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@sunoppositemoon @maxhiigli @thejessicadore Thank you!!!! xoxo
@mysticpraxis @KellyAnnMaddox TRUTH! @KellyAnnMaddox Ha! It's like when people say, "I liked you before you started sharing your politics," to someone w… is this Mercury retrograde feeling for you? I have some new horoscopes up at @FLAREdotcom to help guide you thr… is off to a good start overall: Coffee on the balcony. Finished writing a chapter and will start a new one toda…
Got a solid writing session in today. Another 1,200 words down. Getting ever closer to the end with this book baby.… @Tarotbychristo1 LOL. What a silly person. Facebook ads get super weird comments. I have done a few and have been s…
@MoisesMantra I love this photo!! Thank you so much! I'm really excited for you.Invest in yourself and it truly pays off. I got this wonderful book by @LizWorthTarot to improve my skills & get mo…
Retweeted by Liz Worth @Cbab_ 'Tis the way of the world now.Doing extra work today so I can take tomorrow off. What are you up to today? @visionsbyonareo @thetarotlady Yes! If you are new to something and don't know what's important to learn about it y… @FatFemnistWitch He took it SO personally because he said 'most women want to feel protected in a man's arms and I… @FatFemnistWitch I have heard some women say they don't want to be with a shorter man because they want to wear hig… @kindlerox @thetarotlady I'm way more of a practical tarot reader, so when people come to me for lessons on the mys… @FionaCoffeyTime OH YES. I think this is also a symptom of students who don't totally trust themselves, or who are… @kindlerox @thetarotlady Cool! I think what's key is knowing how you want to apply what you're learning, and knowin…
Google is great but I worry about tarot + astrology students who don't yet know how to discriminate the quality of…'m so excited + honoured to be welcoming so many awesome tarot readers into Taking Tarot to the Next Level. I love…
@jamiewpopowich Outlines for me feel too... rigid, maybe? I like to free flow and my book has a lot of non-linear q… @jamiewpopowich I don't have an outline and don't usually use one. Typically I'll have certain points or scenes I'm… wrote 2,000 words today. I'm getting to some key plot points in my novel before the story winds down. Writing is… what's in the stars for the month of July. ✨
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Can exceptions be made? Yes, but at a practitioner's discretion. It's not bad customer service to enforce a policy.… you can't afford it, or are uncomfortable with a practitioner's policies because you're not sure you can adhere… you are booking with a policy that states you will not be refunded for late cancellations or no-shows, make sure… practitioners charge in advance: This is NOT typically a retainer. This is to protect a reader's time in case… a reminder to those who work with appointment-based service providers, like tarot readers or astrologers: Foll… you've spent any time in the new age or self-help world, you'll probably be familiar with the phrase "go with wh…👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇
@jaymi_elford 😝 @lexomatic Yeah, when I wrote my tarot books I was super, super clear on what I needed and wanted to convey because… @lexomatic And each platform can allow for different explanations and expressions. Some material is better for teac… @lexomatic I think a lot of courses can become books, and vice versa, but the information is treated differently. M… @lexomatic My tarot books have evolved out of my work with tarot. Some lessons in my latest tarot book came from a… you're putting together a new workshop and you get to the point where a) realize you have even more to share t… @markgherbert If the UK is the new Florida, then yes.Do you ever get confused in your tarot readings when bad cards show up as positive messages? Do you struggle to c… @tftTarot4today Ironically, the ones who say they don't want to live in fear by wearing a mask are the ones who see… @tftTarot4today I think if people stopped thinking that wearing a mask is a sign of "living in fear" and started th… @tftTarot4today I am quite surprised by how quickly people are rushing to get "back to normal" and crowding into pu… will not look at why #COVIDIOTS is trending. I will not look at why #COVIDIOTS is trending. I will not look at…
Have you outgrown beginner tarot classes? If you're ready to take your tarot readings to a new level, this is the… those who assume the ability to read tarot comes through having a "natural gift," it can be surprising to learn…
Want to trust yourself more as a tarot reader? There's still time to register for my intermediate tarot course, Tak… @sorcerer_poet @whynotdancing Ooh, I have been looking at this course. I am really drawn to teachings that focus on… @amalthearhea Sending good thoughts <3
@MoisesMantra Aw, thank you! That is so cool + kind of you. I appreciate that! My books are closed until September… I the only one who finds it harder to get up in the mornings // feel energized throughout the day when the weath… @MoisesMantra I feel the same when people do magic or use prayer as though the universe is a vending machine. They…
Because a few of you were asking: I have added a payment plan option to my intermediate tarot course, Taking Tarot… @LiisaLadouceur Totally. I assume that it's children who pee in the showers but...well, I don't know if I want to c… @LiisaLadouceur YES TO ALL OF THIS. The photo (goals!) and also: the cleaning. Last year I went to Riverdale pool w… you have wondered why some people resist following pandemic guidelines, this is a helpful read: definitely feels like a Monday. Anyone else?Yesterday was sweaty-hot out and a guy who was wrapped up in a big wool scarf in 90,000-degree heat gave my leg tat…
Had some wild dreams last night, courtesy of the Summer Solstice + the New Moon in Cancer. If you want to work more…
@thetarotlady These are the same people who believe that stores have magical backrooms where they keep all of the g…
@thetarotlady @carneyvorous Maybe it's retiring. That new intention you set into motion this week might mean you wo… you ever wondered when a tarot reading will come true? Timing predictions in tarot require a deeper relationsh…
@kaitfowlie 'Tis the season! Eclipse season, that is ;)Ever wondered how to address timing in tarot? I have some thoughts + advice here: @conduitofhealin LOL! I got what you meant ;) That's so smart. I use an intake form but have found it's not always enough. @conduitofhealin Right?!? And I don't know what it is about this pandemic, but ever since lockdown started I have b… thing I have learned about myself as a business owner is that I don't like working with clients who like being… @sunoppositemoon Woah, that is intense! @sunoppositemoon I was doing a ritual working and something went wrong and we had a pretty decent haunting. I clear… @sunoppositemoon I accidentally conjured a spirit in our apartment last year. It was an old woman and I saw her sit…
If anyone is looking for a clear breakdown of the astrology of the moment, @AnneOrtelee always has such a down-to-e… @thetarotlady Ugh, yikes. Ours are not open yet in Toronto but elsewhere in Canada they are. I LOVE lifting and mis… together a workshop about ancestral magic and just had an epiphany as to how to this class can expand into… good writing session this a.m. with over 1,100 words down. Feels good. Now time to work out. #amwriting
This week, Mercury stations retrograde on Thursday, June 18th at 12:59am EST. This is a time to examine the root of… @northlightwitch @esmewang Right??!?When you have 70 unread emails and 67 of them are notes to self.
Do you want to trust yourself more as a tarot reader? My online course will teach you tarot skills to help you navi… @sunoppositemoon Venus Rx is the perfect time to fire clients. I have given some goodbyes recently and it felt so right. @MoisesMantra @_tealswan @IAMWILLNICHOLLS @InfiniteWaters @NimaiDelgado @MAPS 🙏 Thank you!Very good writing session this morning. Another 1,300 words down. Getting ever closer to finishing this novel. #amwriting
There are just two weeks left to get in on this round of Taking Tarot to the Next Level. If you've outgrown beginne…
If you feel like you have outgrown beginners' tarot classes and are ready to go deeper with tarot reading, come and…
@TarotAlimah @ARMENRA @thetarotlady @GabyHerstik @oldeways_ @CrowSongLodge @chipcoffey @TheMeccanism @MatAuryn don’t know an occultist’s practice based on the 2% they post online and don’t assume that you do.
Retweeted by Liz Worth @shawnmicallef I have noticed that at other construction sites in the city, too. And the many home renos in my neig…
4. We are all more than our work. We are involved in our communities. We stay informed outside of our chosen modali… There are certainly lots of spiritual content creators out there who will you nothing but positive vibes + love… A lot of us share content because we want to and we choose to. But just because you are following someone on soc… keep seeing people complain about political posts coming from astrologers / tarot readers etc. because they come… @conduitofhealin That person over on that other thread was I don't know. There are things I will never… friends! we're (@vegand & @alicesparklykat!) calling for collaborators for the #QueerAstrologyConference!! hit…
Retweeted by Liz WorthAll the stalkers and trolls are out today. @sfreynolds @drippin_dino @conduitofhealin And it's not a requirement that they are separated just because it makes… @sfreynolds @drippin_dino @conduitofhealin Totally. The original post was about people complaining about politics b… @GayLaVie @LiisaLadouceur You may have already seen this by now, but just in case...
Backing up some files. Unfriending people on Facebook. (There's never been a greater time to unfriend!) Feeling v.… @conduitofhealin @sfreynolds What @conduitofhealin said! Astrology is not here to be used as an escape from reality… you want to become a better tarot reader? I put together a free e-course to give you some tips + prompts to help… you feel like you are missing something when you work with tarot and that the guidebooks aren’t telling you ever… @amalthearhea Thank you so much! I'm glad to hear that. @Cbab_ @jacqvalencia @InsomniacPress Of course! All the cool kids know each other ;)