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Opinions are all mine because I have not been subsumed by a corporation yet. He/Him

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I wrote about the reason you're seeing all those pictures of cops kneeling and hugging black folks right now. TLDR…
Retweeted by bus. cas. Logan‼️ KNOW YOUR RIGHTS WHILE PROTESTING: A THREAD ‼️
Retweeted by bus. cas. Loganwow @ztsamudzi thoughts on abolition 💕
Retweeted by bus. cas. LoganTony McDade will NOT be erased from this conversation. Tony was a Black trans man murdered by the police last week.…
Retweeted by bus. cas. LoganGuilty. But I’m working on it.
Retweeted by bus. cas. LoganJust when you thought it couldn’t become *even more* of a war crime...The use of tear gas, rubber bullets, and military weapons is already an atrocity. Abolish the police.The state is actively targeting medic tents and supplies Let this sink in: our government is actively targeting tho… is in critical condition, not dead (per this piece by his brother, but that doesn't…
Retweeted by bus. cas. LoganJust a reminder that the three officers who murdered Breonna Taylor in her sleep 82 days ago still have not been ch…
Retweeted by bus. cas. Logan.@TheView You should have a diversity of opinions, but they should be from people your viewers can trust. This is…
Retweeted by bus. cas. LoganThat's not how any of this works and you know it @zoom_us. End to end encryption is a binary. Either you have it or…
Retweeted by bus. cas. LoganIn international conflict, the use of tear gas is a war crime.
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It should alarm you that the government is substantially more prepared to go to war with its own people than to pro…
Retweeted by bus. cas. LoganFor Teen Vogue, Allyson Smith pulled no punches with this piece on how non-Black people can lend their voices to a…
Retweeted by bus. cas. LoganThey've created a sanctuary for those without shelter.
Retweeted by bus. cas. LoganThey know this and still willingly and maliciously use these weapons. #elpaso, long the spotlight for issues from the wall, separation of families and killing of 23 last August, mor…
Retweeted by bus. cas. LoganI’m someone who’s had a hard time grappling with settling on fully supporting prison abolition because I felt like…
Retweeted by bus. cas. Loganthis new carrd gives great information about: ❗️black history and theory ❗️protester safety ❗️mental health resour…
Retweeted by bus. cas. LoganLet me put this out there. This was over the NYPD scanner. HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE!
Retweeted by bus. cas. LoganMedic area in disarray after APD came through stabbing water bottles and tipping over tables. #avlnews
Retweeted by bus. cas. LoganNon-Black folks, here’s something small you can learn/do that will go a long way. If you are about to write/say the…
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Retweeted by bus. cas. LoganHere is a gift to white people who insist they know what Martin Luther King Jr. would have said. A thread
Retweeted by bus. cas. LoganSurveillance is not about safety. It's about control. Surveillance is not about safety. It's about control. Sur…
Retweeted by bus. cas. Loganif these protests were happening in China, Russia, or Iran the US government would be issuing statements about the…
Retweeted by bus. cas. Logantear gas is a chemical weapon that's banned in war tear gas is a chemical weapon that's banned in war tear gas is a…
Retweeted by bus. cas. LoganCyberpunk as hell you feel overwhelmed with info and resources available and your copy of white fragility from amazon isn’t coming…
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#BreonnaTaylor killers are still on the job. Its not enough to fire the chief. Arrest her killers and bring them to…
Retweeted by bus. cas. Loganif you're buying books to educate yourself, your friends, your family, etc....don't get them from amazon. thread of…
Retweeted by bus. cas. LoganIncluding petitions and options for folks who cannot donate right now!How to help! Lots of options! those who are interested in research-based solutions to stop police violence, here’s what you need to know - ba…
Retweeted by bus. cas. LoganOur updated guide on how to keep your digital devices and accounts safe when exercising your right to peaceably ass…
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I’m sensing a trend here
Retweeted by bus. cas. Loganthis is facsism. he's describing fascism.
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THREAD: trying to figure out how i can be helpful. Here's one thing: it's clear the government is bringing the full…
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If you’re not working for justice, stop calling for peace.
Retweeted by bus. cas. Logani dont care if he is scrooge mcduck, theres no such thing as an ethical trillionaire
Retweeted by bus. cas. LoganIf you want to donate but you’re unable to because of lack of funds I will donate on your behalf
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And just know that they won’t respect a peaceful protest either. You can’t win by playing their game’m tired of theological pondering from white folks who care more about who is allowed to preach than caring for fo…, even Jesus fashioned a weapon and caused property damage to upset the state/religious system of oppressio… is not the time to pivot to moralizing about peaceful protests and respectability politics Now is the time to s… White Evangelical Christianity will flood your social media feed with calls for peaceful protest and remai… listening for the pastors and religious writers who play respectability politics during a riot Religion that po… picked up a whip and started beating ass when he had enough. Shut the hell up.
Retweeted by bus. cas. LoganThey’d rather do all this than simply charge a killer who was caught on tape killing.
Retweeted by bus. cas. Loganso which country is going to come establish democracy in the US
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Remember this? Facebook’s ties to white supremacy-linked orgs and sympathy for disinformation campaigns is not a s…
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@invadingduck Oh my godThinking about this legend Queer coded villains are a tried trope for inclusion But also I would die for the villai… quarantine aesthetic is the pictures in the side of frozen garlic bread boxesY’all ever have garlic bread before?Manic quarantine energy means baking like mad then not having the willpower for any more dishes Anyway- here’s som… @invadingduck RIP my perfect sloppy angel @cowboycollier Or a man. Or someone who identifies as nonbinary. Or multiple folks Point is- men ain’t shit!Dude is sloppy id to Cloud’s ego and I can’t wait to see more of him!Speed Demon has messy bisexual energy
Hell of a game strange paragraph in the piece accompanying the NYT list of 1,000 who’ve died. We know these answers.
Retweeted by bus. cas. Logan @cowboycollier Or a mushroom! It’s poofy
I don’t know how to metabolize this kind of grief.
Retweeted by bus. cas. Logan @cowboycollier Wut
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@katiecollier It’s just getting started!
@Cooleeauto I hate it but I can’t shake it @Cooleeauto Here’s my pitch He’s a Ravenclaw that was obsessed with the lattice-like logic he reads in his theology… is a Hufflepuff Esmerelda is a Gryffindor Phoebus is a Slytherin Frollo is a horny Ravenclaw @katiecollier The Mickey one?Scrooge is a Slytherin Gyro is a Ravenclaw Gizmoduck is a Gryffindor Launchpad is A HufflepuffMinnie and Daisy are harder to place... They started as Mrs. Pac-Man versions of Mickey and Donald, and haven’t had… take: Mickey is a Slytherin •Works behind the scenes to keep everyone chill with clever solutions/ social acti… the Disney trinity (Donald, Goofy,Mickey) starts our easy enough Goofy is a Hufflepuff (went on a roadtrip wit…’s 3am and I can’t sleep so Moe’s as good a time as any to figure out what into which Hogwarts houses Disney characters would be sorted
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@Cooleeauto Great suggestions! Love a good speed run! I’m spending some quality time with my Notes app now There a…’t sleep 🎉🎉🎉
Sophie’s choice 2 Coming to drive through coffee shop windows this summer
I'm not crying, you're crying.
Retweeted by bus. cas. LoganThe mayor in jaws also put the economy before the safety of individuals
I think I was just offered a DM gig with a promise of quarantine booze “as payment” 😹 #dreamsDoComeTrue #DnD
By our count, we’ve been socially isolating for 50 days now It’s a wonder that @cowboycollier and I have not run ou… magical. Might delete later. #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
@neilhimself I listened to a couple of your audiobooks in quarantine to help me pass the time/lose track of time (e…
Listen, there’s a lot going on right now, Bi folks coming under threat is just one of many tragedies But also, Bi… on a new comedy "bit" where I am VERY SEXY but ironically, so you can't judge me
Retweeted by bus. cas. LoganAs a former VP and board member for @binetusa, I’ve seen Faith Cheltenham do a ton of very important work for the b…
Retweeted by bus. cas. LoganBinet May be down, but don’t underestimate their other accounts. This isn’t truly over until they have no reprise to @AstraLuma for some screens and some other info!
Retweeted by bus. cas. LoganYou can’t copyright geometric shapes or a flag (bisexual pride)🧵 Bi visibility is more than a copyright once told me that the Phantom of the Opera is about the titular Phantom who has powers to make people fall…
I want a power washer and a reason to use oneI’m in the Watching-power-washing-videos-before-bed stage of quarantine
I’m a little rusty on my editing but @RPGeniuses is officially back... and I’m excited for what’s to come
Retweeted by bus. cas. LoganThese are sundays nowadays.... MAKES U THINK..
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