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@m_crouton I'm just not used to seeing dogs jump in this particular way *ever*. It feels like being let in on a secret. @m_crouton Appreciate the reverse angle @deannaraybourn GASP.Action shot.
@ghweldon THANKS SIDIf you have also had a grimy week of feeling at times like you were hanging on by your fingertips, let me just say:… @KenTremendous Hey, you're preaching to the choir.I've thought long and hard, and I think the most ridiculous thing I was intentionally involved in this year was at… @MikeWB75 I have only had the gumption to decorate it bit by bit, but it's coming along. Good luck with yours! @kejames @TheTattooedProf I think it's just randos. I agree it's awful. But I think it's just an example of how an… @TheTattooedProf I don't think this is official, though, right? They've had this up for months and it looks like it… @VSamson_DC Right. 12 minutes, during which he gets to use the bathroom. Because otherwise he can't.(To be clear, I wouldn't last one day in his job for many reasons. But I really felt at that moment that I wouldn't… @SanDiegoExile I envy the colored lights, honestly. @spacecitymarc Oh you.The part of this where he has two laptops so he can just be handed the one that's signed in to his next Zoom is the… glad I gave in to the part of me that wanted a tree even though only I would ever see it in person. @johnmoe THAT'S WHO THAT IS (and I reviewed it) @samsanders Sam, I'm two above whatever the top is, relative to my situation which is much better than most. @TaraAriano Not everything is about *your* F-minuses TARAThis film is now available in virtual theaters. Never been more relevant. @PhilipDuq I have spoken in the past about The Repair Shop! I haven't watched the third season yet.Things that aren't that fun when you're bored: "This thing is a B/B+, good not great" Things that are fun when you… people are bored, the discourse becomes bad
Well that's just the best. @MedSharpe1 I wish there were relief for all of us. I wish we could stay home safe and people who need it could get… @SamitSarkar For sure -- there's a big difference between "they hope the HBO MAX gains will offset the theatrical l… @MedSharpe1 Yeah. I read a quote from a theater owner (maaaaybe manager but I think owner) that said they bled less… @MedSharpe1 I'm so sorry. I hear you.Addendum: Lot of very confident "this is a cynical ploy to prop up HBO MAX" takes, but I'm not sure what those take… @AlishaRai Wait, what ... how does releasing books faster not ultimately require they be written faster? Is the ass… @DayOldDonuts @willsmith I completely get it. It's all bad. I don't know if that precisely will happen, but either way: It's bad. @heyyoukid415 *sniff* @jessiann16 I hear you, but I understand why they might want certainty, too.All this is me wrestling with the competing thoughts: (1) I'm so afraid for the theaters I love and take refuge in,… @MeghanJG YupIt's awful. It's baked into how we did (or, really, didn't) respond to this from the beginning, and it's awful. I h… there's also part of me, if I am honest, that has been so grateful for the good entertainment that's been avail… that's not my way of disagreeing with people who are dismayed and broken-hearted over theaters and their future… the alternative might have been to open these films in theaters elsewhere, without any U.S. release at all.… other things, people who make entertainment also have to keep working, so endlessly delaying everything is al…'m devastated to think about where theaters will be by the time it's safe for them to reopen, but once you have a… assistant is crowding me a little while I work, but I don't really mind. @rgay I think a regular old primary care doctor is probably fine for this. They'll likely clean it really well and… @taylorcrumpton @keratx I am here for the year Taylor storms public radio. @Gwenda @torboni Thanks for this -- my thyroid has always been normal and I'm pretty sure these are within range of… description I offered of myself over the last couple of days was "weepy and forgetful," which is not a combinat… footage of my brain for the last several days every time I need it for anything is too much so I don't do anything and then tomorrow there are two everythings and that's even worse.What is with the bonkers number of promoted tweets?
@guybranum @truTV Uggggggggh. @nubby95 So far, he seems to fortunately not care! @byJenAMiller Oh, it's very much not done. I'm doing a little at a time.It's coming along. Candice! @eads No, I totally got what you were saying. I was just adding on! @staceyNYCDC Because you can in theory tell people to suck it up and go to the trial, but is that fair to witnesses… @staceyNYCDC Right. I just don't know what else you can do. @staceyNYCDC Everything that really makes people safe has implications for the fairness of the trial, and in the en… @staceyNYCDC This is such an awful problem, and I have no idea what solution could really work other than letting t… @chrodas I think there can be overlap in skill sets. @sarahdauterive2 For heaven's sake. Have it your way.(And I know this wasn't meant to imply it isn't, I just didn't want the respect for it as a useful product that ple… agree with a lot of this, but would add that there's a lot of editorial thinking involved in things like figuring… @LaurenCaruba Not always! @JennyJenniJen1 She's beautiful both ways!My Spotify Wrapped is useless because it's totally distorted by the things I leave playing when I fall asleep. Especially this year. @barb_neff Thank you! Yes, we'll be careful.DUN! @pawsvt It's always good when a big dog and a little dog love each other. @TheTattooedProf He's considering the limits of the pardon power @mollybackes He left them in his cubby with his lunch and his mittens. @pawsvt Look at those buddies! @pawsvt Yes! That's his name! I'm not sure what his Bff's name is. I think the big German Shepherd is Max. @mollybackes He really went for both the hero photo and the derp photo today. @tapiapr He's from Spain, theoretically a galgo (Spanish grey), but clearly crossed with something smaller, because… @Shoo_Gal I'm proud of that too! My only point is that there can be lots of chapters that start after you're 30. @JesseThorn @hodgman Extremely correct take.It was a big day for photos at doggie daycare, honestly.'m going for a cozy tree, which is why the first ornaments are made of fleece.) @TwizzlerP I haven't decided yet! I'm new to it! I'm making these from plaid fleece. I do have some dog paw fleece!The ornamenting has begun. some love today.'s great to be on Under 30 lists! But when I was 30, I wasn't even writing for money yet; I was an attorney. So t… @spacecitymarc Awwwww. @lauraknell Thank you! Yeah, the house having its original floors in good condition was one of the big selling points for me.
@balloon_doggy He hasn't seen it yet! I will have to spend some time when he gets home from daycare making the poin… @PinterLucke Yeah, it's a splurge to get it lit, but if I had been putting them on myself, the likelihood that I wo… @Little_EET I got a blue spruce from Balsam Hill, but it was during a large Black Friday sale that made it less exp… @PastryPlate Me too. @PastryPlate Oh I know, it's not fully done! I wanted to get it upright and turned on because I was impatient, but… can already tell I'm going to grow so attached to having a cloud of twinkle lights in the corner of the room that… is much work to do to clean up this corner and hang actual ornaments, but I have no regrets about going artif… @JesseThorn @RubyRoasters I have just started drinking their coffee and it is very good. @monicabushman do they sell Christmas ornaments without hooks? That's a racket. @GeeDee215 @RadioMirage @jessskung @_NatalieEscobar @theLAJohnson @karenbates @kukzandladders @alyssajperry @SDrummondNPR ♥️♥️👍👍💪💪Amazing and well-deserved. All the fondness and respect in the world for this team. FLIGHT ATTENDANT SCREENER GOODBYE FOR A BITOh sure, they charge $1500 at Home Depot when it's a refrigerator, but call it a monolith and suddenly it's priceless.