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Mum, Nana, accountant, @NeedhamAccounts owner (FFA), dog owner, biker, LibDem Cllr Batchwood, @StA4refugees trustee, @InstituteFA branch Chair

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@SEZOWT @YesGirlHere @KizzaUTD @richgolf100 @r_uhi Apparently he knew Jack Merritt personally.Can we talk about how Johnson is losing his marbles? 😂 #ElginMarblesThe impact of this appalling points system on the agricultural, catering and care industries will be horrendous. C… @tomjennings @billieeilish I love it, actually!Thank goodness we still have some MPs who are willing to hold the government to account. Also grateful that she's… @SamanthaMalin You can do this. We can't help but we wish you better. @thehill is brilliant! Thank you, #Dave! the voice of 10 women you follow (or as many as you can fit in a tweet) @caronmlindsay @miss_s_b
@Nicolemens Fat-shamed? Not a chance! I'm jealous as hell of your fitness! 😊 @DaleksGamertag His loss! I am one of the lucky ones that has met you and I know how intelligent and sensitive and… is where we are now. Albans Liberal Democrats are looking for a new Organiser! Do you have what it takes to become an important part…
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@NeilPollyTicks @AdamCSharp Beside the oojimaflip? @AdamCSharp Where does a "dooberry" fit into this? @acatcalledkeith You should never feel embarrassed about being brave enough to voice your fears. Have a good day today.
Just back in the UK to find: The new AG belongs to a Buddhist sect led by a sex abuser The tabloids helped drive…
Retweeted by Liz Needham 🔶🇮🇪🇪🇺🌍 @Jonstackpool I don't eat crisps. @acatcalledkeith Hey Mr A. Please do not use a long-term solution to resolve a short-term problem. The world is a b…'er, it's me on a podcast! Does anybody ever like the sound of their own voice! Councillor Liz Needham, Batchw…
@jc_hope @Hello_Luigi @IcyWinslow And me! 😂 @scarlettpeach @StavEFC I wish you were just normal. The world would be a much nicer place if there were more people like you in it. @StavEFC Hi Ste. I have no inspirational words or motivating memes to post. I just want you to know that the world… @scarlettpeach @StavEFC You are a truly lovely human. ♥️ @Laurenrbrown95 Reminds me of this. @ryantriddle @netflix I definitely won't skip the intro on #Picard because I love the music! @MatthewStadlen The Good Place @Matt_in_London I think so. Maybe it counts if you’re 12.
Retweeted by Liz Needham 🔶🇮🇪🇪🇺🌍Very sorry to hear about Caroline Flack. I don't know whether she assaulted her boyfriend or not. That is why we ha… @miffythegamer Sorry?
@miffythegamer Living room @drjanaway Fresh Prince of Wales. @realDonaldTrump Good grief! You should take you own advice and keep YOUR mouth shut. Better to be silent and thou… @malmo_58 Firstly, we don't converse. He must have been desperate to ask for it in the first place, which is why I… love is not romantic. Happy Valentine's Day to my parents, my children, my granddaughter, my pets and to all my friends. I 🧡 you all!Not a huge fan of James Bond but I'm loving the new theme song by @billieeilish!It amuses me that I, as a lowly district councillor, have to declare that I received free pantomime tickets at Chri…
Retweeted by Liz Needham 🔶🇮🇪🇪🇺🌍 @Starwarsfan1974 Nope! Do not use a long term solution for a short term problem. Call someone for help. Call your… @LondonTitan He is not a social media type of guy. He won't see this. @Astro_Christina TBF, we do not deserve dogs. I get this greeting when I come home from work after 8 hours.
@HelenRushby1 We are not on that level. We are merely acquaintances and, to be honest, I don't really want to invit…, Twitter! A while ago my neighbour asked if he could borrow some cash. I only had £5 on me but I gave it to hi… @JulianSmithUK @BorisJohnson You are the only one who will be missed. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of Northern Ireland.This morning I attended the "Save Contracting, Stop IR35" protest outside Parliament. #IR35 has already destroyed p…
Retweeted by Liz Needham 🔶🇮🇪🇪🇺🌍 @twitsniper No, I'm not, but I'm not going to try and justify my position to you any further. @SSogunro Well, yes, except Javid resigned. He wasn't sacked, although he may have a case for constructive dismissal. @twitsniper The "silly bitch" was a child who was groomed.How long will it be before Cummings sacks Johnson? @twitsniper Both attempts at revocation are illegal as they both leave people stateless. Regardless of the circums… @twitsniper Shamima Begum hasn't yet been charged with any crime. Also, Bangladesh has said that Begum has no citi… @akv2013 Who?Sajid Javid has resigned.It amuses me that I, as a lowly district councillor, have to declare that I received free pantomime tickets at Chri… Sadiq Khan policing advisor, @LeroyLogan999 here at the launch of @SiobhanBenita’s Mayoral Campaign launch t…
Retweeted by Liz Needham 🔶🇮🇪🇪🇺🌍 @MissLauraMarcus No, never managed it. @TheStephenRalph My sister takes it with a vape. Says it reduces her pain levels from 10 to 2.
@Dianephilosophy😂😂😂 is a disgrace! It's also why the Shamima Begum case is so important. It's the thin end of the wedge. British… @Mariongourd51 Ah, Marion! I love you dearly but I am NOT going to propose to you! 🤣🤣🤣Talk about playing with your food! 😂 BBC News - Baby Albie's messy spaghetti video leaves Royston mum 'thrilled' @DaleksGamertag How does he feel about #Picard? 😂 Seriously, my friend, take it slow. If he is worth it, he will be around for a whileIf you are a couple in love and in St Albans get yourself along to the city centre and get your photograph taken at… @SamsungUK Your ad with the camera flash is not only annoying but could cause an epileptic fit. @Tressish Who is #darcygrimes? 😂
Richard makes me happy to be single! @Starwarsfan1974 Keep going. It may be a long tunnel, but there is light at the other end. @NewWaveTrekkie @meNabster @TheAcademy @reneauberjonois My point was that if they couldn't remember somebody who wa… people who want to send foreign born criminals back to their country of birth are the same people who think the… @NewWaveTrekkie @meNabster @TheAcademy @reneauberjonois Luke Perry was actually in one of the films nominated for b…
@CHACHIECOCO @Nigel333 Still not the question. @libdemdaisy @JCWI_UK Thank you for your efforts, Daisy.Several years ago my Dad (a now retired merchant navy captain) wrote a story about a storm he survived.… @PalaDanyela83 I didn't start until I was 48! @ali__samson Hi Ali. As a motorcyclist I get where you're coming from. As the sister of an RNLI lifeboat lady, I w… @RoadsideMum In case anyone would like to know, however, TD stands for Teachta Dála. The official translation of… person in battle with other unelected person over shape and direction of UK’s government and cabinet. Ta…
Retweeted by Liz Needham 🔶🇮🇪🇪🇺🌍 @CHACHIECOCO I didn't ask whether it was physically possible, although engineers have cast doubt on that too. I ask… anyone actually believe that Johnson could deliver a project building a #bridge between Scotland and Northern…
@1LifeAbbeyView @LinneySharon @StAlbansCouncil You weren't the only ones. @cliodiaspora Discovered with horror last night that my perm resident card will no longer be valid after June 2021.…
Retweeted by Liz Needham 🔶🇮🇪🇪🇺🌍 @uk_domain_names back from a lovely lunch with Syrian and Iraqi friends. The food was fantastic, the conversation flowed. To a… @IainDale Do you pay for an Irish TV licence? If not, why do you think you should have access to RTE Player. You ca… @discworld_girl @SpillerOfTea Fair enough.Retweet if you agree that the government should not be deporting ‘foreign’ criminals who have lived in Britain sinc…
Retweeted by Liz Needham 🔶🇮🇪🇪🇺🌍Ah! I was thinking that #StormCiara wasn't too bad here in St Albans as my building hadn't started shaking yet, but… @1LifeAbbeyView @LinneySharon @StAlbansCouncil It's Storm Ciara. Despite what is trending on Twitter, "Ciara" is the correct spelling. @discworld_girl @SpillerOfTea Can you find him? Can you tell him? Maybe knowing that you regret your reactions will help him to move on. @AndrewKnight226 @StephenCavinder @StAlbansLDs Looking forward to seeing you join us in council meetings!Hugely excited to confirm that I’ll be standing as a @StAlbansLDs candidate in the #localelections2020 for the…
Retweeted by Liz Needham 🔶🇮🇪🇪🇺🌍 @TimWardCam @paulwmk @Steve_Lyons_ That doesn't actually help the Liberal Democrats. Traditionally we do better whe… @gazza_ling @brianmoore666 The first thing to know, especially if watching in the pub and trying to pretend to know…
@Jo_Spoons I will let you know when I find it. @DrAmirKhanGP What a lovely community! ❤️
@SpillerOfTea So here's the thing. I mostly love you, but right now? Eff off! @yelobeli I know what you mean, but my point is it shouldn't be significant. @Tressish @wildandwriting Agreed, not helpful. @Tressish @wildandwriting I grew up in Dublin rather than a Gaeltacht area but a majority of my friends went to Iri…