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@robfromonline @aspiringburner @newfoundlinc wigglz @newfoundlinc @robfromonline Wrigley @slizagna i like @FredTaming and sciencedo you promise to not overuse another format joke? twitter: yes a “meat daddy” @FredTaming @desukidesu mooooove over we got spaghetti to milk @GroovyTasia yum @desukidesu spaghetti milkgive a fish a man and they’ll ruin your day. teach a fish how to man and they’ll ruin your life refuse to allow access @DrakeGatsby i had no steve growing up and all i wear is t shirts and beanies and drink spaghetti milk you really dodged a bulletOne time when I was like 14 I met up with my friends and I was wearing a beanie and a t-shirt and my friend said “I…
Retweeted by linc @aspiringburner you dont wanna knowmy superpower is opening up the twitter app immediately after closing itlet me in cowardsthe circle of life is god making me play the sims and me making my sim play the sims and my sim making their sim to…, i am TIRED T I R E Dealing with insomniayoda: your training, we shall begin luke skywalker: why are you on my back? yoda: to market we go. eggs, i do not have @JayGogh spaghetti-Uh-O’s8:43am: *calls mom, no answer* 8:57am: *calls mom, no answer* 9:12am: *calls mom, no answer* 9:26am: *calls mom,…
Retweeted by lincmom can you pick me up? this party is giving me anxiety and i’m shotgunning cans of spaghettiO’s in the bathroom againbruno mars: i drink til im drunk, smoke til im high 8 year old me: hell yeah @capnwatsisname twitter didn’t allow me to but all is well rncool, i can tweet again on this account
@megantisocial life isn’t all gumdrops and lollipopsevery night while children are sleeping, gilbert gottfried dresses in a tutu and grabs all the teeth from under the… @katewhiteshark im sorrypig no for sale. only catapult @maxxxie74 @AubriePesky oink @fuzzydave1 @AubriePesky oinkmeats get the sweats then we eat the meats and get the sweats @WhatsAGreenhorn oink @PatsATweetin pigasus no for salemy favorite hobby is catapulting pigs across the sky in hopes there is a conversation where someone says “yeah, whe…
@desukidesu good luck suki you got this hell yeah woop woop fizzle fazzle hizzuuh @its_me_your_mom WE OUT HERE DRINKIN BIRD SWEATi don’t understand broth like why do we use the sweat from another animal? damn chickens out in the hot sun cluckin… @human_not_bees bom bom bom bom. ARBY'S. WE HAVE THE MEATS @tennilleu we are talkin Arby's here @its_me_your_mom i wish! @slizagna same but it still makes me lol @dave_cactus @sarawrencomedy @SandwichGhoul @flindis @okiecorri @Tommytoughstuff @AubriePesky @LeBearGirdle @justky1018 i lost it. missing link @TylerB128 writing it noweveryone knows the proper ratio to any sandwich or burger is two slices of cheese per slice of meat or patty AND mu… best 24 hours of my lifethe brave little toaster is a false idol. he doesn’t have a brain nor a heart and is basically walking into danger… @CapriCornyCait i was going to edit it my goddoctor: you have a day to live me:
@video_jame whobberwaiter: here is a menu in case you wanted food me [taking bite of menu]: thank you @crocfanpage not better than ranch @crocfanpage what is fry sauce @roastmalone_ @LAjennerelle got their ass @outkastmunkey @ADHDeanASL i ordered 3 more @goodowens they just happy to be apart of it thoughi love the cowards ratio on this like everyone low key happy i’m in painnot to be confused with ultra high quality digital sound @aspiringburner question one @parallelbark team rocket is misunderstood @WinningByARose which one @parallelbark which onei guess i will be alone forever @TryMetafy star faux @LizerReal happy blonde“inside you are two wo— three puppers...” @WolfGangOfFour all my tweets have that ratio :( @MurkwaterJohn no spoilershow it started how its going @sasquatchcabbie it me @Buffalojilll why are you putting cum on a land mine @DocNum4 you thought srong @justky1018 do u wanna be big spoon w me or not?me and who @khrosy_ lmao i thought this was a rug to wipe your feet
@hog_mild 59.8 @skate4official_ GREAT VIEW! @FireBeets @thehill lincstradamus @casecapehart @JohnDiesattheEn did you survive?after 3 bites you need to take a shower because the meat sweats are that badtonight at 8:30pm est @cabinfvrcomedy is back with an all-star lineup and if that's not enough to strike your fancy… @roastmalone_ what about if she cracks her back BEFORE the sex (idk i have never had it) @MykFergy ZIIIINNG @andlikelaura i approve @LizerReal we have an open marriage @LizerReal worked for me. im married to shrekPOV: you’re the Arby’s Meat Mountain Sandwich being microwaved for the 7th time in 3 days because so much meat @fingernailowner lets not get ahead of ourselves @ZP_Peter23 yes i am handsome but i am more than just a piece of meat @ThePowerOfJorts two peas in a pod @elzzw @DanMoffTarkin i have a thing @dougiee092 facts @KaosDaReaper thank you @AA_ScarletWitch i drink whole milk and only whole milk with my spaghetti dinner @Riahfalon i have never had it with chocolate milk before @thestephshow_ call me neo from the matrix @gaelicpossum spaghetti milk ™