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Being a parent is just cleaning up after people for the rest of their life and honestly.... Lmaooooonothanksme in a meeting: “this could’ve been an email” me receiving an email: “i’m going to hurl myself into the sun”
Retweeted by K💋I love holding cookouts cause it's a chance to create a safe and fun space for me and my people. Good food, good dr…
Retweeted by K💋 @SunFlowerShakur You're 100% correct tbh @LINGTunechi Shit i say F the degree. Start doing the shit on your own and just build your resume. Build enough of…
Retweeted by K💋It's been delivered👀 like my makeup kinda messy/imperfect. @NiiiColeWorld MOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think about going back 🌚lmao but then I'm like.... Am I trying to torture myself or whatwhen a new hobby/skill peaks my interest & i still haven’t mastered the last one 🙃 <<
Retweeted by K💋He should’ve performed “Plenty Money”
Retweeted by K💋I cannot stress this enough. Ask for more. More money. More PTO. More professional development. More benefits. Mo…
Retweeted by K💋But I should have went to school for journalism tbh lmao I'd be great on the radio/TV :(Psychology (BA), Clinical counseling (MS), Counseling psychology (PsyD)** @LeslieMac You need to ask you doctor for Monoclonal Antibodies. If you take it within a certain time of infection…
Retweeted by K💋4) I was rapid tested at an urgent care facility b/c 2 family members tested + earlier. But they really didn't prov…
Retweeted by K💋3) I had a surgery scheduled for next week that took 2 months to schedule - I will have to now provide a negative t…
Retweeted by K💋2) My husband tested negative so we are now navigating how to isolate me for the next 10 days. We've settled on me…
Retweeted by K💋1) my biggest source of anxiety is that I can't keep up with my work. This is so messed up and while my brain knows…
Retweeted by K💋So.... I tested positive for COVID 19 today. A year of hyper vigilance erased by a single reckless family member. I…
Retweeted by K💋Asynchronous teaching is not it!! I'm too fun for this shitOmggggg🥲
Retweeted by K💋my nigga & the way she makes sure i’m good >
Retweeted by K💋this is an old Kroger bag, I’m screaming
Retweeted by K💋 @kxngREL So do I but I get what the person meant. There's no context here but I'm watching teen Mom lolWhew baby and folks just be popping em out 😩 experimenting with someone's life.Accurate
Retweeted by K💋the only three that matter, and Taylor lol
Retweeted by K💋 @kliffhuxtable Real ones knowAbolish cliffhanger texts. Just say wtf u gotta say.Texting my mom really be blowing me dawg she's always talking in code or never including enough informationI am team Gary, team Cory and Maci's husband ☺️ #TeenMomOGRyan swear he's been a good dad LMAO, the delusion Trump supporters experience is actually fascinating #TeenMomOG"parenting is never know if you're doing a good job or not until it's too late to fix anything"I’m good everywhere I go you can’t fake energy.
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Retweeted by K💋Lil dude that was mirroring the Q came ready 😭😭
Retweeted by K💋This week on @Eighty2Ninety6 we chatted about all things creativity + how we're staying creative through the panini…
Retweeted by K💋IG did see em first but I mean
Retweeted by K💋NEW: The Manhattan District Attorney’s office has obtained former President Trump’s tax returns and related records…
Retweeted by K💋Repost. May save a life
Retweeted by K💋In the 1920s, Indiana was known as Klandiana. Because of the many Klan members in the state, ΣΓΡ helped push for pa…
Retweeted by K💋choppa style - choppa (2002)
Retweeted by K💋 @ShezusChrist Happy birthday!🥳🥳The breakfast club though? 🤢🤢🤢’m amazing and I really need to start telling myself that more.
Retweeted by K💋Kirk Franklin definitely just gave us one of the best Tiny Desk performances of 2021🔥🔥🔥🙌🏾
Retweeted by K💋 @tobiwithaneye_ That's so odd. I definitely saw west coast people talking about it at the same time so maybe it is the service provider? @WhosTYE She's doing A LOTtonight 👀👀
Retweeted by K💋 @tobiwithaneye_ I swore if it came on at 10 here that just meant it comes on at 7 thereWhy y’all keep talking about how lit and fun this summer is gonna be???? Is the pandemic over and I’m the only one who didn’t get the memo??
Retweeted by K💋Marvel's Loki series will officially premiere on Disney+ on June 11.
Retweeted by K💋This reporter gonna piss me off #SnowfallIdk why this tweet is so funny to me, but it is hilarious
Retweeted by K💋Manboy know something
Retweeted by K💋Can you notice the absence of John Singleton yet? #SnowfallFX
Retweeted by K💋the number of times Jacob and Penn Badgley have to log on and tell yall to stop romanticizing their psychotic chara…
Retweeted by K💋Get that boy some MILK!!!
Retweeted by K💋That was Leon’s payback for that damn “brick by brick” speech.
Retweeted by K💋Idk Saint you making me nervous with this idea !!! #SnowfallFX
Retweeted by K💋Son this ain’t looking good
Retweeted by K💋This Druski funniest video 😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by K💋WC deserves an award for being Franklin's "Cali Accent" coach....U would never know he was from England
Retweeted by K💋not bad, amazon.
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Retweeted by K💋Yesss Frank da DON is byke #SnowfallFX
Retweeted by K💋Tryna say "mane" in my British accent is more challenging than I thoughttired of living in a global pandemic.
Retweeted by K💋Today is the anniversary of the greatest negro spiritual ever. It took over for the 99 and 2000
Retweeted by K💋Blue Ivy Carter for #ICYPARK. 🧊 #adidasxIVYPARK
Retweeted by K💋Florida Officials Are Cracking Down On Spring Breakers During Pandemic: “Go Somewhere Else”
Retweeted by K💋“The BBL is the fastest growing cosmetic surgery in the world, despite the mounting number of deaths resulting from…
Retweeted by K💋 @Simone101xo THERES A WHOLE EPISODE ABOUT HER
Retweeted by K💋At 15 years old, Claudette Colvin refused to give up her seat nine months before the now-historic Rosa Parks moment…
Retweeted by K💋 @Felonious_munk Well, she better hope she neva gonna get it.
Retweeted by K💋 @indiadenae 🔥🔥🔥🔥 congratulations!!The way this gov't is committing genocide to save capitalism.
Retweeted by K💋The category is...Drama✨
Retweeted by K💋.....what type of massage you do
Retweeted by K💋UPDATE: Tiger Woods is reportedly “awake, responsive, and recovering” after undergoing surgery on his right leg. 🙏…
Retweeted by K💋A visual representation of how long Britney has been under the conservatorship...
Retweeted by K💋 @LINGTunechi Sales finna be lit 🔥
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I deserve it all. The career. The love. The enjoyment & finer things in life. The peace.
Retweeted by K💋💘 about forever getting taken by Frank O still upsets me😭 Kelly was the first, signing in 2008.
Retweeted by K💋Social media algorithms actively boosted COVID-19 conspiracy content marked as false, according to a study by…
Retweeted by K💋Just decided ima do my makeup today. Brows looking immaculate.The girls weren’t outside for Champagne Pop highlighter. RIP Becca Cosmetics.
Retweeted by K💋y’all had almost a year to look up the term “asymptomatic” and y’all are still just doing temp checks
Retweeted by K💋Posting this because it’s important
Retweeted by K💋getting one dose of Pfizer and one dose of Moderna its called an Arnold Pharma
Retweeted by K💋my type of party - dom kennedy (2012)
Retweeted by K💋Recapping Saturday's Pizza GiveBack with @theSydDanielle and @SaucedTexas
Retweeted by K💋When #BECCA highlighters go on sale because they’re closing >> @madeleinemua @Dayna_BonaduceOMG!!!! 👁 @MeMeSyndrome_ LMAO 😭😭😭😭😂😂😭