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Dog training outfit for today 👍
@Lolcodybond lol yeah this was what I doodled to commemorate a lost hour to a failed creation, so at least it was something!Me: struggling to create right now
@MatthewErman Pls visit our shrine and praise her 🙏 @hellocookie @MatthewErman I wanna add u tooo pls my code is 4415 3811 5808 👋HAIL THE BAMBOO BABY #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by Lisa SterleBut seriously I am so glad I started this garden last year because I would NOT have had the energy/motivation to st… shit 😂😂 literally just started cleaning out/ pruning my garden today and Matt’s over a week into his starter @hryhoriyy Honestly this IS the time to play Persona5 since it sucks up ALL YOUR TIME @hryhoriyy Right? Like I get that they’re cute and all but if you want that I promise a kitten is a better option. Some people... @reignofbrad Omg your house is SO SPORTS 😂😂
WHY DO PEOPLE GET SO WEIRD ABOUT BABY TIGERS?!!I cannot be the only one who fishes in AC with my eyes closed so I listen for the right sound and dont get psyched…
Retweeted by Lisa Sterle @princess_jem4 @MatthewErman OMG 😂😂😂 @princess_jem4 @MatthewErman yes it was probably a hypogognic hallucination, BUT I've never had one before and I ha… @princess_jem4 @MatthewErman ok wait a second. Jenn I am NOT kidding you I saw a ghost two nights ago. (I mean it w… asked @MatthewErman but he has no memory of writing this shopping list. Y’all think we need 48 day bean buckets? looking for a few animators for a small paid gig. Working Adobe Animate and with rigs a plus
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@reignofbrad That pink FAX MACHINE! @emilypearsonart @MatthewErman Matt’s playing right now he won’t let me....we gotta visit each other soon thooo @emilypearsonart @MatthewErman Lol I’ve been uhhh...playing more than I should. NO TIME TRAVEL THO 👍Quitting comics to become an animal crossing pixel artist byeeeee 👋I call my aesthetic ‘haunted grandma’ thank you very much.
thanks for my cursed doll @matthewerman #ACNH SUCH THING AS SARAH: CHAPTER TWO: This story is about a town named Bonneaut, under qua…
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@hryhoriyy @watery_day Wow omg. Ok you have a point haha! Ohhh Tom Nook... @watery_day @hryhoriyyanyway i wont hear any anti tom nook rhetoric any more. the man basically gives you free property, asking only that…
Retweeted by Lisa SterleY'all, on top of everyfuckingthing that's happening right now, I am having a day. Here's the situation. My snails love to fuck.
Retweeted by Lisa Sterle @emilypearsonart SW 4415 3811 5808 add meeee 💖👍eeee I made a jumper and a lil hat. also at least m y villager can have blue hair even if I can't rn #ACNH
@AvivaMaiArtzy Omg 😲😍If the kickstarter hits 70k today we'll make @Megcurdy recreate the BA test kitchen as a playable campaign setting.
Retweeted by Lisa Sterle @weredawgz @definitelyvita @Stella_di_A @Treestumped @heyjenbartel @thevaultcomics it looks SO GOOD!!! 👏🌕💙So, here is the first chapter to a novel I've started writing. It is free via @gumroad. Thank you to @juststeffiart
Retweeted by Lisa SterleI have a sewing machine and tarot cards I cant tell the difference between #ACNH and reality anymore @Lolcodybond I LOVE HERI did almost everything right. Worked at home. Saw one friend in the last 10 days. Had a beer for an hour outside a…
Retweeted by Lisa Sterle @MatthewErman so it begins,,,
Retweeted by Lisa Sterleall about the island life! #ACNH
As 2.5M lose their jobs in the middle of a pandemic, remind me again why we binding health insurance to employment is a good idea.
Retweeted by Lisa SterleWe're so excited to share a new book by @rosdottir! Botanical Curses and Poisons is published in September 2020! M…
Retweeted by Lisa Sterle @Lolcodybond OOOOOoooo we have cherries. We’ll have to visit once that option is unlocked! @Lolcodybond What fruit you got?
@glshade1 @Liminal_11 I am so glad to hear that it's been a comfort. 🙏 @troubledmn @Liminal_11 Thanks Elise!!
You can now digitally buy Long Lost Book One and Two on @ScoutComics store. It's a good price too, $7.99. Direct c…
Retweeted by Lisa SterleLa Sagrada Familia just casually in the background. Those old cities w/ all their balconies have gotta be a great p… @oheysteenz STEENZ these are perfect vows. THE END. 👏 @emilypearsonart @Liminal_11 aaawwww thank you Emily! @emilypearsonart @Liminal_11 Yep!!! 😊👀👀👀 here’s a little sneak peek of an upcoming project, soon to be announced from @Liminal_11! stay tuuuunnneeedddd.…'m here for any bread baking questions. Happy to help. I'm a beginner but you literally only need yeast, flour, su…
Retweeted by Lisa Sterle @TheBethBarnett I would love one when you do!! 🙏 @TheBethBarnett I LOVE that Bowie!!!I think the reasoning behind it is it can be a distracting physical sensation to combat racing thoughts, or to feel… is such a good tip!! Drinking it helps too. Walking up and down stairs is also great to interrupt the breathi…
Retweeted by Lisa SterleA small bit of advice to those feeling especially anxious during this time: cold water or ice can help stop or less…
Retweeted by Lisa SterleI’ve woken up into panic attacks in the past couple months. It can feel really, really scary. I am so grateful my t… small bit of advice to those feeling especially anxious during this time: cold water or ice can help stop or less…
The Laughing Ogre, best comic shop in Columbus, is offering safer comic pickup options and including curbside and l…
Retweeted by Lisa SterleMy latest for The Hard Times makes it clear that while social distancing is key, we need a different kind of hero.
Retweeted by Lisa Sterle @revelatrix @jenisicecreams I was sooooo happy she included the recipe in the cookbook so they weren’t lost to time.And for clarity, it’s butter and syrup OR ice cream topping. Even I have my limits on sugar consumption.They were delicious, though missing the most important ingredient: Jeni’s ice cream. 👀👀👀 @MattHTaylor @jenisicecreams I thought polka seemed like appropriate waffle makin’ music. Really underscores our journey towards insanity.Day 4 of isolation: I realized w/yeast I can make the rare/forgotten @jenisicecreams North Market Waffle from my sc…
@MatthewErman and I may divorce though, we always disagreed on villagers in New Leaf............This game will be a blessing in these dark times 🙏BE THERE OR BE SQUARE out that even though there’s no ps4 app, I can Airplay to my TV from my iPad. Here’s to watching great movi… ROMNEY.
Retweeted by Lisa Sterle🎵 So we roll the dice, see where they may fall 🎵 Drew Sae Niijima, she had the best place in Persona 5 imo.
Retweeted by Lisa SterleHonestly really proud of Matt finding a healthy way to connect w/people socially during our social isolation. Go wa…
I think since I have to be inside all the time now I'm going to start streaming tomorrow on
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I feel like cover illustration keeps me sane during the long graphic novel haul. It just feels good to be able to t…’m working on a book cover for a middle-grade fiction book right now and I gotta say I am having SO MUCH FUN. So u…
@TheBethBarnett yes. same!AHHH THE NEW CLAUDIA LOOKS SO CUTE! I need those boots. She was always my favorite growing up. - are any authors and poets out there seeking paid virtual teaching opportunities? Writing workshops, one-time…
Retweeted by Lisa Sterle @Sweeney_Boo Great choice I might have to rewatch it..or Buffy. Haven’t rewatched that in awhile.
Each year when you go to reup on your lease for an apartment or wherever that shit should go down $50 not up, like…
Retweeted by Lisa SterleGot the stand mixer out and whippin' up a new batch of bread. This time it's 450 grams of a mixture of flours (all…
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@Lolcodybond @MatthewErman Omg AMAZING this is officially my favorite art of Matt everToday's warmup is @MatthewErman as a proud bread dad with his beautiful baby bread son.
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Retweeted by Lisa Sterle @MatthewErman It was defintiely edible, if a little dense and a tad bland. But I am honestly astonished it turned out this well. @MatthewErman @MatthewErman This is a lie he actually put it back in for another 5 mins or so cuz the knife came out a lip doughy @MatthewErman @MatthewErman If Matt learns to bake bread, and I learn to sew clothes we can finally start that socialist commune in the woods @hryhoriyy @MatthewErman BREAD IS IN OVEN
Retweeted by Lisa Sterle @MatthewErman BREAD IS IN OVEN basically no reason other than the void and ether of life, I have decided on 500 grams of All-Purpose and one p…
Retweeted by Lisa Sterle @reignofbrad THATS A GOOD SLEEPY GIRL RIGHT THERE 👏👏👏“Just thinkin bout life and stuff, ma” dogs are my favorite thing in the entire universe 👍 @MatthewErman LIVE TWEET THE BREAD THE INTERNET MUST WITNESS