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little boots @littleboots Blackpool, England

Creating my new album and live streaming on @patreon come and join me 🎹 CEO @onrepeatmusic

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@sofitukker We'll meet again is an amazing track, can't wait for the release. It's @littleboots on the vocals and w…
Retweeted by little bootsOn June 6 at 6pm ET we'll be hosting an event with @vitalicnoise to raise money for National Bail Funds Network. 10…
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May Monthly Reward! Listen to a new demo...
More welcome goodies going out to Patreons! Sharing the first monthly reward today - a banger of a demo from Hands/…
Korg made me so happy today 🥰 thank you for the incredible new SV2 already sounds incredible. Huge thanks to Grace…
John bought Emma a subscription to my @Patreon for her birthday which included a cover request which he surprised h…
Next up on the @ElectrodromeFM @neonradiation 1 hour mix are @littleboots and @kraftwerk both singing about the sam…
Retweeted by little bootsjust found 3 spare #Hands anniversary CD stock left !! next 3 people to sign up to my @patreon £20 tier or higher g…
Next level @jelliott3000 @Patreon 💗💗💗 miss u guys !Might try this #coronaremedy 💗’s jam is this @littleboots mixtape, featuring a badass photoshop of Her Majesty.
Retweeted by little bootsOmg yes pls ! love this have been asking me to record this from live streams 🤷🏼‍♀️ so here you go.... #CoronaRemedy full version and…
Promised if we hit 100 patreons in first week I would record this.... so #CORONAREMEDY is coming to @Patreon tomorr… - produced demo
#tbt @ThePerezHilton @KidCudi @kanyewest 💖 @sxsw
Ready for the final @OnRepeatRecords quiz raising money for @masksforNHS it’s a @Eurovision special! Follow… we getting dressed today ? 👘 #lockdownlife #dressinggowndays we getting dressed today ? 👘 We better had as it’s the last onrepeatrecords quiz tonight (Eurovision theme 🇪🇺)… would be epic ... I try writing a song to enter @Eurovision next year ? #eurovision #temptedSharing new stuff on @Patreon every day this week including some of my #songwriting process get involved… @ESCismyBF @OnRepeatRecords haha totally understand! we just do our quizzes on thursdays and its the last one. i wa… @ESCismyBF @OnRepeatRecords And it’s just a bit of fun ! @ESCismyBF @OnRepeatRecords The uk Eurovision thing is on Saturday @ESCismyBF @OnRepeatRecords why not?
Quiz finale tomorrow ! Cc @OnRepeatRecords my first new ‘old’ demo on @patreon called ‘Blue oh oh!.mp3’ 🖌 free rewards every day to all tiers if you jo…
Patreon treats every day this week for all the new wonderful subs ❣️ shared my first 'new' old demo on @Patreon check out... Blue oh oh oh!!.mp3
Not So Manic Monday - free mp3‘If you’re self employed and crazy doesn’t matter if you’re in your dressing gown’ 👘 Days started blurring into on…! I am now a proud patron of Little Boots on @patreon, and you should be too: #NewPatron
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💓 @brightlightx2 Lol.Stay home ! Get a hobby ! 🖊 #stayhome #staysafe #savelives #staywork #savework #stayalive #stayinalive #coronavirus I mention I’m self-isolating in a bunker with a giant tenori-on and only blue lights ? This is maybe fake news…
So I’m sharing the whole process of making my new album on @patreon , here’s what it’s all about... It’s a way for…
Living for queen @SophieEB ‘s #kitchendisco rn 🙌 IRK Magazine for interviewing me in their 'Stay at Home' feature with some other brilliant female artists, r… just can’t get you out of my head.... thanks everyone who played our #Noughties @OnRepeatRecords quiz last night… @RickyOrr @Patreon all the links were sent out via backer kit, maybe check your junk? it would have been last November i think! x @RickyOrr We couldn't get the digital license for some of the tracks, but the ones we had were sent out to all Kick… @iamhazelenglish killing tomato plants
Loved reading this message from #masksfornhsheroes 💗 already prepping my outfit for #Noughties week tonight can u g…
@TimeOutLondon how can we submit to streaming listings ?Back tomorrow with Noughties quiz night ! an INCREDIBLE 90s week with Queen @MelanieCmusic as our special guest, our #PopQuiz is back tomorrow night wi…
Retweeted by little bootsJust had an idea for a song and felt kind of weird but recorded the whole process from idea through to writing and…
And if you sign up this month you can get a FREE SIGNED COPY of my last album 'Working Girl' ! Get involved and ple…'m making a new album and want you to be a part of it. Join me on @Patreon behind the scenes of the creative proce… @Marky3330 aw so cute! @ThePerezHilton 🤗when this set hits 2 million views i'll do a special live DJ set and mix in this vibe to celebrate ... currently on… my birthday getting lost in the woods. Quite literally...🌳 Thanks so much everyone who has backed me on…
running a bit late for my own online bday party as quite literally got lost in the woods !! there v soon ! find me… birthday to me! 🎂 Hope you can come to my party later, I’ll be answering any Qs on ALBUM 4, my new Patreon ch…
Hi guys its my birthday tomorrow, so I'm hosting a little live stream party including a Q&A for the launch of my ne… @maryannehobbs @BBC6Music This is a bootleg of Inspector Norse by @littleboots - I really like the addition of the…
Retweeted by little bootsFrom the archives: @littleboots - Shake (@azariandiii Remix) | #remixes #electropop |
Retweeted by little boots @jayzaff @SELFESTEEM___ @nimmonimmo 💗 @PajuxFrank 👏💓 @Diteos 💗💗💗💗 Birthday ‘Nocturnes’ 🎈 This was the album that helped me find my freedom. The first record I released indepen… to my birthday party tomorrow 🎈Launching a @Patreon for my fourth album playing some tunes and answering any q…
We only had a real life spice girl as special guest on our Pop Quiz last night! Thanks so much the legend… I’m playing a live stream for @slowclubrebecca ‘s p_pandemique at 7.30pm bst tonight I’ll mainly be playing ABBA…
@17days @MelanieCmusic @masksforNHS @OnRepeatRecords 💅🏻We only had a real life spice girl as special guest on our Pop Quiz last night!! Thanks so much the legend… only had a real life spice girl as special guest on our Pop Quiz last night! Thanks so much the legend…
Back at it today last of these weekly live gig hangs for a while so hope you can make it! I’ve really enjoyed these… at it today last of these weekly live gig hangs for a while so hope you can make it! 5pm bst 💅🏻 also which str…
Tomorrow !! #popquiz #quiznight #quarantinequiz #pubquiz #virtualpubquiz #virtualquiz of #quarantine yet? In this week's blog we're recommending more awesome #livestreams for next week, includi…
Retweeted by little bootsWhen I start feeling down in the dumps I immediately put @littleboots music to cheer me up. Remember folks dacing is our remedy 🖤.
Retweeted by little bootsThe motivational midweek banger we all need right not (me included) 💾 #TB #WorkingGirl #GetThingsDone just cheered me right up 👏
For @DummyMag I wrote about how @SONIKKU_DJ’s brilliant debut album - out now on @bellaunion and featuring plenty…
Retweeted by little boots @RickyOrr @chrismarsh1983 sad to hear this. Amoeba records was such a beacon of light to me when I started visiting LA for writing and… @brightlightx2 omg this is just heartbreaking! no!!!! @chrismarsh1983 @RickyOrr this is not true? I'm actually on my channel right now lol @17days but also its worth staying on twitter because you are hilarious and kind and tasteful and it makes lots of… @17days I'm finding it so hard had to cut myself off from news, find myself trawling the internet for answers at 5a… listening to Hands again over the weekend it was nice of work to read my mind and add New In Town into the pl…
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@littleboots gosh i'd forgotten how damn fine this is
Retweeted by little bootsHahaha amazing xx @alexbean Omg 🤦🏼‍♀️ so funny so awful looking back hahaThanks so much everyone who has contributed via the new @Spotify artist support button, it’s quite weird but incred…
Thank you so fun! @trackbytrackuk Loved it ! If you enjoyed that I’m currently working on my fourth album which I will be sharing the… extra 😂 one of the tracks that surprised me most for the anniversary show. I wasn’t sure about playing it but once… hard one. @biffco another of the loveliest and most talented people in the pop writing biz. Could be 2 become… that @nme downgraded my official review for album 2 from an 8 to a 5 to be more on brand... #JOURNALISM @cf80irl @trackbytrackuk @PascalGabrielT Seriously such a talent