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@Sophieb210 That’s fine.“You have to leave certain shit where it is.” — a proverb that will serve you well in the world of antiquities and… are certain kinds of objects where it’s like … what are the odds that wasn’t, somewhere along the line, stole… @creynoldsnc You know, it’s a good point. @younglibrarian Yeah, tomorrow morning is trash collection; I can’t imagine what the trash guys will find.Today I put up my first-ever outdoor Christmas lights, and they’ve already been blown over to one side of the tree. (It’s very windy.)“Hey hey hey hey, I haven’t watched it yet! La la la la la!”“See, I think the timing of the New Yorker profile is a clue …” @svershbow “What’s in there? Is there any left? It smells good. What is it again? I’m just curious. No big deal.” @thatkalosound Well, this sort of goes back to the reality show “I’m just keeping it real” thing. He himself said h… @jbouie Was just going to say something similar. Maybe it’s that they’re often away from home living unsupervised f… @brokeymcpoverty I’m in a similar cycle, Tracy. A lot of being reminded that everything is still harder.
@TheJCHoward Oops, comical. Although trees are conical? @TheJCHoward It’s just point-missing to a conical degree.“Often, even people who seem mean and ungenerous have hearts and can be coaxed into being good members of the commu… is like changing the end of A CHRISTMAS CAROL so that Scrooge gets sued into oblivion. @dsarno That’s not why I think he doesn’t sound fun, nor is “mystique,” but I certainly wouldn’t argue with your se… book is very good and the story is very complicated. It’s also super readable and colorful, and I almost feel… the first time in many many many months, I am taking a week where I am neither trying to do my day job nor tryi… of you who are of the right vintage will understand why I just developed a theory that Jeremy Strong in 2021 m… @timothycsimons Mine was this one. also! You should never listen to me because the wearing-green thing I thought was very striking last week was so… took several different positions myself with different degrees of confidence.Well, now you know why I spent the week chatting endlessly with various other critics so we could all land on “don’t know yet.” #Succession @RitaB1965 Not really. I still just don’t feel sure. I’ve gone back and forth all week, but I’m not sure. @kvanaren @KateAurthur @sepinwall @SamuelAAdams See I thought he WAS using in the first episode! @cathytown Yep, you’re also right.All righty. Let’s talk about that episode.👇🏻 @mariskreizman I’m a sitdown for a podcast. @blue439 It sounds tense. @TheBlackHoof I did an event where I was going to be on stage with one other person. The woman running it, who has… does not sound fun you guys) @mariskreizman Maris it is amazing @CharliNye The only thing *I* am saying is that it’s fun to talk about. @staceyNYCDC I recommend it.I’m so excited to turn this SUCCESSION episode over to all of *you* to discuss, and so is everyone whose DMs I am in. @paulandstorm The bit about being shocked by the idea that it’s a dark comedy!
@annegrace_C They have definitely been building to SOMETHING with her, it feels like. @shazzala I’ll share after tonight’s, so everybody is on the same page!I officially have too many Succession theories. @estamj Oh yes. Oscar for the mic technique in C’MON C’MON @SantiagoAuFund Have you seen DEADLY SPA?It’s interesting about THE GREEN KNIGHT — the central conceit doesn’t really interest me, and yet it’s so ambitious… @tomandlorenzo *an, not ask. Yeesh. @tomandlorenzo One of my podcast friends posited that every actor in it worried about people saying they look ridic… @tomandlorenzo They all seem to be in different versions of the movie.
@JaneEspenson Almost all these things are perfectly appropriate in the right circumstances. @BCDreyer Yeah, what … never mind. @TheTattooedProf “We are law firm of Big and Little. We take your case. We love all … beefs” @svershbow mother mother, we need to speak of important matters @BoooBoooBear Yes. (Sorry, I affectionately refer to everyone under about 40 as “this kid” if I don’t stop myself.)The depressing thing about this great interview is that Mo has heard every answer he offers (“I’m silly!” “People s… @mrshjkmarshall The line between sweats and PJs is a fine one, but sometimes it feels emotionally important. @imontheradio I know, I get it. I just always feel for romance writers, because when you try to describe what those… @imontheradio I understand, but it’s a little unfair not to note that the character is drunk in this scene and has… @JesseThorn I know. I know! But in the evening, dim sunset-colored lighting in my living room is really pleasant. @sprachbundtcake Me too; such a joy, then stuff like this that’s just piercing and smart.I’m just throwing this over here in case you’re not a TikTok person; I think this kid does a startlingly good job e… @svershbow I’ll contribute to that. @HalfHearted_JG Best thoughts, and I appreciate your work. @clgeiger01834 Not to mention the dog. @deepnhearttx I do not necessarily expect a long life from them, yeah. @MorganJerkins The idea that they could be planning to go off and leave their kid in this situation.Best possible postscript: I just had to go get the door in my candy-cane pajamas because my very nice neighbor who… am still thinking about the funniest thing that happened today, which was being told that Christmas pajamas are a…
Did you catch the live performance of Annie? Well, the @pchh team is recapping it and talking about musicals being…
Retweeted by Linda Holmes Thinks You're Boo-ing Great @theferocity This is such a good point and so tricky, because this is 100 percent accurate, but it’s dangerous to a… good job, everybody. Very good performances all around too, and despite a couple tiny glitches, a very smooth… @adam807 In the movie there is. In the show I’m not sure.Honestly Christmas is always my Harry Connick Jr. season anyway.I think this is the first time I’ve seen Warbucks played by a genuine crooner, and it’s kind of rad. #AnnieLiveI don’t know if it’s because I have been absurdly out of energy this week and I’m just stumbling toward the weekend… Warbucks song, incidentally, that’s fallen out of some versions who don’t have this particular Warbucks. #AnnieLiveNow this is smart. Of course you do this with Connick. #AnnieLiveThey’re doing a good job here serving cast album/show people and also 1982 movie people, who I think are the bigges… musicals have cabinet meetings than you’d think. #AnnieLive @GIFfyLoop If they’re anything like I was, they very well may have. @JeskEyre LOL yes. @slb79 Yes.Couple of these orphans are big old hams after my own heart. #AnnieLive @slb79 I was talking to a friend about the fact that they can’t really opt out of the different dynamic it creates… @EricJ Yes, I was trying to remember when she played it, thank you!Ti-tus Bur-gess (clap clap clapclapclap) Me-gan Hil-ty (clap clap clapclapclap) #AnnieLiveI love that woman who shows up in “NYC” and has that great solo and then she’s out. I dig it. #AnnieLive @hootenanny21 The bald cap looks very evident to me, but watch me be wrong! @val_q It really does. It’s the most Connickian song in the show by leaps and bounds.Aw, this song! They cut this from the movie, right? I mean, if you get this dude, you leave this song in. #AnnieLiveBald caps are just not meant for tight shots in HD. #AnnieLive @maraleia In the Broadway show, he’s gone for a bunch of it. This may be consistent with that?I do wish they had skipped the bald cap. #AnnieLive @AngrySondheim Agreed. @loueyville Yes — definitely not out of nowhere or anything.Even in good movie adaptations, the end of an obvious “and here, the audience goes wild” number like that one or “H… reason I think this is working better than some of these have is that they’re fine with it looking like a stagi… @phoffman74 Herbert Hoover? Cool! It absolutely is a fine song.I definitely did not know who Don Budge was when listening to this as a child. #AnnieLiveI do love this kid; she’s a great find. #AnnieLive