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Neil @Lineos_Art Toronto, Ontario

Concept Artist | Illustrator 💥COMMISSIONS OPEN💥 IG:

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Retweeted by NeilTime to time, I think about my younger self. I think of how hard she fought for her dreams, in spite of everything,…
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Retweeted by NeilWow I actually woke up at 9 am, thats crazy @datsean @FeetAreStrange AHH THANK U!! @Sae_Art @LilyPichu here ya go, for your troubles @ItsHeyMiso @sylphauri @LilyPichu Thanks so much! You guys are so awesome, I'm so happy to just be a part of it 😊 @branko_alien Ah so you see, I forgot about this thing I needed to submit stuff to...which I forgot about. And the…'m SO honored to be given the opportunity to work on this and I'm so glad to be a part of such a kind and wholesom… was an incredibly fun project to assist bringing to life. All the artists absolutely knocked it out of the par…
Retweeted by Neilhappy (late) birthday @LilyPichu! a gift from your mods. 💚 we might've gone overboard on these... we hope you like…
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Ready for #Shadowlands 😱😱😱
Retweeted by NeilThe beauty in a journey's beginning is oh so sweet. If only I could tell you just how sweet it will be. #KDA
Retweeted by NeilPigMaN by nhoJ (Minecraft Parody of Pacman by @Jae_Day6 ) mixed by @brodinplett
Retweeted by Neil @BoxofMews Thank you, I used a good reference for the background! 😄 @kegammy Thank u! 🙏Trying something new! Would've rendered this out some more but I need to make like 10 more of these in like a week.… Preview Pt. 2: Battle Queen Diana!
Retweeted by NeilDrew Zelda over the weekend to celebrate the new game! I love the elf girl aesthetic and she'll always have a speci…
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I still can’t believe I got to watch this happen with my own two eyes
Retweeted by NeilEvillain splash wip
Retweeted by Neil @iamjiniofficial @HeySoftware Thank u! And sorry but I'm not much of a teacher 😅 @ETTD101 @HeySoftware Thank u!Klee pfp commissioned by @HeySoftware ! #GenshinImpact #illustration #digitalart art collab with with friends! I invited @LeagueOfLegends artists to help me make a splash piece of my charac…
Retweeted by NeilSnuck in another one amidst some commissions... Inquisitor Kalla'Jin encounters a stray Wisp (@DevinNash) in her…
Retweeted by NeilSketch commission by @AkiCarlito of my cute OC *_* Thank you so much again, Aki, you're amazing!!
Retweeted by NeilFischl #GenshinImpact
Retweeted by Neil;w; <3
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@Sae_Art @LilyPichu @michaelreeves oh god noweird crop twitter but ok Birthday @LilyPichu and @michaelreeves!!!! 🎂🎉 Wishing you both a fun-filled day with your friends and family!… @LilyPichu Happy birthday Lily!!!11. 20 🎉 Happy Birthday @LilyPichu @michaelreeves, wishing you both a wonderful celebration!! Commissioned gift f…
Retweeted by Neil @LilyPichu Hope you feel better soon Lily!Setting this one free. Adieu
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Nov 2019 ⋗⋖ Nov 2020 Thank you for this year of support.
Retweeted by Neilrandom war scene sketch #sketch #digitalart #DnD pirate sketch #sketch #pirate #characterdesign DnD character portrait I did for a friend. Alt no-background pic added to make Twitter not obliterate the image e…
Retweeted by NeilHOW IS HE REAL!!! :D
Retweeted by NeilTook a break from work.
Retweeted by Neilin a typical @ianmcque fashion, I felt like doing a zero gravity ship.
Retweeted by NeilAn illustration for Legends Mode 🙏#GhostofTsushimaLegends #GhostOfTsushima
Retweeted by Neilmy birthday is in one week now that i've reminded you all, there's no excuse for not getting me anything
Retweeted by NeilStan culture is unhealthy as fuck and you owe it to yourself to not base your life around someone else and to have…
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My second cover for DC comics Future State: Harley Quinn, releasing in 2/2/21. I'm still experimenting with this cu…
Retweeted by NeilPainting for @ShannonZKiller of her D&D Character "Arienne" for the Heralds call group! I had fun painting her and…
Retweeted by Neilnew art, can see fullsize here
Retweeted by Neilcrop of somethin I'm workin on for patrons
Retweeted by Neil下絵と終わり
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@metamorphead Lol I've already accepted that I'm gonna die an early death, but thank u I will try to rest moremy sleep schedule is so messed up #sketch #digitalart @Burdrehnar @GloriousArcadum NOW THIS IS EPIC!! WELL DONE!!Made a big ol pic of all the currently connected groups in @GloriousArcadum 's Verum games Heart, Soul, Shadow of T…
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Retweeted by NeilThese fur babies also needs help. Kindly rt🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 #RescuePH #GMANews #CagayanNeedsHelp #ABSCBNNews
Retweeted by NeilDance has and always will be my safe haven, but now I get to share it. #KDA #ALLOUT #DRUMGODUM
Retweeted by Neil @michaelreeves PepeLaugh
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@wonpillieaj @Jae_Day6 bussersPower just went out.... 😑 阿卡丽 #同人 #KDA #阿卡丽 #kda阿卡丽 #脚線美
Retweeted by NeilKDA-more #KDA #KDAmore #同人 #KDA女团
Retweeted by NeilThis dog is both a good dog and a bad dog at the same time.
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To my divas, misfits and deviants; Never stop being exactly who you are. #KDA #VILLAIN #EVELYNN
Retweeted by Neil @brodinplett I got hives just looking at this tweet @branko_alien i think ur onto something monkaW @MPeachie_ lol its cool but i cant work like this xD @Leilax_art i guess 😅it also kept the weird glitch when i exported it....whats going on T-T was sketching this then all of a sudden my flat grey background started doing this weird shit PLZ PHOTOSHOP EXP…現代×鬼滅の刃 in 映画館
Retweeted by NeilPerson: "So how did you find out about @OfflineTV ?" Me: "DJ, drop that beat." (it was 2am and I was bored forgiv…
Retweeted by NeilWatch the official concept video for K/DA - "VILLAIN." Watch on YouTube: Stream ALL OUT:…
Retweeted by Neil @petr_hartmann @LilyPichu @michaelreeves Lool i love the interpretation
painting two incredible human beings #wip #digitalart class demo - introductory steps to digital painting. When learning, keep the lighting silhouette based, color…
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@KingVigors @39daph man i feel that, hope u feel better soonmorning sketch #sketch #digitalart #characterart🎨🧙‍♂️ I noticed many artists want to illustrate for TTRPG games, but have no experience/knowledge in this. So, I wr…
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managed to yoink this before lily's merch store closed!! Comfy? Yes. never needed to be afraid of her; you needed to embrace her. Unapologetically, your #VILLAIN. #KDA #ALLOUT
Retweeted by NeilBad guys 7
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@39daph this yesterday but its still very rough. hopefully ill have time to work on it soon😰 #sketch #digitalart #DnD"you have slime boots you'll be fine" LMFAO @fuslie @brodinplett
Retweeted by NeilRandom red hair dude #sketch's a few concept art I did for Ghost of Tsushima. I designed many other gnarly dudes for the game. Head over to…
Retweeted by NeilHello #IamPOCinPlay, been in games for almost 10 years, currently senior concept artist at Singularity6. Previousl…
Retweeted by NeilMy favorite color. 💙💙💙 #BlueArt
Retweeted by Neil @ibibbishiboula Thank u!! @crystalhylai @OfflineTV THANKS CRYSTAL!!Thanks for 2k followers! 🙇‍♂️ @eluxion_ @OfflineTV Thats very kind, thank you!WOOOW thank you so much @OfflineTV!!! And congrats to all the winners, this was such a fun competition!!!