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Lion 爱 @LionIX19 Lucid Dream Graphic DZNs

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@qCandywingX Candy Legend Mazzi Wildcat gaw @qCandywingX @QTpulsive Lmfaoo @qCandywingX @QTpulsive I remember when i stormy server used to full of people asking for ikonik codes😭 @ImRed_v9 Yessss
With the new Terminator set being leaked I’ll be gifting TWO lucky winners any cosmetic from any Item Shop (Bundles…
Retweeted by Lion 爱 @DrugClass @qCandywingX Ayoooo? @cruiserxzs Big poggies @cruiserxzs Dw the account u have now have 0 warns @valwop @oreoxv Noti to ur noti back @JustABoiYT Horny jabVoy a sortear 10 packs de mi skin de Fortnite entre todos los que deis RT a esto y me sigáis. Suerte. 💛❤️
Retweeted by Lion 爱 @illushom Juice X Peep @__FLIM__ ty for the giveaway with @im2rnadoo #TDisLegit won carbide and give it to my homieFORTNITE GIFT GIVEAWAY Prize: 🎁1x 800 vbucks gift. Follow me and: @TRCLAPS Please ♥+🔁 and tag a friend (optiona…
Retweeted by Lion 爱 @JakKWolf94 @BenoServices SET GIVEAWAY Prize: 🎁1x Splash Squadron set. Follow me and: @BenoServices Please ♥+🔁 and follow this Inst…
Retweeted by Lion 爱 @okjumpss Expo is godly from far i think if u got good sens and good aim But imo i feel more comfortable with linear @ItsSelium Kap @JakKWolf94 I am lucky that i own a ps4 webcam @NewCookieBoi @illushom @illushom Sad @im2rnadoo Ahly4ever lol poggied @illushom LMFAOO I want to be in this GC :p🎉Fortnite 2x 500 Vbucks Gift Giveaway🎉 Prize: 🎁1x 500 vbucks gift 🎁1x 500 vbucks gift To Enter: Like❤+retweet🔁an…
Retweeted by Lion 爱 @JacobLucado Gmm @JustABoiYT Drog or temper @JakKWolf94 Gl all @famousmoxy @JackedBeastyy @this_vid @JxyCat Oooooof @JxyCat RECYCLE MISSION @qCandywingX @UhhBam_ @AlfredoFlores @qCandywingX ADD EXTRA MOZZARELLA FOR EXTRA FALVOUR And bon appetit😍
@riotizmz WHY IS PEELY TARGETED? @DeathServicesx Wb @JustABoiYT 4k shit @JustABoiYT MF watching porn on tv @NotLionBich Send feet picsrt to find mutuals
Retweeted by Lion 爱 @NotLionBich 💙💙Retweet for mutuals again ples
Retweeted by Lion 爱 @NotLionBich 💕💕 @DeathServicesx Ffs not cow man @DeathServicesx Wildcat, eon, 13.5k vbucks i think @itssJal My internet provider is vodafoneWe’ll give one Lucky person the Wildcat Skin To Enter: •Follow Me, @WindurraUSA And @GGiAmL3G3Nd •Retweet Thi…
Retweeted by Lion 爱 @itssJal WTF SAY ONG I PLAY EU EVEN THO I LIVE IN AFRICA I HOPE WHAT UR SAYING IS REAL @A_Futrell101 Appie and futerell fighting trying to convince each other that the other person is famous not them @DeathServicesx I am here @Dragifyy @HoMioW @CoolerMasterUK @AORUS_UK IDK I WILL DO IT IF U DONT WIN 20M$ AND BUY BELLE DELPHINE BATH WATER😂 @Dragifyy @HoMioW @CoolerMasterUK @AORUS_UK Drag da best (u better win. 2021 FNCS or i will f....... )We’ll give one Lucky person the Wildcat Skin To Enter: •Follow @Bullywyd , @WindurraUSA And @TheSommerset •Re…
Retweeted by Lion 爱 @PrezPlug Gm plug @Dragifyy @HoMioW @CoolerMasterUK @AORUS_UK MF u on some good shit (lemme know ur supplier) @Dragifyy @HoMioW @CoolerMasterUK @AORUS_UK Sell ur old pc if u won Upgrade ur new pc 200iq move @qCandywingX Kandy is dad😳 Good luck everyone and thanks so much candy for the chance 💕💕 @CoolerMasterUK @AORUS_UK @Dragifyy @TemperHimself Dayum Headshot sniped @Razza348 Wait... U might be on to something @eskyy Say less @NoodlesBruh hbd noodles @DubShotGaming I really wish i could join :( Probably another time @DubShotGaming Oooof Sadly no i get +160 ping on NAE @makunijiiro @GGiAmL3G3Nd @DubShotGaming I dont have a duo :( + is it EU? @ShabbyBroom Some scrambled eggs PB sandwich Glass of orange juiceI’ll send $25 to one person that retweets this tweet and is following @ValenceTrading along with myself this ends i…
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Retweeted by Lion 爱 @ShabbyBroom I dont own it😔
@DJaneRaven JFORTNITE GIFT GIVEAWAY Prize: 🎁1x 500 vbucks gift. Follow me and: @jaydielGinel29 Please ♥+🔁 and tag a friend…
Retweeted by Lion 爱 @ImRed_v9 @LionDZNs Gl everyone :) @TemperHimself Me being broke af and have 2k points @ilyyChords Hmmmmmmm @ilyyChords OOOOO U MAKING ME THINK AGGROCHORDS NOW @I_Talk_Spidey Kap @ilyyChords New te.... @ilyyChords I think ik what it is😳 @PrezPlug @EliteGAWGroup Prez eyo chill U gonna steal my gf (if i had one)DIAMOND DIVA/THEGREFG EMOTE GIVEAWAY Prize: 🎁1x Diamond Diva pack (Xbox code). or 🎁1x Controller Crew emote gifte…
Retweeted by Lion 爱 @SmallStreamersC @SmallStreamersR trying to affilate :) Need a quick minute from u Drop a follow :p
@Varcce 10$ giftcard and a ps5 controller @Varcce @JayBeaw LmaooAna ooop @TraceWayek Travis @velo_good @karimdzn Naaah it means senior year👍🏻 Btw if u need to learn shit lemme know am bored @velo_good @karimdzn Do u know what thanawya means? @velo_good @karimdzn U wont understand a single word🤣 @karimdzn @velo_good Np lol @karimdzn @velo_good Its 11.17pm Who sleeps at this time bruh @SerpentAU I was in love with lion king 🤣 @cxltures Cumters @ImRed_v9 Nah am still broke :( @Abdfighter24 Pogg @GGiAmL3G3Nd @Iron_Jam_ @DanielBeckerFan Bet when i hop on i gotcha some stuff @riotizmz Ah the OG scamming method @zOreoxz Built different @lllusion____ Am taking one rn Gib money u skammer @Iron_Jam_ Bruh u played with all OG skins while the rarest skin i ever played with is og john thicc