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if you don't do this on literally all your lyfts/ubers i just don't think we'll vibe idk health, financial support, etc why do we torture people instead of give them a chance at a better life :/stop trying to deprive prisoners of every possible human experience and treating prison like some weird revenge pro… @bretmanrock actually reading your dm requests??? braver than i 😭😭the black and white photos make it look like we're dead 😭y'all giving your grandma covid for thanksgiving when you SHOULD be like my mom
@julyzaika my banana tree is doing really well so far! but i keep my apartment at 80 degrees and get a lot of sun in here @sexytrafficone literallysofieeits a owiv twee, bwak bambu twee, coconuts twee, and bana twee :3new trees! ☺️
slapping someone in the face is so wealthy to me i can't explain itcoming out culture is a symptom of a much larger problem which is telling your kids they're cis and straight and th… my ex did this to me i didn't know wtf was going on. i didn't watch porn i didn't know what was normal and it hurt and scared mechoking you without your consent is NOT normali let one man treat me like shit and said NEVER AGAIN. then i let it happen 3 more times but NEVER AGAINit's great that cosmetic surgery is normalized, but please do your research. 1 in 3,000 people die from a BBL
@andybinladen thank u @leftistthot420 how can you not see how racist this is? like are you trying to get clout off controversy? i am disa…"i got 40k likes so it's ok that i was racist" @leftistthot420 literally no one said you drew the comic are you actually this desperate for likes
i actually cried over losing my tiktok and all the money they stole but at least i... at least it's.. um... ya know??? haha 😆sigh... @ literallysofiee i saw pink nipples for the first time i just thought they were exfoliating way too hard wearing a mask, sunglasses, and a giant black hoodie :|||me and my bf agreed to move to nyc on the condition that i will never walk alone but i was finally just like "no i'… got harassed 😍😍😍 the estrogen is working!!!i am begging trans girls to stop being like "just got catcalled 😋" as some weird form of gender validationI CANNOT WALK TWO BLOCKS. TWO BLOCKS WITHOUT BEING FOLLOWED. and he was literally like in my face so don't say he w… and my bf had doctor appointments in the same area so i walked alone for the first time since moving here becaus… @leftistthot420 nooo not this meme :/
@rylantrash omg i thought it was dust but i cut the leaf off and it's not on the other ones so hopefully its all gone 💀sorry to this man @GraceMSandak i keep it around 78-82 degrees but maybe it got cold when i opened the window 😩😩is it like turning into part of the stem omg omg edges mean low humidity right so i should spritz it more often???is this yellow leaf on my banana tree normal or like a sign of something helppp can you not like kids omg you just go BLEHH and they laugh for like 2 minutes and you can do that like 20 times"idk how you do anything with those long nails" that's like the point... @gohanfps transitioning literally just means identifying as transif your kid is trans THEN THEY ARE GONNA TRANSITION. it's your choice as a parent to make them feel comfortable and… lot of you need to stop having children cuz you just repeat the trauma and repression cycle @FriedsinceBirth finally witnessing good parenting on this appthese replies are so sad. it's just a fucking toy but if you're taking steps to "prevent" your child from being tra… if you were riding someone's dick and they're like WOOOO and threw their arms up like they're on a rollercoastersia just made a concept album about autism wtf is going on 😭i agree but i think you actively putting trans women in men's prisons and denying them hormones was anti-trans viol… @Sia what's it like bullying autistic people at the end of your career @haterdisease im too smart this was gonna go either waythis is what happens when you haven't moved your bang in 6 years have evolved past the need for that bitch that wanna sween frona shanna daliyasia's response to an autistic actor saying that her film about an autistic person should have actually casted an au… spelling of vacuum is starting to make sense to me and that's why i need a lobotomy
i always use @brianbeautynyc taboo liner! jet black, dries quick, doesn't transfer/smudge or go patchy. code sofie… don't follow @literallysOF it's not my 18+ account nooo stopppp 😣😣😣😣😣😣HELPPP THIS IS WHAT I LOOK LIKE WHEN I MAKE EYE CONTACT GIVING HEAD @smallestslime did u say pspspspsps would it crop like this explainmy fleets get like 10x more views than ig story but the quality is not very cunt 😐 THE FUCCKKK HAHAHAHAHAHAHA will be like ohh i understand! 😚 no problem 👍 we support our trans patients fully 🥰 i'll put in the n…🥺 @tiktok_us @TikTokSupport if i get my name legally changed will you give me my account back and the money i earned 🥺i submitted age verification using my passport, which has my birth name and a photo of me before transitioning, and… i please have my account back @TikTokSupport @tiktok_us i literally did not violate any guidelines and it seems… @TikTokSupport please restore my account @literallysofie i did not violate any community guidelines. i was banned… don't make me laugh 😂 my botox might travel to my brain 😟 @moby_dickhead omg what the heck are u holding @sacheu @SavageXFenty oh my goddddd congrats🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳If you call me ugly in an argument I know I won cus now you stressed and lying
Retweeted by sofie halili 🥲people say they're a scorpio mercury and a octopus moon on here and y'all go "woww that explains sooo much" @Hyojinah_ and kombuchaaaa and hella coffee also salmon 3x a week! @gingerandtea is that what its called pmg @blairexo___ literally my favorite sound 😌 @Hyojinah_ bananas smoothies carrots eggs nuts avocados hella spinach/kale and bone broth every morning 💗omg someone asked what my diet is for clear skin and i realized all i ate before 3 pm today was cum 😐idk where i am
🐟 girl u doing ok u haven't flought in 2 days
BEING TRANS IS NOT A COMMUNITY GUIDELINE VIOLATION 😠🏳️‍⚧️ #tiktokbannedsofiethis is why i cant get myself to go all out for tiktok. i heard this story too many times
Retweeted by sofie halili 🥲 @TikTokSupport please answer me @orbitxblink subfleet @thetranshijabi @tiktok_us @TikTokSupport thank u Aliyah 🥺⚠️COMMUNITY ASK⚠️ please spam @tiktok_us @TikTokSupport’s mentions asking them why they deplatformed and stole the…
Retweeted by sofie halili 🥲so instagram turned into aliexpress and tiktok is mass banning queer and disabled people... y'all i love fleets so… violating a single community guideline 🥲 at 240,000 followers 🥲 with money i can't access 🥲 during transgen… transgender awareness week :/tiktok banned me for being trans and stole all the money i made 😐yeah please tell me wtf i did wrong @tiktok_us @TikTokSupport please let me know why my account was banned at 240k followers, just one day after my… this point if i ever have a job that doesn't let me sleep 13 hours a day i'm fuckedme at the salon after hair stylists told us to stop staring into their eyes now twitter replaced ig and ig is just a pinterest board of my face?
postmates knocking once and then just leaving the food at the door means i don't get coronavirus or anxiety @chaseicon holy shit whati b like idc and then shuffle a playlist called " :(( "if you think this is saying trans women who do drag don't exist you need to read slower i think 💗if you wanna experiment like that why are you doing it publicly to millions of people? what is your intention and w… don't care if a cis man puts on a wig and a dress and i don't care if a cis man experiments with his gender/expre… stop grouping trans women with crossdressers and drag queens. "crossdressing" is a literal sexual fetish and… @swankykatie_ this endorsement 🥺