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Occasional blogger. Loves writing about the intersection of clothing & identity. Bi, polyam, she/her 🏳️‍🌈🇪🇺😷 (Also tweets as @MasterOfBras)

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@ConnorAlexander @misty_mina Thank you 😘 @thelingerierae Thank you! Spoopy was my goal 🦇🕷 @amyvangar Thank you ☺️ @morninmadonna Had to be done really. Important work.Distracted myself from everything with an impromptu Halloween photoshoot. You're welcome 😉 @_emilyoram Thank you! I shall track it down @_emilyoram What movie is this from? I have to watch it. @fih_fi Glad that filming went OK. And it’s so nice to have you in my feed so often now. Twitter pops you in my “in… @laurenpattison Aww mate 😢 You’ve got us though... your pocket friends. to applaud the grown up government of leaking national lockdown to newspapers on Friday night, holding a press…
Retweeted by Lori SmithSure we’re all into saving Christmas but who is saving Diwali eh
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@jamieklingler That is so cool!!!Sorry 😂
Retweeted by Lori Smith @f_hitchcock I too have discovered that wired headphones and truly amazing earrings don’t mix 😢parakeets: the angriest londoners
Retweeted by Lori Smith @bramble__jam Good point. I mean, I love lounging around the house in party frocks for no reason but I don’t really… @bramble__jam It’s nowhere near as inspiring as the actual Vampire’s Wife brand, is it? That’s far too expensive for me though, sadly. @FourRedShoes @jadehalbert @f_hitchcock That’s very impressive! I’m one of those heathens who loves a good polyeste… @FourRedShoes @jadehalbert @f_hitchcock I’m surprised! I’d always assumed those collections were churned out to fas… @orbette @fih_fi Oops 🤭 @LyleD4D I came to that conclusion too. See my follow up tweet ☺️ @koshkajay Forgetful and obsessed with nice fabrics? Yeah... it me 🙃 @f_hitchcock @jadehalbert I bet your work was glorious 🖤Love that the BBC clearly realised that a ban on so-called 'virtue-signalling' would logically include banning the…
Retweeted by Lori SmithYeah FUCK THE BBC BBC staff told they could be suspended if they attend LGBT pride events under new rules
Retweeted by Lori SmithThere's a big no man's land full of people who aren't hot enough for instagram and aren't quite funny enough for tw…
Retweeted by Lori Smith @atenderwolf Lovely ink!
@Tigzy Exactly. We’d have been ON IT @Tigzy You just know that if it had been a collaboration filled with leopard print, we’d have both been a bit more eager 🙃On reflection, I think the sparkly cape and velvet dress that I already own are both a bit more “me” than anything… @f_hitchcock @jadehalbert I could probably make a cape 🤔 Have never sewn lace before though. Or velvet. @f_hitchcock @jadehalbert A rather fabulous swamp witch though 🖤 @jadehalbert @f_hitchcock I like the Vampire’s Wife brand but the prices are way out of my league, which is why I w… @f_hitchcock Yeah, I guess if I’d been more bothered I probably would have set a reminder. H&M dresses never fit me anyway 🤷🏼‍♀️I feel like I’m the only person on my timeline who didn’t get anything from the H&M x Vampire’s Wife collab, and it… @whollybrogued @whollybrogued"When the future is uncertain, you turn to the past"
Retweeted by Lori Smith @fih_fi Back in the days when being in crowds and hugging strangers wasn’t quite so dangerous. One day we’ll do thi… hello to The Underpinnings Museum team! We'll be sharing a bit more about us and our roles within the project s…
Retweeted by Lori Smith @misspreturns @IWoM85 @fih_fi @TheofficialDund Thank you! @erzsebel @pixeldiva Same ☺️ Some things just get better with age @misspreturns @IWoM85 @fih_fi @TheofficialDund Not just yet. I’ll tweet something at the weekend that can be RT’d, if that’s OK. Thank you 😊 @pixeldiva @erzsebel Also... you are both awesome 😘 @pixeldiva @erzsebel Isn’t it frustrating how you never realise just how gorgeous Young You is until you become Older You? *sigh* @IWoM85 @misspreturns @fih_fi @TheofficialDund We’re relaunching the project properly at the weekend, so I’ll be sh… @misspreturns @fih_fi @TheofficialDund @IWoM85 You can find all the information here 😊 @alexeptable It was meant to be! You look wonderful 😍 @cableknitjumper Yup. Makes me laugh every single time 😂 @pixeldiva I love this photo of you 😍 @8toelover8 If you’re just going to go back through all my photos and comment only on them and no other posts that…
@8toelover8 @RevivalRetro Thank you 🙂 @misspreturns @fih_fi @TheofficialDund Did you start it? Fantastic! Perhaps you’d like to take part in my project.… @misspreturns @fih_fi @TheofficialDund Seems to be quite a movement! @lightboiii Perfect! 😍2020 is nothing if not just a constant rewriting of the sentence "I'm sorry I haven't replied to your email/text/ca…
Retweeted by Lori Smith @ConnorAlexander This is great! (Mine’s from 2005, when Nokia “wave messaging” was a thing.)Was looking for an old meme in my photos and accidentally scrolled back to before December last year when there was still hope. :(
Retweeted by Lori Smith @fih_fi I do hope you went glam.May this gif of Oscar Isaac and Carrie Fisher be a blessing upon your twitter feed
Retweeted by Lori Smithif you have to choose an old picture of you as an album cover what would you pick? @FourRedShoes I am so very invested in that crew! Fantastic characters and dynamics between them, great storylines,… @iggigg YES!!! It looks amazing on you 🙌🏻Sixth-form student revealed to be behind 'Woolworths reopening' fake news
Retweeted by Lori Smith @whollybrogued I’m astonished that there are folk who are still unclear on this. I’d assumed it was common knowledge. @soapachu Isn’t it great? I love it! @whollybrogued Hah! Do they even know what dogging is?wild that if that circuit breaker had been implemented the first time it was suggested it would be over now
Retweeted by Lori Smith @RahulKohli13 @jvn The crossover we didn't know we needed, but the crossover we deserve 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @DeborahSuggRyan Oh. My. God!!! This is too cute 😍 I’m very much enjoying the pupdates 😊 @FourRedShoes What do you think of the new season of Discovery so far? I’m *loving* it! @whollybrogued It’s as if they didn’t even try. (Also, the replies to that tweet are extremely entertaining.) @hoobydoobydoo @RevivalRetro Thank you ☺️ It was too nice to just be sat in the wardrobe. @hail2thetealeaf @RevivalRetro ☺️😘 @jessbrll @RevivalRetro 🥰 I shall have to also wear it when I’m back in the office. That won’t be for a while yet though. @msmichellegar @RevivalRetro Thanks! I feel like a hair compliment from you is worth extra points ☺️ @LouiseM95790738 @RevivalRetro Thank you ☺️I really don’t understand why we went from a 5 level spice-o-meter to a 3 tier system that starts at medium only to…
Retweeted by Lori Smith“After 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle wi… pandemic motto everyone: WWMD?
Retweeted by Lori Smith @StellaOttewill @RevivalRetro Aww, thank you ☺️ Maybe I should wear it for work every day... or at least once a week 🤔 @win_confidante @RevivalRetro Thank you ☺️ @fih_fi Oh yeah... I should have used the hashtag 🤦🏼‍♀️ @GoingMedieval @RevivalRetro Ah yes! I remember when that was a useful thing. Not sure how I’ll be able to go back… @pa1impsest @RevivalRetro Thank you ☺️ Serving weekday glamour @GoingMedieval @RevivalRetro Isn’t it great? (Even better is that I’d won a voucher in an IG competition so it was basically half price 😁)I’m rediscovering items in my wardrobe that I’d previously (inexplicably!) decided were too fancy for work. Like th… do I get involved in property management. I am bored of the link between “being paid” and “actually doing something”
Retweeted by Lori Smith"Actually, Frankencolin is the baker." — #Halloween
Retweeted by Lori Smith @whollybrogued My timeline is full of this meme this morning, so I just thought I’d stop by to say congratulations on being the first 👏🏻 @FourRedShoes Maude is goals.
I was looking through some old blog posts and found this one, that I wrote last year, about why #Strictly is the so… @orbette Sext
@ephemeragrrl He really is ❤️ @thejobreeze Oh! That’s why I’ve seen folk angry about a £2 chicken. I can’t even with these people... they have NO CLUE @thejobreeze What’s happened?Loads website. Accepts cookies. Closes down ad covering part of screen. Stops auto-playing video. No, I don't want…
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