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Joined Twitter 8/25/15 @TheStalwart 1/2 and 2/5 NLHEwon three sessions in a row and have convinced myself i can be a professional poker playerthis website is very god think i understood what happens @EliLake Hi Eli! @re_colston i dont like my opinions being roped into support someone elses opinions @re_colston i didnt oppose narrative and principle for the recordhe does so by hiding it up his ass @re_colston sometimes he gets a little sillyi’m fine with people moralizing but i just wish they’d do it in privatemajor "first as tragedy, then as farce" hours these daysso here's my election prediction. biden will win by a modest margin with begrudging left-wing support. trump will f…
Retweeted by John Ganz @jilnotjill —Jeffrey Toobin, 10/19/2020on the one hand the japanese technique of packaging each individual cracker is wasteful, on the other hand, its pre… to deliver groceries after i hit with a bat you need to get emergency surgery your head is very far up your own ass god these are the dumbest people on earth @GrahamGallaghe9 which is pretty big!economics has independently discovered the ego and we're all very proud of them
Retweeted by John Ganz Aubrey recorded when Hobbes was geometry tutor to the young Duke of Buckingham that although "His Grace had gr… @thecob82 They ought to go and do that to themselves in privateokay last remark on this subject before it becomes *ahem* self-indulgent: its funny how the "political correctness… @re_colston yeah but probably a tiny bit of sadism is always present right @re_colston is there any case where thats not true? @re_colston OH ABSOLUTELY!!!!!in about 30 minutes we're gonna get a "we shouldn't stigmatize masturbation, which is healthy" take @lstdysdiscourse the diogenes of west end avenue
Retweeted by John Ganzmetoobin is inevitablty evolving into the "Serious Discussion of the Norms" phase so i think im gonna log off @re_colston @HeerJeet also the first time ive been accused of having principles im actually kind of offended @re_colston @HeerJeet dont lump me in as you guys @HeerJeet yeah I think its kind of like the dialectic of the beautiful soul in the phenom of spirit, here described… @lstdysdiscourse the diogenes of west end avenuethis is such echt middle brow philistinism it's almost beyond belief: i mean the invocation occam's razor and everythingoccam's circumcision @tweetertation yeah twitter makes serious things into trivialities and trivialities into serious thingsWhen people without a sense of humor encounter the absurd they think they have to wring a matter of principle out o… to post a sign: there are no matters Philosophical here, there is no Cause to be promoted or defended, there i… love to take a position On Principle, no matter how absurd*furrowed brow* There is, of course, the precedent of Diogenes to consider @tweetertation noare we really taking this seriously now? @newyorkpost @NYDailyNews you know im available for workWESTSIDE WANKER STRIKES AGAIN: NEW YORKER PERV LETS IT ALL HANG OUT ON GOOGLE HANGOUTNew Yorker writer Jeffrey Toobin allegedly revealed his pænis on a Zoom call MondayNew piece. On how police unions do politics. For @newrepublic
Retweeted by John Ganzoh no!
name a city, name a job, name a family, name a career, name a fucking big televison, name washing machines, cars, c… on market research my new catchphrase is “go get em fellas” @DamonLinker i had no idea i didnt have the notifications oni don’t have notifications on so has no ideauh i didn’t expect this to get so many retweetswhat the fuck how did this happen're onto the naming cities level of boredom, next up: name a professional athlete @DavidAstinWalsh toobinA 2010 Pew poll showed that “militia” had the least favorable response of any of the words tested. 2nd worst was “s…
Retweeted by John Ganzyeah laugh now somehow this ends with biden losing behind this shitcant do NEW JERKER, but that would be a good oneeither the post or news is going with WHACK JOB i will bet @ellehardy so stupid!no i am not don’t know why this “don’t call them militias” thing just drives me up the wall but it does @JamesConran1 no its ridiculouseveryone in the modern united states knows exactly what "militias" refers to, it has never had a positive connotati… guy gets a book published but i cant? wants to know the reason why joseph mitchell never wrote again, well, it's a similar storysocrates is a man therefore all men are socrates is getting so boringthe late great bob hope is one of the coolest cartoons ever to brian eno, it's like beep beep boooop doo dooooo, very nicecouldn't get noam? was the 1992 republican primary but the world doesn’t wanna know that @MattZeitlin probably righti have a strong feeling nobody knows what they are talking about here"I fear not thy epidemic, man," said Ahab
Retweeted by John Ganzsome might say @johnkroencke @DouthatNYT yeah well @thecob82 yeah it’s inspired @HeerJeet oh yeah it’s charming @SamAdlerBell i’ve never seen that i don’t think it’s very italiani’m like ah scorsese movies tell us deep things about the american experience but honestly i just wanna watch italians yellingi honest think a year off of thanksgiving might not be the worst thing in the worldoh yeah i bet I can come up with something even shorter like flectoseconds which is one half of a zeptosecond would’ve, lbj would’vei’m not sure what to about the trumps after this but i do think the norm against political use of the justice depar… of the funniest things i’ve seen in the past few years is eddie murphy in comedians in cars getting coffee tell… @OsitaNwanevu i think this guy is an actor tho they just aren’t hiring the right peoplewhat’s this book review post the linkIn this interview he literally calls for every Chechen in France to be investigated "one by one":…
Retweeted by John Ganzi can’t get over how good this is, snl just doesn’t have talented people
the essence of the culture wars: waterston is actually a Muppet developed by the Jim Henson studioPRES TRUMP TODAY IN CALIFORNIA: " 'WEIRD AL' WAS VERY MEAN TO MR. COOLIO!! DIDN'T ASK FOR RIGHTS. NOT VERY NICE!"
Retweeted by John Ganz @lstdysdiscourse well hence why hitchens fell into disrepute in certain circles. islamo fascism is one of the dumbest concepts everover recent disappointments, fuck it. on to future disappointmentsmelenchon’s statement arguably worse!!! next gop candidate for president will be either bo dietl or the bagel boss guy