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Senator @SteveDaines and I just watched this @SenSchumer video and have a few things to say about it...… Rice is the one who went on five national TV shows, lied about the level of security at our Benghazi consulat… Rice accusing anyone of being derelict in their duties - especially when it comes to national security - is a… now: Chairman @LindseyGrahamSC leads a meeting on nominations and legislation. Watch live:
Retweeted by Lindsey GrahamD.C. statehood goes against the wishes of the Founding Fathers, hurts South Carolina, and would empower the most ra… is really good news. It means America is coming back economically, people are going back to work. There i…⏰ ⏰ ⏰ Speaking with @foxandfriends this morning at 8:35 am. Tune in! 📺
Finally, if we had adopted Senator Paul’s mandatory withdrawal from Afghanistan within a year, it would put radical… am pleased that members of the Senate are listening to the experts, our commanders and intel specialists, and not General Paul.We have reduced our presence in Afghanistan by over 90% and it is imperative that we maintain our counterterrorism… Paul and President Obama seem to live in a world where sound military advice doesn’t matter. The intellig… a South Carolina point of view, this is NOT a good deal for us. This would dilute South Carolina's say in th…⏰ ⏰ Press conference with @SteveDaines and @SenTomCotton today at 12:30pm to detail our opposition to House Dem l…⏰ ⏰ ⏰ Holding a press conference today at 12:30 pm today with Senators @SteveDaines and @SenTomCotton to discuss o… with @seanhannity tonight about some of the dangerous and misguided efforts to #DefundPolice we see taking…
What a pathetic effort by the media to ask hard and relevant questions of @JoeBiden.If you had any doubt whether the mainstream media is basically an extension of the Democratic Party, today’s press… the Democrats who want to be harder on Russia: put forward your ideas. I will gladly look at them apart from thi… completely understand why the President was not briefed, and I completely understand why action against Russia ba… Russians have been involved in Afghanistan dating back to the previous administration and would prefer the Unit… President was not briefed, as there appear to be contradictory analyses of the threat streams gathered by our i…’ve had my differences about the President’s decision to withdraw from some hotspots in the world, but I’ve never… to the President, the one thing that has been constant is his unwavering support to protect troops in the field.In my view, the system worked. At the tactical level, force protection was, as always, a priority and at the strate… today I received a briefing from the White House’s National Security Advisor, Chief of Staff, and the DNI r…
At its core this is about trying to add two more Democratic votes in the U.S. Senate, effectively cancelling out th… is a brazen power grab by the Democratic Party to change the makeup of Congress in a manner detrimental to Sou… effort, on its face, is unconstitutional and contrary to the Founding Fathers desires. The District was esta… is going to be a consequential election for the future of the United States. We're faced with a very clear cho…
Radical Islam has the will to attack America. Our goal is to make sure they don’t have the capability.In many ways a non-conditions based withdrawal from Afghanistan is a greater blunder than Obama’s withdrawal from I… the Trump Administration continues to withdraw forces – in spite of intelligence reports that radical Islamic el… have always stated that any withdrawal from Afghanistan needs to be conditions-based regarding our own national s… expect the Trump Administration to take such allegations seriously and inform Congress immediately as to the reli… Congress get to the bottom of recent media reports that Russian GRU units in Afghanistan have offered to…
SC needs a conservative leader with a record of getting things done – not a Nancy Pelosi liberal. If you stand wit… with @foxandfriends in just a few minutes. Tune in!
HISTORIC. The U.S. Senate has now confirmed 200 federal judges since President Trump took office. As Chairman of t… the asylum seeker’s claim is believed to be meritless by the appropriate investigating agencies, there is no r… court’s decision today upholds the principle enacted by Congress that asylum cases have to meet initial screeni… asylum process has been abused in the past, and I applaud the Trump administration for bringing order to chaos.… pleased to see the Supreme Court uphold expedited removal of meritless asylum claims. This decision by the Sup… at 10:00am: Chairman @LindseyGrahamSC will lead a meeting on nominations and legislation. Tune in:
Retweeted by Lindsey Graham🔺 📺 📺 📺 🔺 Will be speaking with @seanhannity in just a few minutes on Fox News. Tune in!
As chairman of @senjudiciary Committee, I appreciate all the hard work of our members accomplishing this duty. T… you Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman @LindseyGrahamSC for your leadership to confirm President Trump's jud…
Retweeted by Lindsey GrahamDemocratic efforts to shut down the conversation are a betrayal of the moment that presented itself to this nation… today’s floor speech, I’ve never been more proud of my friend and colleague @SenatorTimScott. Tim explained…“The confirmation of 200 judges in President Trump’s first term is a historic milestone. I’m confident these judge…
Retweeted by Lindsey GrahamWith the confirmation of Cory T. Wilson the Republican-controlled Senate has confirmed 200 federal judges appointed… is clear to me it is an unpardonable sin for Democrats to work with Republicans to try to solve a problem that m… Democrats are jamming a bill through the House without any Republican input. Republicans in the House have… am bitterly disappointed by the fact that Senate Democrats will not even allow debate on #policereform. @JoeBiden @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer @AOC @realDonaldTrump The Democrat Party will be held captive by the most radi… @JoeBiden @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer @AOC Every elected Democrat in office, and every Democrat running for office,… @JoeBiden, @SpeakerPelosi, and @SenSchumer are figureheads. There is a growing radical liberal movement which wil… appears the French Revolution has now come to the Democratic Party based on initial primary results from New Yor… Finally justice. Justice delayed is better than no justice.
Congratulations to President @realDonaldTrump and his administration for delivering on his promise to secure our bo… border wall is going up and illegal crossings are going down. Republicans are moving forward allowing an open amendment process, but Senate Democrats still say NO. Very… it comes to police reform: House Democrats, who control the House of Representatives, have created a closed… now: Chairman @LindseyGrahamSC leads a hearing titled, "The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, Coronavirus…
Retweeted by Lindsey GrahamToday at 2:30pm: Chairman @LindseyGrahamSC will lead a hearing titled, "The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, Coron…
Retweeted by Lindsey Graham
This decision, in my view, will have a chilling effect on our economic recovery at a time we should be doing all we… Trump built it once and he can build it again, but not if the tools that helped create the strongest econ… all Americans, I want to recreate the strong economy we had before coronavirus. The policies which created tha… shuttering of these programs may not lead to employment opportunities for displaced American workers, but could…, I fear the President’s decision today to temporarily shut down these programs will create a drag on our economic recovery.Before coronavirus, legal immigration and programs like these played an important role in helping President Trump c… visas for temporary and seasonal jobs covering industries like hospitality, forestry, and many economic sector… who believe legal immigration, particularly work visas, are harmful to the American worker do not understand the American economy.Legal immigration is a positive for the American economy, and visa programs allowing American companies to secure q…
After this week's Judiciary Committee hearing on policing reform, I'm hopeful there is going to be a genuine effort…
On this date 155 years ago, word spread throughout the country the war was over, slavery had ended, and freedom beg…
Such a concept should be employed, when it comes to police departments. If they're following best police practices,… concept of standard of care has dramatically improved medicine because if a doctor meets the standard of care,… immunity reform should have as its focus professionalizing police departments, institutionalizing best po… cop should have to worry about losing their house or their life's work because of making decisions on the job. M… subject of qualified immunity is often mentioned in this debate. My view is it is now time to revisit the judic… agree with many statements made by my Democratic and Republican colleagues that we have an historic opportunity t…
Equally importantly, it puts billions of dollars into the system to address the national parks maintenence backlog,… bipartisan vote on the Great American Outdoors Act. This legislation expands the Land & Water Conservation Fund… the five year anniversary, we think of those who lost their lives and the families left behind. The Christmases… know that type of grace can only come from God. Of all the things that I've seen in public life, the words from t… just days after this horrible tragedy, the people at Mother Emanuel showed a level of love and forgiveness tha… remains hard to understand how anyone could have so much hate in their heart. To be welcomed into a church, wors… years have passed and it still feels like a bad dream, but we know it actually happened. The senseless murder…
Once again, thank you, South Carolina, for the overwhelming show of support in Tuesday’s Primary Election. I'm look…
Wishing @RepTomRice, his wife Wrenzie, and son Lucas a speedy recovery from COVID19. A great family doing a great job for South Carolina.
Happy birthday to President @realDonaldTrump. The best is yet to come - hope you had a good round! ⛳
@senjudiciary @SenatorTimScott Will Democrats work with Republicans or just politically posture? Time will tell. @senjudiciary @SenatorTimScott Tim is working hard to try to bring solutions to the table and I’m proud to be worki… Chairman of @senjudiciary I really appreciate @SenatorTimScott's leadership in drafting proposals to deal with p… with @seanhannity tonight at 9:25 pm about @senjudiciary investigation into FISA abuse and Crossfire Hurri…
General Milley is a tremendous military leader who understands the long tradition of maintaining an apolitical, nonpartisan military.I have nothing but deep admiration for and total confidence in General Milley as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of St…, the Judiciary Committee resumed its mission to get to the bottom of Crossfire Hurricane and the Russia inves… now: Chairman @LindseyGrahamSC leads an executive business meeting. Watch live:
Retweeted by Lindsey GrahamToday at 10:00am: Chairman @LindseyGrahamSC will lead an executive business meeting. Tune in:
Retweeted by Lindsey Graham