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@DMVUofficial 🤶🏻best news all day! - KUSO (dir. steve / @flyinglotus) - special time 8:00PM PST - Watch Party with @Shudder. Special guests &…
Retweeted by little snakeLittle Snake And Amon Tobin Drop collaborate on “Loophole” #AmonTobin #LittleSnake
Retweeted by little snake @shaileebendavid @AudiusProject i am an up and coming producer with no shows scheduled. check it out
Retweeted by little snake🤍 and @amontobin combine on ‘Loophole’ - out now @BRAINFEEDER artwork by @daturahex animation by…
Retweeted by little snakeListen: @littlesnakexoxo + @amontobin Team Up for “Loophole,” Out now on @BRAINFEEDER via @dubiks
Retweeted by little snake TOBIN X LITTLE SNAKE - LOOPHOLE is out now 👁‍🗨 Written & produced by: @amontobin and myself Released on:… Snake (@littlesnakexoxo) and Amon Tobin (@amontobin) combine on ‘Loophole’ - out now. Artwork by #DaturaHex
Retweeted by little snake @muzkmuzkmuzk 👅fuck that. this is me, completely real. this is who i am hit him with the “my bad” 😂😂
Retweeted by little snake @realroryfuller @ssslace am*n t**** 😉😉😉😉😉👅👅👅👅👅
@ALEPH_Sound so firePut an old RMX of my friend @littlesnakexoxo on this audius page since I've had it for so long without anyone heari…
Retweeted by little snakewhen u wake up tomorrowww @dictatemusic hard
@Daedelus interesting @Daedelus felt this aswell but im not sure is anything pure of heart under a capitalist society why are we selling… to say that was my first and last shift at edible arrangementsme at age 13 spending days researching how to have a good first lsd trip and avoid flashbacks not knowing at all th… @DistortBot cheers brother @sigrahmusic @eprombeats @SQUAREPUSHER @Machine_Drum @dorianconcept @sullyE64 @gjonesbass dorian would murk this @PatrikCure yeaaaaaaawriting songs with happy endings because they create me equally @muzkmuzkmuzk this was all very helpful. thank you @shaileebendavid i mayif it really is, i dont wanna repeat past mistakes. soundcloud was dope one time. spotify was once small and is the… question. im not here at all to talk ill of something that could create a better future than soundcloud but… am aware a lot of my friends right now are telling me to use audius because it is part of audius' marketing plan… Masterly Manifesto (What the GOV. owes me) 1: 600 $/week 2: Daily massage therapy for PTDS 3: Secure anonymous f…
Retweeted by little snake @Jessi_Rihanna your absolute finest
@gjonesbass @eprombeats recipe's here!
Retweeted by little snake @liarserpent @eprombeats 𝕭𝖔𝖑𝖔𝖌𝖓𝖊𝖘𝖊 even @eprombeats @liarserpent
Retweeted by little snakealbum out now... damn,...
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@mrcarmack getting fucking money in the studio right now
Retweeted by little snake @mrcarmack getting fucking money in the studio right now @mrcarmack @_u_callme im outsidebut seriously @littlesnakexoxo will take what ever you send him and in within the span of an hour or less clap back…
Retweeted by little snakeyou just remembered writing ACAB on your scantrons all those years ago
Retweeted by little snake @therealmueseum tasted so fucking good[little snake covering himself with glue before school so his crush will think he started shedding]
Retweeted by little snakehard rt
You ain’t gonna make me feel like I’m lost. Ever. I’m right here.
Retweeted by little snake @liarserpent sike i blocked u
@dropsofClarity swim brother swim @youknowlimbo blllAPI’d rather someone give my kid some real cigarettes instead of these pieces of shit
Retweeted by little snake @OfTheTrees sounds like crying on experimental ecstasyWhy yes I’m still listening to Merlot on repeat
Retweeted by little snake the fuck does costar think WE are?????
Retweeted by little snake @slimeshady13 thanks man @drumandbussy @annamorgandj i love this holy fuckThe @annamorgandj no visa mix moodboard
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@3venxsaspxct2 forget what this meant
Retweeted by little snakegood morning, #NowPlayingidea: horror, but drawn in kid pix
Retweeted by little snake @SpikeRightMusic yesFYI keep this in mind when visiting @littlesnakexoxo at the stude cc: @liarserpent
Retweeted by little snake🎥🎥🎥
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@Jessi_Rihanna for real ?ivy lab went fucking psycho hard on this ep lol holy shit
salem & shlohmo writing music together in 2020 i am here for that shit son
Retweeted by little snakeEverything is going to be okay
Retweeted by little snake @Machine_Drum @BRAINFEEDER @paulpbdy I WAS LEGIT BUSTING ASS TO UMission accomplished goodnight @littlesnakexoxo cc: @anti_negative_
Retweeted by little snake;) @littlesnakexoxo 🐍🤏 @littlesnakexoxo 🐍🤏 @littlesnakexoxo 🐍🤏 @littlesnakexoxo 🐍🤏 @littlesnakexoxo 🐍🤏…
Retweeted by little snakeFUCKKKShows up! @BRAINFEEDER @Machine_Drum @littlesnakexoxo @paulpbdy @timeboyticktock @strangelooptv
Retweeted by little snakeWE ARE LIVE ! @Machine_Drum its always porque no estas sentado and never como estas:: ( @sfam_official @musicbytvboo look just because eric had a baby er sum shit doesnt mean u dont make the occasional c… @musicbytvboo this is so fucking funnyMakin some baby shakin music
Retweeted by little snake @Machine_Drum bro u were on 5 minutes ago ..lets go
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im on tn ! thru the simulacrum @RollingStone #spiritbomb #xen #virtualcharacters
Retweeted by little snake @_u_callme love u man lets call tmrw @BarnabyBennett @RemindMe_OfThis fuckerOG MACO “COMMAS” FT B LA B PRODUCED BY ME!! 💗🦙💗
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where would i be without my mgmt 🥺 :) with pbdy tomorrow ! @DMVUofficial its fall time to uhhhhh eat some fuckin leavesthis year no one should be sending Wetransfer links that expire
Retweeted by little snake @DMVUofficial @HudMo f