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Lisy @lisyk Melbourne, VIC

lead producer @leagueofgeeks ~ co-founder @girlgeekacademy ~ she/her ~ pic by Bri Hammond

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@darcywsmith @LeagueofGeeks Uh hello, yes?
Retweeted by Lisy @BourassaArt Oh wow!!!This song popped at the alt night clubs in 2008. @ohyoufox AhhhhThe forbidden donut. thoughts head empty
Retweeted by LisyTbh it’s wild to me how we even figured out how to transfer sound onto physical things
Retweeted by LisyMichiko Nishiwaki
Retweeted by Lisy @thebeesneeze Oh yeah I can only imagine it’s very very basic.microwaves be like: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…
Retweeted by LisyStar flavoured Pocky ✨💫 #Blender3d
Retweeted by LisyUnrealistic woman, checking in 🙋‍♀️
Retweeted by LisyWhy use cops to respond to public health issues? It creates more problems. More effective alternatives to the poli…
Retweeted by LisyPolice officers stationed on every floor. They’re turning public housing into prisons. This is horrific.
Retweeted by LisyI cannot get over good this explanation is. @Glamrou does not skip a beat 💯
Retweeted by LisyPenal colony -> where extermination didn’t work, missions -> prisons -> detention centres (prisons) -> hotels as prisons -> homes as prisons
Retweeted by LisyI wonder what these 9 units have in common? 🤔 What a complete misuse of resources. Fuck. @BriiJayx @iamBrandonTV TrueI will never know peace like this on this earth.
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@spamoir Holy moly!
brie larson running out of the room so she can show her switch on camera is the most brie larson thing she has ever…
Retweeted by LisyScorsese’s daughter has a bigger brain than anyone else alive
Retweeted by Lisy @annabrandberg ❤️💕 @SarahMoran omgFREE SCHOOL HOLIDAYS ACTIVITY! Girls ages 8-12 are invited to join our school holiday programs for Girl Geeks. We…
Retweeted by LisyOpen positions at LoG right now: 👩‍💻Lead Developer 👽Sr Game Designer 👨‍🚀Level Designer 👩‍🔬Jr Engineer 🏕️Mid-Sr Envi…
Retweeted by LisyVery proud of this lil vid that @darcywsmith led over here at LoG. Really captures the spirit of the studio and our…
Retweeted by Lisy @amandamyeo Girth @thejessmyers @LeagueofGeeks miss u
We're actually developing a game for... PS4... and PS5!? I seriously have no words for how incredible this feels.…
Retweeted by LisyWe have all been affected by lockdown, one way or another – but what is the impact of the pandemic on gender inequa…
Retweeted by LisyOvercome zero gravity and master physics-based space puzzles. Heavenly Bodies lands in 2021:
Retweeted by Lisy @ohyoufox @gracebruxner just subtweeting grace @f__ern @LeagueofGeeks that is SO great to hear ❤️ cannot wait to see what you get up to next! @gracebruxner goddamit twitterBigoted male gamers: Abby is unrealistic women can never look like that Me: May I present to you Colleen Fotsch w…
Retweeted by Lisy @bonerman_inc @amandamyeo When we reach guildly 10 let’s get a cake eachHaven't had a moment to say this until now but my soundtracks for Push Me Pull You by @house_house_ and both of…
Retweeted by Lisy @ohyoufox @unmarkedtwit @darcywsmith @LeagueofGeeks WHAT oh no.. I did not need to know this.helllooooo? @unmarkedtwit @darcywsmith @LeagueofGeeks How to make this a gif @adrian_a_forest @LeagueofGeeks Depends on the role you're applying for. It should🤞🏾 be clearly stated if it's an o… @adrian_a_forest @LeagueofGeeks @Tezamondo We do 😊, some definitely have a strong preference to be in studio (whene… @liliandarmono @LeagueofGeeks 💕really good to know *taking notes*, I love your work soo much!Atlassian Games when?A well crafted résumé is one that highlights your strengths & shows employers how well your skills line up with the…
Retweeted by Lisy @liitt_art this is goals. @iamBrandonTV Is true. @Shrubbette Izzzyyyyyyy!!!!I miss these cuties 💕✨ I’m on mat leave from this INCREDIBLE place. PS: can we acknowledge how rare it is to be i…
Retweeted by Lisy @briecode you're such an inspiration Brie, resilience through kindness. @angharadyeo 😊can't wait til ya can come hang out with us again. @gracebruxner when will they let us stream this in fortniteHiring rockstar developer! Must - work as hard as CEO for 0 equity - have side projects + green squares - use dark…
Retweeted by LisyI miss our studio sooo much 💕 📞Hello Hollywood? @JennSandercock @LeagueofGeeks Agreed! You're on the team? You're a dev. We use "lead developer" to acknowledge th…
A shocking stat from The Guardian
Retweeted by LisyIt's that time of the year again! The @Steam Summer (Winter) Sales have started! (July 25 - Jun 9) 🍃✨Paperbark wil…
Retweeted by LisyFeeling for those in Brunswick West whose penny farthing repair dude is in Brunswick East.
Retweeted by Lisyi can’t afford healthcare
Retweeted by LisyWow I forgot what road rage feels like. @AllanEightyFour Hectic. Recover soooon. @AllanEightyFour What happened!!!Becca is taking over the @girlsrockadl Instagram tonight, 6pm ACST/+9:30 for a chat and performance.…
Retweeted by Lisy @ohyoufox from the Premier on local restrictions:
Retweeted by Lisyit’s actually so crazy that this isn’t a still from an A24 movie
Retweeted by LisyWe live for breakfast ✨
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man these new GTA V loading screens just keep getting better and better #GTAV
Retweeted by LisyVery proud of my team as we announce our new partnerships. More to follow.
Retweeted by Lisytw // sexual assault just fucking watch it, and then watch it again, and get it through your head that every woman…
Retweeted by LisyTo add to the fun time that is my June, I'm now looking for a new job (love some covid redundancy). If you see anyt…
Retweeted by Lisy🌱✨
Retweeted by Lisy @simonjoslin yeaaaah it's all following a scary trend :(man what the fuck was Ellen up to
Retweeted by Lisy❣️Paging diverse Senior Game Designers and those who know them.❣️ Applications are closing soon for a Senior GD ro…
Retweeted by LisyIt makes a lot of sense for Spotify to get into streaming games because of how much they love not paying for content.My Wife Waiting For Shredded Cheese As It’s The Only Way She Can Eat Fajitas
Retweeted by Lisy @regameyk Eeeee!!! @jnaqrtmn @EvanQuartermain HBEQ!
@ohyoufox 💕💕💕💕The word is finally out. BLACK IS KING. So proud to have worked with QUEEN BEYONCÉ on this. So honored to contribut…
Retweeted by Lisy🖤💛❤️ Do you know who the Aboriginal man who features on Australia’s $2 coin is? Gwoya Tjungurrayi 🖤💛❤️ 1895 – 28…
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Retweeted by Lisy @AlaynaMCole I think for me is that with iso etc. It never seems to end. The lines of work and relax are so blurred… a very relatable term today: “報復性熬夜” (revenge bedtime procrastination), a phenomenon in which people who do…
Retweeted by Lisy.@Beyonce Visual Album 'Black Is King' Coming to #DisneyPlus
Retweeted by Lisythis looks like a still from a lesbian romance movie #MasterChefAU
Retweeted by LisyAll this cordination and balance but it’s the high five they have a problem with😂😂
Retweeted by LisyEmbrace the bright warmth adventurers, the Summer Solstice event is now live on Steam! Play Multiplayer games for…
Retweeted by LisyThe Art The Artists
Retweeted by LisyTWITTER CROP GUIDE THREAD! (1/5) 1 pic
Retweeted by LisyI don’t know why I’m going full Charlie Day on this Dr Disrespect drama. Can’t wait for the podcast and Netflix d… news, friends! The @PAXAus Diversity Lounge will be coming to PAX Online!! If you want to be involved, just fi…
Retweeted by Lisy @pixelsmixel Netflix documentary whenMariah Carey forgot she was human for 42 seconds straight
Retweeted by LisyRETURN OF THE KING
Retweeted by Lisynostalgia snacks 💖✨
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@darcywsmith @gracebruxner I think you gasped and I was then :O