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Retweeted by lizzassuming the finale of #LoveIsBlindNetflix involves everyone getting acid thrown in their eyesa Lyft request
Retweeted by lizzWe we had a morning meeting to announce a beloved coworker had passed away, which was hard enough, but a few hours…
Retweeted by lizz1866 African-American cookbook from Michigan woman offers voice from the past via…
Retweeted by lizz @vanitypressrecs @DJFLP1 @ronan_eternal This release also had a 10/10 stamping jobThis is that vanishingly rare occasion when someone says “fun fact” and then tells you something that is just insan…
Retweeted by lizz @owen______ellis that has to be Charles Clyde Ebbets's photo Lunch atop a Skyscraper :-) @angstyblkhottie at least ____ bottles in bingewatching Love Is BlindHow did NOT ONE PERSON at this photoshoot not notice the dirt under his nails?? Photographers do better for your su… is honestly such an interesting thread. I wonder how many other performers are scammed in this way because I b… is another 16 year old boy who has been missing in Detroit for nearly a month.
Retweeted by lizzThis Saturday in Detroit. Big 1 for Bernie with an all star lineup. Come and dance for the cause. Don’t @ me 🙃
Retweeted by lizz @avalentineform Can we please talk about The Bachelor forever?? I think Peter has fucked up this season by basicall… @tundeolaniran I love that your mom's whole twitter feed is political and full of astute observations!! @Need4LSpeed @NickSpeedEnt thank god Michigan is 6 inches thicc with snow so I can use the porch as a cooler for al… @Need4LSpeed @NickSpeedEnt already blown through so much wine suffering through every other couple who isn't…
looks like I'm about to make another person in my life binge watch the entirety of #loveisblindnetflix solely to su… we want to ban domestic abusers from having access to guns we would have to abolish the police
Retweeted by lizzthis also describes every Mormon birthday party I ever went to 16-year-old hasn't been seen since Saturday in Detroit | FOX 2 Detroit
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🚨🚨🚨 @leeetuh @ADOLFJYN add me to this list pls only have to look at the teapot tattoo on my ankle to understand why I am so fucking excited to go back to NYC… @leeetuh paging @ADOLFJYNMike Bloomberg could've spent the $450 million he dumped into ads for his presidential campaign to instead buy new…
Retweeted by lizzmaybe if you’d used your gobs of money to help flint fix its water problems early on instead of embarking on a bull…
Retweeted by lizzToday’s outcome in Harvey Weinstein’s New York trial is the result of the decisions of multiple women to come forwa…
Retweeted by lizzdudes who create hour-long sex playlists are flying too close to the sun
Retweeted by lizz @Dart_Adams There were legitimate discussions for months about releasing pigs in the school as the senior prank.One message was clear at the Bryant memorial today: the loss of Gigi leaves a chapter of women's basketball forever…
Retweeted by lizz @Dart_Adams I lived this tweet 4 years in a row.
@Dart_Adams This sounds like that time in high school I showed up because it was a Friday and that's what you do wh… @supercoolwicked I still have all of mine from childhood! guys Tom Kenny’s son (@MackKennyArt) reached out to me and clarified that his dad does not have a goddaughter!…
Retweeted by lizzIf you aren’t happy single, you won’t be happy taken. Happiness comes from drugs, not relationships
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me, after Bernie won Nevada
@munchmusic cross country road trips in high school 👎 I'm still haunted @munchmusic THE. WORST. I'd rather have someone turbine fart in the car with the windows up all the way and the hea… @JoshRadnor @JordanPeele Ted Mosby trying to airplane feed me would have me shooting myself. Lonny Flash holds a s… @leeetuh yeah you probably didn't want flippered kidsIf #Hunters only existed as a platform for Lena Olin to make straight women question their sexuality it would be pe… asleep with BET playing in the background and woke up to myself singing the Fresh Prince theme songHow is NO👏ONE👏 talking about @NickSpeedEnt's sister on Love Is Blind on Netflix?? I'm rooting for you Lauren 😭 You…
Artists nationwide are invited to submit proposals for a sculpture to be placed outside TCF Center
Retweeted by lizz @YepThatsANG I'm only on the second floor but my bedroom has 11 windows and needs to be was…
Houston Is Hosting The World's First Hip-Hop & Food Festival This March
Retweeted by lizz @PROFCALC I'd still be team connery if goldeneye wasn't a top tier game and one of two reasons why my n64 is in my…
@stephenablack @msmacb That book is why I got an art history degree, worked as a provenance researcher, and wanted…
a thread of racists getting their ass beat for black history month
Retweeted by lizz @WeWantPrenups one shrimp in and your shirt will be off
@WeWantPrenups Sir I have been watching Locke & Key @WeWantPrenups unless that text message is about Key House it can wait food his mouth #BestDateIn4Words ☺️🍽️🥰 @tafkam08 so then you also don't fuck with workplace romances haha1) For too long, pastry chefs have been relegated by food media to a secondary field of contention, banished from t…
Retweeted by lizzrt if your mans is texting you about the #broomchallenge but not about cleaning😴
@NolanTheNinja @BillHeckyes please flesh out your wiki page so the internet can know your star sign thanksssssLocke & Key is great. The dad is either Christian Bale doing a Keanu Reeves impression or Keanu Reeves doing a Chri… wonder if this means her production company will finally produce a film with a female director
Retweeted by lizzOne of the *many* disturbing trends i found when researching this article was that 6/8 films with majority-Asian ca…
Retweeted by lizz @CcNeiko me, over here, without cake #OscarsSoWhite Eminem: hold my white clawamazing @CcNeiko hear me out-- let's start the movement tonightHair Love wins 'Animated Short Film' #Oscars
Retweeted by lizz @rgay there are two reasons I own Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous on dvd and Nick Offerman can't be bothwe don't necessarily have to stop to read the labels when we already have the degree and museum career 😴 next question did you see the film
Retweeted by lizzName a bigger fucking downgrade
Retweeted by lizz @CcNeiko this tweet is exactly why Detroit needs an amazing 10pm cake delivery service 😭 @BEARCAT_808 honestly respect for your cat“I just don’t know what Eminem has to do with the deforestation of my natural habitat”
Retweeted by lizzI met Taika Waititi once and he was a delight and so hot in person he practically melted my skin off with his smile.
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@RowWhlgn wine aunt“It’s so cool u get ur period on the full moon every month. You’re so aligned” Me:
Retweeted by lizz❤️🌮❤️Whats better than a bunch of tacos for Valentine’s Day!? ❤️ 🌮 ❤️DM or email me to place your orders! You have…
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@supercoolwicked HIGHLY recommend a daylight lamp. It's been a fucking game changer for me this winterabsolutely no question that this guy only listens to the Beatles of the best debut albums. fight me. @actuallymae probably people that have never gone through it or they would know that it's fucking traumaticsome people have had life so easy and never had to experience certain shit. that’s why people make light of so much…
Retweeted by lizz @kdhatesu rookie mistake!! @messekat96 one timbit @jayacancook Ed Gein.wearing your mans sweats >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>… @SlickkkkVICK HAHA I went to get cookies and he did it. #prophet @supercoolwicked him after our one night stand, so grateful that he's yelling at me @SlickkkkVICK like Claythaniel is going to contest this claim. I bet he's going to retweet it so that women can get their twenties ready @supercoolwicked one time I was at @genderlessfruit's house and so were also half a dozen dogs and the dogs only re… @WeWantPrenups crazy that you charge your dates $60 just to watch you walk around with your shirt off and make ig storiesThis is what everyone tweeting “congratulations Mr. president” looks like
Retweeted by lizzI went to see Ernest Scared Stupid in this theater in 1991. The film burned through and we had to leave about 30 mi…
Retweeted by lizz @supercoolwicked only sitting because my bby feet are too small to support my thighs: a memoir 💁‍♀️ @NolanTheNinja 😂 @supercoolwicked hi it's me poki draco over here injured but eating
my fav part of my timeline being full of Meek Mill / Nicki Minaj is that the promoted ads are all @milanocookies @kdhatesu WHAT W I L D @leeetuh can you fucking imagine @_@