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little boots @littleboots Los Angeles, CA

New EP ‘Jump’ out now on @onrepeatrecords ✨ Hands 10 Year anniversary vinyl and tour now on sale 🙌

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#GIVEAWAY 🚨 We’re giving away 2 tix for you and a friend to @littleboots ‘Hands’ 10-year anniversary show with spe…
Retweeted by little boots @iambarfbie We will contact winner directly today! Which show did you submit for ?⁦@littleboots’ Silhouettes must be the best Christmas/Winter song of the year. Irresistible 90s baggy beat and a ch…
Retweeted by little bootsany photographers in SF or LA down to come take some photos at the show and BTS this wknd? drop me a DM x @LittleBoots on 11/16 at The Echoplex as she performs her seminal ‘Hands’ album live for its 10th birthday, wi…
Retweeted by little bootsBach to the future ⚡️ Been practicing hard for the shows this weekend! Last few tix for LA and SF on sale now 🎹
Excited to arrive in LA this weekend and attend the @littleboots #Hands 10th Anniversary Show! It's going to be ste…
Retweeted by little bootsAm chuffed to mintballs (as we used to say growing up in Blackpool) to see this interview with @littleboots in the…
Retweeted by little bootsI remember this day so vividly! after getting hooked on Hands, a new single dropped and I was immediately obsessed…
Retweeted by little boots @MrJamesKehoe @kickstarter Think so yes !Happy to be the 1,084th 🦄 on @BackerKit for Little Boots' 'Hands' 10th anniversary edition. Thanks @littleboots YOU…
Retweeted by little bootsListening to the Hands Bonus disc from @littleboots. Wow!, what great songs. How did these languish in the archives for 10 years?
Retweeted by little bootsFor everyone asking the acoustic album will be available next month in line with streaming schedules but we will en… @littleboots just made my day with #Hands 10th Anniversary Bonus disc. Quality as wav. Files 😌😌😌
Retweeted by little bootsSo psyched for this one time I try to break free, then something comes along to intervene @littleboots
Retweeted by little boots @quashroom It is on the vinyl but we were not able to secure the digital license :(Californiaaaaa so excited for the shows in San Francisco and LA this weekend! Gonna be epic🌟 tag a friend who needs…
Question re CDs: how important are lyrics ? We are struggling to fit them all without redesigning which will delay…
Decided to listen to @littleboots #hands today. Currently on repeat. Forgot how much I love this album
Retweeted by little bootsGreat seeing @littleboots play @houseofyesnyc last night. Rounding out a decade since I finished @UniversityLeeds.
Retweeted by little bootsI remember listening to this original version at ear-splitting volume in my student halls on @littleboots’s myspace…
Retweeted by little bootsSpecial update for @kickstarter backer legends ! Thanks for your patience you will have your downloads today plus a… @littleboots 😍😍😍😍 Oh my, I love Hands album so much, every live, it give me chills
Retweeted by little bootsFollow the call of the disco ball ✨ Thank you davefotogram for these gorgeous photos from our houseofyesnyc show on…
This was my favorite album of 2009. I love the 10th anniversary edition @littleboots
Retweeted by little boots @littleboots thank you for this, love ya ❤️
Retweeted by little boots @Fool_4_Music That part was terrifying 😹❤️!
11pm STAGE TIME TONIGHT! @houseofyesnyc ! Hands 10th Anniversary bonus disc is out today! 🙌 Including the original unedited white label version of ‘Stuck… Hands 10th Anniversary bonus disc is out today! 🙌 Including the original unedited white label version of ‘Stuck… DID YOU GUESS 🤩 @MylenRouge @BackerKit Black !Yes !!! pls ! Let’s make this happen #botinhas @MoodsMG @houseofyesnyc The simple and dreadful answer is ... I forgot the chords 🤦🏼‍♀️Tonight is almost sold it already so strongly advise buying tickets ! and funny !! 😘 REVIEWS ARE IN! Thankyoo #Chicago see you tonight #Brooklyn #NYC @houseofyesnyc ! 👯‍♂️ @sixfootfiveguy 💖💖💖 🐴
Follow me on @tiktok for bts on tour #TikTok! @reactpresents: @littleboots - 'Hands' 10 Year Anniversary Show w/ Ryan Paradise, Marty Mars 8PM | $20 | 2…
Retweeted by little boots💥 92% of backers have completed their @BackerKit survey. We still have 81 more backers to go. Let's do it! 💪See you tonight #Chicago x 10th anniversary live tour kicks off tomorrow in #Chicago ! If you haven’t got your tix yet hurry up we’re p… 11/16 Celestial synthpop queen @littleboots celebrates the 10 year anniversary of her seminal debut LP “H…
Retweeted by little boots🙌😘
Catch @davOmakesbeats opening for @littleboots in SF at @publicworkssf w/ @electroluxxprty crew ✨✨AND new bonus tra…
Retweeted by little bootsWho's ready to celebrate @littleboots' 10 year anniversary of "Hands" TOMORROW night?! Tickets are moving pretty fa…
Retweeted by little bootsThe tenorion-on cleared customs ! 🤖 Hands 10th anniversary live tour kicks off tomorrow in #Chicago ! If you haven…
@littleboots takes her iconic 2009 album “Hands” on the road starting this week—catch her with @MidnightMagicNY 11/…
Retweeted by little bootsTONIGHT #TuneIn to @TheTripleM_Show with @mattmusic78 & @Maximiliansays who'll be chatting to @littleboots about th…
Retweeted by little bootsTune in to @hoxtonradio live now to hear me talk all things #Hands 10th year anniversary !
anyone know someone who could replace an output on a sequencer for me by wendnesday in london?? Cool story ....…
My fav @biffco 💗💗 a full side of demos included in the Hands reissue bonus disc out next week ! 📀 Saturday! Follow my insta stories this weekend for a sneak peek into rehearsals for the Hands 10th Anniversar…
@MrJamesKehoe We need to check stock I think we have more if so will re-up!looking for some help with #tenorion voice manager software for Mac and issues loading samples onto prehistoric seq… you got mail! Check your inbox for your surveys and please respond ASAP so we can make sure your rewards ar… @SonnyLBennett @elliegoulding Being a hair modelKicking off the tour in #Chicago next week! Who are you bringing ? 👯‍♂️ is out now! Taken from the #Hands10thanniversary reissue out next week written with @biffco ❄️🚕💗… I wrote ‘Silhouettes’ I was really inspired by the effortless pop of 90s bands like saintetienneofficial and a… Hallo queen 👑 Life’s too short for guitar solos 🎸💀 #halloween #guitar
GOOD TIMES 🕷“Which got me thinking... could I be an artist *and* a CEO???” Speaking at #BBCintroducing @introducing_live today…
In case you haven’t guessed I have a really short attention span. Sometimes cripplingly so. We are pretty sure me a… case you haven’t guessed I have a really short attention span. Sometimes cripplingly so. We are pretty sure me a… case you haven’t guessed I have a really short attention span. Sometimes cripplingly so. We are pretty sure me a…’d say this is pretty much spot on the ratio we have planned... and neck almost !! @julierayton Was just there! Train delayed again 😂 nothing changesYes if we have any left! 😘 surely Apple have an inbuilt spell check ? 😆💖😘 update for backers now up on #kickstarter !
One of the most amazing things about my job is that I get to travel all over the world playing music in incredible…
US tour kicks off next week! London is sold out already! I have remembered about 72% of the lyrics from the album a…
@tom_aspaul Omg ! 😍 🍑8 hours of rehearsals today and the new live show is sounding 🔥 🎹🔥 I’m too tired for make up or taking good photos you rather see on tour:Which new swing should we play in the live set ?
@hackneyboy We tried really hard to upgrade the venue but it was too late 😭Must be polyphonic 🙌 @Fluffee_Bunny @littleboots I'm selling 2 tickets, face value
Retweeted by little bootsSYNTH RECOMENDATIONS NEEDED! looking for a 3-4 octave compact synth with a decent piano/ keyboard sound or near eno… it’s totally sold out! Anyone selling ? Or Keep your eye on the Facebook page for people selling x
if he’s available would absolutely love him to!! Cc @TheHumaneLeague are you around 23 Nov ? ? are trying to come to Mexico next year ! London show is totally sold out (cannot get half my own family in) so please help each other out anyone buying/… @yeah_its_mint @annaprior Hahaha we should @edsoncentricus email xYou should too...
‘Hands’ 10 year anniversary live tour starts in 2 weeks! Who’s coming?? Working really hard to make these shows ext…