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@shannonmattern @ZaneGTCooper @lportwoodstacer HAPPY birthday! Hope it's been a good day.🎈🎆Unexpected: (AP) — US Supreme Court sides with Democrats to allow Pennsylvania to count mailed ballots received up to 3 days after election.
Retweeted by Elizabeth Greenspan @IamDarrenD EwFor posterity Gessen as the president is a nice twist.i profiled saidiya hartman, one of the greatest thinkers on black life. or as arthur jafa calls her, "the archangel…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Greenspan @frumpenberg I will never understand the 2 people. All the rest I can get on board with."Centuries from now, archaeologists may unearth a stratigraphic layer of plastic waste—buried in landfills ... pres… REGISTER TO VOTE YET PA? Today is the day.
Retweeted by Elizabeth GreenspanIf you haven't already given to @mikedoyleforpa and helped #Philly defeat Trumpism, what are you even doing with yo…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Greenspan @Dan_UA Thx for posting!!
@pmgentry Whoa
2020 song lyric that I like from the 6 yr old: "I'm not heavy if I'm not strong."
The last sentence is a crime against metaphor.
Retweeted by Elizabeth Greenspan @rachsyme Thank you!! 💕 📚 @rachsyme Narrative-driven, strong complicated women charactersOr, in other words, *for once*: know thy enemy. @nickhasthoughts Clearly.All I can think abt is the hug.
The PhD, a soliloquyThis is the best news I’ve heard in ages.
Retweeted by Elizabeth GreenspanLondon, Birmingham and other U.K. cities are now at a high alert for COVID-19, as officials tighten restrictions to…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Greenspan @amandakhurley Huh.
Curious enthusiastic students are such a gift. They even make zoom teaching bearable!So @milkjawn came to west philly this past weekend and, while we all like each other in my family, we all agree it'… Scotus decision today on the Census is a very big deal. It means two things: 1) The Trump admin can rush the co…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Greenspan"Gordon took over Robeson, a small high school that takes students from across the city, in 2013, shortly after it… @shannonmattern It is a great thing. One of the joys ❤"Establishing the civic infrastructure to identify and take action to remove or remedy these signs and symbols is v…
Is 'thum' instead of 'them' a philly thing? Asking for a friend's child.Reporting this, it surprised me how much COVID, and the losses it’s caused, connected canvassers and N. Philly resi…
Retweeted by Elizabeth GreenspanAbt 9K needed, *20k* signed up to serve. I🤎 Philly you applied to be a Philly poll worker and haven’t gotten a response, the city says it’s busy working through an…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Greenspan @dianamlind @lfeatherz @nytimes so fantastic. congratulations :)Thank you to @lfeatherz for this @nytimes review of #bravenewhome calling it "one of those invaluable books that of…
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Not worth the upspeak tbh
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Two wins in PA yesterday, for democracy & language: state gop drops its "election integrity" committee and judge ru… @jeremyhobson @hereandnow @WBUR @NPR Good luck in your next project. Will miss hearing your voice!
“I love my dad, but at the same time I kind of hate him for this.” ICYMI: my latest for ⁦@TeenVogue⁩ is a dive int…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Greenspan @ElaineSimon1 Thanks. A wedding present. I love them.
@BrentSirota *campari. @BrentSirota Indeed. I've come to like a bit more bourbon to the compari & vermouth. @BrentSirota !!My fav: a good ol' boulevardier. shit Pete Buttigieg, holy shit!
Retweeted by Elizabeth Greenspan @whet The need to declare meaning out of the meaningless is a pretty good metaphor for the state of our narcissism.Words of wisdom from the six yr old tonight: "you know, laughing and crying are kinda the same thing." 😂
Come work with us at @Monument_Lab 📣! We are currently accepting candidates for two positions – Director of Partne…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Greenspan‘We Need to Take Away Children,’ Jeff Sessions Said
Oh my God now we're arguing about plexiglass dividers. I thought they wanted walls. @jtaylor_arts Yes! @LeighHereNow I'm so sorry for your loss, Leigh.amazing. stunning. am finding myself compelled to take deep breaths of air. Deep, nourishing breaths.
Sen. Toomey 2022 retirement announcement is a reminder that Dems should not/must not assume 2022 will inevitably b…
Retweeted by Elizabeth GreenspanFor Times Insider, I wrote about writing about QAnon, and the importance of identifying the normie tipping point.…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Greenspan @paul_farber @Monument_Lab @MellonFdn @ProfessorEA congratulations!!.⁦@MellonFdn⁩ pledged to spend $250M over 5 yrs on The Monument Project to include not just memorials, statues & ma…
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Not that @SenToomey has it in him, but he could really be a hero for the nation here. He has nothing to lose at all…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Greenspan @DanielTorday My hubby Mike is signed up. He just did the required online training. Happy to connect you if you want. @BiellaColeman It's really fascinating. I was trained in anthro; grew up in psych dominated household. My sense is… not funny
'Saidiya Hartman’s Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments is an attempt to battle erasure, a determined strike agains…
Retweeted by Elizabeth GreenspanFrom March: Purposefully Exposing Someone To Coronavirus Could Bring Criminal Charges, Justice Department Warns “The president’s vitals over the last 24 hours were very concerning and the next 48 hours will be critica…
Retweeted by Elizabeth GreenspanHi, Philly people. I'm teaching a 5-week (mostly) remote audio storytelling workshop at @ScribeVideo in West Philly…
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“Without Jennifer Jacobs, a dogged Bloomberg reporter who broke the story about Hicks’s illness, the world might st…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Greenspan @vauhinivara @RossGay18 @nicholsonbaker8 @the_jennitaur They're maybe more ruminative than delightful, but some of… @BiellaColeman amazingThis is our local npr morning show. @pmgentry Yeah. injecting more chaos/uncertainty helps him cause it creates new space for him to control ... feeling that too. @pmgentry True. So what's your sense of the escape route here?Brilliance at the sentence level: short phrases, strong punctuation (semi-colons most notably), and repetition (par…
Retweeted by Elizabeth GreenspanLight box how I love thee. Social Dilemma: a list 1. boys and their toys 2. boys and their guilt 3. boys who made so much money making the…
Retweeted by Elizabeth GreenspanCould really use some Trevor Noah &/or Sarah Cooper right now. #WWTNS #WWSCD @Sharronapearl Yes. Thankfully there are few undecideds at this point. We just need to keep going, not letting up, stay focused. @Sharronapearl Anything that changes the dynamic right now is a bad thing, I think. 🤕
"we cannot discount the “solidarity in vulnerability that the pandemic has generated,” as Eddie Glaude Jr. put it,… @cejarvis I'm so sorry you had to endure all of this.I’ve spent a long time protecting people around miscarriage, but let me say now— no names attached— what happened t…
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@StephenJ_Caruso When do they vote on this bill?The soundtrack for virtual school is *so great* why do you ask? 🤖🙉 you have unanswered questions about voting in this upcoming election? The @PhillyInquirer has put together a h…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Greenspan @liquidperson He's going to lose here, that's what he knows.Holy fucking shit that was roughPhilly for the win. We are ready!!!! @michelledean Hell no. @Devan_Moodley He really does.I thought I came in with appropriately low expectations but I was SOOOOO WRONG. @jblumgart You have no idea. @Devan_Moodley So horrifying. He's such an asshole. @Devan_Moodley OMGChris Wallace's debate performance tonight is a great reminder that kindergarten teachers are underpaid. #Debates2020
Retweeted by Elizabeth Greenspan @DanielTorday Reflects the state of thingsUnintelligible.