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Haps @LittleWolvie A painted porch, somewhere.

Jackass of all trades, master of some. That vaguely familiar wilderness that you know. Security/defense analyst, audio engineer, and terrible, terrible puns.

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huh. a better version of this that makes sense would be to wire several 24v DC-powered ERM motors on pressure point… @sweatymoist btw how much does it cost there a month @asharfina Bertamasya ke kebun jagung 🌽🌽But also wouldn't mind a cigarette right now.whatever will be, will they turned glasses into a variable zoom ACOG scope @vnsn__ kemaren dicariin Isildur, tuh. Serem bener gedor-gedor pintu rumah orang tengah malem.
To be happy is to howl!
Retweeted by HapsMe calling @_heymey on a video call "Okay so i wanna show you exactly how big it is" 👀👀 @despoinaides Oh don't worry, you're on the list.Cute ones. Short hair is optional, but preferred. is one of the parts where i feel like i completely understand what it's like to be in Edmond's shoes. The ch… conflicted whether i cut my hair or nahSame energy
Silence followed by a deafening roar.'ve always considered the "so is spaghetti until it gets wet" to be rather disrespectful, if not entirely dismissi… @arsenesins yo you okaywhat a chad move 3: i think starting next week i can don the shirt and sweater getup again. this place is cold as balls.
Belakangan ini mau kerja di cafe lagi tapi takut laptop diintip coach aswin @baksorexia I'd be lost without 'em, honestly. Hopefully within week 2 or 3 my body has adapted enough to the new h… @baksorexia Yeah that sounds about right. Preferably single floor with attic and/or a basement. Outside garage is m… 2 of office job: i can start to see the viability of going immediately to the gym after work. @baksorexia I don't have your educational background so my prediction of square metres are unreliable at best. But… @baksorexia Is this related to our moment of clarity yesterday 😂Boots. "Redpills". Teeth. Just the way mother nature intended.These same people will demonise women for sexual activity but put Alpha Males with a high body count on a pedestal.…
Retweeted by HapsThe conversations by "Red Pill" proponents are usually: 1. Women are gatekeepers of sex. 2. How to be an Alpha Mal…
Retweeted by HapsSwallowing the Red Pill: a journey to the heart of modern misogyny aka why it's always morally acceptable to beat… SYMPTOMS—‘Loss of smell’ is no longer a top 10 symptom of the new #DeltaVariant. A headache, sore throat…
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When you're gone, the pieces of my heart will be missing you. the old ThinkPad got a new lease on life @sweatymoist Not experienced but i'd like to try, no pay neededsomewhat disappointed that the process of removing an installed software is not called ins'tall softwareOne day at a time. Each day, one step at a time.
@Taula_ Jamet kumel dari mana lagi ini
@despoinaides Ooh, i almost forgot about that little idea.The number one reason i prefer to use screws for fasteners as opposed to nails or glue: I don't even need to be ab… i just got an idea for new things to make. A new headphone stand for my recording desk, a box for my drill bit… now this ultra milk shirt is my loudest clothing yet and i am planning to upgrade i will not die peacefully until i get to at least for once my life go onstage with obscenely loud colored guit… is more than 10 years ago but i still remember this like yesterday. Ke toko musik, liat pedal T-REX, nanya sam… main ke Swee Lee buat cari replacement part dan rada bengong pas mbak salesnya langsung ngeh pas ditanyain…
@vnsn__ The F-91W. About as reliable as they come, and guaranteed to get the TSA in a scramble should you walk into an american airport 😂 @vnsn__ OOH did you know that the same watch is also used by Snake on Metal Gear Solid V? I also got the steel be…, happy #PrideMonth y'all! 🏳️‍🌈 sleeping on the job all the time no wonder nothing gets done around here up my workbench after a project always brings about a somewhat bittersweet reverie. Wondering when's the…"do not men live contrary to nature who endeavour to look fresh and boyish at an age unsuitable for such an attempt…
Talking about Queen always makes me somewhat sad bc i could've been like Brian May's start, an eager young boy and…, dead. Switch and potentiometers, locked in place. Neck, warped. I don't think i can reach this result eve… heart breaks to see this USD 2000++ guitar in such a state of disrepair i'd have a better time stringing up a sh… are very political, it's just that it's not the direction that boomers consider palatable. under 20s wajar kemakan ideologi woke. Emang mereka target pasarnya. Nah, kalo usianya udah bangkotan masih…
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@sekarjoget I'm thinking more of studio than workshop but damn that'll be the life @sekarjoget Pics pls @sekarjoget Give me old stained mahogany furnitures or give me nothingDude skipped right into acceptance 2. Aut viam inveniam aut fucking faciam out the rain. My aim ain't what it used to be. @_heymey "either" is being very kind and not all of them at once, every night
@terisakisak Why do you hate me for speaking the truth
Apakah benar kalau indihome keluar rumah jadi major labelBeen thinking about the internal combustion engine's four stages and compression ratiosThe words "suck squeeze bang blow" has been emblazoned in the forefront of my thoughts for the past few days and it…
@arsenesins Not this one, i'm afraid. It has the mandate of an acting government and all that. Worries me on the a… @arsenesins Snitches and talkers, indeed.This is what happens when you miss the entire point of 1984. It's a cautionary warning, not a guide book. gonna lie i saw this and got a tad too excited
Secondhand Serenade - Fall For You ASMR warnet 2007 my old X201 Thinkpad today. The main fan and thermal paste needs replacement for it to work again. I wo… @lazeneno Show bussy kingOh the things subnautica made me miss. integrity still there yall’s mental heath matters, too.
Retweeted by HapsA smart decision. Making products to be unrepairable, going so far as to drown the PCB in wax or tin (i'm looking a…"for that which toil has accumulated, rest can lighten. This repast, whatever it may be, will give me more pleasure…
"Prodigious size alone does not dissuade the sharpened blade." -me being into curvy girls. often taller than i am. buy me Darkest Dungeon booty shorts with which to seduce folks with
Retweeted by HapsPelukanmu tak sehangat casan samsung palsu
Retweeted by HapsToday i feel like a Darkest Dungeon dude fresh out from an expedition boarding di soetta bolakbalik melihat futo di ktp dan muka sy) "𝘬𝘰𝘬, 𝘣𝘦𝘥𝘢 𝘺𝘢 𝘱𝘢𝘬?" "jakarta, pak.." (memb…
Retweeted by Haps @indomidclass Semua knob? @indomidclass Kurang responsif gimanaThe RGB lights are to indicate that you can overclock the baby
Might be my prettiest work yet
@ameliarianaa Oh wow um thank you so muchCan be summed as "definitely not single, situationally available*, odds of approaching not great" *terms and condi… @akunusam Kurangi lari perbanyak nguliThere's no dudebro friends like the ones who notice your changing body shape before you yourself realized it @sapphiredust__ I stanLost a good chunk of weight lately. Must stave off the twinkening. tale of two lols'm following their routine at 250% of my actual limits so next month my pecs are gonna register on the Mohs scaleI recently found out that the gym behemoths whose limbs are twice the size of my own are actually the same weight a… @xrfxn They're fine bc they're inside but i'm contemplating building some sort of humidity-controlled enclosureThis constantly changing weather along with its humidity is wreaking absolute havoc in my woodworking. My planks g…"The way to prevail, according to COIN doctrine, is to provide ordinary people with security and basic services. Do…