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Offseason Hiatus Lindsey @lindseyadler Instagram: lindsey_adler

I cover the Yankees for The Athletic. My dog is a Japanese Spitz, not an American Eskimo. "Twitter is the playground of idiots." -Noel Gallagher

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“Ji-Man Choi believes he's had encounters with ghosts" & "Brett Phillips played HORSE w/ Randy Savage" are two tidb…
Retweeted by Offseason Hiatus Lindsey @ImNotAHRHitter 🥳🥳🥳🥳 @TheAthleticMike @mcnallyjackson the Fulton St. McNally and Books are Magic are pretty much equidistant for me. had… @303toNYC I do own and love the DFW tennis writing anthology @joe_sheehan @booksaremagicbk same. the last three books I've bought there were ones I didn't know about when I wen… @ErnieRiv_5 me all the effing time @beerbabe @darth @booksaremagicbk japanese spitzFisher is also an unwitting participant in Infinite Jest Discourse culture. Like most people who tweet about DFW, h… @pnuts_mama @darth @booksaremagicbk infinite jest @bkabak @booksaremagicbk not a bad idea. he would look great amongst the wood paneling at the fulton st. mcnally jackson. @darth @booksaremagicbk you rang darth? ❤️s @booksaremagicbk. bookstores are struggling and need our business. The details in this story seem grim. A long, quarantin… @Junts @emmabaccellieri yep. my thoughts on it continue to evolve. at some point, the execution does need to be the… piece by @emmabaccellieri is so good. @RobertKlemko bon voyage @MauNFL yupThe Playoff Kershaw narrative, whether you agree with it or not, might as well be set in stone. @LesHorn lmaothe census ends tonight. if you’ve been procrastinating, now is the time to fill it out!
Retweeted by Offseason Hiatus Lindsey @joe_sheehan smoltz? @Low_rax I can’t believe that bit went on for so longJohn Smoltz is asking for an app where people can post their thoughts and be made to look like idiots in retrospect. @djshort it’s official. someone must step up to buy me drugs for tweeting science. @JimTeresco exactly because it has been so bad @epicgeezr Yankees fans are now in a tough spot lmao#narratives @ChipTater yesAstros team of destiny?
basecam vindicated @ByJamesWagner would you say he’s using his bat as a megaphone to shame the astros for their transgressions against baseball wagsThe Braves had a very bad day yesterday. I wrote about that and being embarrassed at work.
Retweeted by Offseason Hiatus Lindsey @TalkinJake thank you for having my back, jake. @joshgondelman they fucking are. @theroyalbob man, that's a really good point. thank you for bringing that up. I'm going to keep that in mind. @joshgondelman you seem like a particularly ripe target for this issue. comedy + earnestness is a brutal combo for Online. @joshgondelman right, my nerd ass is like "uh, you don't think players would object to the changing physical proper… @JakeMHS I beat them to it. @joshgondelman a lot of people seemed to think I didn't realize that it would just be shaking and nauseating!A shocking number of people have asked if I was stoned when I sent this tweet. I would like to address the issue. I… story is about Aaron Boone & the Yankees, but the discussion about what power a modern manager has in an era o… @JRFegan @FabianArdaya @enosarris ok we're revealing too much on the TL lesson here is #TrustTheProcessFor all of those like me, for whom the Met is a home of sorts, and know we can't get to see our friends for some ti…
Retweeted by Offseason Hiatus Lindsey @JRFegan @FabianArdaya @enosarris the really messed up thing is that i keep my phone on do not disturb but i always… @KK0618 i am going to pick up my big print of it from the framers today 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 @joe_sheehan i mostly kick it in four rooms in the european section but today while bumbling around in there i deci… @JRFegan @enosarris @VitoCC2 van gogh's wheat field with cypresses. my favorite piece at the met. i bought a big print of it for above my couch. @enosarris first order of business some old friends today at the Met. I recommend reserving the first time slot or the last time slot of the d… @JoezMcfLy thanks homie @jcmccaffrey just too bad you won't get a chance to write for a fanbase that's struggling to deal with an analytic-… @jcmccaffrey you're just jealous that i get to write stories about a young manager's standing with an al east team and you don't 🙃 @GerritColeSZN it's zack greinke @ctrent you can't skip out on some TRUE I don't write the lineup contentThis quote makes me a little 🥺 @jhirsch99 the dynamic between the manager and the front office is the subject of the article @deegeeriv the Yankees quants are overstepping again, telling my readers to READ THE STORY before replying. nerds run amok. @jay_jaffe they're passionate, but at least they're consistentA request: Please read the story before debating the subject in my mentions. You can even debate it in our comments… @lizroscher thank you. I find that interesting about Kapler, given his vocal enthusiasm about #analytics. he and Bo… @keith_levin thank you, Keith.
Retweeted by Offseason Hiatus Lindsey @amandamull midge's self-imageWho's calling the shots here? On the perception that Aaron Boone does not have managerial autonomy with the Yankees… @MeganFlood11 🔥 kicksDusty Baker says he once planned to remove Max Scherzer, but he wanted to look into his eyes before he decided. “He…
Retweeted by Offseason Hiatus Lindsey @DickBenedict it’s crazy. i had a digital copy (i think it was digital?) that had the songs in an order that was re… @DickBenedict i should really listen to smile more @davis6453 @philgalletto had the same thought as soon as I hit send. revealing too much about my shaky mental state.basecam adds nothing give me baseball cam put the camera in the baseballHappy Greinke. 😀
Retweeted by Offseason Hiatus Lindsey @arbuzzy greink-usHow did Dusty Baker get away with thatSomeone with a bullhorn behind Petco Park is talking about the Astros: "The baseball community has not forgotten yo…
Retweeted by Offseason Hiatus Lindsey @DonaldHines he talks about the ways he beat it in his book on hitting @mike_petriello joey wendle? @mike_petriello it’s 2020 and we’re discussing something people in the 1870s understood. it’s just effing standing where they hit it.Also, can I have that Ted Williams cutout, @Padres?Props to the TBS broadcast for noting that Ted Williams saw defensive shifts in the 1940s.
Terry Francona texted Kevin Cash "he reminds me of you" after Giancarlo Stanton hit his third HR vs. the Rays in th…
Retweeted by Offseason Hiatus Lindsey @linecook they’re just 10 bloops and a blast away from tying this thing. @cdgoldstein Max Munchy 😱 @cdgoldstein no @PlsSignRealmuto thank you I had forgotten this wasn’t 3-0 lolhahahahahahahahahaahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahBarvesIt depressed me when I just realized that Mike Trout has one career postseason hit. Andy Pettite has three.
Retweeted by Offseason Hiatus Lindsey @bkabak ben on ben crimeStick to politics. @jpweinstein it’s a double-edged sword. I am always worried about forgetting my keys but also they prevent situatio… @jpweinstein the door locked automatically in my last apartment and I still forget sometimes @lindseyadler it's like your apt. was the opener and the one being listed was the real starter
Retweeted by Offseason Hiatus Lindsey @BobSaietta lmaoooooooooooooo @RailRidersTT I told her to come back if she likes the real unit and she has any questions about the neighborhood. @ejpoock Cashman was asked about the Deivi/Happ situation. A few minutes into his answer, someone walked into my apart…'s minute 56 and Brian Cashman acknowledges that he put Aaron Boone in a spot in Game 2 where he had to pick thro…
Retweeted by Offseason Hiatus LindseyBrian Cashman on how he views Gleyber Torres as a shortstop moving forward: "We’re going to evaluate all circumstan…