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Liz England @lizardengland Toronto, Ontario

Team Lead Game Designer at Ubisoft Toronto on Watch Dogs Legion. Spreadsheet whisperer, procgen troublemaker, IF dabbler, twitter bot maker (she/her)

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@lizardengland I like that your first day of work on Scribblenauts was basically Ron Swanson typing all the words h…
Retweeted by Liz England @Patorama I am absolutely going to use this gif from now on, especially when new designers ask what a day at the office looks like! @ms45 lol no, but that is a very good lineThat thread has so many good answers that give you an idea of what kind of trivial level of details is still work t… @BryanRenno This is such a good question.On my internship, the first thing they had me to was spend a week writing barks for Saints Row 2 NPCs. On my first… @Wanderlustin I don't know the specific logistics of this position, but generally the company regularly relocates p… @KishiFishy this is my asmrRingu Fit Adventure
Retweeted by Liz England @SpencerHarrill @WillWArmstrong Oh cool, but nah. Turns out I ruined myself on ebook format and can’t go back to de… @logodaedalus @catacalypto @stcymsn @kait_zilla Pretty sure I’m going to live tweet it. @DanBrink91 Any chance you got to play Moirai before it shut down? Very short cool implementation of this! @t3dy Ty! I’ve read a bunch of ttrpgs for research but never this one. @WillWArmstrong I haven’t read this. Is it an exciting fantasy novel starring a rock? I might’ve into that. @ms45 Directions in the thread! They haven’t put the job posting up yetoh oh I got a good one a game like Disco Elysium except you are an android, and you can download different persona… @krisgraft I shameless and immediately started to clone it for my side project @t3dy I'd been trying to develop one for my Lovecraft game but been so unsatisfied with my designs until Disco Elys… apply to our narrative design position @MDKII oh no @jscoble Oh gosh, yes. It's one of the most interesting games I've ever played. I have poured over the dev diaries… point is that any game that uses Disco Elysium's dialogue system is automatically great, sorry I don't make the rulesa game like Disco Elysium except you play as a rocka game like Disco Elysium except you play Dr Jekyll and Mr.Hyde. While you play one personality, the other alter eg… imagine what the blood says when it speaks to you (also yes I know I am stealing this from a korean tv show)a game like Disco Elysium but you are a vampire detective
@wererogue @KillBotTheGamer @Cam_Rogers My recommendation for someone just getting started - make twine games. You… @stcymsn Disco Elysium is my top pick, and not just because it's the hot new thing, but the concept of the internal… @kait_zilla @catacalypto @stcymsn what I am hearing is that I also need to play The Council @CulturalGeek @stcymsn Oh yes, Ladykiller in a Bind has an amazing dialogue system that I don't think got enough at… @TheSmileBC @BuasGames @ThisisIGAD I don't really know anything about our internship program / availability, sorry!good job twitter, protecting my DMs from those unauthorized tweets from suspicious accounts @SeiferTim Onsite is necessary. I don't really know HR logistics for this position but the company typically covers relocation. @David__Jetta There is no required length, prose is fine. @witchy_design I will when I go through everything so far tonight. Don't worry - I saw yours in my inbox! @jimtoepel @kchironis imagine if a clicker/idle game was actually an adventure rpg, that's what you're gettingTo answer popular questions about writing samples, the ideal sample would be two things: * something linear we coul… @pineappletime @prettydarke Find me a games narrative person who *hasn't* written fanfiction! (though obviously we… @kchironis Yeah, I haven't quite wrapped my head around why it's so flooded with 3d action game tutorials. I don't… @kchironis Literally started working in unity this month and floored (maybe naively so) by how many tutorials are f… @bradpower I designed the tools so I feel it’s only fair to acknowledge my mixed results. @WJDDrew It's for Watch Dogs Legion! @WJDDrew Ubisoft Toronto :)Also! I am on that narrative team, our narrative team is ~amazing~, we have hired people onto our narrative team di… @witchy_design For a writing sample, I think so! @Fohnicus Check the next tweet in the thread :) @six6jiang Yes please do!If you have specific Q's you can DM me. Otherwise if you are interested, send me an email (… position is junior or mid-level, provided you have experience in the more technical side of narrative design, a… twitter! We have an opening for a ⭐️Narrative Designer ⭐️ on our project! Permanent, full-time, onsite in T… @ckunzelman Fair enough, I like Barron’s work a lot. @zarfeblong Hmm you’ve recommended this before and I think I’ll take you up on the suggestion. No spoilers! @velocciraptor I don’t think I can bring myself to read through it but I look forward to the tv adaptation. It seem… @ckunzelman Of course I got Winter Tide’s title wrong. Ballad of Black Tom is my next read. What of Kiernan’s do y… Winter TIDE not Wintersong. Winter Tide is subversive Lovecraft. Wintersong is a subversive fantasy romance f… so far Lovecraft Country reads as a pretty straight Lovecraft tale (without the trademark prose) as experienced… was hoping for more like Wintersong, which subverts Lovecraft by presenting his antagonists as protagonists, his… was looking forward to the book Lovecraft Country but despite an excellent first chapter (despite being completel… know doomsday preppers is very scripted but also this guy is smearing bbq sauce on himself like warpaint
What I really want is a curry cook-off though.Today in unusual corporate benefits: the studio is now subsidizing the chili cook-off but allowing us to expense some of the ingredients. @JurieHorneman Oh wait. It's because I have the words "Star Wars" muted. @JurieHorneman You know what's great about twitter? It doesn't show me this tweet at all in my notifications or men… @saygt This is almost my philosophy. @yifatshaik See when I gave up a few years ago I didn't do it halfway, I just deleted the whole engine. @tsawac This is what the manual says. I laughed aloud. I was reading Playmaker best practices and they were like, "at most your game should have 2-3 global variable… also turns out I really missed visual scripting. It's so satisfying to name things, order them around, link node…'ve been learning Playmaker in Unity all week and let me just tell you I weep for all the missed opportunities bec…
@despair This is bikeshedding, right? Or is there another term for it?Hi I am 34 years old and I have finally discovered that my hair is not wavy and poofy but is, in fact, curly.
This is such a good thread on a dynamic I've experienced but haven't ever seen articulated so well and thoroughly. braved the cold to go get some chicken soup and coffee, and ended up with a free loaf of jalapeno cheese bread fr…
@emirarkman Yes
@ReedSealFoss I totally would've greenlit this thing. @henryfaber I can't tell if this is the worst thing ever or the best thing everOh my god I got to episode 3. I regret nothing. @henryfaber @MsMinotaur haha, I just used this word before seeing your tweet. I feel like that's the only neutral way to describe it. @catacalypto @MsMinotaur I almost turned it off a few times during the first episode but currently I am transfixed. @JPickthall so excited!a game in which you play dracula on a ship to England and have to kill and feed on one passenger/crew each night bu… @henryfaber this pun is terrible, I hope you're proud of yourselfI'm watching the Dracula show and I can't tell if it's amazing or terrible, or both in equal amounts but oscillates…, holy shit-level “caught with their hand in the cookie jar” moment 10 paragraphs into this NY Times piece a…
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There’s nothing like it being after 5pm on a Friday to get consensus on a thing.I'm in the process of recruiting the narrative department for one of their lesser known responsibilities.I've been working on this game for four years and we're back on the hardest problem in game design: what to name things in a database.Trained a GPT-2 1.5B on 50MB of videogame walkthroughs. The results are *very* interesting. Someone could parse th…
Retweeted by Liz EnglandDoomsday preppers are really serious LARPersme: I finally regained access to netflix after two months, and I'm going to watch The Witcher, Marriage Story, The…
The Humble Australia Fire Relief Bundle has over $400 in incredible games for just $25. 100% of the proceeds go to…
Retweeted by Liz England @disco_jill It is one of several possibilities, because you kept apologizing to people. If you never say sorry you… @ArchaicJohn I think about half my sick days are actually bouts of insomnia where if I haven’t fallen asleep by 7am… was actually a really formative lesson about how two people's experiences can be COMPLETELY different and yet ne… here's the real doozy: my best friend took the same class the following semester. For her it was fantastic, the… failed a class in high school. It was the teacher's last year before retirement. She told me my work was ter… @laurenmakegames Yeah I think you are definitely safe there! @laurenmakegames They are very broody, like every kind of flavor of broody you could imagine. I liked the world-bu… @laurenmakegames Although I'd be curious what you think of Wintersong (if you try it), which is a romance novel tha… @laurenmakegames (I basically trade one problem for a different kind)