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Liz England @lizardengland Toronto, Ontario

Team Lead Game Designer at Ubisoft Toronto on Watch Dogs Legion. Spreadsheet whisperer, procgen troublemaker, IF dabbler, twitter bot maker (she/her)

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@camlabine it's okay @Tony_Wojnar I mean, they have no idea I am on the island. Technically this is hiding.This is a normal day in Sea of Thieves. If you look carefully, you can see my boat. Sinking. With another boat read…
(The half-life vr stuff looks amazing)I consider this confirmation that roasted headcrab is poultry, not seafoodit looks like a butterball turkey @adrian_a_forest Press X to pride but later you find out it was prejudice all along and never mattered what you selected @JLevstein You know you want itI really want to clarify this tweet but it stands so well on it's own.David Cage's Pride and Prejudice @JoelBurgess I appreciate that in this screenshot you are also on fire @kait_zilla @JoelBurgess To be perfectly clear: they took down a 4-player galleon with just a banana.My point of view precisely when ⁦@lizardengland⁩ says “from where I’m at, it doesn’t look like our boat is on fire…
Retweeted by Liz EnglandEvery time we were near a player ship, @kait_zilla and @JoelBurgess would jump off ours with a banana in hand, inte… we set out ship on fire, several times, alternating turns between wantonly throwing firebombs and saying "h… @nothings @joewintergreen we're expecting it means skellies who are on fire and possibly shooting fire (we did not get a chance to check)
"let's meet at lone cove?" "hmmm... I'm far away from there" "oh really? where? where are you? where's your ship? w… a chatty player on the ferry of the damned before respawning and he wanted to know where we were so he could al… is really cool and now I find I am unable to ignore the cloud ships for once especially when it's right by me… pirate content Joon Ho's galaxy brain take on superhero movies.
Retweeted by Liz EnglandGlass and columns are obviously walls, the others either floor or ceiling. Except when they aren't and you find yo… thing I found interesting is that there is no objective up/down, since you can change the direction of gravity… started playing Manifold Garden at lunch today and it was not long before I had an "ah-ha!" moment for a puzzle a… @DanjoKaz00ie yeah I use the starter Sims home as a template @Worthless_Bums water is another way to sink one's shipoh no they released an update to sea of thieves today you can set your ship on fire nowtwitter did someone want a touchbar tamagotchi?
Retweeted by Liz EnglandUPDATE: there are now two PVP galleons on my server :(To be fair before I did any of this I pointed my ship toward another galleon nearby and then jumped off in a pretty… fish was raw so while they killed me I was vomiting on them.I'm playing Sea of Thieves alone and being chased by a PVPing galleon, so I snuck onto their ship and ate their fish.
@JanelleCShane I didn't see you mention it in the article but please tell me you are aware of the bulwer-lytton con… with crafting the first sentence of your novel? Be comforted by the fact that AI is struggling even mo…
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@sakarchi_ Love this!! I made a Venn diagram for phenotype for some reason, see what you think.
Retweeted by Liz EnglandDunno if this will pass review but here’s the most parsimonious phylogeny of baked goods I made for some reason.
Retweeted by Liz EnglandOutstanding animated globe shows a year worth of earthquakes by depth (July 2017 to July 2018). In the interactive…
Retweeted by Liz Englandme in 2009 vs me in 2019 @AdamRosserRadio Harpooning gunpowder barrels is supposed to be safe but in rare cases they still go off.We played Sea of Thieves today for the first time in ages and our ship sank because we accidentally blew it up. The end.
@mikekasprzak @fionnabhair The recipe I use has sour cream or yogurt (I do sour cream) as a major ingredient, and I…
@tTikitu Yup yup. I have a side project that is lovecraftian and have spent so much time trying to keep the mythos… @Nadia_Shammas_ It’s been on my list just as long, I’ve just been trying to prioritize female authors. @GarethFouche Check the short story I just mentioned as a great example if the writing.I read the authors short story in the same setting - Litany of the Earth - like two years ago and I’m so mad at mys… Miskatonic professors are not the protagonists searching for knowledge, but corrupt old men who horde stole… finally started reading Winter Tide and it’s fantastic and everything I wanted from it. A true Lovecraftian novel… #GDCANIM scholarships are BACK, and applications are open for GDC 2020! There are some new details, including a…
Retweeted by Liz England @IHeartFargo We have some really evil people on our team (a 98 and a 96) but neither of them are actually evil. I t… @despair This actually shocks me @bbupton Ohhh that’s a cool system. I’m always trying to figure out good “personality traits” that when combined (s…
Gave another shot at that architecture/puzzle/horror idea...
Retweeted by Liz England @yayplatypus This is what I have: I am still going back and forth on the 3rd level spells…'ve been spreading the 'dark factors' personality test around work and finding out just how evil people are, and s… @spiderflorist yes yes this is my jam (will play after work) would you like to play a game I made about a guy grow… @spiderflorist this is very relevant to my interests! @adrian_a_forest OH OH I HAVE SEEN THIS! no idea is sacred and we are all just plagiarizing each othera game like QWOP but it's eight players and you control a spiderone day i will convince my employer to let me be a creative director on a project and they too will make the same m… @WarrenIsDead fruitful because of all the twitching fruitflies right? that's what you're gardening?I keep getting new followers so I'm going to have to do a purge by finally working on my spider tindr bot.I write a lot of dumb game ideas but the only ones that go viral are wholesome gardening games and never the games about spiders @joewintergreen @RowanKaiser Oh god you weren’t kidding @drakkenmensch People have recommended this game to me before but none of them were wise enough to mention the cann… @IkariLoona You mean like threats and blackmail towards the villagers followed by a carefully chosen fall person wh… a very popular request that I have queue up because apparently you can harvest the corpses and sell the meat to…
Toronto game writers + narrative designers! Starting in January, @gblekkenhorst and I are going to host a Games Wr…
Retweeted by Liz England @djhartman1216 be the kind of witch you want to see in the world @djhartman1216 are you asking if the lizards are vegan @jimtoepel HMMM this also has potential @OxyOxspring @tanyaxshort this might've sold me on the first person 3D PoV witch simulatorAnd Also! Have Been Alerted To Some Options! @tanyaxshort absolutely! @itsJenSim omg this is some excellent timing @jeffool you can play chaotic evil or chaotic good swamp witch @LitGrue oh niiiiceMy new DnD character is a swamp witch so this is heavily on my mind.(this is, in theory, a bit of what Wytchwood is supposed to be but last I saw it was much more adventure game than witch simulator)a game like Stardew Valley except you are a swamp witch growing herbs and collecting lizard bits, and also there's… @yifatshaik yess excellent! thank you! I will create wondrous and horrible stuff with this! @yifatshaik feed me more! @yifatshaik LevelsI keep wanting to do procgen top-down or isometric levels (interiors, exteriors, etc.) using tilesets but fear the math will thwart me.Let's say HYPOTHETICALLY that I wanted to play around with making a procgen top-down old school Zelda style game.… @Duncan69570464 okay but imagine if it were GOOD @flarkminator pretty sure there are spider pokemons and if there aren't then my job is not yet done
@NeedMoreLoot the guillotine's name is KabutopsPlanet of the Apes but the apes are pokemon and the humans the descendents of the pokemon trainersa pokemon game but you play as a pokemon trying to convince the rest of the pokemon to train and horde weapons in p… @bravemule We used to save the chest of sorrows for that (whose name is Bob) until we were foiled by our own hubris too many times @bravemule Okay but have you ever sunk someone’s ship just by painstakingly bailing water into it bucket by bucket… @catacalypto i've been wanting to make a recipe/dish bot for ages and include some exotic ingredients and I think you just solved my problem @catacalypto actually if pikachu is anything like cuy it's probably delicious @catacalypto which one is the tastiest one
@laurenmakegames I've met a lot of people in real life who only know me from twitter, and the real test of whether… out that whispering to oneself, "I need to have her skin" is much creepier without context. closer and closer to making the perfect video game, a realistic cooking simulator employers are banning the phrase "ok boomer" considering it discrimination. here r some fun alternatives u can…
Retweeted by Liz EnglandI'm going to start a thread of companies & execs not understanding that algorithms can still be biased on variables…
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