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Bridging the gap between digital and physical experiences is a great way to improve user satisfaction and loyalty,…
Retweeted by LizzHorvathIf I had to pick a favorite utility company it's @GeorgiaPower They have #CX robots that I find very pleasant to… some research into organizational trust and how to build it purposefully. My MBA texts are failing me. Anybod…
Retweeted by LizzHorvath @conniechiiiwa Couldn't help but notice you had your walking boots on. @its_myreverie @conniechiiiwa ❤️. This was a hard lesson to learn as a young designer.Black women are the moral compass of this country This is a victory for ALL Black women in the U.S., and globally
Retweeted by LizzHorvath @jasonbarrie @DougCollinsUX @MiroHQ Here's a version of it. is a link version of the Welcome Board that helped attendees onboard before the meeting, making a smoother sta… @designingwoman9 Oh, this is a good one.Tried an asynchronous onboarding experience to #miro with my meeting stakeholders yesterday. #WFH @MiroHQ #ux😅 @zachrhill @314UXHolly ☝️+1#AfternoonAnswers - What unexpected skills do you use in your job? With answers from @nickf, @pwthornton, and…
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Camping is often called America’s favorite outdoor activity. But camping and national parks have a complicated past…
Retweeted by LizzHorvathGrocery store yesterday - overhead a student, "I wish I had #COVID19 so didn't have to.." Students are awesome, but… portfolio tip: Make impact front and center. For example “Reduced time spent to create a medical report” is mo…
Retweeted by LizzHorvath @intrepidleeloo @_morninglow @_morninglow @intrepidleeloo ☝️🔥Doom scrolling got the best of me today. 😟 @newsworthypod Hate it for these kids, but here in Athens GA, home if UGA Bulldogs, the ICU is currently full. Clas…
Finally pulling together an #OOUX project checklist that steps you through the first three rounds of the ORCA proce…
Retweeted by LizzHorvathJeeze, I didn't consider that. @granthyarbrough @mulegirl @Outkast America will ruin everything beautiful about the Eurovision concept. We will a… stocking "To Go" products gives hope that one day there will be going. #WFH should be renamed “future tech debt”
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Know when to pivot. #saturdayvibes #trailrunning #agile #design @DougCollinsUX My stock answers & stories are written down on index cards. I carry them around practicing rehearsin… #uxtalk @314UXHolly @DougCollinsUX ☝️🔥Only include information users need. Unless they are geese. No. Geese. Screw you Geese. #ux like we're "solving the solution" here. Root cause problem solving is for suckers. 🙄 #ux @granthyarbrough Ufda. Its time to throw the towel in on baseball this season. It was crap anyways, fans didn't… this rate, a the 2020 season will end in 2022. Always extra innings.🙄 #cubs #BaseBall @conniechiiiwa Happy for you! Go do great things! @tomchaffin714 Tomorrow.
@KimCrayton1 I have one that had crate anxiety, maybe it's something like that. The Vet prescribed Trazadone to help. 🤷‍♀️ @DanyoWallem @hyumankind Oh, FFS... What kind of feedback is that? How about "Make feedbaxk sound more actionable?" I don't read minds.This week has been one long Monday. #ux
@chuckborowicz I think this concept can go across industry sectors. It touches on how to "people" and the "should… @chuckborowicz @DougCollinsUX Oh my goodness, this is a good call out. 💯It's time to stop clutching pearls at the lack of leadership and racist buffoonery. Redirect that energy to the vo… situation in #Beirut #Lebanon is grave. Apart from those wounded and injured, nearly 300,000 are homeless.…
Retweeted by LizzHorvathWhat big tip would you give to someone thinking about getting into #UX? #design #uxtalk
Retweeted by LizzHorvathDig this.#WFH @JMB_NL @bennessb Humans ruin everything. @bennessb Robots 🤖My ah-ha moment while sharing a design process with stakeholders: Say what you do, not what you don't. Effective:…
Retweeted by LizzHorvath"Mr. Spock, you're on mute." @its_myreverie @tomchaffin714 I am worried for all of us. @its_myreverie @tomchaffin714 Like, enough cringe they need to nominate him in private.
@314UXHolly @granthyarbrough I think the style is less important than ritual of "putting on work close." @heyitsmejak @intrepidleeloo @mulegirl 💯☝️Favorite takeaway from Quarantine Book Club last night: "If you are continuously building, you need to be continua… @granthyarbrough @314UXHolly These things have helped me: Dress for work. Go outside for 30 minutes a day. Write…
@intrepidleeloo @OksanaIvanovaPM I really like your take on UX design, "it's not a thing." Serious good food for thought. @intrepidleeloo @OksanaIvanovaPM It seems like UX of "UX Design" is remarkably bad #ux when it has to quantified to a real live person. @gizellie The math is simple: No pants + Water = Smarty Pants You can't argue with math.Brilliant! 😂"1% dehydration can decrease cognitive ability by 5%." Heard that in a meeting today. Fact checked that against p… @designingwoman9 My mom drilled saving into my sister and I; it really started manifesting with arcade tokens.I'm excited to be presenting my talk on #UX #Design for #Accessibility this morning at 11 AM ET! I'd be honored if…
Retweeted by LizzHorvathMonday at 5pm PDT, bring your research questions!
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@Swetha66726241 @tomchaffin714 @OksanaIvanovaPM ☝️, yes. 💯. X2 if you are remote. X10 of company onboarding is la… @IjeomaOluo So excited to read it. You are one of the most talented writers of our time.A version of sketch comedy's, "Yes, and..."
@KimCrayton1 💯Whatever argument you have against this is less important to me than the fact that the National Association of the…
Retweeted by LizzHorvathTrying to make a point to hit the trail nearly everyday. #WFH with my area in the common area of the house makes… story-based experience research delivered rich, deep, and emotional data and themed briefs of what we observe…
Retweeted by LizzHorvathMy wife said her stand-up "tight ten" would be 1 min of jokes and 9 minutes of her laughing at her own self.
It seems like kids going back into schools will be solving a solution rather than the problem. #StayHomeStaySafe @gefencodes I know it happens, but everything is fuzzy until I finish my coffee.Thinking about error messages. 🤔 #ux saw a Google ad for #UX design education program that says you can get trained, create a portfolio, and be rea…
Retweeted by LizzHorvathAre you a visual thinker? I didn’t know until recently this isn’t how it works for everyone. I think in pictures al…
Retweeted by LizzHorvath @lauracharvey @314UXHolly Oh, wow. That is really interesting.Develope people before products. @delcerebro @meagmakesstuff ☝️do that. @conniechiiiwa @ace_ux 💯 @designingwoman9 Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves. I'm winging it as much as the next UX-er; just ask my imposter syndrome. 🤷‍♀️
My nephew just turned 17 on Monday. Today he got his first job. The first day of the rest of his life starts this… employer or client is YOUR end user. By exploring the "why" you got hired with them, you will better manage th… @designingwoman9 It was close. I pitched myself certain way and that is indeed the value they saw that got me hired… @designingwoman9 I asked my manager that very question. You should ask! Knowing why helps you manage expectations.… used my phone's navigation for a quick trip at lunchtime. Just saw the navigation was still running while I have… @natalierachel 😂 @designingwoman9 55% of communication is non-verbal ...yet people will not turn on cameras. No wonder video is so emotionally exhausting. @natalierachel My wife just asked if Tim Cook was a chef.Managed to get a trail run in today. Little victories. #trailrunning #running
Retweetinh for my reference. fact, my doctor's office scheduling software will accept appointments 80 years in advance. Wonder how that fea… #UX professionals, we advocate for users & therefore we advocate for human lives. On behalf of @UserDefenders, I…
Retweeted by LizzHorvath @YaronElharar @DougCollinsUX Obvious? @StacyHolmstedt Software is easy. Peopling is Hard, a Meetup @YaronElharar @DougCollinsUX Are you saying POC have not experienced bias prejudice because the concept is foreign to you? @YaronElharar @DougCollinsUX It seems like you're saying there is no need to support POC because systemic racism doesn't exist? @BJR3_Boston 😂 @radicallyrach ☝️This is the best book. Re-reading it right now.I cannot un-see this heeping pile of systemic #AI robot evil. cc: @eyesondesign00, please put these robots face d…
@YaronElharar @DougCollinsUX Are you saying the experience of marginalized groups is not important? *Corrected spe…