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Lisa Snowden @LisaMcCray Baltimore County

Editor of @baltbeat. managing editor @therealnews. Seen in: Baltimore City Paper, Baltimore Sun, Columbia Journalism Review, Essence magazine.

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Did you miss our Presidential Debate recap? Well you can still catch it! @maximillian_alv, @KimBrownLive and…
Retweeted by Lisa Snowden @50ShadesofKellz All I watch is Golden Girls and Grace keeps asking me to remind her who all on there is dead 🥴I’m honored to have been a guest on @KimBrownLive new show. Check out today’s episode. We had a really good convo a…
Retweeted by Lisa Snowden @TaliRichman @baltimoresun @baltsunguild ❤️ @SankofaBrown I will never un-see it lol @SankofaBrown I- @daveforbmore Oh my god
@vinn_ayy 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Lisa Snowdennew wife guy just dropped
Retweeted by Lisa Snowden @NMJMRedux aren’t embarrassed? it was you’d be dead by now baby
Retweeted by Lisa SnowdenI defer to @TheTinaVasquez on immigration reporting. Follow her.
Retweeted by Lisa Snowden @stevechristo_ :-(A thread of powerful and impactful work. Been a highlight of my excitement about @THECITYNY's work! Can't wait to s…
Retweeted by Lisa Snowden @rmc031 AwesomeIncoming city council president Nick Mosby won’t talk about his $45,000 federal tax lien; no indication it’s been p…
Retweeted by Lisa SnowdenTRUMP’S EYES WHEN BIDEN SAID “COCAINE!” Omg! 😳 #DebateTonight
Retweeted by Lisa Snowden @allcurledup Wouldn’t the shrimp get extremely over cooked? @DieRobinsonDie Yes @LaLashaMurphy I cannot 😍 @theNFLchick @no_cut_card Being white seems amazing @ellenfishel Tag yourself I’m blue shirt at the top left @8strangefruit 🤦🏽‍♀️ @_barneysandals @MusingsHistory Oh lordSuch a cool partnership from @WritersinBMore for high schoolers in our community!
Retweeted by Lisa Snowden @ElleWCarter 😂🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 you missed the debate or you just want to join us breaking down key moments and what was not discussed, join us…
Retweeted by Lisa SnowdenBaltimore County tenants, the County's rental assistance program has temporarily closed. All applications received…
Retweeted by Lisa Snowden @Tereneh152XX I’d do it again!
Retweeted by Lisa SnowdenI am one of the presenters for Black Healing October. It's a month of FREE healing workshops for Black people, by B…
Retweeted by Lisa SnowdenHelp. My baby went missing today. He is super friendly. His name is Lucky. We live in East Baltimore. Patterson Par…
Retweeted by Lisa Snowden @heyjscott Lmao @stripfoemma @sherlock2g @WrittenByHanna OmgDiddy is gonna have us fetching cheesecake for rights.Not yours.! @melissabeck 😂Maryland Inside Joke Twitter is the best Twitter...
Retweeted by Lisa SnowdenMy entire timeline: where’s the mute button?
Retweeted by Lisa Snowden @ESMirelle Cocked a little bit to the side. Just a touch. @DavidPontious Help!
To be fair, Black history wasn’t the only thing they sucked at teaching us in school
Retweeted by Lisa Snowden @50ShadesofKellz Kelly. @offbeatorbit It’s always Libra season over here though this caption. 💀
Retweeted by Lisa Snowden from @jaisalnoorMitch McConnell swears he's healthy after photos show his right hand to be much darker than the rest of his body
Retweeted by Lisa Snowden @TheRiver_Oshun @Vandalyzm @ReaganGomez I dropped my damn phoneWe're excited to partner with @Report4America fellows @HagiaStephia (@baltimoresun) and @yesl_kim (@WYPR881FM) to o…
Retweeted by Lisa Snowden @blurbette😔 the money needs to be followed too.... Oh, & MTA could use some money too 😌
Retweeted by Lisa SnowdenBlue said “I hear resting”
Retweeted by Lisa Snowden!!!!!! @trustpunch @notrivia I admire white men’s dedication to just a constant stream of takes. @notrivia @trustpunch This person was also defending jerking it on camera at work.We're out here selling books til 7! Cocktails + snacks available 6-10pm!
Retweeted by Lisa Snowden @CatSoHaute So many people on here! @bmoredownbeats I’m shocked he took questions @8strangefruit !!!!! @TheWayWithAnoa 😂 @EricaLG We want justice by any means necessary. Any. Means. @midnyt_ontherun @Norman_Freeman_ Thank you!!! @WrittenByHanna That and Hennessy. @Tereneh152XX Art teacher, specifically! @pamelacouncil 😂From the BCM Archives:
Retweeted by Lisa Snowden @joeyhunziker🔥🙏🏾🙏🏾
Retweeted by Lisa Snowden.@KimBrownLive and her team grew this show out of the pandemic and I couldn’t be more proud. Follow Kim, and then f… @BmoresVeryOwn And I do!How do I find the video of @Norman_Freeman_ saying that these motherfuckers are playing with them. I need it. For reasons.My favorite sign in Baltimore, it makes me laugh every time I see it.
Retweeted by Lisa Snowden @MediaMare Stoopppp1. vaccines don’t stop you from getting sick, they reduce the severity of your illness so you are less likely to di…
Retweeted by Lisa Snowden @Camden213 Hilarious @8strangefruit Gently correct people’s tacky makeup mistakes. Also: boobs. @cullenenn Remember the doctor who got run off here because he lied about his daughter being attacked by squeegee kids?! @macsmom ❤️ @Hey_MissKeisha He absolutely looks dead @ovoschaun He is, though!Thank you to @tufayel and @VICE/@VICEUK for reaching out and interviewing me about the situation with my dad! Appar…
Retweeted by Lisa SnowdenRonald Reagan still showing no signs of action despite Hogan’s support for his third term as zombie president…
Retweeted by Lisa Snowden @Danielle_Bmore @BmoreGabe This is the best response @manda_writes @DieRobinsonDie Yes.Is it Ronald Reagan? Because he’s dead.Who in Washington are you speaking about specifically, Micheal. Who isn’t giving you any signs of action?’t I say children with disabilities were going have a really tough time bc they’re losing their in school suppo…
Retweeted by Lisa Snowden @duckydynamo Rube is an amazing insult that we need to bring back. @theNFLchick @TheKimAlexander @unclelukereal1 I love that this whole exchange happened. @tenpachisalons @Hey_MissKeisha @LeahHelene3 Thank you! I just started using stuff from Drunk Elephant.Y’all are funny as hell quote tweet response to this is amazing. Baltimore Twitter >>>>>>> @ezewriter I can understand his concernBiggie doesn’t want the devil’s punch-spit on him.