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Classicist at Brasenose College, Oxford: "Ovid: A Very Short Introduction" (OUP). I blog, I can't remember why, at

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“Augustus perfectly understood, two millennia before Orwell, that who controls the past controls the future”…
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@ShadiBartsch It’s wildly over the top. Desperate times, I guess. @ShadiBartsch Have you seen the coin where his dad becomes Janus? Filial piety and some! @SarahEBond Rats... @SarahEBond Yebbut I saw SIX, so I get to found the city. @kuangrf @Lokster71 David Llewellyn, A Simple Scale. @greg_jenner Judging by the style of furniture, many, many bottoms had been cradled by that sofa since the late 60s. @greg_jenner I have sat on that sofa! @TheDaiLlew No duvet on your head? Rank amateur. @AlMursi2 @RobEdmunds11 It’s very good news indeed, but it’s not the oldest shipwreck, I don’t think. @LuciaNixon @lizgloyn Waiting patiently for Trinity term, please God! @Llwynaumawr @holland_tom Oof. @holland_tom Catullus had to deploy the finest adjective in Latin, cuniculosus, “full of bunnies”, to convey the si… @e_wolever @DrLRoach @red_loeb @19Averil And yet it remains the case that the rollout of the vaccine is going quite… congrats to all of our wonderful offer holders.Every one of you richly deserves your offer so well done. Here'…
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@Welshbeard Well done, sir!It's out, after too many years of work: 1st ever English translation w/ commentary, based on 4 #Persian
Retweeted by Llewelyn Morgan @red_loeb @19Averil I’m perhaps naively confident that the medics would not be allowing them to do anything stupid,… @ChrisKraus @chrisbrooke I suspect that between us and Chris/Jo there’ll be plenty of marmalade going spare!8.
Retweeted by Llewelyn Morgan @LuciaNixon @Gemnffc And your teddy is awesome too, Jensen. Is he a monkey? I can tell that he really, really wants… @chrisbrooke Oh you too?QPR’s star winger, Bright Osayi-Samuel, is going to Fenerbahce, which is very sad for us. But it does provide an ex… @ShadiBartsch I almost think at this juncture that this, the humility and lack of absolute, unwavering conviction,… @xujnx Yes!"How #Augustus rebuilt Rome" by @holland_tom--reviews of new books by @PeterStothard1, @llewelyn_morgan &…
Retweeted by Llewelyn Morgan @ClearTheLine @LuciaNixon @bueti We’re determined to make peace with people who are simultaneously carrying out the… @LuciaNixon Not enough to do anything. @Lokster71 Not sure if it’s more recent, but Rudd is probs a bit closer to the Latin. I’d be surprised if Green was… killings continue in Kabul, nobody cares.
@saintsoftness Queueing in the cloisters, too. Made for it. (I’m staring at queueing and wondering about the second e...) @andrewsillett @SimonPulleyn A misspent evening, Andrew, but worthwhile nonetheless. @GrandLat That is stunning. Many thanks indeed: @GrandLat Nope! Many thanks! @SimonPulleyn And there are loads of Darjeeling Comedies. @dgmargolin That’s a brilliant photo! @SimonPulleyn The Oolong Good Friday. @dgmargolin Yes, a decent haul of Blues! @Llwynaumawr Thank you! @19Averil Well, to be fair we’re in lockdown, and softening it is not the same as ending restrictions. I agree he’s… @19Averil No, but in the own way offer a range of perspectives that I value!A Tufted Titmouse making a tough decision of a sunflower seed or a peanut.
Retweeted by Llewelyn Morgan @Sellypaws @MHuzaifaNizam That is very heartening! @MHuzaifaNizam Depends who you ask! The vaccinations are speeding up; and infections levelling off, maybe. I’m a lo…’s the balance of opinions I come to Twitter for. @shreya_bn There’s more about him in the book. I’ll drop it to you (somehow!) when I’m done with it. @shreya_bn Apa B. Pant, BNC matric. ‘33 looks interesting. @SthebestWes @QPR It’ll be awfully sad to seem him go. @shreya_bn Excellent!Imagine being a trader around 1500 years ago and walking through an entrance like this into a world of murals and c…
Retweeted by Llewelyn MorganWhat I’m reading is Sumita Mukherjee, Nationalism, Education and Migrant Identities (2010), on Indians studying at… to what I’m reading, Sri Aurobindo, nationalist & religious leader, studied Class… inside by heavy pollution, a return to the blog. Wuzhou Days: some absent minded musings on a strange Brit…
Retweeted by Llewelyn MorganIn the Vale of Aylesbury, there’s a low-lying region of heavy clays and soft sands. Along this belt, the earth was…
Retweeted by Llewelyn MorganDid it. Wrote a non-academic thing and even almost enjoyed the process
Retweeted by Llewelyn Morgan @FunkadelicHorse Chatting to wild animals is one of the recognised side effects of the vaccine. If they answer back… @ArmandDAngour It’s just perfect. @Kin_Loch I’d be really interested to know how widespread they are on domestic builders, here and beyond. Not sure how I’d find out!
@AlMursi2 @RobEdmunds11 Thanks, and yes, in TAPA a few years ago, hitherto unappreciated consequence of lockdown is that a week’s holiday in August was so massively stimulating th… @ClearTheLine Gosh. Link? @zenahitz No worries. Looking forward to reading your book when I’ve got this term just a little more under control! @Twhittermarsh @lwahlgrensmith @matthewinvestor @michelledonelan Absolutely correct.A thread I’ve been pondering on & off all day. It offers a view of contemporary Classics—calm, measured, tolerant,… wish this was a joke
Retweeted by Llewelyn Morgan @_paullay @SocialHistoryOx “Pastry” is a corruption of “papistry”, don’t you know. @miserabiliter @DrMichaelBonner @yuanyi_z Particularly with that portico. @miserabiliter @DrMichaelBonner @yuanyi_z It is an irrational shape for a gathering of books. @nilshoppe Thank you! @BarbaraRich_law @yuanyi_z Thank you!
Satisfying when a wild hunch kind of checks out. A Latin inscription on the Kent coast, and how all roads seem to… is worth your time and support.
Retweeted by Llewelyn MorganVergil is just Virgil with a Scouse accent
Retweeted by Llewelyn Morgan @LesleyDowner Fabulous! @holland_tom Some of us, though, a tiny and tragic minority, are also pedants whose teeth are set on edge when “bet… is a brave and restrained cop
Retweeted by Llewelyn Morgan @victoriamoul @PhiloCrocodile I still haven’t the foggiest idea what a holm oak is, & how it differs from a standar… @guidopalazzo @ShadiBartsch @ProfEricAdler @rogueclassicist @ShadiBartsch Already ordered! @NigelWGourlay My concern is the Greek, which is given in Plutarch. @stephanuscoombs Well, you would think that! It’s not chronograms per se, but chronograms of this degree of elegance.
@leonardocarella Y&Y, even. @MaxCaerGalen @yuanyi_z As I say, uplifting and edifying.I think, perhaps, my hunch about Shadwell & chronograms might have legs. A very short blog on Latin chronograms in… @yuanyi_z There’s a fine and uplifting example of the genre by the Sex Pistols, I recall. @TheHillpaul @19Averil @ShadiBartsch @PeterStothard1 Yes, it’s fabulous. I’m incredibly chuffed to be anywhere near this company! @ShadiBartsch Thank you, and you too! @llewelyn_morgan
Retweeted by Llewelyn Morgan @holland_tom @ShadiBartsch @PeterStothard1 It’s a brilliant piece of work, as I hope I convey in a TLS review that’…’m a postie on the frontline at the minute. It’s hard. Please share this video.
Retweeted by Llewelyn MorganSea shanties contain important information for sailors in periods where they might not be literate or able to carry…
Retweeted by Llewelyn Morgan @KimberleyNYC @DrJLHazelton Wine glasses, I assume? @hairygit Many thousands more have claimed to.People have the nerve, the Audacity to act like Ed Sheeran is the best entertainer to come out of Suffolk when we g…
Retweeted by Llewelyn MorganIncredible news. A vaccine for MS. Science is the best bit of 2021 so far.
Retweeted by Llewelyn MorganThis is getting some traffic from the freshly minted shanty enthusiasts
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@ChinaDaily The BBC stands by its journalism & strongly refutes the allegations made by China Daily. This is a gros…
Retweeted by Llewelyn Morgan @ClassicsNorth @BrasenoseNews @abibuglass @elysiasarsam Yes, congrats from me, too! @BrasenoseNews @ClassicsNorth @abibuglass Greek word, anatomy. Doctor is Latin. Hippocratic Oath. Everyone’s a Clas…