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damn what the f???? @leftyandsoft1 thats so freaking messed up!!!!!degrowth is about saying all growth is bad no matter what (as everyone knows) but how could you possibly oppose the… degrowth “leftists”: if you love the environment so much, then why are you against the growth of trees????? @Juicysteak117 @marx_posts @orbitxblink no one has ever "gotten my ass" @orbitxblink @marx_posts @Juicysteak117 oh fuck. true. @marx_posts @orbitxblink @Juicysteak117 wrong. not true. @orbitxblink thats a good point actually @orbitxblink do you want me to go back to femme shapiro @orbitxblink its a dog????????? @orbitxblink @marx_posts @Juicysteak117 as the biggest whitest trans accout i would side with you queen @orbitxblink @Juicysteak117 you were ahead of your time @husbandofbread yea quite a lot shes a main target in relation to the lib celebrities @MeganBitchell shes literally youbig respect for Kyle for returning to his old ways @gaybugfeet its me im the mouse trap @KyleKulinski @OldKyleTweets @gaybugfeet i step on the mouse trap because i want cheese i dont care @gaybugfeet hi @gaybugfeet @femcelgirlboss SO TRUE @gaybugfeet I am OMW @gaybugfeet @femcelgirlboss haha hiii you should totally come over i just got done researching the cure for corona… @gaybugfeet SO TRUE @femcelgirlboss @gaybugfeet i will do anything for they/she pussy @gaybugfeet @femcelgirlboss OK FINE THANK YOU QUEEN @femcelgirlboss @gaybugfeet my feet are a regular distance a part and my shoulders are looking normal here @gaybugfeet @femcelgirlboss i know what youre doing this isnt going to work on me @gaybugfeet @femcelgirlboss this isnt fair @gaybugfeet @femcelgirlboss if there is a chaser stance then im doing that one but thats a different stance @gaybugfeet @marx_posts @femcelgirlboss im not even standing i cant be stanced @gaybugfeet @femcelgirlboss im cisgender so i cant do the trans stance @marx_posts @femcelgirlboss @gaybugfeet im not stanced up at all here @anna__online @femcelgirlboss @gaybugfeet SO TRUE @anna__online @femcelgirlboss @gaybugfeet LMAOO @anna__online @femcelgirlboss @gaybugfeet i am like donald trump right now being betrayed by everyone @anna__online @femcelgirlboss @gaybugfeet thank you @astrlprogestron @femcelgirlboss @gaybugfeet SO TRUE @femcelgirlboss @gaybugfeet i disagree im somebody @gaybugfeet @femcelgirlboss no its me who is the control group and the control group says not stanced at all 0% stanced @staticbluebat @Juicysteak117 i would never lie @gaybugfeet @femcelgirlboss im standing in a normal cis gender way @femcelgirlboss @gaybugfeet it will be rigged @femcelgirlboss @gaybugfeet doctored photo of me not even stanced up @femcelgirlboss @gaybugfeet im not stanced at all in that pic @gaybugfeet @femcelgirlboss not true @gaybugfeet @femcelgirlboss no @femcelgirlboss @gaybugfeet i will never be stanced all trans @staticbluebat @Juicysteak117 you should @femcelgirlboss @gaybugfeet fucked up that a cis person is being so mean to a trans woman can we get this trending#transphobia @Juicysteak117 didnt get me @gaybugfeet cis people love retweeting soy face @gaybugfeet soy face nicole soy face nicole @ZeroSuitCamus hi queen @soylent_slut SO TRUE @subtleferret so true queen
@OldKyleTweets @KyleKulinski you love to see it @ayyy_vuh lol @KyleKulinski @OldKyleTweets @schizoidvisions so true @schizoidvisions what zero pussy etcheres a bit more from the ep, gunna try to work these ideas out a lot more in the coming months I think honor of the cheeto leaving the white house tomorrow here's the end part of the script for my most recent premiu… exchange between Biden’s Secretary of State nominee and Lindsey Graham speaks volumes about the incoming admin…
Retweeted by liv agar @roun_sa_ville this is the lamest way he could have gone out @mikedicenzo lol @ZeroSuitCamus SO TRUE @juicytofu117 protect her @roun_sa_ville rip @gaybugfeet ily2!!! @gaybugfeet so true queen! @yungneocon trust me bro technology will solve all the problems i swear to god don’t worry man it’s ok we will just invent our way out of it @scaredyfish @yungneocon @metaspinoza always has been @graeberooc miss him everyday @yungneocon @metaspinoza leftist memes be like: wall of text @sweetxpalma its quirky as hell to read deleuze @deleuze_poggers he was right about that @spurtmagoo theyre all gay why not just be trans theyre half way there @deleuze_poggers @ILoveMyWifve @42WhiteRose i wish! @DavidBegnaud @QanonAnonymous lol @phoebelangwell so true @spurtmagoo its eros (shes trans) @deleuze_poggers @ILoveMyWifve get his asslol @oldtweets_ooc never @antisisyphus more and more people are saying this! @antisisyphus tfw too many cat boys to think about synthesizing deleuze and lacan @prag_com @QanonAnonymous @travis_view omg @antisisyphus deleuze does say that objet petit a is a desiring machine so this works @ZeroSuitCamus this is the real cure @abkazias classic female trait
Retweeted by liv agar @schizoidvisions so true! @pacifistHULK @leninsimp lol
Retweeted by liv agar
I've decided that Trump getting off scot-free and Don Jr. going to jail is the funniest result that could happen (so it will)last stream with a cheeto in the dang white house @eatshitdavid its so cool @dumbboi2002 also canadas punishment for exporting my takes @m4lf0rm alberta premier just spent 7.5 billion building an oil pipeline thats gunna lead to nowhere cause biden cancelled it lol