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@BiggPlayClay kid clearly couldn't dodge a wrenchIs it a penalty? A flow chart Does the penalty help the Lions? / \ Yes…
Retweeted by lizzFinal: Packers 23, Lions 22. Lions blow a 13-point lead, settle for 5 field goals and have multiple blown calls go…
Retweeted by lizzYeah that's right, I'm sending YOUR chick XXX limericks! She's lapping that shit up! You should see the emoji strin…
Retweeted by lizzBOOKER: the show tonight is cancelled ME: oh shit what did it do
Retweeted by lizzThe only reason I pick up my phone is for moments when I can see bullshit such as this.
Retweeted by lizzDETROIT \ HAMTRAMCK on Wednesday night for music from @dreambeachhh @jonahbaseball & @FriedKoolAid to celebrate the…
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@LORDGULLEY hard pass’s card. Sometimes we return to the same toxic pleasure sources because of a deep fear that intense pleasure o…
Retweeted by lizzim none pizza with left beef old @xskywlkr @blackxnoise @ZelooperZ @xdannyxbrownx Going on tour today 🙏🏾 uknowhatimsayin¿ Tour Grab tickets if y…
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important important important important important important important important
Retweeted by lizzthe most important piece of music criticism of this decade
Retweeted by lizzidk who needs to hear this but if you're reading an academic text and the language is too hard, you're not stupid,…
Retweeted by lizz @Joey2lanes How do I order one?? @desflat It’s homophobic to charge $6.99 for an Archie comic @jmrphy ............
Retweeted by lizzOh we cared !! We just didn’t have twitter to bitch about it 😂
Retweeted by lizzthis tweet just came across my timeline and I’m really glad that someone who shares my last name is writing this qu…
Have now been outside twice and have asked every passing dog walker for location of the ice cream truckwhen in the living fuck is the ice cream truck that I’ve been faintly hearing for the last 20 minutes going to drive past my house
In the 1800s, wealthy British landowners commissioned exaggerated paintings of their livestock as a symbol of wealt…
Retweeted by lizzhappy bisexual visibility day to my fellow bi bbs! sending extra love to those who haven't come out yet or can't. y…
Retweeted by lizz @LANSUH_ Congrats!! I know this feeling and love this feeling and nothing feels more life affirming ❤️In the words of @bbymutha : “Face red, I was on my period, he ate today.”
Retweeted by lizz“Versions of Versions” playlist up now on @Spotify if u wanna hear where all the *versions came from in order :) c…
Retweeted by lizz @genderlessfruit is the period at the end of a meal sentence
@catiegoins I will adopt all of your remaining childrenfrench geese be like
Retweeted by lizzBritish version of “i could've dropped my croissant ”
Retweeted by lizzA few months ago I learned that ppl who had been deaf from birth but gained their hearing later in life often say t…
Retweeted by lizzit is homophobic not to salt your pasta waterbi girl: i love girls twitter: yess i support you so much express yourself i love you bi girl: i love guys twitt…
Retweeted by lizzYo if you think it’s cool to be Hittin your flavored vape while you’re shittin in a bar bathroom to cover up the sm…
Retweeted by lizzYo if you make interesting music or edits - a little or a bit left of center please hmu and I will play it on our w…
Retweeted by lizzsomeone turn her into a prayer candle immediately
Retweeted by lizzDisco did not deserve how the American people put it to death.
Retweeted by lizz @BEARCAT_808 scumbag college early admissionThis tweet loud asf
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They’re just out here trying to live the life they would’ve had if a man didn’t get in the way 😭Sometimes I see moms in Detroit and I can tell by their eyeliner that those pregnancies weren’t planned @swoozydolphin I just worked out. Who are weJust had now ***3*** people get so fucked up from what was apparently ketamine and dirty coke at this party that th… @catiegoins In fairness you don’t need a personality when your eyebrows are perfectI did it. I found the worst gender reveal.
Retweeted by lizz @soulseekqt_pi I brought that up but the (admittedly small number of) women/nb who were booked for the show all can…
#OTD #10YearsAgo the last remaining portion of #TigerStadium falls to the ground, completing its demolition
Retweeted by lizz @kdhatesu This is the least relatable tweet you’ve ever madei’m sorry i roasted you i was trying to flirt
Retweeted by lizz @sydsbee I started working out last week just so I can beat people up when they try to grab mesorry but this might be the best thread I’ve ever seen
Retweeted by lizzmen are so terrifying
Retweeted by lizzOnion writers, hands shaking, in a pile of cigarette butts, terrified that they're gonna Lathe Of Heaven some bulls…
Retweeted by lizzAnimator in Philippines for Netflix's Carmen San Diego gets fired for asking for better pay Reminder that animator…
Retweeted by lizzGuys. The sales guy said “sorry I am not being rude I am feeding this cat under my desk.” I said what??? He said “…
Retweeted by lizzJust made a song that’s a tad bit Hilary duffish
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bon appétit editor-at-large andrew knowlton's restaurant is on bon appétit's 50 best new restaurants, a list he was…
Retweeted by lizzA lotta things I hate about the natural wine wave, but none more than the basic ass proclamation that “orange wine…
Retweeted by lizzKan-chan is a Japanese Mascot for a pharmaceutical company that sells enemas
Retweeted by lizzVERSIONS by @__SHIGETO is out now ✌️ @Ghostly Spotify • Bandca…
Retweeted by lizzEvery time @DeejayEarl_ does a thing we should listen because he truly be leveling up right before our eyes. Apprec…
Retweeted by lizz😈 NEW SINGLE “Thass It” OUT NOW!!! 😈 Stream/Download: Artwork by @svqqa
Retweeted by lizzMy dad just realized that the apartment his unmarried aunt has been living in for the past 20 years with her "best…
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Retweeted by lizzSold a print for $350 n the show didn’t start
Retweeted by lizz @djskeez313 Hear me out— meWait till y’all here this project w @sheefymcfly #paintingsontheporch #soon
Retweeted by lizzI feel like I’ve had this exact conversation with @djskeez313 IT WASNT ME SIX9INE: YES IT WAS
Retweeted by lizzBefore I make friends with any white people I need to see all your Halloween costumes from 1988-2017.
Retweeted by lizz“Versions” The first Shigeto Live EP is OUT NOW Happy release day to my brothers. Marcus Elliot, Ian Fink, Dez…
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Retweeted by lizznot a single banksy piece since epstein died.
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Retweeted by lizzTakin my time to create a masterpiece. My LP gonna have @NolanTheNinja @ELZHI @DISSBBM @KINGBUBROCK @aztekthebarfly
Retweeted by lizz| ok I told y’all it would be back Dyn-o-mite out again everywhere i love y’all |
Retweeted by lizz| 6ix9nine the one that got my album took down in the first place |
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Frank Ocean and hotdog water are the same name if you really think about it
Retweeted by lizzShe got a light-skinned friend look like Justin Trudeau Got a dark-skinned friend look like Justin Trudeau
Retweeted by lizz @aerielist Hear me out— what if this is your Sliding Doors scenario
Left my meds at home and I feel like I’m wearing a space helmet of sleep 🆘 fat ass thought this was mike wazowski 193M 🔁 642M❤️
Retweeted by lizzSmh Dj/producers never credit the photographer. I see how it feel now
Retweeted by lizzIt’s called method acting
Retweeted by lizzComing soon on hot n ready records 🍕🍕🍕
Retweeted by lizzShoutouts to anyone who doesn’t drink coffee. Y’all are super human
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A guy just spilled candle wax on my camera lens at the event that I’m working and I’m screaming internally so loudl…
I'm moving out of Detroit. Because who put a house door on the Church's Chicken?
Retweeted by lizza lunchable is charcuterie if you’re not a fucking classist
Retweeted by lizzI don’t want Hustlers, I want a tv show abt a strip club shot like The Office, where you only ever see the dressing…
Retweeted by lizzWhen will my serotonin return from war
Retweeted by lizzWhen I was growing up parents regularly said “I brought you into this world, I can take you out”. A recycled punchl…
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@ us next time pussy
Retweeted by lizz @PunkrockHoodrat I was once on a date so bad (he stood up next to the table in the restaurant and performed a slam… asked someone to change to document to PDF and they’ve emailed me back a word document and changed the file name…
Retweeted by lizzTanya McDowell serving 12 years for sending her child to school in a better district and Felicity Huffman getting 1…
Retweeted by lizzI wish I had just one living grandparent 😭😭😭 the master bedroom a few feet away, 94 years ago this week, Dr. Ossian Sweet lay down, with a white mob outside…
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