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@RealLazyVulcan @matriarchyN0W Indeed @RealLazyVulcan @matriarchyN0W Apparently only when it comes to wearing a damn mask @Tyranicus You forgot Morgan @JHoganGidley @realDonaldTrump So tomorrow is he going to sign an order declaring Saturday and Sunday to be the “weekend”? @MaestroDane @netflix @bearmccreary Has he heard the BSG score yet?
@MeyersEA1 I think I would be overloaded if I watched 4 in a row @GaiLannePepper @Invader_DooMest @GaiLannePepper @StarTrek You’re probably thinking of “In the Hands of the Prophets” @gorillakhan @HeyStevieLee Why is any object we don’t understand always called a thing? @WilsonFrontier My overall take is they only needed about 80% of what we saw on screen @RandallAndrews1 A few are, some not so muchI’m gonna give it a few episodes before I say much because I have a number of feelings right now about #LowerDecks @StarTrek Janeway and Chakotay...hands down.
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@stratotron @alexandertperry In my head, Riker provides the pizza for the party where they judge the Captain Picard Day entriesI might be unable to watch Lower Decks but this isn’t a bad alternative only want one thing and it's an Em dash on the keyboard
Retweeted by CarlApparently San Clemente, CA is an area where Lower Decks is unavailable? @TrekProfiles Greetings 😉 @meKennyB @AlienGhoullie You can say you don’t like it. But it’s Star Trek. Deal. @Tyranicus @Shepherds5 @Tyranicus @kalliend3 I do love that scene where Fred Thompson rips him a new oneThe Gene that everyone should venerate was Gene Coon*Price Is Right Fail Horn* tired maybe but I will never tire of the brilliance that is “Far Beyond the Stars” @Bubblezdapirate Sully didn’t coach Murray to go down like that when the puck gets close to the goal line. It’s absurdCan someone PLEASE tell Murray he doesn’t need to go down to a knee and expose the top of the net? #PITvsMTL
@CGouef I’m with you there. Band supported me through HS and college in so many waysWith apologies to @TheModernFerret I just couldn’t resist @smerconish @realDonaldTrump @FoxNewsSunday @jonathanvswan Both: Wallace because the people watching Fox News are t… @CGouef Agree 100% but I do worry that this will be used to eliminate “expensive” programs like bands (particularly marching bands)Can you imagine the Congressional hearings if this went in the other direction?
Retweeted by CarlAre the balloons only filled 70%👏Every 👏Villain 👏Needs 👏An 👏Origin 👏Story 👏 @TrekFanLV No but only because I don’t feel like going blind on paperwork @SteJay215 @policeincolor @CuriousUkTelly @LeslieNielson5 I always loved the one where Norberg walks in and tries t… is destined to teach typewriter maintenance at the Rocko Club School for Women @spikeymike67 “You’re the Inspiration” comes close but... @CuriousUkTelly #PoliceSquad with #LeslieNielson & #AlanNorth I remember watching it as a youngster & laughing so m…
Retweeted by Carl @SteJay215 @policeincolor @CuriousUkTelly @LeslieNielson5 That final “freeze frame” gag was so good @ChristophrNoyes @ChristophrNoyes “What’s this, another door?” @ChristophrNoyes @HeyStevieLee @rebootingme @Tyranicus @AgentSeska @DrJenThrows 🖖🏻❤️ @ChristophrNoyes @rebootingme @Tyranicus @AgentSeska @DrJenThrows Two more to add... is just a red herring with this one. Thanks for letting me join in!
2020 that final scene when he co fesses to Deanna he believed he could see five time golfing in 13 months = lots of squares don’t think there is anything that I do intentionally to myself that hurts more than applying New-Skin @BrandonMutala Garret Dillahunt really does do crazy well @ryantriddle #RIPSchmitter @ryantriddle Me too. I actually like the dustbuster tooRT if you believe we need commonsense gun reform and the @NRA to stop buying off lawmakers.
Retweeted by Carl @ryantriddle Phaser 1 didn’t do Schmitter a damn bit of goodKnowing the difference between dirt and land in “Progress” “...Nor the Battle to the Strong” “In the Cards” Staying… @EnterpriseExtra As long as it’s Phaser 2, because Phaser 1 is rubbish @Tyranicus @TrekFanLV Whiskey? @danmartin26 @ShelfNerds @KerrBearLib Ha! Ok that point is well takenThis surprises me not at all @ShelfNerds Anything but this @ShelfNerds @KerrBearLib TOS S1. It had NOTHING to stand on in terms of previous anything and yet, right out of the… @JonfuciusOnline I need to finish it. It’s much better than the show @Tabdelrazaq @BrandonMutala @ItsGotStarTrek should add however that I have been outside nearly all day, something I could NOT say if I were in DC kind of sky is this, San Clemente? If I wanted clouds, I’d have stayed home the Bajorans do because I have it on good authority that they make a dreadful ale @MMKhorshidian That absolutely should be on the list but to be honest I never watched it at the time @HeyStevieLee Definitely Double Dare! And G.U.T.S.
@JustTheDiscsPod I might have had a giant crush on Brad growing up... @HeyStevieLee That’s like a decade if you round up 😜The fact that this list does not include “Doug”, “Hey Dude”, nor “Salute Your Shorts” tells me I grew up in a diffe… @HeyStevieLee Young’un @trim_often Yup. That’s what it was affectionately called. @Tyranicus recently confirmed that it might be a PA thin… @HeyStevieLee Was it called Monkey Ward’s there too??Dahlkemper’s “Monkey” Ward’s grandmother used to be a manager at the Gimballs in downtown Pittsburgh @TrekRanks @eatatquarks Correct me if I’m wrong but I think Cyrus Redblock and Carl Zeemo only had one scene each,… @TrekRanks @eatatquarks “To your planet, welcome!” @TrekRanks @eatatquarks “Dujvetlh 'oH nuq. rIn.” of this please
Retweeted by Carl @NottingHillNerd And I agree with the message. Just not how it’s being delivered. Just need to clarify that for the gallery @NottingHillNerd I’ll flamed for this but it’s the social commentary that drives me nuts. Yes DW has ALWAYS been ab… show could be so much better with a show runner who knew what they were doing astronauts returned to earth, and they just opened the hatch... Houston, we have a problem! #2020
Retweeted by Carl @MovieMantz @Weerd1 “Wow...Astronaut Doug looks a lot like Sal Mineo...” @theNiceCaptain @Exiled_Timelord “Deserves every bit of that ‘General Order 7’ thing”Talos IV Travel Guide: 🔸 Don't #travel #tips #StarTrek
Retweeted by Carl @BrandonMutala I would do a live, drunk commentary of Star Trek V. Just sayingSTARRRRR Trek: TheNextGeneration @JBaileyNFL I expect nothing less from a RavenFound on Facebook. #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by Carl @80slegends @80sgrooves @Tyranicus The internet thanks you 😉