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Free hots coaching from former HGC coaches giving back to the community. Last day to sign up. Only a few spots le…
Retweeted by Anna Bell 💙 @pidia_p n e v e r. @zerena_hoofs Even if I were just chillin I'd be annoyed lmaoupdate: the jackhammers left... but the leafblowers showed up across the street.I've been trying to carve out time to record audiobooks and do auditions in the middle of the day now that the kids… @nite_moogle Our trash bin is green with a light blue lid, the recycling is a royal blue bin with a gray lid. We pu… casting than Chris Pratt as fuckin Mario @Sabriality @skatebirb Game speed is the way to be. I'll also add that ime almost anything involving driving tends…
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Finding out that Chris Pratt is gonna be Mario is the exact opposite feeling of finding out Idris Elba is Knuckles
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Retweeted by Anna Bell 💙 @zerena_hoofs hell yeahwho's gonna be my secret santa this year? bc.... @kalcheus @EmberFirehair Me, too (if you don't mind). I do a Yoga with Adrienne video and then cardio every morning… @Faience @adolther3d In general, Jordan keeps characters static. They'll change, usually due to catastrophic magic,… @Faience @adolther3d Yes. Her actions are what you'd expect from a lady who's being demure. His, and the surroundin… @adolther3d @Faience Nynaeve thinks of both Mat as the stupid and mischievous child he was in Two Rivers, and Elayn… @Faience @adolther3d SHE thinks of it as 'wow what a stupid MAN,' and HE thinks of it as 'wow, women are mysterious… @Faience @adolther3d The thing is, the characters think of it as a gender divide, but it kind of isn't, per se. Lik… @DrewMiller_CTR @adolther3d @Faience ^^^ This is the interpretation that'll get you through this series without losing it. @thingwhatwows oh gosh, this effect is fantastic. @Josiah_Motley"On the 23rd day of the month of September, [...] the human race suddenly encountered a deadly threat to its very e… hi?
@zerena_hoofs The removal of my last one was awful... the gyn prior cut my strings incredibly short so my new gyn h…'m just hoping for a super gory Lamb to the Slaughter adaptation tbh. we opened a Spirit Halloween at the vacant Google Headquarters.
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@fitegarden a couple packs of spare lightbulbs (idk why but every time I move I seem to go through a ton?), a drill…'m sorry, this headline is the best thing I'm gonna write all week. @Faience @pidia_p But that's $5 less I have to spend on indie games, and with steam sales that goes further than you'd think @TheRealNzoth IT'S IMPRESSIVE HOW MANY STEPS YOU GET IN FOR A BEING WITHOUT LEGS @TheRealNzoth NOT ALL OF US CAN USE OUR MINDBENDING WILL TO AMASS A LARGE ENOUGH CULT TO AFFORD FANCY GADGETS @Clockwork_Bells good luck and good vibes. @pidia_p not buying apple tv tho lmaoif you need me i'm gonna be screaming about this for the rest of the day
Retweeted by Anna Bell 💙 @ladyrhees I'd only be cooking one egg, though... I do already have individual silicone cups, maybe I'll try baking it in the toaster oven. @ladyrhees ex act ly. I don't even mind making it per se! I keep intending on adding an egg to my breakfast routine… @simplyundrea Happy birthday!yeah i read theory
Retweeted by Anna Bell 💙 @KarenCommins In terms of the productivity idea, I think I'm going to try with a few of the mixed sets I already ha… @Broximar I know we have a few loose sets bouncing around (a few Friends sets, 2-3 Advent Calendars and at least on… the lego bookshop is like, $100 more than I remember so I guess I better get productive REAL QUICKThis is freaking genius (and not at all an excuse to buy that lego bookshop kit I've had my eye on) @Kaiaphin_CtR oh man, great idea.You ever wake up and just like... really want french toast?
Retweeted by Anna Bell 💙 @zerena_hoofs the absolute best is when you take the real good antibiotics so your vagina's bacterial balance gets… @zerena_hoofs bc utis are fun as hell didn't you know?
@MitchFizzl @DrewMiller_CTR The story of No Man's Sky is very hopeful-bleak in a way I think you might dig.had lots of plans today so of course young sir woke up in the middle of the night barfing. @kurtismcc @Faience That's the best damn scene in the series. It made me want to go back and reread the entire thin…'ve had these conversations privately and semi-privately, but this, esp the headline, really distills it. Who is t…
I swear to god every time I take a screenshot in cAmErA MoDe in No Man's Sky the client crashes. (but sometimes I… @Tirrimas It reminds me of how they play "Born in the USA" at political rallies. @MattFossen @Clockwork_Bells @zerena_hoofs only one tho, the other was fine???Pretty cool of Canada to rename their COVID vaccines after characters in @CriticalRole's first campaign. Corner's Big Fall Update is coming in October! It's adding: + Crinoids! + A new workspace! + A new app, the…
Retweeted by Anna Bell 💙 @MitchFizzl @matticus wow how dare you @pidia_p ...omgI only just now realized that skatebird is a play on words for skateboard. @appleciderwitch lmao like people have the consideration to talk about my stupid opinions behind my back.It took me forever to submit my Lake review, because the wholesomeness that characterized it also made it feel TOO… is OUT on Steam, Itch, Xbox, Switch, and Amazon Luna!
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@zerena_hoofs I just started wearing bike shorts around the house for almost everything and it's god tier shit esp… @gatamchun ty ty, I'm glad I had the choice, bc it's baller af, but I'm conflicted bc it may contribute to ongoing… @gatamchun When I was younger I thought for sure I'd keep my name. Then I fell in love with a dude who afforded me… @GamerDoc_ Especially since it only really hit telemedicine when it was debunked, bc of course it did. @fitegarden I just hope I counted all 237 of them correctly for the headline lmaoI'm not usually one to toot my own horn but I'm in love this headline lmao @GamerDoc_ An Australian study in early 2020 suggested it could be effective, which was then retracted in Aug 2021…
@JulianJRossi @MattFossen probably a nymph. If you have small fish in that tank try to get it out, because it'll eat them. @joemag_games I'm really surprised a specific essential oil blend or brand hasn't capitalized on this at all. @pidia_p WOW. @pidia_p As a Sagittarius, I... @pidia_p @skatebirb We're a Blizzard news and analysis site!!!! @ChaceNick @SamStrake well bless your heart lmao(also I may have continued the joke from yesterday in a slightly clunky way just because I knew @MatthewWRossi woul… @SamStrake look, y'all....Today we're talking She Hulk in the courtroom, Rogers: The Musical, @skatebirb, and pistachios. Totally normal, on-… @matticus the cheugyiest @SamStrake 🍑 (no wait that's not a butt, I live outside ATL lmao) (& it's really weird that, beyond y'all and othe… @Sachant @SamStrake That's a deeply specific regional identity contributing to your idiolect, but regardless of my… @ChaceNick @SamStrake If y'all are using 'dudes' in to address group the "too slangy" ship already sailed. @SamStrake "y'all" works, both in terms of encompassing gender identities and informality. @glassbottommeg Disingenuous disbelief that OP didn't mention different controversy completely unrelated to original pains me to admit it but by wearing a hoodie underneath a tweed jacket... (sigh) Alan Wake understood the assign…
@liopleurodonic " Anywhere you go, let me go too" " Peggy, I am an ice cube"
Retweeted by Anna Bell 💙Jellicle Serum for Jellicle Super Soldiers the Hawkeye trailer and literally the only thing that stuck with me was Rogers The Musical.not me crying in the club over No Man's Sky. @Zuulzilla @Darkmechx It's 7:30 on the east coast lol
Decided to play No Man's Sky again just to mess around, and here's the closest I could get to my objective because… @Alchemister5 dreading low-rise jeans.
@Clockwork_Bells @Sabriality I distinctly remember a pared down Natalie Merchant cover of Wonderwall which she ende… @Sabriality @Clockwork_Bells I heard it on a Daria episode so that's my best guess. I will say I'd SWEAR they playe…