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"Finish reading a book, and its cover serves as a souvenir commemorating a transportive reading experience.""With plans cast aside, I’m left to surrender to not knowing more than whatever is happening in front of me now.""A sentence is more than its meaning. It is a line of words where logic and lyric meet.""“This could possibly be a place where students not only become exposed to the literary world of Haruki Murakami, b…“I’d say that more than half of the purchases were completely performative, and we could feel the general disintere… the classics by Elizabeth Bishop, Langston Hughes, and more. today for the 2020 #CundillHistoryPrize Festival, December 2 & 3! Featuring 2019 winner Julia Lovell's Cun…
Definitely on our short list for "50 Over 50." little more Black Friday reading for you! you signed up for our #MemoirMonday newsletter yet? @The_Rumpus @Narratively @GrantaMag @CatapultStory @lithub
Retweeted by Literary HubTHANKS A LOT VICTORIANS (maybe go for a walk today?)"If Black Friday did not exist, Thomas Pynchon would probably invent it.""I sometimes think, as an adult, about how we’re both released and shut out in a cruel way from that obsessive, ove…
While you spatchcock or whatever: a story by @mhbertino. which Kathleen Alcott goes in search of tradition, one house at a time. classic of the season, by @heyteebs. thanks for the seedkeepers... very good day to read poetry by Indigenous women.!
For my first ever @lithub piece, I talked to independent bookstore owners and booksellers about anti-racism books,…
Retweeted by Literary HubA few unconventional families to make you miss your own . . . or at least to read about while hiding from them. Virginie Despente’s Vernon Subutex 1, a failing record store owner finds himself left only with the video legac…
Retweeted by Literary HubZahia Rahmani questions identity in #Albertine Prize nominee “Muslim”: A Novel, a poetic reflection on being uproot…
Retweeted by Literary HubFive childhood friends enter adulthood in search of a better future in Lyonel Trouillot’s #Albertine Prize nominee…
Retweeted by Literary HubTime is running out to vote for the #AlbertinePrize! Animalia by Jean-Baptiste del Amo follows the evolution of a…
Retweeted by Literary HubWhy you should watch HBO's adaptation of Between the World and Me. #Albertine Prize nominee Hold Fast Your Crown, Yannick Haenel blurs the lines between cinema and literature in o…
Retweeted by Literary Hub @emilyatterbury @prepartynap Came here to say that.It's not an album, but . . .“For all their education, erudition, and reputation as men committed to liberty, they lacked the moral vision to gr… about Sean Bean getting shot in the face for the crime of reading Yeats
Retweeted by Literary Hub @atrubek The answer is YES.“Finish reading an especially difficult book, and its cover functions more like a trophy awarded for intellectual l… falcon may not be able to hear the falconer, but we can all hear the many, many echoes of Yeats in pop culture. era of the TikTok book deal has officially begun. best reviewed books of the month in science, tech, and nature! Thanks to @bookmarksreads. to all! which @prepartynap collects 8 fictional housewives who have snapped (in a fun way).“During the summer of 2020, I spent countless hours helping irate customers cancel their orders of popular anti-rac… winter at the doorstep, find a little warmth in the best book covers of November. answered a few Qs for @lithub, praising @GarthGreenwell, Morgan Bassichis, & more. And "meh" to The Secret Histor…
Retweeted by Literary Hub“There has been a 30- to 40-year war against human political imagination.” A conversation between the late David… aboard the S.S. PRH? (Or maybe we'll just stay on the beach.)
just gonna hang out here til the end of the pandemic, who's with me
Retweeted by Literary HubSaid Warden Harper in an email to PublicSource, “This policy is by no means permanent.” Let’s make sure it isn’t."Fast forward a few years and my haptic gloves could be mimicking the sensation of turning pages as my nutri-cube p… listening for car rides, while cooking with your family, or just as a treat: one of our favorite storie… thieves! Nazi-resistors! Medieval scientists! It's the best reviewed books of the month in history and politic… loves FROG AND TOAD! Everybody loves... solitude? A great conversation on @litcenturypod Zoom background you never knew you always needed: Vita Sackville-West's reading room! Kengo Kuma is designing a public library at Tokyo’s Waseda University, Haruki Murakami’s alma mater, to h…“My favorite cover illustrations aren’t likely to be your favorites.” Artist Bruce McCall goes deep on the "New Y… few words with the brilliant @groveatlantic editor behind two (2) Booker Prizes! @peterblackstock, I am in awe of…
Retweeted by Literary Hub“Televangelists understood that the plots of spiritual redemption and pecuniary redemption were virtually identical… to all! @beeshif Yes! If you email, we can add you manually.“There is so much food and we have no agenda.” Mark Twain absolutely doing Thanksgiving the right way. @beeshif Ok, thanks! We'll loop in the 🤖November is the new December for your local indie! Here are today's new releases for your gift-buying needs. discussed solitude and all the angles on intimacy in the work of Arnold Lobel:
Retweeted by Literary Hub @beeshif Can you show us the error message? And is this where you're trying to sign up? (on the homepage)“When American troops returned stateside after WWI ended, they brought their taste for doughnuts with them.” Mayb… you imagine being this good at something? @peterblackstock on editing back-to-back Booker winners.
To the depraved killer that abducted her, she was the one that got away. Now it’s her chance to ensure he doesn’t.…“A thoughtful and powerful study of the corrosive effects of fear, the damage we do to ourselves and our loved ones… gorgeous boxed sets to beautifully illustrated tomes, @ucpress has a stunning selection of gifts for the avid… the one hand, every inch of the Sistine Chapel is reproduced life-size in these books. On the other . . . to both! somebody say “Toni Morrison marathon reading”? (No, but it’s happening, along with a ton more virtual literary… us any and all Alan Rickman content, especially his "anecdotal, indiscreet, witty, gossipy and utterly candid…“I wasn’t ready yet for the implications of Black people as interpreters of outer space.” Ntozake Shange on Sun Ra…“Last Dance pulled me in and wouldn’t let go. The writing shines like broken glass. The story is fresh, sharp, and…“In the early days of a first draft, it doesn’t take much for a story to shift.” Nancy Star on the ways we can get… Harjo will be the second poet in history to serve a third consecutive term as US Poet Laureate.“The curious story of how a sticky discharge from billions of insect bodies became a vehicle for the globalization…“The whole of Oxford is run on lines so frightfully cliquish. You have got to belong to the circle of the boys if y… Oxford's official word of 2020 is . . . this 16 page document. (How subversive?)“Did you sometimes want to kill your husband after you had a baby?” 👀 Ellen O’Connell Whittet on the pandemic stres…“If one of them was awarded the prize, the winner would read a statement that rebuked the male-dominated awards hie…
"I live in gratitude to my parents for initiating me—and as early as I begged for it, without keeping me waiting—in…"The landscape of queer fiction is brilliant, shimmering, vast, a dream.""They followed their hearts to places the monde did not approve of, and followed their dreams to places the monde c…"The more I’ve become interested in American history, the more I’ve seen how today’s problems and possible solution…“I know people who were telling me not to be out here, but I feel like it’s my responsibility as a human being to s…"The real lesson, regardless, isn’t about how to be a hypermasculine bro or Übermensch hero. It’s that the world do…"Let’s make some room on the shelf for these and others that, hopefully, will follow them.""Friends who read drafts of my books are my most cherished readers."" 'The Road Not Taken' has confused audiences literally from the beginning."
“I would be the master of my own mind and imagination; I would repudiate these long-dead white authors who never im…"It isn’t just that Moby Dick is a white whale; Melville’s narrator, Ishmael, is obsessed with whiteness." doesn’t love an 18th century poetic cat elegy?"Political language has lost the impact of faith and conviction, it is emptied of meaning."“They have not caught you this time.""Thoughtful punctuating is an occasion to stop, reflect, and immerse ourselves in the contemplative art of the well…"I was 28 years old, without a literary agent, when I was offered my first publishing deal.""Prose poems are not simply lineated lyric poems in another guise.""Words can be arrested and studied by the language police, but they can’t be controlled for long."
This remains one of the loveliest phone calls from @holdengraber - In Which Jan Morris Talks Kindness, Exclamation…
Retweeted by Literary HubThe former employees of Poets House have claimed that it temporarily closed over their intent to unionize; a spokes…"A world without film, without stories, without this enchanting list of names they contain would be the end of huma…