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Liz England @lizardengland Toronto, Ontario

Team Lead Game Designer at Ubisoft Toronto on Watch Dogs Legion. Spreadsheet whisperer, procgen troublemaker, IF dabbler, twitter bot maker (she/her)

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every year or so i run an experiment on MechanicalTurk where i pay people to write a few words on this topic: if yo…
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if you know where i can buy this nuclear waste warning message live-laugh-love sign, please get at me because i’ve…
Retweeted by Liz EnglandI bought this on a lark since it was published right at the start of quarantine and I saw some of the ML people I f…’m pretty much underlining everything in the introduction as it is Very Good @NatalieZed SameI started reading a new book today - Data Feminism - and I think I'm going to get back to reviewing books on my blog again. @kimpall nah it's absolutely hardware, and MAY have been caused by stepping on it @yifatshaik The Local pub & eatery. I think i'ts on Queen? I wanted a burger and noticed they have all kinds of stu… @Greenfaery @JurieHorneman Happy birthday! @neomonki I definitely believe that appliances wait for the worst possible moment before they breakThis was never meant for a single person to eat and let’s just say I have a lot of soggy nachos to reheat later tonight.Local restaurant sells meal kits now and it’s Canada Day so I bought their nacho kit and it’s pretty legit @GET_TUDA_CHOPPA One can only hopeMy laptop screen has a cool glitch effect spreading across it @Wertle I would rent a car, a kayak, and a cabin/cottage on a lake, and bring a month’s worth of food. Also a tent… @JoelBurgess Not qualified for anything else!Ah yes, a national holiday in July in a time period where it’s unwise to leave your home, that is when the AC dies. @bandykooo Thanks!The best part is when there's a long silence in chat, and he suddenly says - in his deep booming dragon voice - "sorry I was muted".Our DM has a voice modulator for DnD and I asked him today if he had a girly voice and it sounds like a leprechaun who's high on helium
@LitvacArt they called me a brocial media influencerCritical hit for flexing my biceps @Silvanis_s It was inadvertent 😂I also have a love potion and we're going to find out if it works on a dragon.DnD update: my barbarian went to the seediest, most run down alchemy shop and offered to advertise for them on my a… weeks of virtual training, I'm finally ready to cut my wife's lockdown hair.
Retweeted by Liz EnglandI'm pretty behind everyone so at this rate in August I'll be cutting my hair and in September I'll be baking sourdough bread.With mail problems they took almost two months to get to me but I’m excited to start my next phase of quarantine. @sam__omar this is good contentmore and more people are saying this but we truly live in hell
Retweeted by Liz Englandsomeone find out how many tomatoes it would take to make that much sauce thanks in advanceLast night I dreamed we found the cure for the coronavirus and it consisted of pouring a moon-sized jar of homemade…
@Rajio I would eat this. @kait_zilla I loved this. Also I played like 20 hours and only explored like half the island. The game is not just leisurely, it's huge.My neighbors across the street are blasting music on a Sunday night. At first I thought it was a single song, but… @glassbottommeg This. My brother did it to me constantly. I spent months learning how to do it so I could get back…, I think my fire alarm is broken. Unrelated, have you ever boiled rice so long it goes from steam to black smoke? Haha me neither.
I guess as a last ditch effort to be constructive, if you feel the need to ask your peers about this kind of thing,… are just really resistant to being wrong, especially if it makes them feel like they might be complicit in s… I do provide examples but they aren't the right kind. Either I withhold too many details (because they aren't my… "here" is a studio, a team, an event, a community, etc. - experience tells me that if I correct them, they'… I have been in situations where I've been asked by male colleagues about harassment, it's always some form of… @brentcarrelliso YesA good friend had a saying whenever she read one of these articles - "Sounds like another Tuesday!" As in, the pro… time there's a big expose (like crunch at Naughty Dog or sexism at Riot, but goes back further to whatever nigh…'s unwise of me to comment on current events in the game industry because of Obvious Reasons, so I'll just say ev… @glassbottommeg (Excuse me, that's peposo. Recipes don't really deviate that much from each other). @glassbottommeg I have a similar issue with beef stews being kind of flavourless and my favorite recipe is peposa.… @glassbottommeg Not a stew exactly, but have you considered shepherd's pie? I really like this one (the flavour wa… @bombsfall sometimes, though, I do privately enjoy a good dunking of my own games, especially if it lets me bask in…
@EmberDione YesTonight's Sea of Thieves pvp experience summarized
@JurieHorneman we can all watch it together when the pandemic's over!hey look it's @JurieHorneman's favorite film! @RaphLife It really, really is. It absolutely has influenced my thoughts about how to design systemic multiplayer g… @unormal Perfection 👌ladies
Retweeted by Liz England @theomn Anytime @theomn Yes @s3rioussam @Marri I play Sea of Thieves with friends like three times a week and was like "Remember that one time… 1 of game dev: Haha why would I ever let sexism drive me out of the industry? That just means they win >:p Ye…
Retweeted by Liz EnglandImmersive environments are at the heart of what we do at Fullbright, and we're looking for a talented 3D Environmen…
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@amyaw_98 Thaaaank you, I am glad you found it useful! and best of luck breaking in and making waves 🌊PSA: Being a good games designer requires strong soft skills. Providing feedback, mediating discussions, resolving…
Retweeted by Liz England @BunchesOfBees @charlesrandall @JurieHorneman @Greenfaery untag me from spoilers please, I have not read it yet! @JurieHorneman @charlesrandall @Greenfaery yeah I haven't read it yet and now that I know it's fiction I'll "put it… boost: a game dev friend of mine is looking for a sensitivity reader who can consult on character content fo…
Retweeted by Liz Englandwild how it's been a whole year since monday @catacalypto the first one I made was literally... "I want to make a joke bot but I guess I need to learn procgen?"… @catacalypto every one of my bots @TheCodeViking I went there after your recommendation and had haggis for the first time and it was delicious.
Retweeted by Liz England @rje @Wy477Wh173 @Worthless_Bums @DominicTarason @Enichan @sbseltzer @usrbinpikachu @B_doggio what in the love of g…
I still don't know how best to articulate this, it's such a close and raw subject for me and a lot of people close…
Retweeted by Liz England @casskhaw Yeah, I don’t even have words for thisSomeone recently told me that “difficult to work with” often really means “difficult to take advantage of” in creat…
Retweeted by Liz England @EmberFirehair @pedrothedagger @JeffAHamilton My first GDC I ended up at the CCP/WW party and it was absolutely str…
@JennSandercock I have no connections in Seattle but just want to say that you're on my shortlist of devs I'd love…'m looking for work! I've identified predominantly as a game designer for 10 years, but for 8+ years I've naturall…
Retweeted by Liz England @bombsfall may I introduce you to development on super scribblenauts where I had to answer exactly this question so, so many times @NormNazaroff It's this "revert files after shelving?" that terrifies me. Absolutely not unless I have a local back… @dhindes in yakuza zero you can win a chicken in a bowling tournament and have him manage your real estate.
Retweeted by Liz England @FloydDesigner i still do this10+ years in games and shelved files still terrify meDISCLOSURE on netflix is a terrific documentary! also, every non-trans crew member mentored a trans person in their…
Retweeted by Liz England @kchironis Easier than them admitting they just don't want the system changed because they are scared to lose any s… @RBryant2012 When I play AAA games I get so sidetracked by the environment art. I'm talking HOURS of just looking a… @osamadorias Processed sugars and simple carbs. Basically if I find myself eating sweet stuff instead of savoury st… @Wertle I love my new instant pot but have been avoiding even looking at any dessert recipes because the temptation is too great. @mattrified I think I've made so many bad mug cakes that I just prefer to eat the raw batter rather than risk microwaving it. @mattperrin Yeah I do not find keto sustainable at all for me, but my brother loves it and has been doing it for like 4 (?) years now.Being really experienced at cooking also means that with "whatever's in the pantry" I can make like a dozen differe… @Worthless_Bums I know it won't because I've done this multiple times before but I am so, so going to try.Just ordered $200 worth of steaks from the local butcher in an increasingly desperate attempt to wean myself off of sugar.
@TheCodeViking @charlesrandall For me it was weird that people were surprised? Like I heard about it. I was thinkin… GAME: Hard Lads is a short masculinity simulator about shirtless hunks who smoke, drink, kiss, and hurt each ot…
Retweeted by Liz England @tanyaxshort Manh@en this pains meBetween this and the rope physics I’m convinced Naughty Dog made some Faustian pact.
@_eons I think about this a lot and I've come to the conclusion that developers fall so in love with the elegance o…, I don't know how anyone else gets this to work. I will say that I am impressed at the discussion around it…