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Formerly Editor of the Financial Times, author of The Powerful and the Damned, my private diaries 2005-2020. Publication November 2020. Spurs fan

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Andrew: too little, but I suspect more important, too late. BBC current affairs will be diminished without your pre… Brexit-backer bails on Britain.
Retweeted by Lionel BarberQuote of the Week: Rishi Sunak’s “We have to live without fear”. Simple and vital message for the economy, our sen…
Everyday racism in Britain 2020 - a truly shocking story reason Rishi Sunak was sparing with the cheque book today... .... £400bn deficit now looks perfectly plausible…
Retweeted by Lionel BarberA wonderful tribute to the editor’s editor Sir Harold Evans, a man of great courage who never met a writ he didn’t… tribute to Harry Evans, master craftsman, crusading editor, mentor. And thanks to Peter Wilby for his input… Sir Harold “Harry” Evans, a brilliant, generous newspaperman and mentor, the finest editor of his generation.…
There go the Cinque Ports (I always assumed they belonged to France) #kexitEye-popping fraud hiding in plain sight: Wirecard had assets of just €428m, an amount dwarfed by €3.2bn debt. Yet… Asia editor @JamilAnderlini: Beijing’s coercive commercial diplomacy has come to dominate its relations with sev…
Retweeted by Lionel BarberMeanwhile in other non Covid news: That moment when people discover friction free movement is gone and lots more re…
Boris Johnson: “Our country is a freedom loving country (compared to Johnny Foreigner)” - more nostalgic nationalis… more months of restrictions and hint of military intervention in support of the police. Johnson applies shock… curious - it’s the most underrated quality in a good reporter is a great sophist but he’s being tied in knots by Mishal Husain when asked to define “unnecessary social contact” #RuleOfSix
Message to Theresa May: Whatever I have said, written or might write, all is forgiven #bothbarrelsAfter “social Siberia”, Perugia enters the British political lexicon, this time as a verb. To Perugia: to bear fa… are guided by the science is the official explanation for absence of PM at today’s mega Covid briefing. Yes, but…"The Government has formally scrapped Theresa May’s plans for a British version of the GPS satellite navigation pro…
Retweeted by Lionel Barber
The Scots under Sturgeon’s SNP have been given a consistent message; the English under Johnson have been given a st… latest Brexit irony, new research shows that the vast majority of growth in top incomes and taxes in the UK over…
Retweeted by Lionel BarberPlus 2. Apart from Cummings, the only person in authority who seems to be aware of UK Crown Jewels being hawked a… Johnson described here as a “malfunctioning rustbucket” or an “exhausted hound panting pathetically for water…
All aspiring journalists should read this model Matthew Parris intro on Boris Johnson and watch how he manages a me… Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a great jurist who became the liberal conscience of America #RIPRGB
Wow picture of power plays in action. My Caption: “Who’s running this -show, him or me? “ am thrilled to announce Stephanie Flanders is joining the Wincott Foundation board dedicated to fostering quality… in civic courage
For the attention of Jacob Rees-Mogg all its considerable democratic achievements, post-war Germany is not a role model for Brexit Britain, especial… to Boris Johnson: The Irish lobby is more powerful in Washington (and Brussels) than the English lobby. UK gov…
Lord Keen does the honourable thing and resigns as Lord Advocate over the internal market bill. Note the icy “I hav… sophistry at its worst from the squirming Justice Secretary Buckland. No ifs and buts, the internal market b… question everyone is asking this morning in the UK, especially in Bury, Bolton and Rochdale this for real? Fascinating deep dive into the Hartlepool company claiming a 20 second saliva test for Covid…
By my reckoning, the Government has so far attempted in five ways to justify clauses 42 and 43 of the Internal Mark…
Retweeted by Lionel Barberdid anyone ask him whether distracting the head of NHS #testandtrace with a new mission to reorganise health quango…
Retweeted by Lionel BarberThanks for the memories. Every word makes sense; every sentence has come true. MPs should read this Jonathan Powell… to Home Secretary: mingling is surely not two families stopping for a chat in the street at a social distan…’s high tech Crown Jewels - Arm Holdings - is about to sold off (again). This is a live case of national sec…
Ed Miliband discovers a sabre-toothed tiger in his tank. Worth watching the savaging of a prime minister left speec… and well-informed review of The Wake-Up Call in today's FT,
Retweeted by Lionel BarberSome members of the Cabinet are staying silent, believing they can exert more influence inside the government and t…
I look forward to a full explanation in Parliament starting with Liz Truss and then the PM scripture humour in the age of Covid #Six
Even by his own low standards, Boris Johnson’s Telegraph article plumbs new depths of shoddiness and dishonesty (short thread) 1/
Retweeted by Lionel BarberAnd Theresa May, indeed, Brown, Major, Howard, Lamont - all lined up against Boris Johnson’s “fantastic” internal market bill which… column from @MarinaHyde on law-breaking, moonshots, moonshine and the trillion pound Tories question from a top Irish diplomat. Over to you @cafreeland
The cost of the Johnson-Cummings “clean Brexit” is no US-UK free trade agreement because Congress won’t pass it; br…"This idea that Britain could sign the withdrawal agreement with its fingers crossed behind its back and then just…
Retweeted by Lionel BarberOxfordschnösel - Germans have the best compound nouns #BorisJohnson
What do Theresa May, John Major, the European Commission, Nancy Pelosi, Michael Howard, Norman Lamont and the head…
Retweeted by Lionel BarberHere is a thread on the legal advice the European Commission has circulated to member states following the publicat…
Retweeted by Lionel BarberOne minute it’s a moonshot, the next it’s no more Christmas. Government Messaging is all over the place worth reading: Stay at home. Stay alert. Eat out to help out. Go back to work. Don't mix with more than six pe…
The last word at a low point in UK democracy from super-sharp @davidallengreen “It is legality not policy that push… Top judge in Northern Ireland speaks up against law-breaking British government. He says, in effect, that J… statement from von der Leyen on law breaking British government and importance of respecting treaties a… government line as per Matt Hancock: we’re breaking international law to protect the peace process in Northern… Berdymukhamedov, the Turkmenistan President trying hard to become the world’s most ludicrous dictator.…
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A lot in this FT story about the Jonathan Jones resignation, but this aside is on its own quite astonishing.
Retweeted by Lionel BarberThe good news: British civil servants are resigning as a matter of principle compared to Trump’s senior appointees… @MarinaHyde Apart from the unwarranted slur against Jaguar dealers in Guildford, this @MarinaHyde column captures G…’m breaching the government’s Covid Guidelines in a very specific but limited way #true2typeBreaking: Head of UK government legal department quits over Brexit via @financialtimes
Retweeted by Lionel BarberBrexit never made sense, EU to tell PM - consequences were “foreseen”
Government line that Brexit divorce problems were “unforeseen” is utter tosh. Anyone with half an understanding of… and contrast this speedy statement with Harry Maguire’s “reticence”. Different circumstances and legal pit… @benyt I enjoyed the column. Lots to ponder. Just my (old) editor’s itch to trim and shave, like a true Barber. On… (if editable) essay on political journalism in the age of Trump and hyper-polarisation. Ps good line on… story: Johnson prepared to walk back on withdrawal agreement. Northern Ireland protocol cited and primacy of U…
NEW: 🚨🚨🚨🇬🇧🇪🇺🚨🚨🚨UK planning legislation to override key parts of #brexit withdrawal treaty and Northern Ireland prot…
Retweeted by Lionel BarberWe are applying a 15th century solution - quarantine - to a 21st century problem. World-class testing and high tech… careful where you walk. Permafrost in one part of Siberia has been exploding in violent eruptions, leaving crate…
Retweeted by Lionel BarberICYMI: this is a great story about gaming the system via a dominant supplier: Amazon deletes 20,000 reviews after e…
Serbian President Vucic finds out he’s moving his country’s Israel embassy to Jerusalem. #RealTimeDiplomacy
Retweeted by Lionel BarberAnybody who thinks investigative journalism is dead should read the long feature in today’s @FT about how, despite…
Retweeted by Lionel BarberSneak peek of my forthcoming book/ private diaries titled The Powerful and the Damned, with plaudits from Sir Haro… v the Atlantic. My vote goes to the Atlantic whose multiple sourced story on Trump disparaging fallen US so…
Midday London: the view from Southwark Bridge. We have a long way to go before fear is removed and confidence rest…!German criminal investigation against FT reporters for pursuing serious journalism finally dropped. Munich pr… AP has confirmed the accuracy of this extraordinary article. The White House has denied it. It could shatter pe…
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Thank you @PickardJE but credit really goes to @FD and @murphyp for exposing a criminal enterprise. Wirecard tried… Message to Bafin and the German parliamentary inquiry into Wirecard: just read @FD account below because the who… piece on @FD bringing down Wirecard is brilliant. Though the FT might be the last place in British journalism…
Retweeted by Lionel BarberIncredible story, featuring black ops, electronic surveillance and and legal threats: how @FD exposed Wirecard as a…
Alexei Navalny poisoned with nerve agent novichok via @financialtimes
Retweeted by Lionel BarberThis is worse than fake news. It is Soviet-era disinformation. Brazen, cynical and desperate
Seconded, Tim. Exactly 40 years ago, I was in Warsaw, Krakow and Gdańsk with my brother Tony. Two cub reporters w… worth reading: Goodbye to the ‘Pret economy’ via @financialtimes
Delighted to see a serious German speaker fast-tracked to the top of the UK Civil Service #abergenau is one of the great political speeches, an impassioned defence of peaceful protest and a withering attack on e… of the Rings in Belarus
Britain has a world-beating tech company called Arm: its destiny is vital for Britain’s future via @financialtimesHere is an article I wrote for today’s Sunday Times. Let’s refill our glasses and put this pain behind us
Retweeted by Lionel BarberWell worth reading: the government has done a first-class job scaring people but if workers don't return to office,…