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I won’t ❤️"far from where I wanna be in this life, there's nothing I can't be in this life". this is one of my favourite song…
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Little Simz is fully one of the best rappers around full stop. Not just in the UK. Not just female. Just one of the…
Retweeted by Little SimzLOOK AT GREATNESS
Retweeted by Little SimzPressure by @LittleSimz is everything
Retweeted by Little Simzfuck it im ruining my sleep just to listen to her album rn
Retweeted by Little SimzThe world needs this!
Retweeted by Little SimzLittle Simz + Kano
Retweeted by Little SimzI don’t lose , I refuse. Keep applying pressure..
@mickjenkins @lucilellis @gucci ❤️
.@MarkRonson and @LittleSimz captured moments before the #GucciFW20 men’s show by #AlessandroMichele. Discover more…
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👑❤️ @mrdiscopop @JadeBirdMusic @BatForLashes It’s GREY AreaNew This Girl Can ad alert! 5 years in and we're continuing to celebrate the unfiltered reality of women being active. Join us #ThisGirlCan.
Retweeted by Little SimzMilan fashion week 🌹
it is what it is , WE MOVEthanks for accepting me when no other college did! learnt a lot at westking
when I get home ❤️❤️❤️I just wanna wake up on cp time
@BibiBourelly Lol
Too much love @laurenlaverne ❤️
Clark’s mi preferrrr 👞
i'm hosting a show on BBC 6 Music , lock in now!
@idlesband ❤️Differentttt
@littlesimz performing live at the O2 in our iconic wallabees new for SS20. Are you ready? Shot by…
Retweeted by Little SimzHaha , love ❤️ artists go stratospheric with their first single, but for @LittleSimz star of the fourth cover of Notion 86, g…
Retweeted by Little SimzThank you @NotionMagazine for having me on the issue 86 cover. Wearing @Coach 👐🏿 Lucia #GiveThanks
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. @LittleSimz 💕 Friday 12th June #Lovebox20
Retweeted by Little SimzBeen listening to @LittleSimz just about on repeat lately. Her command of her craft is so inspiring—skills just off…
Retweeted by Little SimzToo much love @triplej 🙌🏿 Hottest 100 , vote here! >> 15th December, @LittleSimz played an amazing sold out show here....we're still recovering! Photos courtesy o…
Retweeted by Little SimzLittle Simz - Flowers ft. Michael Kiwanuka (Official Live Video) Simz - 101 FM (Official Video) Simz - Selfish feat. Cleo Sol (Official Video) Simz - Boss (Official Video) Simz - Offence (Official Video) did , wicked show !! @LittleSimz concert at O2 Forum Kentish Town was breathtaking🤩 she is beyond talented
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Soundcheck with the star that is @Iamprincessk01 🔮✨ live at Kentish Town Forum last night in photos 🔥 📸Aryan Jafri LIVE gallery:
Retweeted by Little SimzIt gets easier 💛
@LittleSimz Show last night was wavy! Such a good performer 👌🏾💪🏾
Retweeted by Little Simz @LittleSimz insane atmosphere and show. Will carry it around as an after glow
Retweeted by Little SimzMate I can't believe I actually got to meet @LittleSimz last night before the gig, she was so lovely and the gig wa…
Retweeted by Little Simz thread of some moments captured last night by @tamcader 📸 at my last show of the year 💥 Little Simz got London going crazy. She’s an A1 performer for real 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Little Simz.@LittleSimz tonight blew my fucking mind. HOW does one human possess so much talent and beauty!!???? 🤯🤩 I'm just. Wow.
Retweeted by Little SimzShoutout to @LittleSimz for putting on the best show I’ve ever seen. She killed that shit
Retweeted by Little SimzNot many better ways to spend a Sunday night @LittleSimz at the @O2ForumKTown. Made even better by an appearance by…
Retweeted by Little Simz“Haven't seen a show 'til you see me live, nigga. At 23 sold dreams to my side nigga” - amazing show tonight so kno…
Retweeted by Little SimzSuch an incredibly talented woman! @LittleSimz - Thank you for sharing your gift x
Retweeted by Little SimzI saw @LittleSimz tonight at O2 Forum Kentish Town and it was honestly phenomenal. The best live show I have been t…
Retweeted by Little Simz. @LittleSimz jumping into the audience last night. Great gig.
Retweeted by Little SimzSaw @LittleSimz conclude her UK tour in her home town last night and I must say she was absolutely incredible. Much…
Retweeted by Little SimzOne of the most urgent, commanding, skilled, honest and grateful displays of craft I’ve seen this year @LittleSimz
Retweeted by Little Simz. @LittleSimz at The Forum tonight. The last time I saw talent and command like this it was Prince.
Retweeted by Little SimzWhen @LittleSimz says you haven’t seen a show until you’ve seen her live? She means that shit.
Retweeted by Little SimzLeft it late to see the best rapper of the year - @LittleSimz so good at sold out London show tonight. Even brought…
Retweeted by Little Simz@LittleSimz was sensational tonight. She raps with mind-blowing precision and plays every instrument on the stage. True art
Retweeted by Little Simz @LittleSimz at @O2ForumKTown on Sunday night. Photographed for @TLE_Entertain
Retweeted by Little SimzHaving been to every London show @LittleSimz has done this year. Every show has progressed on levels unmatched! SUCH A BOSS 👑
Retweeted by Little Simzfriend called me at 4pm said Lara leave notts, get to London, I have a spare ticket come see @LittleSimz she’s on a…
Retweeted by Little SimzSelfish from @LittleSimz @O2ForumKTown
Retweeted by Little SimzIncredible performance last night from you @LittleSimz. Genuinely unbelievable
Retweeted by Little Simz💛 last show for @LittleSimz last night. She is my artist of the decade. I just love her.
Retweeted by Little SimzCongratulations @LittleSimz on finishing the tour it was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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Got to see the best rapper of the year perform the best album of the year tonight. Never felt love from a crowd lik…
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Thank you! It’s @flohio16 ! you Oxford 💛 | 📸 @tamcader out a new brush - @LittleSimz ✍️🎨
Retweeted by Little Simz @LittleSimz last gig of the year. Best gig of the year. @rescuerooms
Retweeted by Little Simz100% 💛 SECOND ALBUM - ‘HEAVY IS THE HEAD’ - OUT NOW #HITH 👑
Retweeted by Little SimzNorth-London rapper @LittleSimz has made one of the greatest records this year. So it felt only right to bring her…
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@LittleSimz is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s public knowledge that you’re unstoppable force @rescuerooms
Retweeted by Little Simz😅 the loves always overwhelming , thank you ❤️ @LittleSimz last gig of the year, best gig of the year @rescuerooms
Retweeted by Little SimzA flower from @LittleSimz who was incredible 😭
Retweeted by Little SimzHoly fucking fuck that was amazing! @LittleSimz @rescuerooms
Retweeted by Little SimzThis vinyl is just as beautiful as the album @LittleSimz
Retweeted by Little SimzI’m not sure if there was a better way to see in my bday than last nights @LittleSimz gig. It was full of energy, c…
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Nottingham: @LittleSimz merch is available tonight! Make sure you get yours!
Retweeted by Little SimzNo pencils. USE A PEN , You know what to doNottingham , my first time playing here , can’t wait for later ! 🙌🏿
Leeds tonight ! 💪🏿💃🏿everything is recorded
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