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Youngster who works in neighborhood veggie shop was elusive when I asked about NRC. Then he laughed and said "may b… IS PROF. HANY BABU? An anti-caste activist and scholar, Hany Babu is a linguistics professor at the University…
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@KiranTom 🤣 @shabeeraa ഇനി അകിട് മാറ്റി വെയ്ക്കാൻ പറയുമോFellow Malayalees, I Need a favor. Which are the district/town level facebook groups and pages each one of you de…
Retweeted by binu karunakaran @godsonlymistake Dr Kothari is still a lol name
Even I&B ministry is 'distorting facts' because there's no mention of the horse's capture and the war of Luv & Kush…
Retweeted by binu karunakaran180 toilets for 3000 prisoners. 1 toilet per 17 people. Truly Swacch Bharat. 15 buildings. 4 floors each. 50 peopl…
Retweeted by binu karunakaran @SnehaSKanta Congrats. Lovely news#resatrippinlive #resmisateesh
Retweeted by binu karunakaran @kushkatakia @shabeeraa Gripping short fiction
Deep metaphor govt's 'go-to expert' in all politically sensitive cases @naukarshah @manakgupta @ians_india @CholamandalPannSo yesterday @ians_india did a story on my resignation without even asking my response on it. And being the largest…
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ആന്ധ്രാപ്രദേശ് മുന്‍ മുഖ്യമന്ത്രി ചന്ദ്രബാബു നായിഡുവും മകനും വീട്ടുതടങ്കലില്‍
Retweeted by binu karunakaranGober Eats, Gomato, Swigpee babu is a scholar with exceptional commitment to social concerns..change. this harassment is ugly, shameful..
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After spending 5 days in Kashmir, some thoughts on this thread. Kashmir right now is the closest we have to a totalitarian state.
Retweeted by binu karunakaran @Jairam_Ramesh Thank you sir for the support and encouragement.Coming from you the green crusader, it means a lot.…
Retweeted by binu karunakaranThis is my statement regarding the police raid at my apartment this morning. @jennyrowena
Retweeted by binu karunakaran“They knocked at my door at around 6 am. They said they wanted to enquire about the Bhima Koregaon case which they…
Retweeted by binu karunakaran @jishaktp Inchi as teeyal is news to me. Is it the same as puliyinchi
The death of a Jew in Kochi, a diversity Disneyland, ends a story that took two thousand years to tell.
Retweeted by binu karunakaranHorrifying!
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It is day 36 of #kashmirsiege. Let’s remember that this is illegal, inhuman and barbaric. This is collective puni…
Retweeted by binu karunakaranThese two 4000-word essays on the history of IUML by N P Chekkutty is a #mustread for students of Kerala politics
Retweeted by binu karunakaran @mgirishnair Provided you don't wet my shirt with gaumutra :)Sir, I must confess, you are very lucky that the prime minster hugged and consoled you...But look at me, how unluck…ഒരു സഞ്ചരിക്കുന്ന ബാർ ബസ് ആണ് എന്റെ കിണാശ്ശേരി. നഗര പരിധിക്കുള്ളിൽ ആണെങ്കിൽ ഒരു സർക്കുലർ ബസ് സർവീസ്. നഗരങ്ങൾക്ക് ഇട… giving a talk about importance of right to dissent in democracy & was angrily confronted by a young girl who sa…
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ചന്ദ്രയാനുമായി ആശയവിനിമയം നഷ്ടപ്പെട്ടു ഇന്നേക്ക് ഒരു ദിവസം ☹️ കാശ്മീരുമായി ആശയവിനിമയം നഷ്ടപ്പെട്ടു ഇന്നേക്ക് 31ആം ദിവസം.. ☹️☹️☹️
Retweeted by binu karunakaranClosed nationalism = "We share an origin". Open nationalism = "We share a destiny". I'll take the latter any day.
Retweeted by binu karunakaranDear Satish, there isn't anything called a saner voice in RW ecosystem anymore. There are just fanboyz, asslickers… of losing your narrative, dear Gireesh. Fanboyz are taking the country to hell holedrunk tweets may followfuckj yoy all @aucontraire1 @ARanganathan72 AR and sane. I see lot of RW enablers of fascism. He speaks and writes good eng thoughIt isn't that hard to speak truth to power. Be yourself
@aucontraire1 @ARanganathan72 Are you cheering this bigot's whataboutery @Nithiin_ @aryaprakash During school days someone adviced me to keep sliced onions on armpits @dpkpillay12 There you go again. Bye @dpkpillay12 Well nothing to disagree about that. Felt 3000 year antiquity for that temple was without any referenc… @dpkpillay12 Megalithic remnants and temples are two things. Your tweet said 3000 year old temple. Please cite a source for thisSasikanth Senthil and @naukarshah are New India's first conscientious objectors. Not to enable fascism is the right… ageism to chasing founders, ⁦@sajithpai⁩ takes a no-nonsense look at the VC industry. One of the most honest…
Retweeted by binu karunakaran @dpkpillay12 Even megalithic monuments in Kerala have been dated between 10th century BC and 5th century AD. Temple…, if your @Facebook, @Twitter or @instagram accounts have been blocked because of your posts on #Kashmir- wr…
Retweeted by binu karunakaranThis requires a judicial probe. Now.
Retweeted by binu karunakaranസിലിണ്ടറിൽ ഗ്യാസ് തീർന്നു. ആയിനാണ് is a big day. Two long-awaited genetic studies have been published now – the updated version of the widely-re…
Retweeted by binu karunakaran @sajithpai Average salary of 8.6K per month that works out to half a dollar per hour, provided they put in 8 hours…
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Retweeted by binu karunakaranKashmir first, now Assam. What next. Internationally, Modi's image has taken a hit. From aspiring statesman to unma… letter in today’s ⁦@the_hindu⁩ deploring the treatment of Romila Thapar by ⁦@JNU_IN⁩
Retweeted by binu karunakaranHiring senior technical writers for Bangalore location. Office on Old Madras Road, Between KR Puram and Baiyyappanahalli metro station.
Retweeted by binu karunakaranSharing a disturbing letter written by noted Marathi playwright Jayant Pawar. He talks about two recent instances t…
Retweeted by binu karunakaranThaha, a Muslim, and Celin, a Christian, looked after Jew woman Saraha Cohen, who died last Friday.
Retweeted by binu karunakaranRead. A thread on Kashmir from Kashmir.
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All India Radio program director K R Indira: "when I see the hypocrisy of the Kerala lefties, I wish I could execut…
Retweeted by binu karunakaranJust spotted this guy getting out of a bar. Not for a drink though. Collecting money from shops because It's Onam. fellow Indians, based on your interest in #PrayForAmazon, please see: 52.5 sq km, a majority of it being core f…
Retweeted by binu karunakaranWhy scores of employees of Muthoot Finance in Kerala have risen in protest. @thekorahabraham writes
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A good part of her adult life were about farewell given to kith and kin who undertook the Aliyah, the ritual immigr…കൊച്ചീലോട്ടു പോരെ #Kerala struggles to recover from the monsoon floods that ravaged the state yet again this season, a new researc…
Retweeted by binu karunakaranമലയാളി ഒരു ജനിതക വായന' എന്ന പുസ്തകത്തിലൂടെ ജാതീയ കുടിയേറ്റത്തിന്റെ ചരിത്രം തിരുത്തുകയാണ് കണ്ണൂര്‍ റേഞ്ച് ഡിഐജി കെ…
Retweeted by binu karunakaranI would be delighted to know how does an elected government that has lobotomized its cerebral cortex stay in power… @OpIndia_com Hi.. So I am going to put screenshots of my reply here so that you can form whatever opinion you want…
Retweeted by binu karunakaranIn 31 days of August, 7 English newspapers had 63 political and 'almost political' bylines on their edit and op-ed…
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If you haven't read Toba Tek Singh yet, it's time now RT for good vibes other news Vatican has asked pope to submit his baptism certificate #TheOnion #NewIndia Town bids adieu to Sarah Aunty. #SarahCohen
Are trolls the orgasm of Twitter ⁦@AmanWadud⁩ calls out the NRC process in Assam for what it is: a kick in the butts (my words) of t…
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Anitha Thampy's poem on Cochini Jew Sarah Cohen, mounted on the wall of Uru Art Harbour.
The most painful thing you could experience: a co-worker who has been axed coming to say good bye fighting his tears picture is from July 2013 Modi reading Leo Tolstoy's "War and peace." 😏😏😏
Retweeted by binu karunakaranMy @WSJ story today is a story India doesn’t want you to read. New Delhi’s communications blackout in #Kashmir has…
Retweeted by binu karunakaran"The situation for journalists working in Kashmir is utterly disabling and perilous:" #Kashmir Working Journalists Association (JWJA)
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You have gompetition, from India have gone to jail 30 times, whoever goes to jail will come out shining as a future leader, they can take politica…
Retweeted by binu karunakaran"People have naturally assumed for long, that faster is better & slowness is a tech hurdle. What they missed is tha…
Retweeted by binu karunakaran @dawdlerMe Peppercorn in uzhunnuvada is religion, garlic in parippuvada is blasphemyIn the #BhimaKoregaon bail hearings today at #BombayHC : Pune police- Vernon Gonsalves had copies of books such as…
Retweeted by binu karunakaranReason for underwear sales going down is that People have started sharing underwears ! This is good news coz Sharin…
Retweeted by binu karunakaran @KS1729 മുമ്പേ ഗമിക്കുന്ന ഗോവ് തന്റെ പിമ്പേ ഗമിക്കുന്നു ബഹുഗോക്കളെല്ലാം
Kashmir doctor [arrested subsequently], warns of humanitarian crisis if the siege isn’t lifted
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2019 @santhoshtr @rajeevrraj
Retweeted by binu karunakaran @godsonlymistake @VaisakhEH After 22fk it has been his money shot, almost every film has itPaul Chirakkarode’s 1962 Malayalam classic 'Pulayathara' gets a new translation
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@VaisakhEH He also acts with his butt btw