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Senior UX Designer making everyday work easier in retail supply chain | Lover of research and robots (ask to see my badge) She/Her

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did someone lose the 1990s
Retweeted by LizzHorvath @UnusablePodcast Thought you would enjoy this mess. 🤦‍♀️ @xoph @nickf Oh wow!
I think we have a woodpecker! #BirdTwitter some level, my house is just a fancy power strip. #WFH Sheets Scattergories MVP #GameNight
@Garmin watch updates are super fun and helpful. My watch is one of my favorite tech things. What a pleasant sur… @DougCollinsUX From the Desk of Donald Trump @StacyHolmstedt RUINED! @StacyHolmstedt And that's what happens when you don't use a coaster in the heat.
@HulkDad79 They tell no tales....Choices were made. #WFH #GameNight @designingwoman9 Miro stickies or... Excel table (import to Miro for affinity mapping) or Microsoft Forms text fiel…
All three in one night?! OH YEAH
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how tf do we explain this pandemic pic to future generations???
Retweeted by LizzHorvath @jomamaliza @314UXHolly @stlxcon I would be thrilled for you to join us!
What kind of monster cuts a part out of the middle?? #PizzaFoul
@nickf @StacyHolmstedt Of course! I wouldn't dare leave the mountain mortals out. @StacyHolmstedt Anyone with an internet connection. BUT especially desert dwellers!!I'm going to lie to you about managing stakeholders as a Enterprise UX Designer on June 30th. #UX we will go out in a bit. @GuideDogAva: no, now! Me: I need to write this outline… then a nice long walk! Ava…
Retweeted by LizzHorvath @allisongrayce @Apple 100% of the time it will be right before you have to dial into a meeting. @jill5455 @Apple @allisongrayce Your GIF game is strong @allisongrayce And eat a cupcake... @designinginward's "Wicked Good" talk was wicked smart and refreshing. Check out her talk the very next time she o…
@nickf @HulkDad79 @DougCollinsUX @bkenna1 Rudy Giuliani is a licensed professional. That seems to be going well. @radicallyrach 🤣 @designinginward @intrepidleeloo Yeah, this speaks directly to my soul.My feud with @Apple begins... #WFH #NotTheBossOfMe #BadRobot @wickedgeekie "When can I nap?"UX/Design/Devs: This is why touch target size matters. I was attempting to type store. I just gave up. Bad words in…
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@eyesondesign00 Live tweetanyone available to help me out with a next.js getStaticProps question? I ran into the SAME problem trying to buil…
Retweeted by LizzHorvath @sarabflick @cydharrell I know. It's exhausting bro energy. Just enough, already. FFS @anastazjadavis Waiting is sooooo hard.... @cydharrell It's creepy stalker energy. Don't need your passion, just make it work without frustration or selling nmy info.While I didn't get out there in time to photograph them in action, the birds finally found our feeder. So excited… @designingwoman9 I use honey in my coffee... love it. @chuckborowicz @samhakem @314UXHolly @DougCollinsUX
@its_myreverie Oh, jeeze, this sucks. Happy to help where I can. Ready for any and all baking videos! @314UXHolly @DougCollinsUX @nickf @DougCollinsUX🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @chuckborowicz Lol, interesting observation!"This door is an exit only. Why does it have a handle? We will never know." 🤣 My wife saw this and asked, "was…
@movito This is gorgeous!Got a quick hike in around the ridgeline near Jackson Falls in the Shawnee National Forest. #Hike
@designingwoman9 Oh no, that is aweful.Last night's river walk. Warm Midwest night with a cool breeze off the river is therapy. #Summer
@sarahdoody Keep doing the good work. I'm personally greatful. @StacyHolmstedt Lean into and own it. I mean, you are a painter...seems totally normal to me to talk about painting… network of All Persons Trails in Massachusetts welcomes hikers with disabilities to smell the flowers and enjoy t…
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@anastazjadavis I stand with you in solidarity of "soft pants." don't want to hear policy proposals from people who never had to put back groceries at the checkout because they didn't have enough cash.
Retweeted by LizzHorvath @intrepidleeloo @314UXHolly This is fabulous
when an entry level job requires vast experience
Retweeted by LizzHorvathYou know how you have a conversation about something you don't see everyday and then you start to it every where?… you ever wondered how street clutter like all those new tables & chairs on the pavement impact on…
Retweeted by LizzHorvathHow do I support @BlondeHistorian when we go shopping? Together we learn a route around a supermarket & Amy tells…
Retweeted by LizzHorvath @314UXHolly @HulkDad79 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ This needs to be some sort of Hallmark card photo... Did you send this out of as your holiday card?? @314UXHolly @HulkDad79 Love this. @314UXHolly @HulkDad79 @314UXHolly @HulkDad79 I'm so here for this! @314UXHolly @HulkDad79 This is a 🔥 @HulkDad79 @314UXHolly Yes, but also...I can see her doing this. @TheRightChoyce @paolo__init__ @tdesseyn @CodeTravelled the lesson, not the disappointment.
Retweeted by LizzHorvath @paolo__init__ @CodeTravelled @tdesseyn @paolo__init__ @tdesseyn @CodeTravelled Absolutely! @paolo__init__ @tdesseyn @CodeTravelled Happy to help! I have been in your position and I want nothing but success… @anastazjadavis Same. @fharper @tdesseyn This is 🔥 @paolo__init__ @tdesseyn @CodeTravelled I had a similar problem back when I was making the transition to UX. I g…
@psantloki Is it even a video call if no one turns them on? is rated for 4+ yrs old in app store. Who are these preschoolers checking email? #WTH @anastazjadavis Good point. who has the research on the relief from anxiety a simple edit feature would bring to Twitter users? #UX #AutocorrectFails @justinechlorine @DougCollinsUX @DougCollinsUX Do not discredit your past, non-design experiences. Design is more than just creating beautiful thin…
Retweeted by LizzHorvath @DougCollinsUX 1) tools don't matter 2) 90% of the job: asking questions to uncover "why" and the unknown unknowns… @314UXHolly Brilliantly written.
Tools do not replace knowledge. As we design more and more sophisticated tools that take on enormous cognitive load…
Retweeted by LizzHorvath @gonzobdemented @vectorpoem @bigblackjacobin of hiring Sr designers: “we want them to hit the ground running” No one hits the ground running. Ramp up dura…
Retweeted by LizzHorvath @nickf @johncutlefish You get me. ❤️ @DougCollinsUX Stop doing computer science right after I use this computer to send this message. Osaka just gave a master class in acting in her own self-interest. Instead of bs “persevere” narratives, sh…
Retweeted by LizzHorvath @314UXHolly Holly Puts A Lid On ItIME ... it can take ~2y for a team of junior designers, developers, and product managers to get into a groove. Prov…
Retweeted by LizzHorvathWow. 233+ miles. Incredible.
If my career path to #UX was a tree. #EUX #Design with my wife and BFF!! #Hike
18 runners have started the 24th yard at the #CapitalBackyardUltra. After a bit of a poor effort on the one minute…
Retweeted by LizzHorvathSuper helpful. I always forget or don't see it dispense if it's on my blind side. @eyesondesign00 So pleasant!
Caught my supervisor sleeping on the job.🤦‍♀️ #DYI #WFH