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Linda Nolan @LindaNolan_ Blackpool via Dublin

Singer 🎤 Actress 🎭 Two time Sunday Times bestselling author 📚 #InTheMoodForCruising @QuestRedtv 🎥 Manager: @CandidPublicity / Acting Agent: @collectiveurban

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In the last two months we should have diagnosed 60,000 people with cancer. No cure has been found, so where have t…
Retweeted by Linda Nolan @loveforLindax @LindaNolan_ Such a beautiful story linda, so glad you are with us after such hard times stay strong and stay safe x
Retweeted by Linda NolanLoved reading your interview in this weeks new magazine @LindaNolan_ your such an inspiration to me thank you for…
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@LindaNolan_ Fab interview and fab picture (and make up 😘)
Retweeted by Linda Nolan @LindaNolan_ Linda you are still a person with feelings, you have had a tough time over the years, sometimes people…
Retweeted by Linda Nolan @LindaNolan_ No problem always and plus I’m so proud of you and how far you’ve come your amazing love you ❤️❤️
Retweeted by Linda NolanThank you so much ❤️❤️❤️’t miss @DawnNeesom’s column in this week’s @WomansOwn & @LindaNolan_’s interview in this week’s @new_magazine!
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'It's unjust and unfair - two things that I can't stand.' The #LooseWomen react to Boris Johnson's defence of his…
Retweeted by Linda Nolan'For a lot of people it's psychological problems and depression and things like that. That needs to be addressed as…
Retweeted by Linda Nolan'I might be old but I'm happy.' The #LooseWomen are loving Anthea's approach to turning 60. Watch 👉…
Retweeted by Linda NolanBack on Pop Master ladies a@LindaNolan_ @MaureenNolan_ @AnneNolan2 @NolanColeen @RealKenBruce loves you
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A very happy birthday to @radioleary... We love you with our Spirit, Body and Soul, we’ve definitely got the Chemis…
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That’s one great big serving of hot sauce!
Retweeted by Linda Nolan⬆️1️⃣2️⃣⬆️ "DON'T MAKE WAVES" - THE NOLANS Hotter than a saffron cake, it's THE NOLANS, climbing from 13 to 12, th…
Retweeted by Linda NolanFood parcels drop with the London Irish Centre team... got to look after the Mammys. Proud to be patron of this pl…
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From 1 to Linda Nolan what level of sauciness is your lockdown look?!!! 😍👏 @LindaNolan_
Retweeted by Linda NolanDebbie and I are so happy that Summer Felsted is going to marry our son Josh and join the Osmond crew this June. We…
Retweeted by Linda Nolan @RachelestherRm I remember! ❤️
So glad you liked it ❤️🙌's Jesy Nelson joins the #LooseWomen on Thursday. She'll be sharing her thoughts about how we can help ki…
Retweeted by Linda NolanWhen you ask to speak to the manager and you find out they are the manager
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May 19, 1968: The 20th Emmy Awards at the Hollywood Palladium, hosted by Frank Sinatra!
Retweeted by Linda NolanLinda in the audience of An Audience With Donnie and Marie 💖
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Cleared up some blury rares of our Naughty Nolan 😉 - March 1985 💖 #happymonday
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@LindaNolan_ @theJeremyVine @JeremyVineOn5 Happy Birthday Jeremy Vine!🎂🍾🍾🕺💃 @theJeremyVine @JeremyVineOn5
Retweeted by Linda NolanI understand many don't want to bother the NHS but if you have any persistent symptoms, please at least ring your G…
Retweeted by Linda NolanHappy Birthday to the very lovely @theJeremyVine... Hope you’re having as good a day as possible (given the circums…
@LindaNolan_ @MaureenNolan_ @NolanColeen @AnneNolan2
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@AdrianMills @SalfordRoyalNHS @salford_mayor If in doubt, just say it’s a botched facelift 😂😂 @AdrianMills @SalfordRoyalNHS @salford_mayor The cutest 😍’re still searching for some incredible women for this year’s @Womans_Way and @Beko Mum of the Year Awards. Do yo…
Retweeted by Linda NolanNice one James 👏🏻👏🏻 911 to 999
Retweeted by Linda NolanCatch our @NolanColeen on @loosewomen from 12.30 today @ITV and there may be a special guest popping up!
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Small world! being In The Mood, @missgemcollins... That’s all you gotta do! 💃🏼 #DivaOnLockdown
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AMAZING! Well done to who got it correct 😘 @TheRossKing @AnneNolan2 @MaureenNolan_ @NolanColeen @LindaNolan_ The Nolans(ノーランズ)ファンへ!🥰\(^o^)/🥰 Ross King & The N…
Retweeted by Linda Nolan @TheRossKing @AnneNolan2 @MaureenNolan_ @NolanColeen @LindaNolan_ The Nolans(ノーランズ)ファンへ!🥰\(^o^)/🥰 Ross King & The N…
Retweeted by Linda NolanOoh, what was the question?! Thank you @RealKenBruce! 😘
A huge thank you to Martin Clunes for telling @BBCTheOneShow viewers tonight/ last night about Macmillan's campaign…
Retweeted by Linda Nolan @MaureenNolan_ @LindaNolan_ @jermjackson5 @Cilla_Presley GRAND PRIX ‼️💐
Retweeted by Linda NolanAh, the Tokyo Music Festival... We really had no qualms being this extra with our choreography, in front of…
Retweeted by Linda NolanIf you’re sad about #Eurovision being cancelled this year, then here’s The Fizz singing 'Making Your Mind Up' with…
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Beautiful roses from Linda, just for nothing, love you loads Lin ❤️🧡💛💚 xxx
Retweeted by Linda NolanMore like a tsunami with how things are going!
Retweeted by Linda Nolan @NolanColeen on Now 70s music channel this evening - the Nolan’s- I’m in mood for dancing
Retweeted by Linda Nolan @LindaNolan_ an the grand finali the hatric as been accomplished, my original copy from October 1980 2 months befor…
Retweeted by Linda Nolan @mikeplowman1961 @Harpzicle Well we did do a song with Lemmy, Cozy Powell and The Young & Moody! 😉😘 @LindaNolan_ we on a roll this avo xx im danceing round the room to All the kings horses x classic
Retweeted by Linda Nolan @MaureenNolan_ bit of class playing
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@MaureenNolan_ @LindaNolan_ nothing like watching The Nolans on "Now 70's " tv Channel now ...... just love those ladies :-)
Retweeted by Linda NolanNew additions to my kitchen and downstairs loo today. Mel C now has @xNikiEvans @LindaNolan_ and @martiofficial for…
Retweeted by Linda NolanSupporting @OK_Magazine #okclosetclearout raising funds for @RefugeCharity a charity for domestic abuse. Bidding e…
Retweeted by Linda Nolan @MelanieBlakeUK @ElaineVMTV @ElaineCrowley Looking forward to this ❤️🙌I finished the book for the first time on Friday and I can honestly say I loved it thanks for recommending me it…
Retweeted by Linda NolanI’ve finished Linda’s book again I’ve read it so many times in isolation now I guarantee you that I’ll end up readi…
Retweeted by Linda NolanWe can’t believe it either!
Retweeted by Linda NolanTurns out all the B-Sides ARE on Spotify. Did you know this is a cover of a song by THE NOLANS!?
Retweeted by Linda NolanLate night binge watching... Turns out Betty loves @SHO_Homeland #DogsOfTwitter
@MaureenNolan_ @LindaNolan_ a bit of music on a Saturday evening 😊
Retweeted by Linda Nolan @LindaNolan_ Love love love The Nolans back then. Charted well in good ol' NZ
Retweeted by Linda Nolan😂😂😂😂 coming out of lockdown in 2027 like
Retweeted by Linda NolanRight. Well this is insane. It’s only taken three years!! But finally, cop a look at my new book BE CAREFUL WHAT YO…
Retweeted by Linda Nolan @mrgaryhollywood is proud to be supporting @OK_Magazine’s #OKClosetClearOut campaign with @eBay_UK, in aid of…
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@jess_impiazzi is proud to be supporting @OK_Magazine’s #ClosetClearOut campaign with @eBay_UK, in aid of…
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Clapping extra hard not just for the NHS workers, but for ALL key workers! #clapforourkeyworkers #ClapForCarers been that into reading but this seems like a perfect place to start... @LindaNolan #FromMyHeart #Autobiography
Retweeted by Linda Nolan @ichirollcake @inspire89126191 @MaureenNolan_ @LindaNolan_ @NolanColeen The Nolans(ノーランズ)🥰\(^o^)/🥰 〈第10回東京音楽祭〉 10t…
Retweeted by Linda Nolan @ichirollcake @inspire89126191 一ファンの分際で恐縮ですが、 ありがとうございます!😄\(^o^)/😄 まだまだ、The Nolns を宜しく御願いします。🙇‍♂️ 〈第10回東京音楽祭〉 10th…
Retweeted by Linda NolanThe party’s not over, just postponed. Will hopefully see you all soon! ❤️😘 Stay safe xxx
@BbMrsbrownsboys There’s no place like home 😍😘 @meganwatts221 I’m ceo of recommending it to people and I would ever single time because it deserves all the love ❤️❤️
Retweeted by Linda NolanAlmost finished reading Linda’s book I’m on the celebrity big brother chapter I really don’t want the book to end r…
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@NolanColeen talks about love and promotes @TheThunderGirls 2021 tour, in this week’s @new_magazine!
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Introducing @rochem8: Singer, songwriter, tech support! #LooseWomen moaning that @loosewomen is back. Honestly build a bridge and get over it. It was all done safe and sound, t…
Retweeted by Linda NolanIf the sweet sound of Coleen's kittens doesn't brighten up your Monday we don't know what will 😻 Watch #LooseWomen
Retweeted by Linda NolanHow CUTE are @NolanColeen's new kittens? 😻Brenda is all of us right now 😹 Join the #LooseWomen on @ITV and…
Retweeted by Linda NolanHappy Birthday to the lovely @kategarraway, sending lots of love to you and Derek ❤️🙌😘
Retweeted by Linda NolanIt's an exciting day as the @loosewomen are back on our screens! Join @NolanColeen (remotely) and the ladies from 1…
Retweeted by Linda NolanThey’re back! Catch Coleen and the girls live and loose today at 1230! ❤️ @loosewomen #LooseWomen 👏
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Blackpool nostalgia in 1998: Database for fake guns; Linda Nolan back on stage and beaches fail clean water tests
Retweeted by Linda NolanRIP Graham 💔💔💔’m in the mood, for washing and ironing, all of my clothes, from head to my toes @jorich21
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I don't know what to say really...😂😂😂 @LindaNolan_ @MaureenNolan_ @AnneNolan2 @NolanColeen #BernieNolan
Retweeted by Linda NolanImagine the reaction if McDonald’s sponsored it now?! 😱 @mrgaryhollywood Sending love and condolences from all of us, at this difficult time ❤️😘
Another amazing turnout for the NHS tonight... And the dinosaur from last week has returned too! #ClapForTheNHS, we HAVE done a lot of covers... 🤔😉
Retweeted by Linda Nolan @kakumori12081 @LindaNolan_ @MaureenNolan_ @NolanColeen @LindaNolan_ so beautiful, and what a controlled vocal stunning x
Retweeted by Linda NolanOur wonderful Paediatric Nurse Vicky aka #TheSingingNurse #YearoftheNurseandMidwife
Retweeted by Linda NolanOur #SingingNurse Vicky spreads joy on
Retweeted by Linda NolanThe Nolans(ノーランズ)ファンへ!🤩\(^o^)/🤩 (1/2) " Never Gonna Let You Break My Heart Again " Live on BBC The Nolans Special…
Retweeted by Linda NolanWe want to shine a light on young people who are making a difference in their communities during #Covid19UK. If thi…
Retweeted by Linda Nolan#NewProfilePic
Retweeted by Linda NolanWe are asking you to celebrate #VEDay75 with us - virtually! Let's all have a biscuit, a cake or even just a cup of…
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@OCarrollFiona @MrsBrownsBoys @LindaNolan_ @wossy @The_Nolans @FleurEast @EilishOCarroll It was a brilliant episode…
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