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Trump should be impeached. Our electoral system is under major attack.This country is scary AF now, imagine what it’ll look like in November. I hope we’re still in one piece. Can’t beli… @SarahDadouch Great tweet. Please be safe. @mmpadellan I never understood this.It’s pretty dangerous for the POTUS to say the explosion in Beruit was “an attack” before the facts are known. I be…👀 @GreyLady8152 THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW. DID YOU SEE IT? TROLL.That Axios interview may have been the nail in the coffin for tRump. He will lose more GOP support this week.tRump is giving every voter in America an infinite number of reasons why they should vote for Biden.(THREAD) This thread contains every lie Trump told to Jonathan Swan of Axios. The truth immediately follows each li…
Retweeted by THE ACCOUNTANTSo this time around he seems comfortable getting briefed on unverified/ evolving intelligence but still reportedly…
Retweeted by THE ACCOUNTANT👀 @SysArch @apathetic_NY @LoveRachel43 @Missin_Florida @justlikehvn @libragrl1685 @darafaye @BettyB919 @bobbywesson
@CathleenKucz 😂Just how deep is the hole tRump is digging for himself?I’m exhausted thinking about how dumb this is going to get before November
Retweeted by THE ACCOUNTANTTrump is a very dangerous, imminent threat against the United States. DO SOMETHING.When asked about Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest, tRump’s demeanor immediately changed. Speaks volumes...Whatever tRump is snorting is severely affecting his judgement.So now voting by mail is ok for the state of Florida? He even added that’s it’s “safe and secure.” WTF is he doing?… @MarkHertling Is this a case of mistaken identity? @richard_conway @jonathanvswan @Aiannucci Indeed it does.tRump on Covid deaths: “it is what it is.”A lousy reality TV host & failing businessman plots to save his bankrupt ass by becoming president of the U.S. He… @doctoralexa ExactlytRump is as tough on Covid as he is on Russia. @LisaCreed10 Aw poor thing. You having a rough day? @EricJRacy 😂😂😂 @Jim_Jordan Gym, you’re an idiot. @WorkingMIGirl YupThe United States is rolling on four flat tires. @AlanVRK I agree.tRump said “Biden is running as the most extreme left-wing candidate in history.” 😂😂😂 @eliehonig @CNN 👍tRump can run his mouth all he wants. All he is doing is losing votes.States have the right to run their own elections per the Constitution, so tRump can just shut the fuck up with his…👀 This thread aims to clear up widespread confusion over the provenance, production, and purpose of the fort…
Manhattan DA is going after tRump for bank and insurance fraud. That’s a pretty BIG deal.Imagine if you were so ignorant and defiant that your only goal in life was to own the Democrats, at any and all co… York prosecutors are all over tRump. They are relentless, and for good reason. They are the ones who will bring him down.Who wants Microsoft to buy tiktok so kids can keep punking tRump? 🖐The personal banker for Kushner is “under review” by Deutsche Bank. If you’re wondering why it’s not Kushner who is… House learned of Russian bounty intelligence in early 2019 via @nbcnews
Retweeted by THE ACCOUNTANTThis is biggest crowd in the history of crowds. @carla_margolis 😁😉
@Scaramucci Absolutely @bruinzack ExactlyFox News literally tells their audience to “not be fooled into thinking Biden is going to win.”👀 is panic tweeting this morning. He is paranoid and spun out.How does tRump’s current path differ from Hitler’s?This reminds me of steps we, the Watergate Special Prosecutors, took to preserve evidence in case Nixon fired us. G…
Retweeted by THE ACCOUNTANT @funder #YesWeCanAgainHow can you have a Republican Comvention closed to the press and a 1st Amendment at the same time? @BCOOL333 Flee the country.Will they separate Eric and Jr. or keep them in the same cell? @denmanjum @csloball 😂Still looks like 50/50... @michellemroz 😂😂😂 @BessieJ 😂😂😂😂🙌 @rusty_katt You’re probably spot on.When tRump is taken in, will they have to use tiny handcuffs? @RebBrooks1 😂😂What will MAGAs have to say when tRump flees the country?Delta should have just pushed those two passengers that wouldn’t wear a mask out the window and kept going.50% “yes” / 50% “no”Is there any chance Republicans will surprise us and nominate someone other than tRump due to declining health? @bblock29 No because he’s focused on banning tiktoc @Rusty94582 True! @beaufleuve @ashlie_weeks That too 😁👍The “most transparent president in U.S. history” shouldn’t be hiding the reasons why he has made multiple visits to… @ashlie_weeks Playing piano. @TrueBlueResists 👍 @Archimamamia 👍 @JeanMHale @IvankaTrump IndeedI won’t sleep until he sees a prison cell.It’s starting to look like tRump’s only play is to resign and have Pence pardon him full circle. He is fucked any other way. @moinqueens 😁Any chance tRump will resign due to medical reasons in lieu of outright losing an embarrassing election? (🖐 <1% chance) @BeardCapForever 😂Parler is the social media version of the Island of Misfit Toys. @Sandberg_Eric That’s the GOP way. @arda_ruthom All the above. 😁 @AliNerdyGirlChi That too. 😁😉 @MfromPa 😁😁👍 @ABrat626 😁 @MephsM 😂😂😉 @MfromPa RepostedNo press allowed at the GOP Convention in Charlotte. Assuming this is because the crowd size will be embarrassingly small?
@KnolesMichael Awesome. We’re just getting started. @eliehonig @AnaCabrera @CNN 👍Bill Barr’s “lack of candor,” reliance on “common sense” instead of evidence, and repeated misrepresentations would…
Retweeted by THE ACCOUNTANT @TeresaMac2009 Right, or anything else for that matter.(THREAD) In 5 years, I've never accused anyone of being a foreign disinformation agent. That changes today—as scary…
Retweeted by THE ACCOUNTANTUnder Trump, we can’t stop the pandemic. We can’t get the economy restarted. We can’t even get our mail delivered on time.
Retweeted by THE ACCOUNTANTAccording to OANN and Fox News, tRump’s klanpaign strategy is really starting to come together.Maybe Alexander Vindman should be the one to tell tRump “you’re fired.”How cute. Michelle and Melania are swapping fishing stories. @gregolear 👏👏