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@CashApp $NUVES 🥺🙏 #pleaseandthankyouMade a playlist to fire you all the way up... <3 @sahtyre Happy Birthday to your beautiful Momma <3
@EmpressOf Felicidades carnala! <3
@mayainthemoment They brought big smiles to my face and giggles every time they flew by 🥰 @iam_lizzyfierce Abrazos Reina 🤍They don’t want us to mobilize or march or rally. They want us to distance ourselves from one another and be afraid… @kamigarcia @BermudezWrites @sarahlo39071622 I’m with you too. So is one of my other roommates and one of my neighb… Angeles! If the @MayorOfLA really “has your back” he would make sure you won’t go into debt during this global… Rent is due. Mortgage is due. Credit card bill is due. Light bill is due. Water bill is due. Car pa…
Retweeted by NUVESIn the middle of an unprecedented crisis, Mayor Eric Garcetti and the LA City Council have given the people of LA n…
Retweeted by NUVESHuelga de la Renta! No hay trabajo! Cancela la renta! @MayorOfLA !!! #huelgadelarentaLos Angeles is going on a #RentStrike. You can thank @MayorOfLA @CD6Nury 👎👎👎 @KaliMaFaja @grimeglamourToday was disappointing @MayorOfLA. Why should I go into debt w/ my rent if my places of business to stay closed du…
@cactusculera @ni_maiz 𝚕𝚘𝚕A little change to the guest line up tonight. Join me on my Insta Live: @rosaclemente as I interview @aiocasio Cong…
Retweeted by NUVES @HoodHealer Chani Nicholas + Tatiana TarotSo many beautiful butterflies migrating outside my balcony ✨ @sebsgee LMAO @factory_reject @romeodiablos You, @romeodiablos, and me : the three muskeLEOS
@romeodiablos @factory_reject And by we he means Leo’s LOL JK or 🤔🤔🤔 @godesosax @vivalapalma @romeodiablos your wife needs to be in this thread #baebanksGoin Live At 6pm on FB. I did it get hacked.
tonight ft @negressworld and so many bomb platforms. we’re on at 6pm PST (9pm EST)
Retweeted by NUVESTune in tonight at 6pm (PT) here or on Facebook via the latinos.con.soul.festival “like” page ☁️🤍☁️ You can watch… @baexploitation Resonate with you sm @MarlitaOnTheRun @WeAllGrowLatina Saturday Night 7pm on Facebook via my like page 🌹 thank you for your tip also 🥰❣️🙏 @WeAllGrowLatina For folks interested in my playlist: here it is 🌹 that was just so much fun 🥰 @WeAllGrowLatina
Don’t let the self-doubt turn you into someone you’re not.Luciano - Organize (feat. U-Roy & Ziggi Recado) 2013 via @YouTube @bananaleafboy Okay name drop flex machine ;) @romeodiablos Send it my wayHey Twitter! Join me on the @WeAllGrowLatina Instagram page Friday night at 7pm for a LIVE DJ SET ☁️🤍☁️
@HoodHealer 🤍☁️ thank you @vivalapalma Good question! @factory_reject 🙏🙏✨
@flyvolaris Gracias. Ya mandé un mensaje @netflix @iamcardib @chancetherapper @Tip Bring back #ajandthequeen @JimGoodwin7 @kiwicom247 @flyvolaris @viajaVolaris I feel that. I’m not trying to be quarantined in another county… just figured out how to Facebook Live using an open Broadcast Software and I’ll so geeked out rn!!! Made a custom… @JimGoodwin7 @kiwicom247 The fucked Up part is my flight hasn’t been canceled. @flyvolaris @viajaVolaris @captaincook @flyvolaris Thank you Ivan 🙏✨ @ViajeVolaris compré mi vuelo para Mexico con @kiwicom247 y con todo lo que está pasando en el mundo no es justo k… @flyvolaris compré mi vuelo para Mexico con @kiwicom247 y con todo lo que está pasando en el mundo no es justo k te… @kiwicom247 Oh yeah and I DM’d you also. Still no reply with Olivia who said she would call me back in 30mins to an hour. It’s been 2hrs. @kiwicom247 @flyvolaris @xeniaporvida That is straight up a green screen smh @kiwicom247 3hrs on hold due to high volume of calls to airlines. My flight with @flyvolaris via @kiwicom247 is… got a person online and being placed on hold again for 3-5mins... okay here we go. @kiwicom247 @kiwicom247 Estimated time 1 minute for the passed 30 mins. @kiwicom247 @kiwicom247 Absolutely! Please check your DM
My flight to Mexico City is schedule for tomorrow. I’ve been on hold with @kiwicom247 for 2+ hrs now. With both US… @BeavisbEroc Got stuff in the works... was supposed to be in Mexico City tomorrow for a festival. We are doing lives starting Thursday. @soulflowerremix @antbeezy21 🤣 duh fuh @antbeezy21 😑👏🏼✨👏🏼✨👏🏼✨ @antbeezy21 It’s gotta be a joke first. 🤷‍♂️✨I don’t make the rules @antbeezy21 Huh? lol What do you mean Beezy?Call me a Leo (in 4 placements) but if you love me you’ll hype or interact w/ me on Social Media to show ppl how mu… FREEZE NOW! ❄️On Tuesday, LA Council Member Ryu will motion for a Freeze on Rent & Utility INCREASES. 🌟LETS PU…
Retweeted by NUVESNoticing this theme: Focus on what you can control
This is an unprecedented moment and we have got to think in an unprecedented way. Join our livestream on the corona…
Retweeted by NUVES @bananaleafboy You won’t worry her because you’ve done so good of taking care of yourself. It’s always good to be h… @DREAMLOVERIE 🙏✨ Im with you and down to help @djbiancamaieli Samez💞 “you’ve got to show me love” 💞 cute today 💞 a #goodhairday will do that to ya know Twitter ain’t the place.. but here’s a new song
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To those Creatives of Color, #Arts and #Culture #Leaders Of #Color #Emergency #Fund: public for now to share artwork and playlist stuff 🐒 síganme los buenos!!!
Retweeted by NUVES @BernieSanders 👏🏼✊🏼👏🏼✊🏼👏🏼✊🏼!!!!!! @DREAMLOVERIE Check your TikTok @xeniaporvida 11:11PM 💗 I see you. Thank you for the message. @craymusic LOL @xeniaporvida Do you have a post of yours on altars? This is my first one and plan on looking online for more info. on what to do & why.Working on an altar.. pictured is my great Tio Chucho Tovar Flores, my tía Dinora, my abuelo Pedro, and my great gr… @Espen73104004 @jeremyscahill @tykcando I love this foto.It’s Friday?!! @killdiekill Serio?
@romeodiablos What money apps do you have? Venmo/CashApp/PayPal also whats Your handle??It’s Doña Nuves, to you 🌹 @writeyourwrongs Your gif 💀 ... stay safe amor. Love you v much 💐 @IreneDiaz_Music LOLIn case you forgot, Fuck Donald Trump.
L.A. will turn 42 recreation centers into homeless shelters, in hopes of slowing virus spread
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@soulflowerremix 👀 @chaninicholas @Spotify @DREAMLOVERIE | @chaninicholas @Spotify @IreneDiaz_Music | @chaninicholas @Spotify @j_soulstice | ZENSOUL @chaninicholas @Spotify @marin_wero | @JoeBiden Breh... 🤦‍♀️🤦 #Bernie2020 @IreneDiaz_Music Likewise Irene 💓 high key I’d cash it and save it cuz una nunca sabe con este gobierno smh
@IreneDiaz_Music A month? @moreorlesschris Whooa @allmydads Just followed you but can’t dm you.. interested in the job info.server is up! join friends
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