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Agent @EmeraldCityLit repping books for kids/teens ( + a writer ( Yes it’s hard. Repped by @renarossner she/her

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@tracythewriter It me.Steinem and Smeal: Why Mrs. America is Bad for American Women #ERA @GloriaSteinem @elliesmeal #Feminism #feminist @tracythewriter Inundated is the key word there...I continue to hear this narrative that we should not support Senator Harris because she was a prosecutor and she wa…
Retweeted by Linda Epstein (is taking a break) @HoffmanJess What is this “plot” of which you speak?
@RuthHorowitz Just... don’t do it? @RuthHorowitz Absolutely.
@RuthHorowitz I don’t doom scroll. If I did I’d never get out of bed.John Lewis will be remembered as a moral giant who dedicated his life to creating a more just, equal, and moral Ame…
Retweeted by Linda Epstein (is taking a break)WE HAVE ELECTRICITY! Let there be rejoicing throughout the land!
While I'm currently closed to queries I plan to open back up soon. When I do I would love to see YA contemporary li…
Retweeted by Linda Epstein (is taking a break)#BookPosse I am loving books that are fiction but inspired from true events. Pluse I love libraries! Great read abo…
Retweeted by Linda Epstein (is taking a break) @natashasinel 😳 @tracythewriter Nobody can take my power. But I’d love my electricity back. @EvalynBroderick No electricity but still powerful! @annedawsonart Somewhere in between. 🙃Day 4 of no electricity, internet, or phone. 🤬
Oh hey, how y’all doing? I’ve been without electricity, internet, and phone service since Tuesday. Drove 5 miles to… @AllyMalinenko Dude. 🥛
I’m so excited for this book. Over 3 years in the making. Coming March 2021. #sendagirl #pbbios #moderntrailblazers
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Oh, and in case it wasn't absolutely obvious, my original tweet, which apparently has gone viral, was totally a subtweet. @jmunroemartin Really?! You know I’m off FB so thanks for telling me that. I never would have known. @caronlevis I just don’t understand why we need to call it anything, tbh. We can achieve many things in our lives.… @kath_rothschild Alcohol and superhero films!The lovely @MissDahlELama is posting about supporting Covid-impacted debut authors. To follow, the use the hashtag…
Retweeted by Linda Epstein (is taking a break) @ru_trying I don’t really disagree. But I also like looking at and posting pictures of hot people like Jeri Ryan an…
Ha! I tweeted something that went slightly viral. Imagine that. 🤷🏻‍♀️ @Brooklyn__Ann Same!!! @EvalynBroderick Well obviously. @ru_trying My point is that age shouldn't have anything to do with desirability, sexual or otherwise. And of course… @keyofmgy night! Join me in a FREE, intimate, live convo with @JArtsBoston as we talk about my #Ladino musical journ…
Retweeted by Linda Epstein (is taking a break)Trump put Postmaster DeJoy in charge of the postal service to dismantle the USPS & sabotage vote by mail. New proce…
Retweeted by Linda Epstein (is taking a break) @kmarcuswrites Oh yes! Both! Either! Both!This thread is clearly hitting a nerve for folks. I don't even know what a sound cloud is but how about we… @nicoleva I've been told I'm somewhat of a character... @AllyMalinenko Oh I'm sorry, Ally. Fingers crossed he gets through it ok.Fascinating how most of the ❤️ and RTs are from older people. It's almost like younger people think they're never g… @AlexiaGordon 🥰😍🥰 @nicolejarvis @LindaEpstein People keep saying we should post more of #LucyLiu's current pics because "she was a mo…
Retweeted by Linda Epstein (is taking a break) @nicolejarvis Yes! I’m a huge Lucy Liu fan!RBG might be the hottest older woman I can think of. Smart is so damn sexy. She is an inspiration. #olderhotter @ericsmithrocks @adribbleofink Yes. Secret WIPs. 😎 @Jill_SF I’ll be a 59 year old debut! Proud af about it, too. @LindaEpstein One of the best. Ted Talks. Ever!
Retweeted by Linda Epstein (is taking a break) @DannyGlasner LOVE THIS! Thanks for sharing it!I know somewhere on here somebody’s subtweeting about not making fetch happen re #olderhotter and don’t you worry,… @halseanderson I’m tweeting with one of mine, kind friend! 🙏🏻So much respect for you, and all that you do. And grat… Mirren is... sheesh #olderhotter doesn’t even capture this one. 🔥🔥🔥 @DebLakritz If I have to hear one more jab at moms, like we didn’t give you fuckers LIFE, and don’t take care of AL… Brosnan is #olderhotter and once James Bond always James Bond... (the tux doesn’t hurt either) Davis is #olderhotter FFS look at this woman! @halseanderson She really is. Gorgeous and a brilliant actor and giving no fucks about any of it.Michelle Yeoh is #olderhotter I can’t even, with her. She’s absolutely badass. (Star Trek women are so 🔥.) @halseanderson So hot. Always hot. *faints*Lenny Kravitz is #olderhotter (be still my heart) Ryan is #olderhotter is worse for women (like most other things). Re physical attractiveness, only young & nubile is hot, moms ar… love how much traction this tweet is getting. @EvalynBroderick Good goddess, right?! @katealbus She’s hot af.How about a #50over50 list of excellence? How about a tweet thread of all the hotties in their 50s, 60s, 70s?I'm so done with ageism. Like, people over 50 can still be hot or sexy or beautiful. They can have new careers, be… delayed is justice denied. And justice for Breonna Taylor has been delayed for far too long as the officers…
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While we wait for Broadway to return, Lulu and I are here for you, young thespians! 🎭
Retweeted by Linda Epstein (is taking a break)I love this thread so much.
@ATallOrder @AimeeLucido Hahahaha!!! @parrishturner Happy to chat about it with you any time! @alioop7 @parrishturner Because being an agent is more than just knowing editors & having some insight into contracts. You m… one's last name is trending and it's for BAD reasons having NOTHING to do with one and it's mortifying and emba… @alioop7 rude. @alioop7 @parrishturner What are you actually asking here?
On July 30, (yesterday) 8 people died in Germany of Covid-19. On July 30, (yesterday) 1231 people died in the USA o…
Retweeted by Linda Epstein (is taking a break) @chanceisawriter DM me!So excited to be part of TOGETHER, APART—a YA collection of stories about finding love during life in lockdown. You…
Retweeted by Linda Epstein (is taking a break) @JasHammonds @RaeLoverde Here to chat, if you want, my friend. Happy to provide support, encouragement, & context.… @rlynn_solomon Those are clowns? She thought they were hearts! "Where are those glasses?!" @imartytweet I have a very sexy Smith Corona - Sterling typewriter from the 60s that I named Roger. (I also happen… @OfficiallyAlly Same.
@Bibliogato I can't even.As a typewriter collector and art lover I can't express just how much I want this. @EisforEarnest @thejumbles Sixth grade boys...😠TFW a picture book client who's never written a novel sends you a novel and you brace yourself for "a first try at… Tuesday, Thessaloniki’s Jewish community signed deal w/ Spanish government’s Instituto Cervantes to create small…
Retweeted by Linda Epstein (is taking a break)Please remember Jews of Color this #TishaBav . Marginalized Jews need a voice. That's why @tribeherald exists.…
Retweeted by Linda Epstein (is taking a break) @AllyMalinenko OK: the Linda Epstein story (This is so accurate, too. Like 50% of my texts are "ok" or 👍🏼) @AllyMalinenko It perpetuates stereotypes, IMO, and doesn’t even remotely reflect the diversity of NY Jews during t… @kath_rothschild There are no wrong answers. It all counts. @renarossner @AllyMalinenko We contain multitudes! We are not one specific thing/type of person/socioeconomic group/race, etc... @AllyMalinenko lol it me @AllyMalinenko As a non-Hasidic, non-Orthodox, yet fairly opinionated person, I really enjoyed it. But don't get me… @AllyMalinenko You just do you, woman. We'll be the judge of what's entertaining... @AimeeLucido Like a breath of fresh air!“So I say to you, walk with the wind, brothers and sisters, and let the spirit of peace and the power of everlastin…! Right on. @ericsmithrocks 😭👋🏻 @I_AM_LEGION That sounds so cool. Is it weird that I’m so jealous?! You’ll do fine. You always do.