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Writer. Paralegal. Late Bloomer. Non-trad College Student. Hip-as-Fuck Mom. Depression Warrior. Survivor. Elegant Badass. Views are my own. She/Her.

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@TheBrentSmith Oo! You should cover that one!!
AC/DC Back in Black. sigh... @drfarls I've lived sooo many places but longest in the Puget Sound area. I will guess either the Puyallup or the G… @GrohlGlasses Wow that is super useful! I also cannot wear mine for the driving. I mean... I could.... but it would… @SenatorTester @SVACDems As the daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughter of military servicemen, thank you f… @MelissaFOlson At least an hour ago...Some of my favorite things!!!! #magic #cheese #witches @MuppetWiki Same, Cookie, same! @briantylercohen Excellent!! @GrohlGlasses Did Boss need a stronger prescription? Is that why Pete is working so much? Or did Boss need bifocals… @AlixEHarrow Utterly fabtacular!!#steamedvegetables #funnystuff #vegetablehumour #vegetables @LeaderMcConnell Just stop. You have done irreparable harm to this nation in your tenure. Go away. @KiaThomasEdits War and Fucking Peace @NataniaBarron no YOU downloaded the whole thesis TBR when you were goofing off from your own Asian History homework....This is excellent! Well deserved!
Yes. would do this all day with my ears questioning too, tbh. @kelli_staci I can think of one way this isn't a shitshow...if the officer was having a literal heart attack. Other… @GrohlGlasses Oo! Fun times.... it's too cold here for a waterpark. You'd have to get ice skates or skis or snoshoe… @cvasilevski @NataniaBarron I discovered that Target has covers (similar to duvet covers) so don't fret if the color doesn't work.... @scalzi Oooohhhh.... so close. The correct answer is cannoli....FFS. You know if Tom Brady wins another godamm SB ring we get another 9 months of 2020....Wut @NataniaBarron Not published. But a fellow students' critique was 'you use too many big words. Nobody wants to thin… @VancityReynolds You said A-hole.... *giggles in 13 year old even though I'm 54* @jmalikauthor I definitely miss hugging my middle child. I absolutely am not going to make a fuckin poppet of him t… @DanRather Popcorn @esglaude abso-freakin-lutely. And institute fines for lies.
@JulietBlackwell This is adorable...whooooooaaaa!!! @WickedWalnut Cliff. @GrohlGlasses Aldo!!! Brilliant use of wizarding!! @NataniaBarron Seconded. My sister gave me one for Christmas and I love it.
#BernieMeme #LLML #funnystuff @SenWarren @SenSchumer I'm one of these... I have parent loans and I've gone back to school as well so have my own student loans.WHAT THE HELL IS THIS BARFAPALOOZA? Somebody take this person's kitchen away. @Faith_Salie It's going to vary based on your area. $100,000 simply doesn't mean the same thing in NYC or San Fran… @levarburton I was 11 and my parents let me watch with them because they felt it was that important. I've always be… @NataniaBarron Taking an Asian history exam? Oh. It's also #2 son's birthday. He's 25. Which clearly is evidence of… @NataniaBarron I took home ec in sixth grade--half sewing and half cooking. I absolutely loved cooking. For sewing… This needs to come to light.*koffkoff* @gianforte #mtpol #mtleg I absolutely adore #JaneKrakowski.... @remhq 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @jmalikauthor @DonaldJTrumpJr I almost said the giant douche but then realized that didn't narrow it down.
#coldBernie #ThatsBernieInTheCorner @SmithAndMyers @MickieT84 #hoser @Faith_Salie *giggles* @MickieT84 @GrohlGlasses That catch was freakin amazeballs.... @joncoopertweets Expulsion. Lawmakers who won't abide by rules and laws have no business being in their jobs. @SenatorTester @LateNightSeth This is awesome! Ya know... most working people would lose their jobs if they refused… @GrohlGlasses Love my Seahawks! Been a fan since they first started and I was a kid in Oregon. Me and my dad watche… #mtpol Stay away from my body and out of the doctor's office. @SenatorTester Thank you Senator!! @NataniaBarron Yes... he is delightfully weird! @NataniaBarron No I get it. My first thought with particularly Kenna's outfits was 'Victoria's Secret circa 1989 de… wait is over. The time is now. Be sure to follow the Center for #EarthJurisprudence to learn how you can suppor…
Retweeted by Laura Ducolon @NatashaLink1 @NataniaBarron I believe the CW was trying to mod it up to appeal to their younger viewers. Megan's costumes are ma… @mccaffreyr3 Brilliant. @NataniaBarron I adore Reign. Very soapy...but I love it. Currently in a rewatch actually. Reign introduced me to A… @jmalikauthor To be fair...all the other stuff is cast-iron stomach evidence. Food allergies are completely differe… @thetsmorgan @NataniaBarron OMG that's HILARIOUS!!!! I adore Stephen Colbert. @dustinphillips You're a good soul Dustin. @jmalikauthor oh no. That happened to my middle son, too. Used to be fine and then all of a sudden.... allergy. I'm so sorry.BAHAHAHAHAHA!! #coldBernie #BobRoss #HappyLittleMittens @KevinHearne @MelissaFOlson *audible gasp* @EllieHill @missoulian Brilliant! @neilhimself Legitimate fear. @SenTedCruz Omg. Dude. #resign. Your dumb hurts us all. @MickieT84 @SmithAndMyers @Shinedown @YouTube @TheBrentSmith I like it better than the original.... it's my least f…
@MontanaBudget @MTSenateDems Why??? That makes no sense. @WinterForMT Team #BerniesClues @americanozmom Same!!! @TheKateMulgrew @Manalyzer131 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣My fave #BernieSanders meme... @lopezlinette Griftin... @GrohlGlasses I mean... I can teach you rude words.... But yes... les lunettes! And of course you love outer space… #Muppets you didn't know you needed Prince on the Muppets doing a Hee-Haw parody...but you did. @DollyParton I'm so sorry for your loss. @999KISW @TarynKISW Oh wow..... 1982-ish?? @BillyMcWillia12 Arent most of them unconstitutional and the MT Supreme Court will rule so? That's the tactic to t… @NataniaBarron May I suggest an insignificance of influencers? Because they are. @MickieT84 Could be.its disturbing tho @hurlepat but did she do The Jackal.... @foofighters pure awesomeness.....To teachers everywhere, Thank You. This is in your honor. #Inauguration2021 #CelebratingAmerica #TimesLikeThese
Retweeted by Laura Ducolon @WinterForMT @SenatorTester #badassery #ThatsMySenator#TimesLikeThese Lyric Video in case you need to learn the words. (You need to learn the words. Yes you do.) @MaryLTrump Always @HistoryMuppet I mean... "honorary" is redundant. He is a Muppet. Full stop. @MickieT84 😃😃😃🎵🎵🎵 @foofighters love this song.... super nostalgic and evocative for meGreta is A Hundred Million Percent done with 45's Shit. @MaritsaNBCMT Why is he laughing? What's funny? @flea333 @KellyAuCoin77 Is there enough sage for that????? #fucktonofsage