retweeted by lincDOCTOR WHO: i have a time machine. DOCTOR WHOM: the time machine is owned by me
Retweeted by lincyou playing games • haha this is fun • passes the time • so many games to play games playing you • wait what • why… @KnifeDetective hmmoh to be a sad potato w butter wrapped in tinfoil ready for consumptionthen: put a coin on the tongue of the deceased to pay their passage down the river styx and into the underworld no…
Retweeted by lincidk why any of you follow me but this thread should definitely make you unfollowloan officer: you are dead me: DEAD TIRED OF YOUR BULLSHIT satan [placing hand on my shoulder from behind]: noloan officer: we just ran your credit me: OVER WITH A CAR LMAO loan officer: and we're denying your loan request… Make a password Me: Ok Website: Make it STRONGER so you don’t get HACKED Me: Wow alright Website: Damn…
Retweeted by linc @rudy_betrayed LMAO OMG no that's an awesome one RUDY! will add to my notebook for safe keepingslincb0t hacked my account pray for retributionwow you made a *cool pun* omg thats like eating steamed bologna holy shit its incredible dont worry mom i am on the good drugs @aotakeo @dinoman_j 🥺 thank you @sophsa @dinoman_j no you are 🙈 @CapriCornyCait @abernothing ok it’s officiali promise i will not throw 86mph fastballs with these and we will have a picnic aftermillennials always owning people online cause everything else in their life is rented
Retweeted by linc @undercoverloon1 same time next week? @undercoverloon1 i think they’re good i don’t speak cat @undercoverloon1 The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more dif… many george foremans could man a george foreman grill if a george foreman was a foreman of grillsremember this tweet if i suddenly go silenti want someone to love me as much as a conservative LOVES getting offended at people “disrespecting” the american f… @desukidesu hewwo @dinoman_j get out of town buddy i will go broke before i stop supporting your comics i love them so much @sophsa beep beep comin frew @sophsa you do every day with that dump truck of an ass @humancomedian lol the right winger frasier is against in the episode @humancomedian vote holden thorpe @desukidesu @dinoman_j i kinda forgot how to smile i havent done it in so longthirst follows are welcome