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Photos: Israel's Largest Neolithic Excavation Neolithic Settlement in Israel Uncovered. Up to 3,000 People May Have Lived There. Are Overdosing on Wasp Spray in West Virginia Trees Will Be All-But-Extinct by 2070 Without Climate Action, Study Warns Cups Are Safe, But Questions Remain About 'Toxic Shock' Risk, Review Finds Truth About 'Meat Sweats,' According to Science. Just a little #Science on this #NationalHotDogDay
There was a backup plan for if our Apollo 11 astronauts didn't return from the moon. #Apollo50th #Apollo11's a wild image for you on this #WorldSnakeDay! Story here: Fighting Worms Make One of the Loudest Sounds in the Ocean Finds Mysterious, Unexpected Currents Crackling Through Jupiter's Magnetosphere We Mishear Neil Armstrong's Famous First Words on the Moon? species discoveries—particularly extinct animals—are especially fun when the species is found inside a predator.
Retweeted by Live ScienceSince humans first stepped foot on the moon 50 yrs ago, we've learned much about Earth's closest neighbor. Learn mo… the Apollo 11 Moon Landing Mission in Real Time As It Happened!
Retweeted by Live ScienceWhat If Buzz and Neil Didn't Come Back from the Moon? Nixon Had a Secret Plan., Human-Size Jellyfish Stuns Divers Off the Coast of England Strange, Cool Things We've Recently Learned About the Moon Marshall Islands Are 10 Times More 'Radioactive' Than Chernobyl
What Is the Ionosphere? (And Who Is Steve?)"We've been studying the aurora for hundreds of years, and we couldn't, and still can't, explain what Steve is." 🤔…
Retweeted by Live ScienceEgypt's 'Bent Pyramid' Opens for First Time in More Than 50 Years the Vikings Smoking Pot While Exploring Newfoundland?, Persecuted Code-Breaker Alan Turing Finally Recognized for His Achievements Last Lunar Eclipse of 2019 Occurs Tuesday, Just in Time for Apollo 11 Celebrations Is Homeostasis? Unsung Heroes of the Apollo 11 Mission Made the First Steps on the Moon Possible Prime Day: Best Deals for Science Lovers Eagle-Nosed, Shovel-Chinned Dinosaur May Be the Weirdest Thing You See Today Prime Day: Best Health & Fitness Deals’s Superfast ‘Ice Slides’ Could Be Bad News for Climate Change Prime Day: The Best Science Kit Deals popular belief, no... aluminum in deodorant does not cause cancer. @jonlovett @jonfavs #LoveItOrLeaveIt Mor… Sunken Soviet Sub Is Raising the Radioactivity of the Norwegian Sea 800,000-Fold. But Don't Worry.… York Is Overrun by Rats, Yet We Know Almost Nothing About Their Underground Kingdom't Be Confused If This Starfish Makes Your Mouth Water Lizard Found in Dinosaur's Belly from 120 Million Years Ago
On this #sharkawarenessday, remember that although overfishing poses the biggest threat for many species, plastics… Haven't All Primates Evolved into Humans?
Barry Becomes a Hurricane, Barrels Toward Louisiana Coast the Earth Ever Been This Hot Before?
New Dark Energy Data Emerges from Misshapen, Distorted, Ancient Voids World's Largest Iceberg Is 2 Years Old Today, and Already Drifting Toward Its Doom Frenzy of 11 Sharks Ends in Surprising Twist … And a Mouthful of Shark for 1 Grouper Dies After Being Impaled by Reusable Metal Straw Archaeology Is a Thing. And It Involves Lasers and Spy Satellites Orleans Braces for Intense Floods As Tropical Storm Barry Rolls In Jones Meets 'Star Wars' in 'Archaeology From Space.' Enter to Win a Copy! of Napoleon's One-Legged General Found Under Russian Dance Floor'Chameleon Theory' Could Explain Why the Universe Is Blowing Up
Prokaryotic vs. Eukaryotic Cells: What's the Difference? Common Sugar Substitute Can Be Deadly for Dogs, FDA Warns This Young Monkey Got Hit by a Car, Monkey Strangers Comforted Him Goes Blind After Wearing Contact Lenses in the Shower in Australia Kill Over 2 Billion Wild Animals Each Year'Renegade' White Dwarf Survived a Supernova. Now It's Warping the Little Dipper Before Our Eyes.…'Missing' Interstellar Iron May Just Be Good at Hiding's 'Earthquake Island' Has Vanished Are Very Close to Completely Eliminating Male Embryos (in Mice) Common Cold Virus Wiped Away Bladder Cancer in One Patient the Ploonets! Runaway Moons with Delusions of Planethood Get Astronomy's Cutest Name Ever… Landing Footage Would Have Been Impossible to Fake. Here's Why.
'Tree Man' Gets Pioneering Surgery for Rare Skin Condition Humans Failed in Early Attempt to Migrate Out of Africa, Old Skull Shows't Waste Your Emotions on Plants, They Have No Feelings, Grumpy Scientists Say This Huge, Superfast Asteroid Stayed Hidden in Near-Earth Orbit SoCal Earthquakes Warped the Ground for Miles. And It's Visible from Space.,000 Years Ago, a Boy Had His Skull Squashed into a Cone Shape. It's the Oldest Evidence of Such Head-Shaping.… Swallows Crocodile Whole. Photographer Captures Every Last, Grisly 'Bite.' Risks, Symptoms and Treatment
Nearly 200K People Have Signed Up to Steal Alien Secrets from Area 51 in Late-Summer Raid's What It Really Means That Iran Enriched Uranium to 4.5% Were Wrong About the 'World's Largest Volcano' it to us to bring you a bit of morbid on this #NationalSugarCookieDay! There's No Medical Reason Not to Bake… Magnificent Views of the Nighttime Heavens in America's Dark Sky Parks Pair of Shipwrecked, WWII-Era Submarines Just Vanished from the Sea Near Malaysia Semislug That Likes to Climb May Be Infecting Hawaiians with Brain Parasite
On Alien Worlds, Extraterrestrials Could Be Spewing a Toxic, Smelly Gas. That's How We Could Find Them. #Aliens 👽 M… Has An 8% Chance of Another Huge Quake This Week Are GMOs and GM Foods? Preserved Viking Boat Grave and Skeletons Unearthed in Sweden A Man, a Horse and a Dog Found in Viking Boat Burial Who Taught Self to Head-Bang Proves Rock Transcends Species Sure Seems Like the Trump Administration Is Suppressing Reports of Climate Change at USGS having lunch
Retweeted by Live ScienceThe Science Behind Washington's Scary 'Flash Flood Emergency' Up! Happy #NationalVideoGameDay! Playing Video Games May Boost Your Brain. More here: Odd 'Quasiparticles' Could Finally Unmask Dark Matter Excerpt: 'Archaeology From Space''s Foot Pain Was Due to Rare 'Hair Splinter' of Sharks and Rays May Be Getting Strangled by Plastic Waste Massive SoCal Earthquakes Trigger the 'Big One' on the San Andreas Fault?
Does the Universe Rotate? Faults That Ruptured in Twin California Quakes Are Very, Very Weird, Geologists Say.
Skywatcher Captures Rare Image of Mysterious X-37B Military Space Plane Even Larger Quake Just Rocked Southern California. Experts Say the Fault System Is Growing.…
Want to Fight Climate Change? Plant 1 Trillion Trees. Radiation Doesn't Seem to Be Causing Astronauts to Die from Cancer, Study Finds! Alaska Is Hotter Than NYC. Here's Why. Massive Seaweed Bloom Is Smothering Life from the Caribbean to West Africa Notice Messes As Much As Women. Here's Why They Don't Clean Up.