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Liz England @lizardengland Toronto, Ontario

Team Lead Game Designer at Ubisoft Toronto on Watch Dogs Legion. Spreadsheet whisperer, procgen troublemaker, IF dabbler, twitter bot maker (she/her)

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One of the problems of VR is that it typically antisocial due to closing off the senses and an unshared experience.…’ve been playing lifeguard for an hour and I have so many more gray hairshow does our species survive? it’s a mysteryto teenagers: “okay no roughhousing while the little one is in the pool” little one at the top of his lungs: “WHO WANTS TO FIGHT ME?!”
I recently learned that if you have a huge family dinner at a restaurant and you seat ten kids together on one end… @coil780 @Wertle It sounds like he does both depending on the trail!He’s does this regularly now for hikes.And by treasure map I mean he used parchment and artificially aged it with a blow torch.Okay so my brother just told me a great story. He loves to hike but his son (5) hated it. So he drew up a treasure… @markmackinnon U
Sometimes the outputs are amazingly accurate, and sometimes they are just a pile of procedural silliness romance formats to my in-development horror twitter bot stop sharing the video of the Cats (2019) it’s not funny. The singing is a sign they’re in distress
Retweeted by Liz EnglandTrain ride is pretty. @markdrew This I think is the only one I’ve read about trains @annlemay @casskhaw Wait wait wait cannibal chef SERIES?I’m on a train for the next 12 hours. Anyone know any good horror short stories or novellas also set on trains to keep me occupied?
@maxkreminski I really like the use of "speculative fiction" in this context, as it also puts the onus on designers… reason I’m in love with simulation design as an aesthetic practice: it forces you to explicate your theories of…
Retweeted by Liz EnglandSims developer Don Hopkins released a bunch of design documents from The Sims, including this one from August 1998…
Retweeted by Liz EnglandThis is kind of incredible. Absolutely none of the millions promised by billionaires for the rebuild of Notre Dame…
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Retweeted by Liz EnglandIncredibly dumb things I’ve done, morning edition: wait until the thunderstorm starts before leaving for work without an umbrellaDoes Mario Maker 2 have any text related objects? Like text placed in the environment or text bubbles spawned from… potions are great but we didn’t totally think this through.The warlock has told his new love that I am a priest who could wed them if he doesn’t, like, kill me.So this worked except the Dragonborn decided to defend his new love by... immediately attacking me until unconscious.DnD update: We are weak and have no spell slots left. A battle is going on outside the room and our side is losing…
@lmichet I know nothing about Midsommar other than the director, but now I need to make sure you've seen A Field in England. @slimyswampghost This is correct
A Top 20 List of IF
Retweeted by Liz England @kizzafreak I didn't even make an X-Files connection until you said this but it would be such a perfect pairing.Whenever I'm reminded that those ancient Greek statues were once painted, I wonder what people looking at the de-el…
Retweeted by Liz Englanda game like Phoenix Wright but you’re a cryptozoologist interviewing witnesses who lured you to their hometown with…
@Alyatirno Ohhhhhhhhh poke me at work sometime about this for reasons I won’t mention on twitter @educueto Haha, I've been to Spain three times but haven't been back in almost 10 years. I loved my trips. I really should go back sometime.
@Wertle Yes but my ideal time to take off changed so no longer in August. Probably sometime this autumn? @Mclogenog Nah, just developed a bad habit of not going on vacation. @findmattcox Starvation.I just did the math and I will still have two weeks left over. @dimitrib21 Thanks! but I don't use my personal account to answer questions about the game, sorry :( Best to ask th… reached that point of the year again where I could take off every Friday for the rest of the year and still have…
@kait_zilla @catacalypto a twitter bot that generates fake story structure infographics
It’s never boring when I lunch with the narrative team. Today’s topic is the Vatican Cinematic Universe.I will admit now that the nature of a lovecraftian body horror Unicorn has been partly revealed in the book... Yea…🤔 🤔 @iellswo Yeah it’s not grabbing me but I haven’t read anything of Stross before (except his Twitter, ha) and I get…🤔 @jdyer We had an errant teleport spell go bad and some improvisation last session.Forcing myself to read a novella I don’t like because I was promised really good “unicorn body horror” at the end.Update: We have snuck into the enemy boss’s bedchamber while he’s snoring and someone pointed out they still have…
The other player only has three hit points at the start of this.DnD update: We split the party last time. Some of us unleashed ghosts and we can hear them snacking on the enemy… @petitscygnes When I was playing I was showing my city off to my coworker and was like "here's where the rich peopl… @thewillennium Yes except for the part where I don't want to return to work and just want to play five more hours of it.It’s a bit of free form civ building where buildings get scores (+/-) based on nearby structures, but also there’s… started playing Islanders during lunch and it was exactly perfect as an hour length civilization sim. I can’t bel…
Hi game devs, you are probably familiar with The Door Problem of Game Design (an article by @lizardengland). May I…
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@piratesyar @joewintergreen There's a few boss fights in the tales but I've played most of them in a team of three… @joewintergreen @piratesyar Yeah I don't remember having any problems with it but might have done it with two players. We were on #8. @joewintergreen @piratesyar This wasn't Briggsy. (Briggsy is Cursed Rogue, right? Unless this is a spoiler for Tall Tale #9...) @kait_zilla @JoelBurgess By the time he has returned, one ship has sunk and the other one has their mast broken in half. @kait_zilla @JoelBurgess Periodically Joel goes quiet and then we hear, occasionally, an evil laugh. Or in game tex… @kait_zilla @JoelBurgess We play the game with in-game chat, not party chat, which means that anyone in your party… @kait_zilla @JoelBurgess When the second galleon came to say hi to us in a very aggressive manner, he jumped onto t… @kait_zilla @JoelBurgess (He did. He started the fight.)
@kait_zilla @JoelBurgess He says calmly, innocently, "I wonder who started that galleon fight..."Probably about ten minutes later @kait_zilla and I who've been dutifully attacking the boss hear a maniacal laugh f…'re just hoping that between the two of us and our lesser manned ship we can kill the boss skellie and complete t… we continue this boss battle while I occasionally look back at the fight at the fort. A few minutes later, our '… this is fine. Our lil pvp boy just plays the accordion and hangs out while his galleon leaves us alone. Likely… galleon gets real close and harpoons us and one of their members jumps onto our ship. Since we really don't wa… we're being really loud shooting cannons on this island in a super prolonged boss battle. And behind us is a slo… the day one of our members kept having to go AFK for a bit unprompted so we were used to him just going… tonight in Sea of Thieves... We were doing a Tall Tale, which after about three hours meant we were parked at… SO YOU KNOW. @lizardengland decided to spent most of her money in Sea of Thieves buying all the bone-related…
Retweeted by Liz England @metasynthie I will feed myself much more questionable foodstuffs than I will feed others. Moldly bread and cheese…
@kait_zilla I'm so excited to go home tonight and go fishing while I watch Good Omens.Ursula Le Guin's The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas but with the ability to explore without cumbersome plot restrictions.
Retweeted by Liz EnglandThe key moment in tonight's Sea of Thieves: "I'll put this loot on our rowboat for safekeeping." Pause. "Hey guy…
Starting today, all Zachtronics games are now free for public schools and school-like non-profit organizations. Int…
Retweeted by Liz England @calixjumio @Mclogenog Ohhhh I kinda like the idea of a “design tax” to describe it because it doesn’t imply scope… @Mclogenog I feel like future proofing is building stuff you never use, or you may or may not use, whereas my probl… @zarfeblong But what if I do end up using that support AND it's more robust, but the return may not be worth the ad… tend to err on the side of more complexity in the system, and smaller (but more numerous) buckets, so that the en… of the things I've been dealing with a lot in the last few years is decisions about how detailed to implement a… I'm waiting for something to compile (because I lost track of time and am still at work), I find myself wonde…
If you snort a ghost’s bone dust does it lead to possession?Okay so in the 30 minutes since our sorcerer teleported into the boss’s private rooms he’s been invited to join their cult.DnD update: “So I roll 15 to hit the wall.”
For context, the boss was still in there.As we try to infiltrate a fortress and steal a magic book from an evil elf mage, our wild magic sorcerer just accid… update: we’re rolling really well so far @PowerLeca Some of them but there are rules and types of ghosts. But also things can leave behind ghosts. Like a ghost car.I wonder if part of it is that I feel like I have to engage with them at a deeper level than "random book I picked… is particularly true when someone I know recommends an amazing book for me that I'll love and somewhere in my… time a picked up a book on impulse it was a friend's random suggestion for scifi and it turned out to be about… had really deep ghost lore. It's got great fantasy world building but if your fantasy was, like, a ghost hitchh… bought a book this weekend on impulse entirely based on a recommendation in someone else's twitter thread that it… at work: "Guns are like tattoos. You don't get just one."