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Linda Epstein @LindaEpstein Pretty over it.

Agent @EmeraldCityLit repping books for kids & teens. Also a writer. Yes, it's hard. Repped by @renarossner

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@MeghanDiane_ Ugh! People suck. But you’re a gem. Sending kindness your way.
@snockowitz Yep.
I just accidentally glutened myself and I am very sad and will probably be quite sick shortly. How’s your Friday night going? @kath_rothschild The Personal is Political @courtney_ps @rosemaryhb So cool! Congrats! @sofipasternack You're a g.d. superhero!
@KatBrzozowski Yes, even just that. @MightyGrillo You’re now officially one of those people we tourists are afraid of getting run down by!” @KatBrzozowski Definitely agree on this! How about a good old, “Oh gosh! So sorry. Let me know how I can be of help.” @ambsmcbride I think I love your dad, Amber. Is that okay? I know it’s a little weird, but he’s clearly one of thos… @Writer_JessicaE That would be surprising, as I eat my veggies.
A gentle reminder that it’s okay to miss a ticketed reading or debut event, pick up the book from the library, and…
Retweeted by Linda Epstein @AllyMalinenko @AmalieJahn Garamond! Yes, me too! @renarossner So it’s a D&D thing, it looks like. I’m so very boring I came out “neutral.” Just plain old neutral. H… @renarossner I love you. lol @MandyHubbard It’s a goat typo. They thought you bought a HALF hutch, so they’re not going in all the way... @renarossner wtf is “alignment”? I’m too old to keep up with this stuff. @renarossner Please do! You can take the night shift. Sleep: 0 Whining/crying puppy: 100
@MSWLMA @MLPTheFirst @juliekingsley common causes of eye twitching: stress, fatigue, too much caffeine. Okay, well that doesn’t quite narrow it down for me. 😉 @AimeeLucido It is. She's very sweet. @LM_Hersch Oh! Good to know. She's a black pearl! Or "The Black Pearl..." @AimeeLucido This is our 4th doggo, and my three kids needed to be part of the decision, so it gets 0 puppy: 100 @AimeeLucido I kid you not! Those are only SOME of the suggestions... @AimeeLucido Layla, Lila, Shadow, Andromeda, Iko, Willow, Corduroy, Molly Sanderson, Dahlia, Lola, Phoebe, Grendel,… named our puppy! After A LOT of discussion (debate?) her name is Lulu! 🐶❤️ @TherezaDSWrites I’m more pissed off.
@ryandouglassw @molly_cusick John Cusick: too cool for school @PJMcIlvaine @SueFliess I'm not even interested in trying, tbh. @rivkachava @AimeeLucido That's one of the names in the running! @rivkachava @AimeeLucido noooooo! she's definitely not made of mud. @AimeeLucido probably not...Fuck the #OscarNoms I just can’t, with the sexism and racism. Contemplating skipping even watching this year. The o… @CarlaGeorge22 I’m not a fan...Hey y’all! I reached 2K followers (so wild!) & I wanted to do a little something to celebrate. I’m doing a critiqu…
Retweeted by Linda Epstein @jpchanda Why? @AimeeLucido @AimeeLucido I’ve tried everything chocolate and licorice and even Raisin... no can do. I’ll let you know what we settle on. @AimeeLucido I got a dead eye stare just now for suggesting that... @AimeeLucido That one was nixed... @AimeeLucido We’ve tossed around all kinds of names related to black, night, dark, shadow, etc... but getting 5 Jew… @AimeeLucido We had a Chloe and a Ruby and Daisy is still with us... @AimeeLucido Australian Labradoodle @AimeeLucido Still looking for a name... @AimeeLucido You can’t even really see how cute she is because she’s SO black the pictures don’t come out well... @AimeeLucido I was just waiting to be ready for another dog. And then you got one and yours is SO CUTE and I knew I was finally ready! So... @MauraEStokes Australian Labradoodle! @LAGreenberg1 Cavapoo! @LindnerWrites She’s an Australian LabradoodleI blame @AimeeLucidoThe one on top is the new one.I seem to have acquired a puppy. Name still tbd.
@allonsyjeni Audio book @literaticat Absolutely agree one million percent!Sometimes it is really very okay, and good, even, to just shut the fuck up and amplify someone else’s voice.
Retweeted by Linda Epstein @ambsmcbride Misogyny and racism, duh.Hey, bookish friends, if you haven’t watched #Ramy on Hulu yet? Get on it. So ridiculously good. @ramy
Storystormers! I have a post up on @taralazar's blog that I hope will help you out with some story ideas for day 11…
Retweeted by Linda EpsteinAn Underwood typewriter and the phrase, “Love is the answer.” I’d definitely survive if it’s a battle of wits or wo… @RebeccaPodos I’m pretty sure you cast a fucking spell and vanquish the enemy.
@MelanieFishbane @HighlightsFound @renarossner @susankusel @RuthHorowitz @Bibliogato Yay yay yay!!! @RuthHorowitz Oh. My.Epstein? Are you related to Marcia/Jonathan/Abby/Stacy/Daniel/etc etc etc... @kath_rothschild You're fierce. I can't wait to meet you in person.You are allowed to rest. ❤️ Shabbat Shalom.
Retweeted by Linda Epstein @clemmiegirlnz @ShannonKJMurphy @Awritesinger She does! @JasperSammyand Not right now, no.
Second panel is in! The Read with Pride will feature @byleahjohnson, @loversdiction, @billkonigsberg, and…
Retweeted by Linda EpsteinSo richly deserved! Congratulations to @elaine_kearns11 and @artsylliu
Retweeted by Linda Epstein @syntactics Yessssss!!!!! Huge congratulations, Rachel! Woot woot! (And even though I didn't comment, I DID like New-Glasses Rachel™️!) @jasmynehammonds Akata Witch by Nnedi Okorafor. Or her Binti series. I'm a big fan of her work. @Nnedi @magpiewrites You okay?That is a #hottoddy that the spouse made for me because I feel like crap and I’m still coughing. He nice. @danmishkin Write that comic, Dan! You know you want to. @fionaostby I’m not the best agent to represent graphic novels. Sorry! @KRoseArtist I’m not the best agent to represent graphic novels. Sorry! @TaherehMafi @sofipasternack @LaurelSnyder @kellybarnhill @AdamGidwitz @Nnedi If you're not sure if what you write… unexpectedly decided to open to #middlegrade and #YoungAdult queries again! 🙃Here's a thread about some of the th… @TaherehMafi @sofipasternack @LaurelSnyder @kellybarnhill @AdamGidwitz @Nnedi For anyone who doesn't already know m… @TaherehMafi @sofipasternack @LaurelSnyder @kellybarnhill @AdamGidwitz @Nnedi And yes, my friends, not to worry, I'… @TaherehMafi @sofipasternack @LaurelSnyder @kellybarnhill @AdamGidwitz If you write middle grade stories that might… middle grade fantasy books I love are @TaherehMafi's Furthermore; @sofipasternack's Anya & the Dragon;…
Honestly, I'd really like a realistic contemporary YA romcom or romance featuring BIPOC characters! Hit me up with… I want to see in my inbox: a YA romcom set in space; even better if the main character is BIPOC and extra… @karenelyse2 Nothing. It just feels frivolous to be sending tweets about emojis so I tried to justify it by including something important. 🙃 @JennWalkup @taralazar Send it to me! (put in your query letter that I told you to...) I'd take a look. Why not?! @JennWalkup @taralazar I'm not LOOKING for it, but if the right thing came along? Maaayyybe? Are you talking MG or… update: I just blew my nose and my ears finally unclogged after two days of what felt like listening to the wo… @MandyHubbard That comes up as a bitmoji for me, but not in the regular emojis. And my computer is old and just sto… have a thing to say about The Witcher and the main criticism leveled at season 1 of the show, to wit, that the mu…
Retweeted by Linda EpsteinYou can query me here: #mswl @autumnwritesya Anywhere between a few minutes after I get the query (sometimes you just know) to a few weeks. I'm… @HoffmanJess Thank you for the signal boost! I'm VERY eager for awesome #middlegrade & #YoungAdult manuscripts with… #Jewish #querying #writingcommunity, Linda has A LOT of Jewish stuff on her MSWL. Get in there! DM me for help…
Retweeted by Linda EpsteinNow that I'm open to queries again, please check #MSWL to see what kind of manuscripts I'm CURRENTLY on the lookout for.Query me here: @magpiewrites Saying a misheberach for you, love. 🙏🏽❤️Guess what?! I'm open to queries! Chapter book, middle grade, and YA only. Check #MSWL for the kind of projects I l…