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@librarianstevie @TheRealAlienTwo @zoidberg95 @mumbles3k Oh man this thread after I turned my back for 10 min 😂 @librarianstevie @zoidberg95 @TheRealAlienTwo @mumbles3k I dont drink much pop these days just seltzer and water and then coffee/tea @librarianstevie @zoidberg95 @TheRealAlienTwo @mumbles3k Brunches are dangerous! I have drinks more often because I… @librarianstevie @TheRealAlienTwo @zoidberg95 @mumbles3k I like naps but then I’m wide awake staring at the ceiling at 3 am 😭 @librarianstevie @TheRealAlienTwo @zoidberg95 @mumbles3k That’s one of the things that has made me realize I’m not young anymore... @librarianstevie @zoidberg95 @TheRealAlienTwo @mumbles3k I often have a drink but I don’t *drink* if that makes any sense
@librarianstevie @zoidberg95 @TheRealAlienTwo @mumbles3k Thankfully no alcoholism on my end but the rest sounds familiar @librarianstevie @TheRealAlienTwo @zoidberg95 @mumbles3k We can be oblivious sometimes @librarianstevie @TheRealAlienTwo @zoidberg95 @mumbles3k Oh yes that too @librarianstevie @TheRealAlienTwo @zoidberg95 @mumbles3k I mean it had Luke Skywalker Sallah Dr. Soran Biff Freaki… @librarianstevie @TheRealAlienTwo @zoidberg95 @mumbles3k Wing Commander IV was THE BOMB @librarianstevie @TheRealAlienTwo @zoidberg95 @mumbles3k I was never cool enough to do crazy shit I guess @TheRealAlienTwo @librarianstevie @zoidberg95 @mumbles3k @librarianstevie @TheRealAlienTwo @zoidberg95 @mumbles3k Nope! I’m a watcher lol @librarianstevie @TheRealAlienTwo @zoidberg95 @mumbles3k Same with me as far as getting high. It’s hard to go throu… @librarianstevie @TheRealAlienTwo @zoidberg95 @mumbles3k Considering I’m a wuss when it comes to rides anyway... @librarianstevie @TheRealAlienTwo @zoidberg95 @mumbles3k The only time I think I would acid and watch a film is to… @librarianstevie @TheRealAlienTwo @zoidberg95 @mumbles3k That was so long ago I thought the terrible CGI Jabba was cool! @zoidberg95 @mumbles3k Same but I was -2 when it came out originallyDay 30. Fezzik @librarianstevie @zoidberg95 @TeltheTrekkie *snickers* @librarianstevie @zoidberg95 @TeltheTrekkie #GodDammitStevie @librarianstevie @zoidberg95 @TeltheTrekkie BWAHAHA YES!!!!! @TeltheTrekkie Desert Crossing @librarianstevie @zoidberg95 @TeltheTrekkie No, please do @librarianstevie @zoidberg95 @TeltheTrekkie That's what the internet is for and then I don't have to watch that ter… quote C-3PO: "We're doomed" to a kind and thoughtful man. See you th the Great Link! #ReneAuberjonois #StarTrek #DS9
Retweeted by Carl @Tyranicus @TeltheTrekkie @zoidberg95 @TeltheTrekkie It's still not worth seeing Worf become an ecoterrorist @officialhowsei 2vix: Getting the man back together!
Retweeted by Carl @TeltheTrekkie Carbon Creek#Bales2019FilmChallenge for December 10th: Movie Featuring a Library Scene? My pick is 1984's Ghostbusters because…
Retweeted by Carl @nsbulk "Hey Carmine, let me ask you something. What sets off the metal detectors first, the lead in your ass or the shit in your brains?" @librarianstevie @drakkorex @Tyranicus @TheBloggess You'll enjoy that bit then :) @officialhowsei "The One Where Janeway Commits Murder" ? @librarianstevie @drakkorex @Tyranicus The whole album is great. My sister and I quote the bit about how you can't… @3illSweet @Tyranicus yeah, I can definitely see that actually...definite O Fortuna vibe @librarianstevie @drakkorex @Tyranicus you've not heard it? oooh goody @cinsoundradio @tracksounds Still an improvement @librarianstevie @drakkorex @Tyranicus hahahaha It's definitely one of my favorite bits of his @Tyranicus @3illSweet Similar but I doubt they’re related 😊 @drakkorex @Tyranicus @librarianstevie “If *I* were Achilles I’d put my foot in a fuck-off block of concrete.....bu… think the #SiliconValleyHBO finale hit all of the right notes. Show had some ups and downs in the middle but they… THIS @Mr_Picard @WilsonFrontier HA! you're totally right @WilsonFrontier @Mr_Picard I want this solely for the Anson Mount cover of "I Will Always Love You" @nsbulk That's why I said you kind of need both. Honestly, I don't think you're missing anything essential for Jedi… never really expected the Patriots would be so fragile that once they were exposed as not all that great by, you… all I'm saying is that if the Jedi have librarians, the Federation has to have them too
Retweeted by CarlHey @nsbulk want to help with this one? My less-authoritative opinion is to get the RCA 1997 SE releases for SW an… @thejoekucharski I never noticed there were books in that scene.... @doublemacc @alexandertperry One of the best co-A plots Star Trek ever did. Love them both! @wheresurgoodnes "The Search, Part 1 and 2" are the first to come to mind. His finding his people and then finding… @unmutualwebsite The Butler is PERFECT @TrekProfiles @freedomtrombone "Yeager's Triumph" is a masterpiece from start to finish. That theme for the Mercury astronauts al… @nycsouthpaw "I guess I should read what the ghostwriter wrote for me..." @Shaun_P_ You just reminded me how much I miss those old TV credit sequences.... @GidgitVonLaRue Fuckin-A, BubbaOf course immediately after he, on the direction of Philip Kaufman, completely apes Holst's JupiterFell down a YouTube rabbit hole, so bear with me on this random observation. I like a lot of Bill Conti's work, pa…''s a Porg... cc @DelilahSDawson @rianjohnson
Retweeted by Carl @RocketJaz @GidgitVonLaRue @librarianstevie I've occasionally talked in a bad version of his bad versions of Connery and especially James MasonA recent thread has reminded me how annoyed I am that I can't have Bear on my work computer because Windows @librarianstevie I do sometimes yell at my computer when I get the "Cannot find iPhone" error: "It's here!" and I point it at the screen @librarianstevie When I get home I'll take a picture of my "Cake or Death" mug I LOVE Eddie Izzard. Saw him live in Toronto years ago @mariaemma16 @GidgitVonLaRue Whoa, a Quest for Peace sighting :) @librarianstevie 12 monkeys mating? @ListeningToFilm He's a damn champ! Haha
Retweeted by Carl @GidgitVonLaRue So glad Hackman in Drag made this list :)Say what you want about Lucas's mostly silly "everything rhymes" approach to the prequels, this moment towards the… to mention again my favorite Xmas album, “Natt I Betlehem” by @tordg & Solveig Slettahjell…
Retweeted by CarlThis whole time I was waiting to find out the objectionable thing Clint would do to this story. Bingo. "Fiiiiiive....Gooooooold.....Riiiiiings!" (BA DUM BUM BUM!)Day 19. Favorite AOTC moment The brief moment where Anakin fought Dooku with two lightsabers. For a second it look… @thurrott "It looks like you're writing a document. Would you like help collaborating?"Day 10. Library Scene Normally I post a GIF when available, but none do justice to the gorgeous artistry David Fin… @GidgitVonLaRue The French Connection - Popeye Doyle Crimson Tide - Captain RamseyHello my lovelies Scallops with risoto
@librarianstevie Yes and yes. Also the only acceptable time for a trumpet to do the horse whinny soundRadio people: following up on my “Feliz Navidad” tweet, here are the acceptable recordings of “Sleigh Ride” in orde… everybody has three mortgages these days feel truly fortunate to have worked with Rene and truly blessed for the time spent over the years with this lovel…
Retweeted by Carl @assimilated1701 same reason the Black Hole itself kinda looks like a toilet bowl? @assimilated1701 it's really strange to me because some of the effects are pretty wonky but some of the others are… @assimilated1701 The score is great and some of the effects hold up REALLY wellAn underrated Goldsmith score to an underrated film. Both are a lot of fun! #HailJerry @nsbulk Your account continues to be a very worthwhile yet expensive follow ;) @nsbulk WAIT THIS EXISTS???????I enjoy how he's trying out his soon-to-be Odo voice here @asperschlager Glad to hear they stuck the landing. I'm looking forward to seeing itDay 29. Oscar the Grouch @librarianstevie Much needed today, thanksThis just made me tear up at my desk... #ReneAuberjonois
Retweeted by CarlToday has been a heavy day. Our hearts go out to the family of @reneauberjonois. He was a treasured gift to us al…
Retweeted by CarlPerfect GIF..... Sigh....