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Deals are for all year round, not just August. Rishi knows the best place to get 50% off (or more) on food AND drin… Rishi’s new discount scheme make you want to eat out more in August?
And we're there! @lubanliverpool soft opening tonight... Thankyou! ❤️
Retweeted by Liverpool Confidential📣DINERS Your restaurants have a problem with peeps booking tables and not showing up. It costs ££'s in a hard hit s…
Retweeted by Liverpool Confidential📣Resto No Shows. Simple. CHARGE REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT . I know the Confidentials diners have said they would be happy…
Retweeted by Liverpool ConfidentialComrade Rishi is looking after F&B : 2 EAT OUT TO HELP OUT HALF PRICE IN AUGUST!
Retweeted by Liverpool Confidential💪✌️👍 Comrade Rishi is looking after F&B : 1. VAT CUT ON RESTAURANTS ETC FROM 20% to 5%!!!!!
Retweeted by Liverpool ConfidentialWe've heard that the sun will be out this weekend and that means we will be heading straight to @RefineryLpool for…
@Porkyaskew @mayor_anderson Absolutely loved visiting today. Great to see familiar faces @ArtSchoolLpool The work y…
Retweeted by Liverpool ConfidentialProud to be working with such a great team to get our city moving again Thank you @mayor_anderson
Retweeted by Liverpool ConfidentialGlad to see you open again @OfficialMaBoyle 🙌’t wait to have you back in our lives @Porkyaskew & @ArtSchoolLpool Morning to the Food and Bevarage Peeps. Today marks the start of our fightback to save our very livelihoods. B…
Retweeted by Liverpool Confidential @ArtSchoolLpool @Porkyaskew Good luck Porky and the team!A quick video filmed yesterday during our setup ready for reopening in a just matter of hours 😁 Thank you to all…
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What do you think about the new look Bold Street? (📷 Savour Our City - Liverpool Food Tours) a table and you will not regret it @FrederiksHopeSt🚨 PSA 🚨 are now offering updated voucher terms, extensions and information here -
Good luck 😉 ⁦@Porkyaskew⁩ for Saturday - you have worked so hard behind the scenes - good luck ⁦@ArtSchoolLpool⁩ -…
Retweeted by Liverpool ConfidentialWhat’s reopening @theAlbertDock and @tateliverpool up or thumbs down for this idea? @dashliverpool are all set to open their doors this Saturday 🍾 yes, welcome back @FrederiksHopeSt 👏
@Porkyaskew @ArtSchoolLpool @Bold_Online @CHChampagneUK @artofwineltd @TheGuideLpool @mcrconfidential All good - ge…
Retweeted by Liverpool ConfidentialWe can't wait to see you again ❤️
@Porkyaskew @GordoManchester Bloody bet it is!Reopening MENU’S - 4th July Heres our new menu's for our reopening this Saturday, with revised opening hours to in…
Retweeted by Liverpool Confidential @Porkyaskew @GordoManchester Get to bed lad ✌️Extremely good interview published by The Guide, @Porkyaskew eloquent as ever. Proper local news. Hats off to The…
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We can’t get over to Leeds (or anywhere else) for a Michelin starred/Great British Menu dining experience, but some…
Pub or Restaurant needing to get compliant quickly? Here’s a system ready to go, discounted for Confidentials reade…😂👀
Wow, this is powerful #LFC is going big in his celebrations are you? #lfc #champions’s in tears 😭 #Champions of England, Europe and The World. @LFC take a bow 🏅 how are you celebrating? #LFC @thomas_f_rose @ClarkAnge @lpoolcouncil Brilliant thisWell done @lpoolcouncil "All independent restaurants in the city can now apply for a grant of up to £4,000 for them…
Retweeted by Liverpool Confidential @DaveJCritchley @asda @LIDSdelivery What's all that mean in English?You know that thing about a nice hot cup of tea cools you down? Does it buggery. 👺
Retweeted by Liverpool ConfidentialFREE COMPETITION ❤️👏it's about a bottle of St. Emilion , a FAB pork pie and a bottle of Picallili to tart it up! Al… or deli-ghtful? We delve in and find out... @LfcBecky @fergusonkeith @MPeakeOfficial Yes.Bold St and Castle St to be pedestrianised this summer to make way for new pop up ‘park let’s’ for outdoor eating."Many may not know just how much economically this sector contributes to the running of the city" @FairlyGirly @LivConfidential @Porkyaskew Have a look on our Shop on for lots of picnic treats 🔥🔥🔥🍷🥂🍾🌞
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FREE COMPETITION!❤️ a bottle of St. Emilion , a FAB pork pie and a bottle of Picallili to tart it up! All from… we be trusted? a Delifonseca to read this... you already booked in somewhere or are you feeling anxious about the latest Government update? @Sacha_Lord @AndyBurnhamGM @SkyNews Oh do shut up you know-it-all.Dear Restaurants, here's the Government Guidelines on re-opening. AND USE YOUR COMMON SENSE. Get on with it! 🥳. Rules on opening. #1 get open. We your public are waiting. #2 GET OPEN. We trust you in hygiene mat…
Retweeted by Liverpool ConfidentialCongratulations to all our English hospitality colleagues on your confirmation of an opening date and 1m rule. Let’…
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@LivConfidential @Porkyaskew @ArtSchoolLpool Gordo’s never wrong 😄 choose me and I’ll double check !
Retweeted by Liverpool Confidential @LivConfidential Hell no. Dying to go out for a meal and support restaurants etc but govt just hasn't got this under control yet.
Retweeted by Liverpool Confidential @LivConfidential Depends on how responsible the pub owners are. Too many are serving take away pints and not worrie…
Retweeted by Liverpool Confidential @LivConfidential Too soon for me, wait till all the madness dies down maybe around September.
Retweeted by Liverpool Confidential @LivConfidential Yes
Retweeted by Liverpool Confidential @LivConfidential @Porkyaskew @ArtSchoolLpool You can’t beat it! 😍👏
Retweeted by Liverpool ConfidentialNeed to try it to decide 🤔🤔🤔
Retweeted by Liverpool Confidential @LivConfidential @Porkyaskew @ArtSchoolLpool Yum!! 😍
Retweeted by Liverpool ConfidentialOfficial update from @DaveJCritchley 😎 "I am delighted to announce that Lu Ban Restaurant will be re-opening on Th…
Retweeted by Liverpool ConfidentialFREE COMPETITION!❤️ it's about a bottle of St. Emilion , a FAB pork pie and a bottle of Picallili to tart it up! Al… @ArtSchoolLpool @GranadaReports @Porkyaskew @victoriagITV @itvnews @ArtSchoolCellar @artofwineltd We can’t wait @PorkyaskewWhat do you think? to @Keir_Starmer for his reply to @BorisJohnson . Labour has a leader worth voting for again.
Retweeted by Liverpool ConfidentialBORIS : 1 meter plus, but use your common sense ( that bit me😜)
Retweeted by Liverpool ConfidentialBORIS: restaurant and pubs open on the 4th, distancing relaxed
Retweeted by Liverpool Confidential
@LivConfidential @Porkyaskew @ArtSchoolLpool What a delicious combination
Retweeted by Liverpool Confidential @LivConfidential @Porkyaskew @ArtSchoolLpool OMG yes siree, followed and rt #win @kochan_sarah
Retweeted by Liverpool Confidential⁦@Attiluscaviar⁩ ⁦@ArtSchoolLpool⁩ well we had a lovely day today getting a dinner party ready for delivery for one…
Retweeted by Liverpool ConfidentialThis is my bike, stolen from Wellingborough Railway Station between 6am and 4pm today, Saturday 21st June. It is a…
Retweeted by Liverpool ConfidentialAny robbers missing this bike?
Retweeted by Liverpool ConfidentialWe have 10 afternoon Teas going for tomorrow for collection, if you want one email
Retweeted by Liverpool ConfidentialI don't think Ms Harries has much experience with mental health issues if she thinks you can just tell anxiety to go away.
Retweeted by Liverpool Confidential @Sacha_Lord Stop moaning and get on with it. The F&B guys are a lot more savvy than you give them credit for. It's… piece of info from the Council here on the road closure for outdoor food and drinking this summer. Keep our fi… | Road closures, pop up parks, architecturally designed furniture, a business grant scheme and free t…
Retweeted by Liverpool Confidential#OnThisDay in 2017, @MoSalah joined the Reds 😍 The Egyptian King 👑
Retweeted by Liverpool ConfidentialLanded in Iceland yesterday - tested at the airport and had the results a few hours later. No need for quarantine a…
Retweeted by Liverpool ConfidentialMake sure you're supporting local suppliers of local foods! This lot are well worthy of some if your fish, first ra… MORNING! The sunshine is arriving this week! Whether you fancy basking with one of our Lunya Tapas sets, our…
Retweeted by Liverpool ConfidentialThank you team So Cheshire 🥂
Retweeted by Liverpool Confidential @Minghowriter @williamshankly I think the trick is to use our own bloody common sense. I'm not overly keen to be ha… for those shielding to be relaxed from 6th July & will end in England on August 1st, meaning this group can r…
Retweeted by Liverpool ConfidentialLord Mayor @CllrAnnaRothery shared a minute silence at 10am this morning, marking the start of #ArmedForcesWeek.…
Retweeted by Liverpool ConfidentialCATHY WOOD INTERVIEW The company’s flagship fund ARK Innovation ETF is up +26% in the year to date, compared to ju…
Retweeted by Liverpool ConfidentialThe skipper feels a lack of cutting edge in the final third cost us the opportunity to win yesterday's derby 👇
Retweeted by Liverpool ConfidentialLooks amazing 😀😀
Retweeted by Liverpool Confidential @LivConfidential @Porkyaskew @ArtSchoolLpool ⭐️🌸⭐️🌸⭐️ Oh that’s so lovely of you — I’d love this to treat my wonde…
Retweeted by Liverpool ConfidentialAre you taking bookings?
Retweeted by Liverpool ConfidentialWhat was it like to attend the strangest Merseyside derby of recent times? @ptgorst explains..
Retweeted by Liverpool ConfidentialCan anyone guess the bar this is in...
Retweeted by Liverpool Confidential @LivConfidential @LiverpoolWande1 @GordoManchester @Porkyaskew
Retweeted by Liverpool ConfidentialLove @Porkyaskew ❤️
Retweeted by Liverpool Confidential @LivConfidential @Porkyaskew @ArtSchoolLpool Is this prize available for delivery anywhere in the UK or is it only to collect locally?
Retweeted by Liverpool Confidential