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Linda Epstein @LindaEpstein Pretty over it.

Senior Agent @EmeraldCityLit Writer (Repairing the World, Aladdin/S&S, Summer 2022) New School MFA alum Repped by @renarossner she/her

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@AllyMalinenko Oh Ally. This is beautiful. ❤️
@jefetterswrites Finish your other book & query that. Months aren’t years & you might not ever get permission to us…
Hey #BookTwitter can you give me #middlegrade illustrated novel recommendations (not graphic novels) similar to Bri…
Retweeted by Linda Epstein @ambsmcbride I love you.🤣 @DinaDesveaux @heidhorch @paulacohenart I have no idea! I don't even know what article...Great conversation with @rabbisandra and @temasmith. @paulacohenart 😭thank you for sharing that with meHey #BookTwitter can you give me #middlegrade illustrated novel recommendations (not graphic novels) similar to Bri…, guess what? You’re not too old to do that thing you want to do or achieve that goal you want to achieve. It mi… @jleebooks Awwww. Thanks! I’m not though. Promise! Ask my kids. 🙃
I'm getting new head shots & I can't tell you how excited I am! Using the AH-mazing @ahoobanphoto again. If you're… @RebeccaPodos grabby hands over here... gimme gimme gimme
@ericsmithrocks maybe everyone is like 👀👀👀👀👀
@DebLakritz @skokielibrary Whoa! You know that somewhere there's a recording of when Brandie Carlisle performed the… @levistahl @BCDreyer homo sexuality 😅
TFW you send the poetry collection that you accidentally wrote while your life came crashing down on you to your ag… @EvalynBroderick I love this tweet with all of my heart.Farshtumalt is definitely a part of my vocabulary because I so often am! Another, which maybe isn't Yiddish but I u… @littleelfman lolFor people who feel left out of the poll about kvetching, how many Yiddish words do you use on the regular, like in… @HoffmanJess Stop kvetching. I know you know what it means.For the 'what dat' folks, it's a Yiddish word. As a verb it means "to complain," and as a noun it can be a complain… everyone know what kvetch means? I mean the non-Jewish folks. Has that word crossed into the same category as…
@MichelleSebas Check the fund raiser! Maybe that’s one of the gifts for supporting the project?!
Feel free to RT this, or pledge your support. Room is an independent short film by actor Rachel Skalka. It investigates why there's never enough blanket for… one of the lucky few who've already read Me (Moth) let me say you've GOT to preorder this book. It's a must read. @baronchrisbaron @HoffmanJess Thank you! I feel very lucky. @MissDahlELama @HoffmanJess Thanks so much! And btw I just listened to Cool for the Summer and 😍🥰😍. Really loved it.
@AllyMalinenko @safashaqsy @AllyMalinenko @safashaqsy ALLY YOU KNOW THE RULES! Do not pay attention to Goodreads. Do not pay attention to Good…
@EvalynBroderick @HoffmanJess @KlempnerJots Both 😭 and 🎊🎉🗣 OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS! I’m looking for a new voice to contribute a short story to the YA anthology COOL. AWKW…
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The first four books of the Junior Monster Scouts hit the shelves next week as one bound book! 😃 #kidlit
Retweeted by Linda Epstein @julieannablock True story.
Obviously a rom com involving a bookstore. is not a joke, y'all. @andrewasalways @NewSchoolWrites @CharleneAWrites Ahhhh! Miss you, Andrew!Old home night in Woodstock with my @NewSchoolWrites buddy @CharleneAWrites, finally getting to celebrate that we B…
I am dying for a beach weekend. Who's got a house on/near the ocean in the north east that they're not using and wa… here. @snockowitz I didn’t buy anything. 🙂 @MichelleSebas An Aviation and a Bees Knees!So far my best efforts at a chill weekend have consisted of various vintage cocktails, some decoupage, going to the… @MandyHubbard Rx Bees Knees
True story. mentor profile: @christebbetts lives in VT and is co-author of the New York Times bestselling series…
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@MandyHubbard Best. Boss. Ever. 🛁💣I will try very hard to chill out this weekend. My mental and physical health demands it. But... if I'm trying very…
@samsara_ish I don't know.I don't know who needs to hear this but an LGBTQIA+ character in a book is NOT a trope. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️, listen: I read an arc of @ambsmcbride’s YA novel in verse, Me (Moth). It is beautiful & interesting & heartbrea…
@DrLizTracy And feel free to DM me, if that’s more comfortable. @magpiewrites Believe it or not, it's NOT! I'm kind of saving that one because it took my breath away already and I… the morning I trudge out of bed and grab a cup of coffee then get back in bed with it and do some pleasure readi… it's the unearthed remains of indigenous children at a boarding school, or finally a visit to Tulsa by a pr…
Retweeted by Linda Epstein @BegunRiv birds and sadness @DrLizTracy Where in Dutchess? I’ll be somewhere in Ulster County, still tbd, but here’s a hint where I’m looking: ✌🏼❤️🎶
I’m now closed to unsolicited submissions until the fall. If you queried me in May, please know I answer all submis…
@BatgirlEditor No kidding, sis. I’m ready when you are! @natashasinel Pretty sure you can fulfill some of these positions part time, as we'll only be 1 1/2 hours apart! @HollisKurman SO tough. @MkSmithDespres Not to worry. Just send it via QM. If I'm interested and I ask for the full, I'll see all the forma… writers are welcome to apply for any of these positions but if you think it is a means to secure literar… would rather get a fabulous, polished, ready-to-be-queried submission in the fall than a gotta-get-it-in-before-s… reminder I'll be closed to unsolicited submissions after Monday, until the Fall. So querying #PB #chapterbook @BCDreyer I KNOW. 🤬Interested candidates should begin with friendly, welcoming, clever banter on Twitter and proffer useful recommenda… skills preferred but not required are the ability to read movie subtitles, willingness to road trip to C… local candidates for the following positions: cocktail, coffee, reading, writing, walking, Scrabble, m…'m moving this week from the beautiful Berkshires, where I found respite & healing for the past 10 months, to live…
Even if you are fully vaccinated, the CDC still recommends that you be courteous and civil to public facing library…
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@ambsmcbride @LizParkerWrites @AllyMalinenko @2furiosa @monicle4 @TaylorByas3 @EricaEditor Oh! Um! But... I don't…
@Bibliogato Hugest of mazel tovs!Today WHAT ARE YOUR WORDS? releases! I'm so 🌈 proud 🌈 of this book introducing kids (and the adults around them!) t…
Retweeted by Linda Epstein🎉QUERY CRITIQUE GIVEAWAY🎉🎈 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 RT this post and sign up for my newsletter at for…
Retweeted by Linda Epsteinthis is an incredible opportunity, amores!! apply or pass along to your favorite Latine with publishing dreams!
Retweeted by Linda EpsteinIf you're participating in PitMad and would like another set of eyes on your pitch my DMs are open and I will try t…
Retweeted by Linda Epstein @AllyMalinenko @ambsmcbride Yes, it’s usually a basic idea, with as little or as much detail as they have (all writ… @AllyMalinenko I request that my clients pitch me their ideas first, before they put in all the energy/effort to write a whole novel. 🤷🏽‍♀️
@AllyMalinenko Oh, you're reading "The Linda Epstein story"?
I love these girls so much.
@EvalynBroderick I mean, who doesn't, right? @EvalynBroderick You're so fabulous, I can't even...
@duchessgoldblat It’s the least we can do. Like, maybe even literally...
bonus shots from my launch day home photoshoot 😂 i call these 1) buried in a book blanket 2) is this what models do…
Retweeted by Linda EpsteinMade in Korea is officially out in the world! Happiest of book birthdays @sarahaelisuk!
@amanookian1 @GennieGorback @GennieGorback'm open to submissions for the month of May! Please look at my #MSWL threads so you can query smartly. All queries… @MichelleSebas Humor, heart, and substance. :-)
@ambsmcbride @ABAbook
@MarciaBerneger Thanks, I've gotten so many now! I'm probably not going to make any of them...Gif of a fictional character that has your energy @EvalynBroderick @AR_Vishny @sheneedsasnack @SarahAroeste I'm so sorry you did. The good news is that it's not the last time we'll do it! @AR_Vishny @sheneedsasnack @SarahAroeste Plan it and I will come. No. Kidding. Happiest gd place on earth.I'm so lucky to have wonderful women/ clients/ friends/ writers in my life. Tonight I'm particularly grateful I get…
I was an RN for a minute and a half in a previous life (it feels like). It's not an easy job. I'd like to acknowled… yay yay!