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Labour MP for Wigan. Constituent? Please email me on: Also @centrefortowns "currently being run out of a shed in Bolton"

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I spent this week with @AddactionUK workers in Wigan who have been almost broken fighting for the pay and condition…
Retweeted by Lisa NandyI’d like to know if the @LibDems are interested in the committed, skilled workers who are the difference between li… spent this week with @AddactionUK workers in Wigan who have been almost broken fighting for the pay and condition… much has been taken out of Royal Mail by its bosses and now the workforce are overwhelmingly saying enough’s eno…
So brilliant to see this @LaticsCommunity project with children from Wigan mosque tonight (and an added bonus to me…
@pjohnny10 @AsawParty @alfordScott @JohnMas73850126 @JoeSaun55108441 @SkyNews @Independent Thanks John
Great to be quizmaster for the evening with this lovely CLP ❤️ too
The absence of Britney Spears here is genuinely shocking was a pleasure to speak @NorthWestUNISON rally today in support of Addaction workers seeking fair pay and condit… to hear about the attack in Manchester Arndale Centre today. Please help @gmpolice with their appeal for info… tackle the obesity crisis, we must tackle food poverty that has reached dire levels under this Tory government.… stand to lose an awful lot if sceptics carry on pretending that the climate emergency is not real. From #BBCQT l…
‘If you won’t accept the evidence, at least accept that there are people who stand to lose an awful lot if you carr…
Retweeted by Lisa Nandy @jennlyle @Kirstydevlin1 I thought this was a coding question at first 😮 - will send! @cpaschali Didn’t you hear? We’re being given them to replace all the community centres and libraries that have clo… Northern Powerhouse promise broken - old, creaking pacer trains will not be off the network by the end of t… heard first hand today from @AddactionUK members on the picket line. Great support from @Y_FovargueMP
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Labour MP for Wigan @lisanandy is on the panel tomorrow #bbcqt
Retweeted by Lisa NandyEverything about this rings true. No deal warnings do not resonate, most people have a rock solid belief we will fi…
@johnharris1969 For Taylor Swift fans, Teardrops on my Gritar and my fave Soon You’ll Grit Better are a thing of be… @johnharris1969 Grit Me with your Rhythm Stick made me laugh out loud (but could possible be a criminal offence)I concede defeat @johnharris1969 I presume this is because you have a definition of pop music that excludes anything popular? @johnharris1969 I know how much you loathe pop music but Gritney Spears is the obvious choice. Also, I would love t… @fluff164 Lisa Sandy MP 💥Absolutely has to be Gritney Spears or I am putting in a complaint @MsIbegbuna @Arsenal Lots of love Ruth @sparkyTG @centrefortowns @EY_UKI It had 21 in the same time periodOur new @centrefortowns ⁦⁦@EY_UKI⁩ report shows that while Manchester has attracted 382 Foreign Direct Investment p…
Twenty years ago towns and cities attracted similar numbers of foreign direct investment projects but look at what… U.K. can not thrive if towns do not receive fair investment. I don’t want to deprive cities, many outside of…
Retweeted by Lisa NandyOur new report shows the stark and deepening disparity of foreign direct investment into the UK. Cities are attract…
@AsawParty @pjohnny10 @JoeSaun55108441 @cllrmcloughlin @WiganLabour They mean old!This is not a deal. It’s a pre-election broadcast from the Prime Minister #Ridge'He's not behaving like a prime minister who is at all serious' Labour MP @lisanandy tells @SophyRidgeSky that Bo…
Retweeted by Lisa NandyIf the Prime Minister can get a Brexit deal, he’ll need Labour MPs’ support to get it through Parliament.…
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🚨 Coming up on #Ridge tomorrow 🚨 ⭐️ Housing Secretary @RobertJenrick ⭐️ Labour MP @lisanandy ⭐️ @TheGreenParty co-…
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This is vile and shows why Paula’s intervention in the chamber last week was so important. The poisoning of our pub…
Like @AndyMcDonaldMP, I was a little surprised to hear @BBCNewsnight say tonight I may be poised to vote for the ‘d… wasn’t in the chamber this afternoon, I missed one of the best and bravest speeches in my thirty six years from R…
Retweeted by Lisa NandyWins gold. Makes history 🔥 very grateful to the people of Canterbury for putting @RosieDuffield1 into Parliament and allowing her to do thi… @ruthdavis27 Thanks RuthThis is a really thoughtful and interesting piece from @lisanandy on how to get the coalition against the climate c…
Retweeted by Lisa NandyWe need to build a broad coalition to tackle climate change that supports, rather than alienates, our working class… British Postal Service is under attack and time is running out to save it. Please retweet and support…
One of the few, illuminating interventions in a debate that is so often twisted and distorted by people on all side… loved meeting the Wigan 19th Town Brownies this evening. I was a Brownie for 3 years, only got 2 badges and… of this hate #TeamHarry #TeamMeghan @LucyMPowell @YvetteCooperMP @centrefortowns It’s not so much a competition as a barrier that is holding us all bac… Manchester is completely unbalanced. In recent decades the city of Manchester has attracted huge foreign in…
Huge credit to ⁦⁦@JoPlattMP⁩ , fighting to reopen Leigh’s train station after half a century. When we launched the… to Thomas Cook workers demonstrating in Manchester today. It’s great to see such strong support from…
This is great news. Anyone wishing to learn about the night some teds threw a table through the window at us little…
Retweeted by Lisa NandyPlease support this great cause, so that we can honour the memory of our mining ancestors.
Retweeted by Lisa NandyDropped into the Swan and Railway today to see what the new owner has done to the place. It’s a celebration of our… out this great new initiative from @WiganCouncil. What do you love about our town and what do you want to see…
Heartening tonight to see those who want to see compromise and unity raise their voices. The Church of England Bish… what we can do together to say strongly enough how much I admire this lovely, brave family #moreincommon @KeejayOV2 @OxfordDiplomat @annaturley @AnnaECarruthers @KatySearle @BBCkatyaadler @bbclaurak Lovely idea for a project #moreincommonWe sometimes hear the view that deprivation is primarily a city issue. This blows that argument apart. Many of our… wasn't just Johnson using dangerous language yesterday. Senior members of the Government treat this as a game. I… to overstate how much the Prime Minister’s behaviour is making a deal so much harder to achieve. This is a nat… government does not need a Queen's Speech to resolve crises like the collapse of Thomas Cook. They must do thei… did we end up with a populist, divisive PM using violent language to stoke rage and anger? By normalising hate.…
Worth remembering though that Cameron’s attack on Sadiq Khan as “unfit for office” amidst the Tory’s most cynical d… my 4+ years opposing David Cameron I never saw a parliamentary performance like tonight’s from Boris Johnson: de…
Retweeted by Lisa NandyThis man is not fit to be in office. He and his Attorney General have spent the day stoking hate and division as pa… can barely find the words to express my revulsion at Johnson’s behaviour tonight. Not a hint of humility, no cont…
Retweeted by Lisa NandyI don't often do pure opinion, but made an exception tonight. Boris Johnson knows exactly what he's doing and what…
Retweeted by Lisa Nandy @wigansfinest Thanks, that’s so kind and appreciatedTrolls out in force tonight. If you haven’t seen the programme, haven’t read the article, haven’t been to the event… Government's own assessment shows our ports will see serious disruption in the event of No Deal Brexit and medi… @maitlis That’s lovely, thank youIt’s been quite a #LabourConference2019 but amongst it all I met people from every tradition in our movement strivi…
Some grim comments to this..... Solidarity @unitepsbranch and @lisanandy for raising.
Retweeted by Lisa NandySo much at stake in the country but spare a thought for the Parliamentary staff tonight, so right we return to Parliament, we have to agree a way forward to prevent No Deal. No Deal is not a clean break and wou… is a significant victory for the people of this country against a government that has tried to silence them. T…
Our first speaker, @lisanandy, says people want “a political party that addresses the issues that led to the vote t…
Retweeted by Lisa Nandy“I am so proud to be here today”. Our Chair @lisanandy introduces our rally and welcomes our audience’s solidarity.
Retweeted by Lisa NandyLooking forward to our fringe session with @EY_UKI at #LabConf19 tomorrow. Panel chaired by @JenWilliamsMEN and fe…
Retweeted by Lisa NandyHow divided is Britain? Can watch this fringe online now of @UKandEU & @policyatkings with @lisanandy @anandMenon1
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“A letter arrived on the 25 February saying she was fit to work. She was at the undertakers.“ What on Earth.
Retweeted by Lisa NandyOne of the most moving things I’ve ever heard, Joy’s speech brought #Labourconference19 to its feet and left us all… room only for the ⁦@CompassOffice⁩ fringe with ⁦@labourlewis⁩ ⁦@CarolineLucas⁩ ⁦@Neal_Compass⁩ and me… you @lisanandy for supporting @EndChildPoverty #Lab19
Retweeted by Lisa NandyThe room is filling up for the Real Britain rally on austerity with me, ⁦@LenMcCluskey⁩ ⁦@DailyMirror⁩ ⁦… change is urgent. Change will not come from inside the system. It will only come from pressure from outside… you're at the @UKLabour conference today, make sure you come to our fringe event with @lisanandy , @labourlewis
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Come and hear Joy Dove speak at the #Lab19 fringe tomorrow with me, ⁦@lisanandy⁩, @Kevin_Maguire⁩, ⁦@LenMcCluskey⁩,…
Retweeted by Lisa NandyCatch up with me, @Minette_Batters @LSRPlaid and @DavidTCDavies on @BBCAnyQuestions in Aberystwyth - 1.15 on @BBCRadio4. It got lively!
@wesstreeting No need for the sarcasm @wesstreeting. We’re not all millennials round hereMainly sharing this because I recently learnt how to do ⁦@instagram⁩ stories (thanks ⁦@lucianaberger⁩) and I’m quit… @andygojuryu Ahhh, congratulations - prepare to be busy! 😍
This is the right decision. Thanks to @WiganCouncil and particularly to @FriendsOpen for fighting for so long to pr…