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Mum, Nana, accountant, @NeedhamAccounts owner (FFA), dog owner, biker, LibDem Cllr Batchwood, @StA4refugees & @WelHatRefuge trustee, @InstituteFA branch Chair

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@MarieAnnUK Not quite. We appear to have lost each other somewhere along the way.Is anyone else having problems using the chat function at the #LDConf? I can't use it when I use my phone or my tab… Dem leader Ed Davey starts Christmas shopping in St Albans
Retweeted by Liz Needham 🔶Staying on brand with my colours when @EdwardJDavey came to St Albans this morning! @markjohnstonld @benglaze @libdemdaisy Where did she insult them? @politicsforsome @LibDems @EdwardJDavey I got mine on the 22nd September. Have you checked your junk box? @BrodHiggins Lucy Bear used to be "we" too until she lost her partner in crime. Hugs from the Bear. @metpoliceuk This is awful news. RIP to the officer and condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. @philleehh @meejahoar This method works for me too.
The focus is on supporting people who have already been supported - and yes of course that’s vital, but what about…
Retweeted by Liz Needham 🔶 @BorderKent @IanDunt @michaelgove Kent has come from nowhere to take over as 2/1 favourite in the betting to be the…
Retweeted by Liz Needham 🔶Question to all Tory MPs. You're prepared to break international law, risking peace in NI. You're prepared to hav… @lord_lemmy Lemmy, these days it's a bonus if your future is secure. It isn't that way for many people right now.…
This is why we need Black Lives Matter. This casual racism is unconscionable. #BLM @mrwtffacts I'm not sure there was much sleeping involved! 😂 @getnorthern @TwitterSupport Nope, we are still following each other.For those who'll argue that the EU is imposing third country status on the UK, remember this: the EU didn't vote f… but excellent corona ad from the Scottish government 👏
Retweeted by Liz Needham 🔶I mean, exposing your voters to a potentially fatal virus just before an election is novel (pun intended!).
Retweeted by Liz Needham 🔶 @snigskitchen @Lifelandlady As much as I loathe Allison Pearson I really do hope that this tweet doesn't come back to bite her. @markpaine1970 @KimSJ @JCHannah77 I don't think that anyone is suggesting it should be the only issue forever. How… @markpaine1970 @KimSJ @JCHannah77 While I wouldn't envisage a coalition a C&S arrangement including the SNP and the… @markpaine1970 @KimSJ @JCHannah77 Should have said that this is based on GE2019 votes cast. @markpaine1970 @KimSJ @JCHannah77 It's not self-serving. If seats were allocated by the % of votes received, Labou… @endplastic99 @DerryAirIreland 😂😂😂 @endplastic99 @DerryAirIreland Well, you don't know me IRL, but we're Twitter friends. You didn't make me a mask, though! 😂🎭 @EagerArtisan @GoodMarketingHQ Loved this, thanks for sharing.I mean, exposing your voters to a potentially fatal virus just before an election is novel (pun intended!). @HazzaR1997 @GDB1993 I don't know about "want". "Need" would be more accurate. @LDOPExeter @MilkmanMeme @thepig993 @ElectionMapsUK Yes, on Facebook!I know, what with Covid, Brexit, Johnson, Trump etc that there is a lot wrong with the world right now. However, y… @markpaine1970 @JCHannah77 And until we have PR that won't happen.
I have today signed off new powers to council officers to deal with breaches of the 'rule of six' in social setting…
Retweeted by Liz Needham 🔶And remember: maintain social distancing, wear a mask where appropriate, wash your hands and self-isolate if you have symptoms.
Retweeted by Liz Needham 🔶St Albans is now the only district in Hertfordshire with a red flag for Covid. If you go to a pub or restaurant and…
Retweeted by Liz Needham 🔶 @Beany_1 @JohannaSaunders A gift of a bike bought by a lot of different people might go some way to reassure him ab… @BBCPolitics I'm not saying he's definitely wrong but I really don't see how he could evidence this. @Nigel_Farage Cripes, you're a vile little toad. @AprilPreston_ Why? What has he done to bring you to this point? @cirian75 @QuislingT To be fair, I use both a lot because I have a terrible memory for names AND faces.
BBC News - Covid: Pubs and restaurants in England to have 10pm closing times this Johnson meant when he said we would be leveling up? @goodreads Nothing current but Pete McCarthy's "The Road to McCarthy" inspired my visit to Montserrat where I staye… @welshroots @LBC @NickFerrariLBC Obviously got a phone call between interviews.Interesting response from Grant Shapps to Dan Walker's question on @BBCBreakfast about whether Johnson was in Italy… @littleredchook @VicGovDHHS @drvyom @DanielAndrewsMP @TPB_gov_au That's your next step then. @littleredchook @VicGovDHHS @drvyom @DanielAndrewsMP Speaking as an accountant I would report him to his profession…
@DariaHassQT @sharron_honey Ta muchly! ❤️ @mattpoole2011 I miss the theatre in general but this musical has always had a special place in my heart.I should have known better than to watch Les Miserables 25th Anniversary on Sky Arts. 😭 Wonderful to see Colm Wilk… @DrewLawDesign My dog. She knows not to discriminate against different people. @GillJeffery13 Bottle top? @lord_lemmy Lovely news! One of the best things to happen to me was becoming a Nana. 🥰 @MarcCorbishley I don't have a sweet tooth but whenever I do get a craving it is for French fondants! 🧁 @tomhfh Sweetie, you're the same age as my son so let me give you some advice. When you're in a hole, stop digging. 🕳️🚫 @FloatingConc @richardodurrant Yes!Phonebanking on behalf of #LizBarrett for the #PerthCitySouthByElection caused by the sad death of Cllr Bob Band.… @DeaseyEee @richardodurrant Weird! @MarkWhy82281748 Don't know if we where following each other but have a follow anyway! 👍 @richardodurrant I have attached my resumé for your reference and hope to hear from you soon. *Interesting! These… been on the @LibDems #LDconf app and filled in my diary. I've watched the @hopinofficial video to see how it w…
𝗝𝗼𝗶𝗻 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗚𝗿𝗲𝗮𝘁 𝗕𝗿𝗶𝘁𝗶𝘀𝗵 𝗦𝗲𝗽𝘁𝗲𝗺𝗯𝗲𝗿 𝗖𝗹𝗲𝗮𝗻 St Albans District Council and their waste contractor Veolia are inviting r…
Retweeted by Liz Needham 🔶 @DeeClared @thelocalfoodie @ChrisWhite_SADC Currently in @verulambeer. All being very sensibly managed with a live… have rising Covid numbers in the St Albans area. We need to remember to wear our masks where appropriate, wash o… cases are on the rise in St Albans City and District. Council Leader Cllr Chris White appeals to residents t…
Retweeted by Liz Needham 🔶If watching #Chantelle's story on #Eastenders last night reminded you of your own situation you should not be afrai…
Retweeted by Liz Needham 🔶 @ahillslegal @libdemdaisy
@Den_2042 @JohannesGuetl Story in English. @Blatehelm @DevonianMatthew I wonder if @amcarmichaelMP and the #LibDemFriendsofWhisky have anything to say about this? 🤣St Albans district has received a 'red flag' as Covid cases rise and actions have been agreed with the county counc…
Retweeted by Liz Needham 🔶 @DariaHassQT I use a Dell at work and a Lenovo at home. Both are brilliant and up to the job I require them to do. @LibDemsLiz From one Liz to another - going into politics is a tough game, whatever your background. If they weren'…
@DieselandMarica @MikeH_PR 🤣🤣🤣
Oh, my sides! 😂 Eurosceptic MEP claims that Brexit was an EU plot and calls for it to be reversed🗣 #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY
Retweeted by Liz Needham 🔶Louise the gerbil has decided that the best way to keep cool is to sit in your food bowl and wait for the fan to co… @libdemdaisy 🏞️ How's that? @dogsofsald @pete1074 @petercarrphoto Well, yes, Puppy Cunningham! Of course you're my favourite photographic subject!This is Miles he’s my daughters best buddy for the last 10 years🥰 he’s kind and loving and should NOT be extinct, p…
Retweeted by Liz Needham 🔶 @sharron_honey Done! Miles looks like a right character! 😍
@csav55 @libdemdaisy Word salad from Hancock. @lorraine_teuten TBH, I've been wishing that the #DesignatedSurvivor was @libdemdaisy! @pete1074 @petercarrphoto This is one of the favourite photographs I've taken lately. @darrengrimes_ As much as I find it incredible that I am following Jedward in 2020 there is not a chance in hell th… @pete1074! I'm also an enthusiastic amateur photographer. @WorksWithWords They have a lot to answer for! 😂 @matthaig1 I'm more a gerbil fan myself. @WorksWithWords @Jenna0071 That's who it was! Couldn't work out how I knew her! @WorksWithWords Need more than one. I'm still sobbing. The original series had me wanting to be a vet and I worked… @WorksWithWords Thanks. Had me sobbing. 😭 @pete1074 @NicholasRalph_ @Mattdavelewis @RachelShenton @cal_woodhouse @AnnaMadeley @exitthelemming @channel5_tv Had me sobbing. @Erasmo2058 I worked with a vet in my teens and it was always the hardest part of the job. A teenager these days w…, now I'm sobbing. RIP Andante. 🐴 #AllCreaturesGreatAndSmall @SimonBruni Much. @LibDemsLiz Well said, Liz.I wasn't team Ed, but come on can we please stop throwing stones? Be critical by all means but some people are just…
Retweeted by Liz Needham 🔶 @MaireadMOD @nealerichmond @LBC Not sure what your point is so I won't interact with you any further. @MaireadMOD @nealerichmond @LBC Well, yes. My parents are in Dublin and Neale Richmond is their Teachta Dála.