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Writer, Editor, & Streamer for @BlizzardWatch. Freelance! Supportive esports parents are my emotional kryptonite. she/her. 💙 📨

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@MitchFizzl @sqwarlock The one big WQ in Rustbolt frequently really sucks though... today it's to loot 6 chests. So… we're going to start off with all the patch 8.3 pet battles in the Vale, then we'll move on to the conclusi…
@SWAIM_CORP Eh, if it's industry I'd assume they probably named the favorites I'd call 'obscure' already... Bea in… you in Texas! I'm ultra hyped to be back with @PlayHearthstone again for the first time since 2016! Feels like…
Retweeted by Anna BellBoth Vale and Uldum invasions have rares for battle pet collectors. Black Empire in Vale (all week), and Aqir in Ul…
Retweeted by Anna BellToday I talked about what Monte leaving means for OWL, the Horrific Vision tech tree, and FLOWER CROWNS, a genius, every Monday night: Well, the Queue is almost done, but I need a header. Meh, I'll just do it tomorro… could use a couple more Queue questions if you've got any for your Watcher. @_Rades aw frick yeah
@Alchemister5 @matticus jncos and oakleys with gelled hairGALINDA: “Elphie - now that we're friends, I've decided to make you my new project.” ELPHABA: “You really don't ha…
Retweeted by Anna Bell @coil780 @notRoflcopter @RequineGG @adashtra Though I'm not one for the tertiary works, there was a novel wherein Sylvanas did what was pro… @notRoflcopter I got the stomach flu 2 days I got the flu shot so never again 😡😡😡 @WarlockAman I'm doubly annoyed about it bc when the rates/boxes dailies AREN'T up I'm the only one grabbing them,… designed this? I just wanna talk. @afterwits 100% SAME @afterwits How are we living in a timeline where Cats is a thing and Mean Girls is getting re-adapted to a movie, but no Wicked adaptation. @unlimitedBLACK I mean, I get it, a pandemic just hits different... people get freaked out about air safety when th… people who are flipping out over the Coronavirus, suddenly washing their hands and telling people to cover thei… @The_Kunka It's Hyjal. When you do Hyjal the staff bugs out, for some reason. So do all the other ones first and th… last week: oh man I'm so overwhelmed with all this new content. I feel so far behind. me this week: FLERER CREWN
i got nothin.
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Farming Simulator League is a thing and I feel truly blessed to have witnessed this in person.
Retweeted by Anna Bell @MatthewWRossi vulpera rep. @EmberFirehair I accidentally have a bunch of random greens that got removed at some point, I was happy to discover… @TwistyShape alcoholic seltzer. It tastes like a strawberry cried near the dregs of a vodka soda made with mr bosto…
lmao @SamStrake They've been making baffling decisions since Nanzer left, really.OWL will no longer have to compete with other esports for viewership. They'll be up against far stiffer competiti…
Retweeted by Anna Bell @Broximar How much longer do you think they can ride on goodwill and a progressively crappier product?You'd think that if they were gonna get that Google money from a YouTube deal, they would've tried a little bit har… @Moshcrates @Faience @mbuhtz @BlizzardWatch @MitchFizzl GUESS THAT'S WHY NOBODY CAN FIGURE OUT WHERE THE FUCK TO WATCH THE INAUGURAL COD GAMES
Retweeted by Anna Bellexclusive? like... exclusive-exclusive? 😬🗣 We’re expanding our media list! If you or someone you know plan to cover @ATLFaZe or @ATLReign this season, sho…
Retweeted by Anna BellThe transmog flower crowns are permanent in this year's Lunar Festival holiday! Here's how to get yours.…
Retweeted by Anna BellWe are hiring for a campaign operation lead and coordinator to help take our chapter's events to the next level!…
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Retweeted by Anna Bell @danoh @MitchFizzl plz don't dox my lucrative side gig. @MitchFizzl bc the corrupted effect is REALLY FREAKIN GOOD (a frontal cone that deals 18% of my max life at a high… @MitchFizzl yeah I wound up taking off a 415 ilvl and putting my 370 back on bc 75 corruption on one piece was a little too hot for me. @MatthewWRossi My favorite thing about streaming for BW is screaming YAE WOONTZ every 10 minutes. I don't even care… @noeldillabough wow, how dare youLots of esports this weekend.
Retweeted by Anna Bell @WarlockAman Right? @_Rades Cooked. Good and squelchy. It's bath night!My son BEGGED me to make him ramen for dinner and now instead of eating he's smashing it between his fingers like h…
@EmberFirehair @MatthewWRossi The irony is we're playing D&D as a part of a badge called the Fair Play badge, part… @EmberFirehair @MatthewWRossi The key art for Humans in 5e was a WOC, which is really good! But I have a whole lot… @MatthewWRossi I totally get why people would make that choice, both from a practical and aesthetics standpoint. It… @Tzeriel I've been doing just deep dive (page 3+!) on relatively generic searches rather than getting into specific… @MatthewWRossi My favorite is 100% the key art from Ashes: The Laws Of Lions. She's illustrating Constitution. @MatthewWRossi Oh, I appreciate it, but I'm almost done. I'm just super annoyed. I may do a thread.I know I don't have to tell y'all, but I'm prepping a presentation for my daughter's Girl Scout troop, and it's so… last week: I'm so glad these daily quests are right on the edge of rewarding enough to do, but not so rewarding…
@RequineGG but then I won't get likes, a valuable metric for anything, for having a hot take that doesn't make me a ghoul. :(Are the servers up?
Retweeted by Anna Bell @joemag_games this is so good, congrats. Hope you had a great first day!Are the servers up?
Retweeted by Anna Bell @Malkarii_ @MattFossen heck no, he'd FREAK (but yeah) @MattFossen relatively certain.Once again my son, for whom Baby Shark is the epitome of performance art, has restricted me from singing out loud b… @MitchFizzl is me @-ing @liopleurodonic.
Retweeted by Anna Bell @MitchFizzl EXCUSE ME I need all the zone maps of The Long Dark with indistinguishable icons open at the same time… @SamStrake Just make sure to do it slowly and carefully. They can be startled by sudden movement and may bite. @MattFossen how about neither tho @jcandance What? no. @cordonus noooooThis is the worst item ever.'re going to do a couple Horrific Visions, and then we'll go back into Eastern Plaguelands to kick it with the Pa… @JulianJRossi I would rather have to eat a pair of these glasses than explain why I chose them to the strangers who… news! It looks like Uldum and Vale dailies now award 125 reputation (up from 75) and 250 Coalescing Visions (up from 50)!
Retweeted by Anna Bell @cmhornyak initially I thought it was showcasing the same pattern on 2 different frames BUT NOPE. I think it's supp… in the world did I go wrong that Zenni's algorithm thinks this fits neatly into my personal aesthetic. on my Bandcamp is $1 Even the Ultra Pack with 225 songs. Also just released a new single on there. You…
Retweeted by Anna BellGood morning to everyone, but especially this fuckin guy.'s new ilvl daily gear day.
@RequineGG look at this smug, beautiful moron @MattFossen after last patch if you made an incorrect match it played a slide whistle sound while they turned back around.Happy Pet Battle bonus week! - EU gets *Super Squirt* on Tuesday, January 28 (lasts less than 24 hours though). Hap…
Retweeted by Anna BellTHEY TOOK OUT THE SLIDE WHISTLE FOR KOJO'S MATCHING DAILY :(Funko Pops are pop culture Precious Moments figurines. there's a post on the official forums about the Vale/Uldum dailies and War Mode bonus, the bonus is now FIXED…
Retweeted by Anna BellToday's Queue features a lot of complaining about how I still haven't unlocked frickin Vulpera or flying, plus some… @SamStrake sourdough only got partnered bc they showed their yeasts on stream anyway. @Flanageddon lol same :( @matticus @MitchFizzl Sometimes it's nice to have your own, jeez.Phew, the Queue is done! All I need to do is take a screenshot for the header image and... fool said awful and selfish stuff on her stream. Everyone quote tweets the video. Now she’s recognizable inste…
Retweeted by Anna Bell @adashtra oh, and if you haven't had the pleasure yet, the Warbringers cinematics are freakin amazing. The Jaina on… @adashtra Turalyon's character itself is a little... hmmm??? but his model and voice (I want to say Travis Willingh… @adashtra How far back are you going, and have you met Hot Dad Turalyon yet?Saw Little Women and my biggest takeaway was this scene: Jo: Give me your honest opinion. Critic: I don't like it.…
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In a world filled with kaitlyn Bennetts be a Rosie
Retweeted by Anna Bell @MitchFizzl heart. @SamStrake you don't screen DMs from ppl you don't follow? brave.