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@runscreamingly 😂👌Parnas appears to be the X-factor in getting tRump removed from office. Sprinkle in a little Giuliani and the lyin’… Parnas and Devin Nunes are entangled in a labyrinth of lies and corruption. Desperate and angry Nunes will pr… @feltongeorge Love this.Brilliant idea. 👇 whined, kicked, and screamed about Obama wiretapping him so this is no surprise. New documents from Lev Parnas… Hand Terror will be removed from office.tRump has assembled his legal team to help accelerate his removal from office.
#MoscowMitch is looking at a nasty double-edged sword. How does it feel little weak-minded man who sold out his country? Huh? Huh?Is the president’s crime-ridden fantasy world almost over? With the drama of the swearing in, you have to wonder if…'s Khamenei blasts 'American clowns' in rare Friday prayer appearance @Sandberg_Eric Not at all surprised.Going down... Cruz and Stephen Miller are in the same class of fleshy nothings.This fool is still try to hang on to a ridiculous defense. of a feather commit crimes together....and I just saved 15% on my car insurance by switching to Geico. little advice - I’d try to avoid ‘perfect calls’ at all costs. They are actually pretty toxic.Truer words have never been spoken. She is awful.’s looking more and more like that orange fleshy mass in the White House is truly fucked.Get him out of office. He is corrupt as fuck. Cannot stand this freak of a man. Pompeo stonewalls as evidence eme…
@PizzaPartyUS Ha ha thank you @Sandberg_Eric Yup!Wow everyone, apparently tRump broke the law. This is breaking news? NO SHIT! Government watchdog concludes Trum… @MysterySolvent Drinking orange juice. @Jill_Gregory 👍😍 @Marlenes777 😂👍Where is the elusive Kushner? My guess is he’s breaking about 18-53 federal laws.We’re doing about 125 mph in a school zone and we have a paranoid, spun out narcissist at the wheel, the engine is… @swoozyqyah Oh shit sorry!The shitty thing about ignorance is, you don’t see your own ignorance. The shitty thing about being in a cult is,… @swoozyqyah He said math guy 😂When Melania cries, it makes a scratchy sound.There’s enough bullshit flying out of the GOP’s mouths to fill up a sports arena during a MAGA rally.Can we wire a polygraph to each of the Senators for the trial and modify it for a high voltage shock when it blinks… @ThemDems I had to turn it. I’d rather drink cat vomit. @TellTheTruthBoo @floppyflips 🙏 @mmpadellan If only there were evidence...unbelievable.Kellyanne Conway might be the second biggest freak show this country has ever seen. @mmpadellan Yes. The whole thing smells of burnt rodent hair. 🤭tRump is about to shit a windmill.FYI White House staff : there’s a Sikorsky VH-3D Sea King helicopter that has been sitting idle on the White House lawn since 2016.True story. If you had a nickel for every time tRump has lied since taking office, you’d have $806.45.Too bad Senators can’t vote privately and without political backfire. These spineless fuckers would vote him out of office. @TellTheTruthBoo @floppyflips Ha ha thank you my friend. 👍👌This is tRump, Christ people it’s not me. @sunnybabybunny @ChafedCharlie 👍😂This is all totally normal and totally cool. all this, Teen Wolf thinks he’s going to run for president in 2024? I don’t think so. @floppyflips It’s anger and booze.Telling the truth is overrated and considered ‘old fashioned.’You think Tiny Hand Terror is shitting his pants? Yes? No? Depends? 🤭The GOP followed through on their promise to ‘drain the swamp’ but they refilled it with raw sewage. 👎 @RickFranzblau 🤭Mitch McConnell is up to no good and smells of cat vomit. @John_the_L Makes me want to vomit. @ThunderclapNewm I understand that. That’s not the point.The Barr has been lowered to unspeakable levels.What the hell is the point of John Roberts ‘swearing in’ the senators tomorrow, mainly the GOP senators? @floppyflips SameDems-Tuck $1 in the shirt pocket of a homeless person when no one is looking. GOP-Take $1 from a homeless person’s… back when we had a legit justice system and a legit Attorney General?Your mother probably told you to never use the word “hate.” Reason being, it’s reserved for tRump and his painfully… @ThemDems Might as well! Can’t stomach this!!!If the senate calls Hunter Biden as a witness they might as well include Hilary and SpongeBob. Makes perfect sense.
I’m pretty sure I’m not alone when I say that this administration has made dealing with ignorance in every day life… and greed is truly the root to all evil. Watch what happens to the markets if this fool is elected again. I… the hell happened to us? Where did America go? @feltongeorge @ScottImmordino I’m sure there’s some scary stuff going on behind the curtain.Exactly.“Don’t know him, never met him.” Congressional candidate ensnared in latest impeachment evidence we get our hopes up? is some messed up caca.
So what. Does it matter? House Democrats provide new evidence of Giuliani's push to meet with Zelensky is going to be so much better for all us when tRump is gone. No more hate, harassment, division, fascism, raci…’s schedule for today. 9:00 AM - create crisis 9:30 AM - ‘solve’ crisis 10:00 AM - claim victory 10:30… am weeping with laughter. OMG
Retweeted by THE ACCOUNTANTOne of the most prominent racists in our lifetime says he’s not a racist. @ThemDems Yes, and he smells of burnt rodent hair. How are you?Trump isn’t a racist. He just talks, tweets, and acts like one.A paranoid, islamophobic narcissist is at the wheel and that’s a dangerous combo. @v_gerv619 True my friend. @mmpadellan It’s a distraction we seriously don’t need.The ONLY thing being accomplished by the ugly mud-slinging between the Sanders and Warren camps today, and every da…
Retweeted by THE ACCOUNTANT @mmpadellan 😂😂😂👍👌👊 @LawsonCamille 🤭😉Melania stares in six different languages.William Barr = Infinite moral failure.As in, they think “imminent” is “eminent.” 😂😂😂 @PatriciaDengler @ErnspigerX Thank you :) @DavidGoyette23 Ha ha thank you my friend.Fox News is reporting at Halley’s Comet is an “eminent threat.”I read in the paper that someone busted Trump for lying the other day. Crazy times... @RamblinWillie Ha ha thank you my friend.A MAGA Rally Kit for the 2020 Klanpaign rallies contains: - 1 MAGA hat (made in China) - 1 battery operated bullho…$10 says no one gets this. you can say this 5 times in 10 seconds then you’re considered “genius” by all standards (not tRump “genius” ACTU… GOP, He lied to all of us by using a Sharpie to extend a line on a map to try to save his orange face about a… @lisengelhart Ha ha ha TY 😊