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Writer, Editor, & Streamer for @BlizzardWatch. Freelance! Supportive esports parents are my emotional kryptonite. she/her. 💙 📨

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@pidia_p I mean I do but it's still March, so.Good morning to everyone except for people posting that one Earth Wind and Fire song like it's not still March.
the next two months will be everyone going “ahem” and reposting old mitch mcconnell quotes to show how hypocritical…
Retweeted by Anna BellFuck.
@LizExMachina I had setting up Nightbot, Moobot, and Chatbot on my Trello, plus a "how to choose" metavideo. I'll start on Nightbot next! @LizExMachina Suuuure? lmao this week's is already shot though! @zerena_hoofs The only way we're getting anything done is by confiscating ALL the devices at 8am with the promise s… @MatthewWRossi @Faience welp I know what's gonna be stuck in my head for the rest of the day @Flanageddon oh shit this looks goooood. @worldhopper_os same! I like leaving it running as background noise when I'm writing, too... I just wish I could ma… @Flanageddon ooh, what's that second one with the medic building? @worldhopper_os it's so good and chill! @pidia_p Perhaps if I weren't figuratively drowning at all times. 🤷‍♀️At this point I know I'm not truly an Influencer bc if I was more of you would be playing The Long Dark on my sugge… video games you're pretty sure you like more than anyone you know @zerena_hoofs almost all my sprayable face products and sheet masks live in there rn lmao @zerena_hoofs have you considered keeping it in the fridge and spraying yourself in the face when it's too goddamn hot out? @pidia_p In terms of the length of time 'the afterlife' encompasses, this is fair. @side_questress the half-yellow star is a lifesaver! @side_questress Can I Mog It. @PIFGames @MitchFizzl Even if he's bellicose by nature, there are still conventions and standards in war, and the book about… @gaygeekdad I think they're judged by the Arbiter, but I mean, you ask a dude "hey do you want to face inescapable… @socalyote He's there, but it seems like he would've had a chance to be 'judged' by the Arbiter, which, fair, but still.So since Garrosh, Mr. I did at least 2 genocides, personally committed several murders, drank the blood of a fallen…
@gaygeekdad @appleciderwitch I have a pixel 4, and I bought a C type to 3.5, and it works for calls. You plug it in… sire denathrius short is great, but it seems a little insensitive to call it a short. studios own the stuff that streamers are broadcasting. And they let it be shared, because it's widely agreed t…
Retweeted by Anna BellDid y'all ever draw the wing on one side crooked so you did the other side but that side was too big so you did the… @Kaleri_ mercs, but instead of a soldier for hire they're rolling a xylophone.
@MattFossen pretty sure that one has to do with nature vs nurture, access, and general socialization more so than a… favorite phrase in gaming sexism is "dudes are just genetically predisposed..." like my guy just went to the lab…'m in this picture and I don't like it
@Broximar oh no, I'm so sorry.💙 @Mementh @pidia_p I don't want to turn off the notification. thanks though!Today I wrote about story criticism in Shadowlands by way of narrative device and also uh I have a really bad song… mean this with as much love as possible: are you experiencing burnout or are you experiencing a time period and c…
Retweeted by Anna Bell @thingwhatwows They have some kids in school, so they have scheduled days, and then there's a scheduled day for dis… @pidia_p 🤔🤔🤔per my last email just got an email from my daughter's school with information on Fall Picture Day and I may have snorted coffee out my, bleary-eyed, staggering to my Trello board, typing DISCORD 101: STOP FUCKING PINGING ME then staggering back to bed.
Retweeted by Anna BellFor non-streamers: Twitch pays ad revenue based on CPM ($ per 1K views), just like YouTube. Unlike YT, if you're ru…
The reality is, "help support the Creator" means less in terms of actual $$$ and more "Twitch continues to be wildl…🔬 Starting today, we'll be testing automated mid-roll ads for some viewers. These ads will directly support the Cre…
Retweeted by Anna BellToday's video is how to slapdash DIY yourself a webcam frame and some other graphics for your Twitch overlay! If my… @MatthewWRossi I'm so glad I thought ahead to bookmark that tweet and just re-promo it instead of creating new copy…'t mind me, I'm just re-promoting this list of fantasy and sci-fi fiction for youth featuring transgender charac…
Retweeted by Anna Bellevergreen tweetAlso, Discord Management is in the slate for an upcoming video, so uhhh it's probably time I updated and revamped my personal server lmaoy'all ever want to tell The Algorithm that yes, you're watching it and freaking love it very much so please use you… fuckin luck
Retweeted by Anna Bell @RequineGG You're not alone. I've been using Firefox containers and shit just to get it to, bleary-eyed, staggering to my Trello board, typing DISCORD 101: STOP FUCKING PINGING ME then staggering back to bed.
@LizExMachina @Elaraiyne @hestiahdruid The only lipsticks I chuck are the very peachy-toned reds & pinks bc they ma… @LizExMachina I LOVE THIS ONE on you. @LizExMachina I am completely in love with the new Bailey Sarian palette. I was real skeptical at first because I a… @LizExMachina oh shit is that a pumpkin cold brew???It's a coffee selfie kinda morning. Not just because I'm always drinking coffee, but also because I have to run err… few months I re-read this article, and every time it helps.
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@LizExMachina so what you're saying is... you cut the cheese? @pidia_p I don't think it works like that. @Flanageddon I mean, it's decent enough to make it so I'm not contemplating jumping off a building contemplating a… @WritingDaeja Saaaame. Not having cheese is a non-starter in our house. I feel bad for him, buuuut.for reference, I'm a vegetarian (ovo-lacto). He's willing to try almost anything but loathes onion (texture) and wi… husband thinks he may be getting lactose intolerant or allergic to milk or whatever and the thought of cutting o… the LINK not this tweet. 💙 NEXT EVENT! #BGGMembers this one is for you! We teaming up with @buildbox for a 2 hour workshop on how to buil…
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Don't worry, @Ateyo_ will keep making amazing products! You can purchase our Zip-Up here👇 🔗…
Retweeted by Anna Belldid anybody do this one yet? @annafunk @Clockwork_Bells I knooooow~ but those steam achievements! @pidia_p always @Clockwork_Bells "and the American soldiers were called the Minutemen..." We're taking back the Commonwealth one Settlement at a time!My daughter's teacher: and the first battle of the American Revolution, the "shot heard round the world" was at Lex… looks like I'm buying another game this week an--OH MY GOD THERE'S A PLESIOSAUR!!!
@Alchemister5 When my daughter in the NICU immediately after she was born, one of the line items -- and I will neve… @pidia_p pfftNo, YOU'RE buying chill games about plants and construction in order to feel more in control of your increasingly u… school difficulty: as a result of the THOROUGHLY cringy pop parodies of decade+ old songs her teachers a… @pidia_p Pretty much.I was going to post a coffee selfie this morning but it's like 11 and I haven't showered yet so that's how today is going. @RequineGG At first I thought it was for "speaker" but that seems a little on the nose.
@HamletEJ When I was producing my stand-alone battle pet content, hits on my video guides were orders of magnitude… @nite_moogle It's tough enough juggling kids with a relatively forgiving job and setup. The mental fortitude to do… friendly reminder to all of our World of Warcraft content creators that many of your developers have small childr…
Retweeted by Anna BellHear me out.... #ShadowlandsMount
Retweeted by Anna BellToday we talked cowboy spec, the butterfly effect, and what in the absolute sam hill is UP with 2020.👀 added this gem in the @BlizzardWatch discord, so I've changed my vote from team JellyCat to team Book Moun… e r a f l o p s
me: I could really use a good hype track to listen to while I do yardwork! Spotify: 👏 FUCKIN 👏 KEARNEN 👏
@chefmatthewburt It was tasty af too! I think I prefer it as a stew but man the tian looks impressive. @hestiahdruid @EmberFirehair I'm not sure who I saw make it first, I just knew I HAD TO HAVE IT lmao. So if it was you, thank you! @kremlincardinal YupGood afternoon, nerds. While you were @ ing me about how bad my mount opinions are I was making this, so I win no m… @chefmatthewburt
@Flanageddon If it's flammable, it's flammable.